Chapter 91: I just came to see you, incidentally

Chapter 91: I just came to see you, incidentally

Amidst the cheers, Lu Zhixin was shy yet radiant as she carefully held the rose before her...A hand reached over, taking away the rose in her hand just that directly and straightforwardly.

Everyone was taken aback.

Beside her, a beautiful young girl of sixteen or seventeen held the rose in her hand, her other hand holding onto the railing as she exclaimed to Xu Tingsheng before the stands, “Big brother, I’m opposed!”

The rose-snatching little sister said that she was opposed.

Looking at Lu Zhixin who had an uncomprehending, forced smile on her face, Xu Tingsheng explained rather awkwardly, “My little sister, by blood.”

Lu Zhixin heard him, and those around them heard him as well. Just when the story between the hero and the beauty had nearly been entering the closing lines of ‘And so they lived happily ever after’...

Someone had leapt out and snatched the rose, wrecking the tale.

Were her actions too much? But this person was Xu Tingsheng’s little sister, by blood! Lu Zhixin could not blow up, and it was even less so for her roommates and one could.

“Before the wife’s been wedded, she’s already going at it with the little sister-in-law?”

Some people didn’t know what to say; some people felt worried for Lu Zhixin; some people felt empathy for Xu Tingsheng who had been placed in a spot...Naturally, there were those who were jumping for joy as well, though only figuratively as they weren’t able to let it show too clearly for now.

“The ‘hero’ Xu Tingsheng is...single again? Good job, little sister-in-law!”

Such was the mentality of these young ladies: While you temporarily can’t be mine, it’s at least still better than watching you being all sweet and happy with someone else, right? ...If you still aren’t mine even in the future, it’s best that you remain single your entire life then.

Therefore, who knew how many girls were actually applauding Xu Qiuyi in secret, wishing her to keep up the good work. A portion of the chicks in the cheerleading squad were even sorely tempted to immediately flash out their pom-poms and banners and do a cheer for her.

“Go, little sister-in-law!”

Yet, Xu Tingsheng had still yet to express his stance. Whose side would he stand on in this ‘war’? His little sister’s, or his new beautiful girlfriend’s? ...Everyone was waiting for Xu Tingsheng’s reaction, believing his silence to be representative of an intense inner struggle currently ongoing within him.

Xu Tingsheng was actually not troubled at all. Having finished acting out the show, even having been set up, he felt that he really shouldn’t owe Lu Zhixin anymore. Meanwhile, his little sister Xu Qiuyi was one of the two people whom he most wanted to spoil and dote on in this world.

“How are you here all of a sudden?” Xu Tingsheng looked up, smiling affectionately at her.

“Bro Fu Cheng, Sis Song Ni and Bro Yaming brought me in here,” Xu Qiuyi said.

Gazing behind her, Xu Tingsheng saw the trio standing not far away, looking greatly amused at his miserable plight.

“What I mean is-how are you in Yanzhou? ...The holidays shouldn’t begin earlier for senior high than for university, right?”

“I’ll tell you later. Let me get down now.”

Xu Qiuyi stepped behind the railing and got ready to jump down, but when Xu Tingsheng hurriedly reached out and said ‘I’ll catch you’, his sister shook her head disdainfully, “Move aside, you’re dirty and smelly.”

“The little sister-in-law’s really strong! It looks like she’s been spoiled like mad. It’s going to be really troublesome for Lu Zhixin this time.”

Xu Qiuyi still didn’t know about the major feat Xu Tingsheng had just pulled off today, still didn’t know that she had suddenly just become so many people’s little sister-in-law for some strange, mysterious reason. She leapt off the stands, straightening her bent knees and giving a single clap.

“Let’s go, Xu Tingsheng. You must’ve embarrassed yourself enough already. Being watched by so many people...urgh.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Xu Tingsheng directed Lu Zhixin an apologetic look before following his little sister in leaving. Departing alongside them were Fu Cheng, Huang Yaming and Song Ni, circling over from the other side.

“This great, almighty confession show’s ended just like that? ...Should this be considered a happy ending for a loving couple or a pair of lovebirds having been separated by force? Can Xu Tingsheng and Lu Zhixin be considered as having gotten together?”

This was something for others to consider. Xu Tingsheng, in the meantime, couldn’t be more grateful to his little sister. Him having fallen into a pit of schemes, she had then pulled him back up into safety.

“Brother, you definitely can’t be unfaithful to Sister-in-law,” Xu Qiuyi said as they left the stadium.


“Senior Wu Yuewei! Our relationship’s great...Xu Tingsheng, let me tell you this. I definitely won’t let you bully her. If you dare to bully her, you’re dead.”


Xu Tingsheng had forgotten about this affair. While Wu Yuewei was far away from him, she was close to his sister, Xu Qiuyi! The two had become friends on Xu Qiuyi’s first day of school, with Xu Qiuyi having already made her stance incomparably explicit this past few months.

Unable to provoke his little sister, Xu Tingsheng could only explain the matter with Lu Zhixin in detail from top to bottom. Her meaning was clear-he had done right, but it should stop with that.

This was what Xu Tingsheng thought as well.

“You still haven’t said how you came to be in Yanzhou,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“It being the weekend, I came over with Mum and Dad to buy clothes for the new year. And so, incidentally, I just came to see you. We’ll be leaving soon.”

“You’ll be leaving soon? When did you guys arrive? How come you didn’t tell me earlier?”

“Dad drove over himself. It was slow to death; we only arrived in the middle of the night. It was so late that we decided not to call you. Then, we went shopping today. Shopping and shopping, we completely forgot about you...we remembered you just before we were to go back, and so I just came to see you, incidentally.”

Forgot...incidentally...Xu Tingsheng felt very hurt.

“After I arrived, I called you but no one answered. I only managed to find you through calling Bro Fu Cheng’s phone. In the end, as soon as I went in, I saw you there embarrassing yourself...”

Xu Tingsheng didn’t want to think about that embarrassing stuff anymore. Hearing that his parents had come as well, he hurriedly got Song Ni, Fu Cheng and Huang Yaming to take his sister on a tour of the university before running off on his own to go meet Mr Xu.

Mr Xu's Audi A6 was parked outside the school gates. It was a secondhand car, having been bought by him just after having attained his driving license from the boss of the Golden City Tower who had coincidentally been looking to sell it at the time. While it had only been in use for one year, he had managed to buy it cheaply for around half of its original price.

Xu Tingsheng had heard Mr Xu mention this matter over the phone before. Seeing the car, he very much wished that he could take it for a spin. However, afraid that his parents would be curious as to how he had suddenly learned how to drive, he could only yearningly stroke the exterior of the car for a bit.

In his previous life, he had assuredly not owned an Audi before.

As Xu Tingsheng and his father leaned back on their seats smoking a cigarette, Lu Zhixin and her roommate passed by a distance away.

Lu Zhixin's roommate tugged at her sleeve, exclaiming, “Look, Xu Tingsheng's family car! It looks like his family must be rather well off!”

Lu Zhixin smiled faintly, giving no comment on the matter.

Xu Tingsheng asked his father, “The Golden City Tower's Boss Ye really can't hold on any longer?”

Mr Xu nodded, “His business has collapsed. The Golden City Tower has also already changed hands. Its current owner is Huang Tianzhu.”

Having basically left Libei for good after graduating from senior high in his previous life, Xu Tingsheng couldn't remember who this Huang Tianzhu was. However, from Mr Xu's tone, this person should be very well known in Libei, perhaps even notorious. Xu Tingsheng understood this from the slight furrowing of Mr Xu's brows amidst his words.

“We’ve got a contract in hand. That Huang Tianzhu...he can’t actually do anything to us, right?” Xu Tingsheng asked Mr Xu, not inquiring about Huang Tianzhu’s identity.

Mr Xu took a puff on his cigarette, “He hasn’t said anything about the contract. He’s just given us a few offers for our supermarket.”

Xu Tingsheng felt rather surprised by the guy’s appetite which was even greater than he had thought as he smiled, asking, “Offer? How much did he offer?”

“Five hundred thousand.”

“...” Xu Tingsheng was rendered speechless by this price of 500000 yuan which was no different from daylight robbery looking at Happy Shopper’s investments and current profits.

“Relax. Leave it to me to deal with these things,” Mr Xu patted Xu Tingsheng’s shoulder, not speaking further on the matter.

After all, in his eyes, however intelligent Xu Tingsheng was, he was still just a child. Meanwhile, this matter might already have escalated to a whole different scale altogether, not being something that Xu Tingsheng could participate in with his current level of power and influence in society.

Being rushed for time, Mr and Mrs Xu as well as Xu Qiuyi left without eating dinner.

After they had left, Xu Tingsheng asked Huang Yaming, “Who’s Huang Tianzhu?”

Like in his previous life, Huang Yaming had always been the most interested in the political scene amongst the trio. Xu Tingsheng thought that he might have to help pave such a path for him in the future.

Being extremely familiar with even the various village heads of Libei County, Huang Yaming easily answered, “Huang Tianliang’s brother.”

“These two brothers are pillars (LiangZhu),” Fu Cheng interjected from the side.

“Who’s Huang Tianliang then?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Libei’s local snakehead, the Chief of the county’s Public Security Bureau. A local of Libei, having already set his roots in for a few decades...the county officials dispatched in from outside all have to give him face. Otherwise, they won’t be able to live properly on in Libei.”

Hearing Huang Yaming’s words, an ominous feeling arose within Xu Tingsheng’s heart.

Fortunately, the holidays were right around the corner. Xu Tingsheng had originally wanted to stay on for a few days to deal with matters regarding the platform. Now, however, he just wanted to get home quickly.


That night, the sports division and the football team organised a celebratory banquet. As a meritorious general, Xu Tingsheng felt obliged to go.

People in sports usually drank exceptionally forcefully and intensely once they got on with it. Afraid of getting drunk, Xu Tingsheng dared not get started as he just covered his wineglass with his hand the entire night. Whoever came over trying to pour him wine, he would smile forcefully at that person all the way till the other party could not but give up.

Finally, he just escaped over to the girls’ table to take shelter. The girls were comparatively easier to deal with. Just acting cute and pleading for mercy, Xu Tingsheng was already able to tide things through.

Those of the football team and sports division had invited quite a few chicks of the cheerleading squad as well as the artistic division to this celebratory banquet. After all, just a whole bunch of men drinking wouldn’t be a great thing.

Lu Zhixin was there as well, seemingly having been invited as a member of the artistic division. Xu Tingsheng had avoided her the entire night.

Finally, it was the other members of the football team who found Xu Tingsheng, the entire team collectively pressuring him, “This round of wine, one per person, is from us bros in gratitude to you. You can’t not drink it.”

This round would entail at least twenty straight glasses of wine. Xu Tingsheng felt troubled.

“I’ll drink on Xu Tingsheng’s behalf.”

A voice resounded from behind Xu Tingsheng as a smiling Lu Zhixin jostled through the crowd, coming to stand very naturally beside Xu Tingsheng as she raised her wineglass. This...was the attitude of a girlfriend?

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