Chapter 100: A Bunch of Dirt Poor Fellas

Chapter 100: A Bunch of Dirt Poor Fellas 

The Medicine King grabbed ahold of Tang Dahai's wrist, and his gaze became incredibly weird as he muttered irresolutely to himself: "Miraculous, too miraculous. The spring comes upon a withered tree and life is given a new lease, this doctor's skills are too incredible. This old one is ashamed of his inferiority."

The people present were all deeply shocked and unsettled by the Medicine King's muttered words, especially Ye Xuanji because after knowing the Medicine King for most of his life he has never heard him say that he was inferior to another.

The Medicine King stood at the apex of people and others could only look at his back, but today he personally admitted that he was not good enough. This… was simply too hard to believe!

But at the same time, Ye Xuanji immediately felt great hope; this was living proof of the doctor's level of expertise, giving him more chance at life.

Tang Dahai blankly stared at the other and asked: "Excuse me, do you need anything?"

The Medicine King agitated, looked at Tang Dahai and said: "Did you previously have a grievous injury which cut short your life span before a godly doctor finally healed you?"

Tang Dahai was greatly shocked, and he said: "I did indeed have a great sickness but the hospital cured me and now I feel a boundless amount of energy.

"Which doctor was it?"

"This I don't know, you will have to ask my grandson. Little Zheng, hurry up and come out." Tang Dahai called out.

Tang Zheng had long since heard the commotion outside, especially the Medicine King. From this, he knew that the Medicine King probably brought the patient and he had long since decided that since he had to heal the illness, it might as well be sooner rather than later. Hence he walked out.

But when he saw Ye Xuanji and Ye Tianlei his gaze trembled. What were they doing here? Suddenly he felt a notion arise, and remembered that Ye Tianlei previously wanted him to treat Ye Xuanji's injury. Could it be that the Medicine King's old friend is Ye Xuanji?

He immediately thought through the whole situation and all its details. His face suddenly became unsightly as he nodded his head towards Ye Tianlei and asked a question knowing full well the answer: "Uncle Ye, what are you here for today?"

Ye Tianlei smiled and said: "Senior Medicine King found a godly doctor and has brought my father here for treatment."

Ye Xuanji coldly stared at Tang Zheng, how come this brat was here. Since Tang Zheng screwed up his arranged marriage, he did not have an ounce of good will towards Tang Zheng.

"Oh, there is no godly doctor here, please look elsewhere." Tang Zheng lightly said.

The Medicine King acted before him and walked towards Tang Zheng giving a loud laugh: "If yesterday I had any doubts towards you, today, after seeing this old man I no longer have an ounce of doubt. Xuanji, old friend, your injury will have to depend on this godly doctor."

Ye Xuanji followed the Medicine King's finger and saw Tang Zheng. No matter how much wind, rain, and storm Ye Xuanji has experienced, this nearly tripped him up this time.

Did he get the situation right? The godly doctor is this little brat?!

Ye Tianlei also froze before he suddenly came to an understanding. He did indeed trust in Tang Zheng's ability but this time he indeed had spared no expense to look for something that was right in front of him. In the end, it all came back to Tang Zheng

"Haha, Tang Zheng, so the godly doctor Senior Medicine God was talking about is you. I had long since said that Chang Heng City now has a new doctor. So, it was you! I have previously witnessed your medical skill, so I know you definitely will do well." Ye Tianlei said with a big smile.

The Medicine King curiously turned his head and looked at Ye Tianlei as he asked: "You had long since witnessed his medical skills?"

"Of course, he was the one who opened my meridian so that I could take the final step into the Innate stage!"

The Medicine King's eyes lit up as he clicked his tongue: "So that is what happened. In that case, since you know that his medical skills are so high then why haven't you already invited him to help treat you father's injury? If it were not for a series of unfortunate events that led up to me knowing his identity, then how would we have found him to be the godly doctor?"

"This…" Ye Tianlei's expression was rigid as he glanced at his father. Afterall it was Ye Xuanji who rejected Tang Zheng, otherwise, how would the situation have become so troublesome.

Ye Xuanji's expression was extremely awkward, after all these years of not having made this expression and having a high and almighty position where others looked to him; this was the first time he felt so awkward. He wanted nothing more than to drill a hole into the ground and hide himself.

But, Ye Xuanji was not an ordinary person as he gave a cough and slowly spoke: "There is a misunderstanding between us."

The Medicine King looked at the few people and was clear that there must be an inside story as he hurriedly gave a loud laugh, and acting as a peacemaker said: "Since it is merely a misunderstanding then let bygones be bygones. Now that we have found Tang Zheng, everything will be easily solved."

Tang Zheng gave a cold laugh and said something unexpected: "Misunderstanding? How come I never felt that there was any misunderstanding."

Tang Zheng's cold attitude caused the several people presents expression to change. This was especially so for Ye Xuanji who was being forced into a corner by a junior as was seen by how veins started popping out on his forehead.

Tang Zheng pretended not to see the reaction as he did not care and said towards the Medicine King and Ye Tianlei: "Senior Medicine King, Uncle Ye, if you do not plan on giving up, please come in and have a seat."

From this, the Medicine King understood that the misunderstanding was not small. Moreover, by not inviting Ye Xuanji, Tang Zheng was making it difficult for him.

On this planet, those that dared to put Ye Xuanji in such an awkward position, aside from those few other monster family heads, there was none. But this youngster dared challenge Ye Xuanji's might. This Tang Zheng was becoming more and more interesting.

Ye Xuanji's expression was gloomy as if he were about to fly into a rage as this was a naked slap to the face. Ye Tianlei could only stand on his father's side with an awkward look on his face.

Tang Zheng pretended not to see as he turned his body and walked inside the house.

During this time, Tang Dahai acted as if his soul flew out of his body, as when did his grandson become a godly doctor and how come he didn't know of this?

Moreover, he could tell that the identity of the people present was not ordinary and they were all acting respectfully towards Tang Zheng, which gave him a sense of basking in shared glory. Right now, seeing the atmosphere become awkward he immediately realized the problem.

Even though Tang Dahai picked up garbage for a living, a person of low status still had knowledge of survival. He was also not stupid, so he hurriedly and passionately said: "Come in and sit everyone, come in. The house is a bit small, so please do not mind."

Does anyone dare to mind? Seeing Tang Zheng's attitude if there were even half an inkling of minding then they would straight out be shooed away."

The three's self-restraint was evidently a lot greater than She Mengqin as even though this simple house was below their eyes, they still entered.

Ye Xuanji also borrowed the power of the crowd and entered.

"Little Zheng, hurry up and serve our guest some water." Tang Dahai advised. Tang Zheng would never go against his grandfather's words, so he gave the three people some plain water.

"I am truly sorry as we only have plain water and not tea to serve you with." Tang Dahai said apologetically because as a simple old man when there are guest they naturally wish to serve the best. The reason was simple, if they did not manage to take care of their guest they would feel bad.

"No need to trouble yourself that much." Ye TIanlei gave an awkward smile and said after taking a sip of water. He did not know just how far this situation would progress if things continued as they were.

Ye Xuanji was like a wooden statue, his finger did not make a move towards the cup, and his two eyes stared straight ahead, emotionless.

The Medicine King gave a loud laugh as he broke the silence and said: "Yesterday I did not think to have a good conversation with my little friend, but today we must discuss to our heart's content!"

Tang Zheng calmly replied: "Senior Medicine King, you are a giant among men, standing atop of the medical field while I am only a measly little high school student so I believe there is nothing of common ground we can discuss."

"Haha, that is not for sure. It is not like my thoughts are pedantic, and I am also very interested in the affairs of you youngsters. Moreover, we are both people of the medical field so towards matters of specialization there are many things to be explored." The Medicine King replied with his thoughts.

"I fear that I may have to disappoint you. Towards the medical field, I have limited and superficial knowledge which would not even be comparable to other ordinary doctors. I apologize for the disappointment." Tang Zheng truthfully spoke as what he learned was how to refine pills, and he had no idea of all the different diseases and other matters concerning the medical field.

The Medicine King clearly did not believe him as he thought the other was only being modest: "Young friend no need to be so modest. Just based on you healing your grandfather, Tianlei, and also Nannan, you are already deserving of the title Godly Doctor."

Tang Dahai's thoughts were already floating in the clouds but hearing that Tang Zheng healed his disease he looked at his grandson in suspicion.

"This was merely accidental." Tang Zheng did not dare claim credit for himself.

The Medicine King slowly shook his head and sighed with sorrow: "No wonder. So young and so talented yet you are not full of yourself. This is all no wonder. If I had a disciple like you then even if I die it would be without regrets."

Even though the Medicine King's skills were exquisite, he did not have a single disciple, and after searching east to west for one, he did not find any suitable candidate.

Ye Tianlei felt his eyelids jump as he stared passionately at Tang Zheng as if to have Tang Zheng greet the Medicine King as his master. It must be known that this was the dream of countless young doctors!

But Tang Zheng acted as if he did not see, his heart not moving in the least bit.

The Medicine King squeezed out a thin smile and asked: "But being able to meet the fabled Life Continuing Pill before I die will leave me with no regrets."

Tang Zheng's expression remained calm as usual since if the other has come, then they would naturally be clear of the Life Continuing Pill, hence he said: "Since you already know about the Life Continuing Pill then I will be straightforward. This is all the effects of the Life Continuing Pill and is not at all related to me."

Since the other already admitted to the existence of the Life Continuing Pill, the Medicine King could not contain his agitated as he nervously asked: "Do you still have more? May I see?"

This was like a little child seeing their most favorite toy in their world as they hope more than anything to just hold onto it.

Tang Zheng hesitated for a bit before taking out a small pill bottle from his pockets and passed it over to the Medicine King. Seeing this, the Medicine King suddenly sat up straight and tensed his body as he reached out with both hands to carefully accept the pill bottle. His face was solemn and dignified as if he were a solemn devout holding onto a sacred object.

The other's gaze were also unconsciously attracted to the bottle as they stared at it without moving. This was especially so for Ye Xuanji who felt his breathing go into disorder.

They did not know what the Life Continuing Pill was, but if it were something that could cause the Medicine King to act in such a solemn manner, it would definitely not be anything ordinary.

Tang Zheng's two eyes also looked forward, but in his eyes, this little bottle was not worth much. When the two sides were compared, it was extremely evident how much stronger Tang Zheng's restraint was.

Tian Chanzi said with complete disdain: "It's just a Life Continuing Pill. What is with all this solemness. They really are just a bunch of dirt poor fellas."

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