Chapter 649: Normal people should not test love (1)

Chapter 649: Normal people should not test love (1)

C District Building 7 Room 408. This had been Xu Tingsheng’s dormitory at Jianan University in his previous life for four years straight.

That history cohort had consisted of more than ten boys. Those allocating the dormitory had been seemingly psychic as they had casually, splendidly split the bunch into similar types.

Two dormitories for one class. Those in Room 407 loved studying and intended to be research students. They were polite and gentlemanly even when trying to get girls. The bunch in Room 408 spent the whole night on the internet, smoked, drank, played team ball games, hung out together.

While Xu Tingsheng had entered a few spats with his roommates in his four years of university, his relationship with them was ultimately still quite good.

After graduating from university, they had even met one another a couple of times. Most of them had become teachers in senior or junior highs, their lives being uneventful but still pretty good.

Before Xu Tingsheng, Zhang Fengping and Yang Xiaofeng had quit their jobs one after another to enter the construction business together, the most unique and most unexpected one of them all was Yu Yue.

At dinnertime the next day, Xu Tingsheng waited for his former roommates at the entrance of C District.

They had already interacted once before in this life. It had been in Xu Tingsheng’s first year of university, when he had represented the Yanzhou University school team in a game of football at Jianan University. He had intentionally approached them then. They had hit it off so well at that time...still, while they had agreed to keep in touch, they had not done so for some reason afterwards.

“The heck, this big you really still remember us?” Zhang Fengping walked over and tossed him a cigarette, asking, “Can you smoke this cigarette?”

Not even glancing at it, Xu Tingsheng lit it, saying, “This is the start of the month. You are definitely smoking a good cigarette...if it were the end of the month, I wouldn’t take it.”

Everyone laughed. Xu Tingsheng understood Zhang Fengping too well.

“Didn’t we agree to stay in touch? Why haven’t you guys looked for me?” Standing at the entrance of the university, Xu Tingsheng asked.

As they swarmed behind him, Yang Xiaofeng pointed exaggeratedly at the crowds passing by, “Look for yourself. Everyone’s looking over here...My guess is that they’re definitely thinking: This person kind of looks like Xingchen Technologies’ boss, Xu Tingsheng, that university entrepreneurial legend…”

“It’s because of this,” Wang Yu said, “After you returned, we only slowly came to know how amazing you’re doing, and how it’s improving, who knew if you were just saying it casually when you asked to keep in touch? We feared that you’re too high up to cling to!”

Xu Tingsheng smiled and said, “True. Well then, I’ll let you cling to my heights today for once.”

With that, everyone laughed and relaxed.

“I was really a bit surprised when you called yesterday, inviting us to dinner,” The quietest of them all, Yu Yue smiled as he said.

Wang Yu who rather liked fooling around pointed at Xu Tingsheng, yelling to the girls passing by, “Right, beautiful, your eyes don’t deceive you. This is Xu Tingsheng. Wanna come over and get to know him?”

Understanding his personality, Xu Tingsheng could only smile wryly and let him do whatever he wanted.

Instead, it was Zhong Ming who clapped Yu Yue, saying, “Hey, can you be quiet? What if a few of them really do come over?”

Still, the girls mostly just slowed down and glanced over at most as none of them really came.

Seeing a few familiar faces from his previous life passing by, Xu Tingsheng fell into a bit of a reverie.

Beside him, Zhang Fengping pressed his shoulder and directed him to turn somewhat, asking softly, “That one in is she? Our faculty’s flower who hasn’t dated in four about you go say hi and net her?”

Taken aback, Xu Tingsheng made a bitter expression, “Better not.”

Just so coincidentally, the girl whom Zhang Fengping was currently pointing at was Qiao Ying who had a red mole behind her waist-she had been entangled with Xu Tingsheng for four years in his previous life as his girlfriend in university, having broken up and gotten back together again and again.

“Twice I returned, and twice I ran into seems like there really is such a thing as fate in this world,” Xu Tingsheng thought, “Still, some fates that can be avoided should be avoided. Let it be a mere brushing by in this life.”

Retracting his gaze, Xu Tingsheng asked, “Shall we go eat first then?”

Everyone agreed.

“Alright, two choices. First, a small restaurant in town. You all randomly choose one and we can continue when we are done eating. Second, Royal Dynasty Hotel. I’ve already booked a private room there. We can continue when we are done eating…”

Xu Tingsheng thought that if his roommates chose a small restaurant in town, he would be able to relive the past. If they chose Royal Dynasty Hotel, he would complete his wish from his previous life, returning to treat his roommates to a luxurious meal after having made it big.

“Only a fool would choose a small restaurant in town! Bros, we’re nouveau riche for the Royal Dynasty it is. I heard that a good meal over there costs several tens of thousands,” Yang Xiaofeng exclaimed.

Actually, Xu Tingsheng had long since guessed it. This bunch of fellows didn’t like to be reticent and stand on ceremony. Otherwise, he would not have felt comfortable giving two choices. Also, he had indeed booked a table that cost fifty thousand...this was what he wished to do today. He wanted to properly enjoy the feeling of spending extravagantly with the poor guys whom he had spent four years with in his previous life in the most nouveau riche fashion.

After all, when friends hang out together when young, they mostly have said before, “When this bro is rich in the future…”

There were taxis at the entrance of C District. The group split up into two taxis and headed for the city district.

An hour later, walking into the supreme lounge at Royal Dynasty Hotel, Zhong Ming directly blurted out, “Damn, too luxurious.”

“We’re aiming at being nouveau riche today,” Xu Tingsheng smiled and said.

The more he was like this, the more the bunch of bastards felt at home. No one would feel that Xu Tingsheng was showing off his wealth, because he didn’t need to do that, much less satisfy himself through showing off to them.

“Right, I wanna ask something,” Zhang Fengping suddenly said with a rascally smile on his face.

“Ask away,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

“Just now, you said that we can continue when we are done eating...hehe, what exactly is that about?”

As Xu Tingsheng walked to the window, his friends followed him rather curiously.

“On the left, Golden Palace. On the right, Luxury Club...after eating, you guys choose.”

That bunch began to howl.

Xu Tingsheng had just named the two grandest local entertainment centres in Jianan.

In his previous life, every time they took public buses and passed by them at night, Zhang Fengping would always look at the two lit buildings and pat his chest, joking, “When this old man’s rich, we’ll come back together. Of these two, pick whichever you want...beauties at the level of models passing by in rows. Each one of you has to pick at least two. Otherwise, it’ll be not giving me face.”

This might have been more of a joke. If he really looked forward to it, it was more out of curiosity as a male university student, wanting to experience it but not actually thinking of doing anything. This was really a far too distant concept. With the expenditure at these two places, even if they collectively did not eat and drink for half a year, they would still not be able to afford it.

Right now, Xu Tingsheng’s mindset was the same too. They did not necessarily have to do this or that. He would just bring his roommates to have this experience. After all, up to the end of his previous life, they had never had a chance to really get together and alleviate that past curiosity.

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