Chapter 86: That pandemonic confession (1)

Chapter 86: That pandemonic confession (1)

The match would be held at 3pm in the afternoon. Exiting a restaurant after lunch, Xu Tingsheng spotted Lu Zhixin and one of her roommates at the entrance. Lu Zhixin stood looking at Xu Tingsheng from a distance away. Whilst not smiling, she also did not appear resentful.

Walking over, her roommate handed Xu Tingsheng a black plastic bag.

The girl shoved the plastic bag into Xu Tingsheng’s hands, shooting him a threatening glance before turning and leaving without so much as saying a word.

Returning to his dormitory room, Xu Tingsheng opened the plastic bag. Inside was...a single rose.

Even the props had been prepared for him. Their ‘drama division’ really was diligent.

Although he was just a substitute and might not actually get to play, Xu Tingsheng still began feeling troubled: Where should he put the rose?

Xu Tingsheng remembered that ‘crazy exotic’ striker who had hidden a rose in his pants back at his senior high farewell match. This...Xu Tingsheng pulled at his pants, thought for a moment and then perished the thought. This wasn’t something that anyone could do, not even a rebirthee...even a rebirthee would be afraid of pain!

Xu Tingsheng arrived at the match location a little earlier. Making use of when the coach had yet to arrive, he held onto the plastic bag as he searched all around the area in front of the stands. Really unable to find anyplace suitable for hiding something there, he could only go a little further away, stuffing the plastic bag amidst some green shrubbery.


Yanzhou University’s opponent would be Jianhai Technological University of the same academy city, which was the university that Huang Yaming was in. The two would be competing for a place in the preliminaries. It was sad, as even having obtained victory in this match, the winning side would still be far from securing a place in the main competition.

The Yanzhou University team was inferior to their Jianhai Technological University counterparts. Ever since this competition had begun in the year 2000, they had never been able to obtain a victory over them before. For the two previous matches, they had lost 1:4 once and fallen pathetically 2:11 in the other. Hearing this second score, everyone would have thought it to be that of a table tennis match.

Usually, Yanzhou University would unquestionably refuse all offers by Jianhai Technological University for a friendly match between them.

Yanzhou University would instead seek out the Textile Specialisation Institute to play with. Yanzhou Textile was good! Even finding 11 guys to play in a match would be a little difficult for them.

“Prepare for it a little, bros! Let’s concede as few as possible today; concede less and it’ll already be a victory. A convent of nuns can’t beat a temple of monks; that’s not an embarrassing thing. At least our cheerleading squad stably wins...ah, what a pity that it isn’t summer. Those short skirts, those high kicks…”

The vice-captain was a doltish senior in his fourth year of university. Originally having been out on an internship, he had specifically rushed back to participate in the match.

Before he had finished speaking, the doltish vice-captain had been sent sprawling towards the ground by the coach with a firm kick on his backside.

While using the doltish vice-captain as a footrest, the coach encouraged his team, “Don’t listen to him spouting nonsense. We...actually do have a chance. Everyone’s seen the formation we’ll be using. This setup of mine is very targeted.”

“This formation, 6-3-1, is a little risky. The forward at the front, take note. You should pay more attention to helping out with defence...Let’s not consider scoring. Whatever the means, whatever the schemes, we just have one goal, which is to drag the match into a penalty shootout.”

“To hell with it! This old man’s been training for penalties for the entire past year. There’s no way we can’t drag them the hell down!”

Xu Tingsheng and the other first years all exchanged looks. This kind of encouragement...Not having experienced those tragic defeats in person, they weren’t really able to immediately adjust to it.

Still, they could understand the rationale behind this.

A university comprised seventy percent of girls and a university comprised eighty percent of guys-these really weren’t on the same level. Perhaps what that doltish vice-captain said was true, and Yanzhou University only stably won in terms of its cheerleading squad.

Not even considering the stands that were chock full of Yanzhou University chicks, Xu Tingsheng estimated that just their cheerleading squad alone must already number into the seventies or eighties. Also, the chicks were really too enthusiastic, garbed in raiments that exposed their navels in the middle of winter as well as short skirts coupled with silk leggings.

Those were a full ensemble of 160 long legs, their view unobstructed even by the leggings! As someone with a bit of leg fetish, Uncle Xu could not help but open his eyes wide at this sight for a bit. Within his mind inadvertently surfaced Apple’s tiny shorts and long legs. He sighed…

The starting lineup took to the field. As Xu Tingsheng prepared to head to the substitutes’ bench, he was yelled out to by Huang Yaming from the stands.

“The hell, why’re you here? It’s not like you watch football,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“To watch you guys being humiliated and trampled over by us! Oh, and to look at chicks as well, of course.”

These two priorities might really be reversed in Huang Yaming’s mind. Huang Yaming also knew about the matter of the ‘confession show’, but whilst having already understood the situation, he did not think that Xu Tingsheng would be able to play, much less score. Therefore, he had mentally omitted this matter.


Xu Tingsheng cocked his head, indicating with his gaze at those beautiful long legs. Like Xu Tingsheng, Huang Yaming was also of the beautiful leg faction. In such matters, let alone a nineteen-year-old and one with a mental age of 31, even if the two were eighty, just being men, their thoughts would already be more or less the same in this regard.

Still, Huang Yaming was more extreme than Xu Tingsheng in his fetish. Amongst his previous entourage of chicks, there had been two who, other than their legs being nice...less should be said about their faces and chests.

Xu Tingsheng had raised an objection with Huang Yaming, who had retorted at the time, “Aren’t the legs enough? Can’t you just learn to be satisfied with what there is?”

“Who asked you to look at the face...If you really can’t stand it, take off your jacket and drape it over her head, and then you would be blissful...Blissfulness is not given by others, it can only be created by oneself, get it?...”

“Go on, cover her face. Create blissfulness.”

Xu Tingsheng had clutched his jacket, feeling that blissfulness really wasn’t so easily created.

His eyes on Yanzhou University’s cheerleading squad, Huang Yaming said to Xu Tingsheng, “Your university’s greatest mistake was forming a cheerleading squad such as this. While the chicks appear on the surface to be here to cheer your team on, it should instead be these untamed lifestock of our university who have truly been injected and hormone-boosted by this.”

“Even if you turned our university completely inside out, it would still be impossible to find three chicks of such quality there. You guys already brought out close to a hundred just like that…”

“Tell me, won’t these untamed lifestock from our university be especially frenzied? Won’t they go all out in giving a splendid performance? Won’t they want to bash you guys up even more?”

Xu Tingsheng could not but admit that Huang Yaming’s words were true. However, he could not simply run over and mention this to the school leadership. All he could do was listen and merely that.

On the way to the substitutes’ bench, Xu Tingsheng heard some unfamiliar voice calling out to him. Turning, he saw that it was a place at the frontmost area of the stands that was filled completely with girls from the English course.

It was perhaps Lu Zhixin’s roommate who had called out to him. Currently, the whole crowd of them was staring at him as if he were some exotic exhibit in a zoo.

Lu Zhixin sat right in the centre, right at the front. She wore a pure-white, high-collared sweater that reached all the way up to her chin. Her exquisite face was dabbed with light makeup, her head of long jet-black hair flowing behind her.

Lu Zhixin appeared neutral. As Xu Tingsheng awkwardly greeted her, she responded with a nod, but still remained expressionless, looking all businesslike as she sat there.

Okay, Xu Tingsheng thought. Since it was just a show, businesslike was the best. It was just that like this, there would be no way for him to explain to her that he might not be playing in this match at all.

Whatever. A posse of girls having come here to watch him compete, he would instead just be sitting on the substitutes’ bench. While this was a pretty embarrassing and awkward thing, Xu Tingsheng instead just felt great about it. It was best that he just sit out the entire match like this.

The referee blew the whistle. The match began.

Jianhai Technological University’s forward passed the ball to the midfielder behind him, himself running forward...what the heck, what kind of formation was this? Without even having yet received the ball, there were already three Yanzhou University players surrounding him.

Seeing that the striker was blocked with there being no way of passing the ball to him, Jianhai Technological University’s midfielders began playing the ball right by their side of the midfield, this just persisting on and on. The members of their team vaguely had such an impression: Even when the world had aged and universe was about to implode, the members of Yanzhou University’s team still wouldn’t go forward to apply pressure and fight for the ball.

Jostled amidst several others, the No. 9 and forward of Jianhai Technological University complained in an anguished tone, “Bros, you just don’t intend on playing properly, is that it?”

Yanzhou University’s No. 5 and centre-back told him, “Ha! This old man's been practising penalties for the entire past year to the point of near vomiting. If we don’t drag you people to a penalty shootout today, this old man is quitting!”

Jianhai Technological University’s striker understood as he turned and yelled to the midfielders, “The heck you’re passing? Stop it with that, just don’t care about anything anymore. Throw your legs over and scram your bodies over here as well!”

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