Chapter 64: Immune to beauties, also immune to ridicule

Chapter 64: Immune to beauties, also immune to ridicule

Fang Chen’s words were not what many people had anticipated. This response baffled them all, Xu Tingsheng included.

He certainly would not arrogantly believe that he had become so charming as to be capable of attracting the school’s famed beauty, nor did he take any delight from these developments.

The glares at Xu Tingsheng by Cao Qing and several others revealed their accumulating battle-lust.

With a faint, delicate fragrance about her, Fang Chen thanked Zhang Ninglang who had given up his seat to her and sat down beside Xu Tingsheng. The meal then resumed its course.

When abnormal situations arise, there must be demons lurking.

Cautious and wary, Xu Tingsheng was not too enthusiastic towards this arrival of a beautiful lady.

Xu Tingsheng proceeded with caution, while Fang Chen appeared serene and at ease. The two of them struck up idle conversation, largely consisting of Fang Chen asking a question and Xu Tingsheng answering. These revolved around matters of Yanzhou University, like which teachers liked taking attendance or which faculty was the toughest to excel in.

After a while, Xu Tingsheng asked a question as well, “As a fourth year, isn’t it about time senior goes out for an internship?”

Fang Chen laughed slyly, “I’ll be remaining in our university. Perhaps you'll even be placed under me next time.”

After hearing this, Xu Tingsheng felt that he should all the more not say too much. The person before him might somehow be able to make him flunk with a casual sweep of her hand in the future.

“You don’t seem to be very welcoming of me?” Fang Chen suddenly laughed and asked.

“A little,” Contrary to Fang Chen’s expectations, Xu Tingsheng very bluntly admitted that that was indeed the case, saying with a pained expression, “If not for Senior Fang Chen’s words just now, someone would have helped me foot the bill for this meal.”

Perhaps this was the first time Fang Chen had encountered such a situation, the first time a guy from Yanzhou University had bluntly admitted to not being welcoming of her, this greatly famed beauty.

Fang Chen was momentarily at a loss for words - didn't guys all slap their face swollen to feign bountiful affluence? How many had unrestrainedly disposed of their wealth in her presence to illustrate their heroic generosity? How many people had condemned themselves to months of instant noodles all for the sake of keeping up appearances before her? ......

And now, there was this guy before her who shamelessly ‘wanted his money but not his life’. Truly...what was this!

Fang Chen composed herself and asked, “Money’s worth more than your life?”

Xu Tingsheng very composedly replied, “Being poor’s really terrible.”

What he said was completely true. When he had been at his poorest during his previous life, he had only bought only rice and not dishes in the canteen. Afterwards, he would collect two free bowls of seaweed soup, using one as the dish and the other to moisten the rice. And thus had he survived for a number of months.

“Didn’t I hear that you received a sum of ten thousand yuan on entering our university?”

“It’s true. Still, it’s best to save whenever possible. How nice it’d be, keeping the money to buy presents for my family. It also happens that I’ll be returning on 1st October tomorrow.”

“......Alright then, let me handle this.”

Fang Chen picked up her chopsticks and struck a pose as if about to take some food before exclaiming slightly loudly, “Oh, there isn’t any more of this.”

Not long after, the waiters sent over another of this dish along with a few other dishes.

Entering after them, Cao Qing clapped his hands and announced, “I’ve added a few more dishes for everyone, as well as settled the bill. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves to your heart’s content. Do tell me if there is anything more that you need.”

“Thanks, senior!” Xu Tingsheng joyfully exclaimed, followed swiftly by a chorus of thanks and words of compliment from around the private dining room.

As Fang Chen reached her hand out under the table, Xu Tingsheng had no choice but to respond with a high-five as he also casually asked, “Are we celebrating your swindling success? Swindling your admirers like this, senior, you should be worried that you might not be able to get married in the future.”

Fang Chen glared at Xu Tingsheng. She thought for a moment and decided to stop bickering on this matter with this guy who was immune to beauties as well as immune to ridicule.

Next, it was time for her to grab the initiative.

“Now, it’s your turn to help me solve a problem,” Fang Chen blinked, resembling a hungry wolf dead certain of devouring him up.

With this reminder, Xu Tingsheng abruptly recalled the course of events of the conversation that had just elapsed between them. Everything had appeared very ordinary, yet the one unusual thing had been Fang Chen’s demeanour while listening to him. She had been too forceful, too focused, virtually holding her breath and drawing on all her available mental focus as she listened intently.

Xu Tingsheng could basically guess what the problem might be. The reason for which Fang Chen had come over to sit, the reason for which Fang Chen had voluntarily sought him out to talk with him, had been to confirm his voice.

The two of them had indeed exchanged words on the stage last night. Thus, when Fang Chen had earlier frowned in thought upon hearing Xu Tingsheng’s first words, she had already begun trying hard to recall it. Having come over to sit with him and listened to his words so intently afterwards, all of it had been in an attempt to validate her memories.

Realising this, Xu Tingsheng responded, “I’m not helping.”

Fang Chen stared blankly for a moment, “But I just helped you out. Shouldn’t you repay the favour?”

“It’s not like I asked you to help me.”

Fang Chen gnashed her teeth, picturing herself tearing Xu Tingsheng to shreds, then setting firing to him, drowning him, burying him...

This was perhaps this Supreme Beauty Fang’s most aggrieved day of her four years here in Yanzhou University thus far.

Pulling herself back together, Fang Chen said somewhat threateningly, “This matter seems beyond your control. I simply wish to remind you of one thing. Through my many years of experience as a host, I’ve mastered one skill...I am exceptionally sensitive to voices.”

“Oh, you’re really awesome, senior,” Xu Tingsheng pretended not to catch on.

“Also, this mole behind your ear-I just happened to notice it back then...Rebirth…”

Knowing that he really could not deny it any longer, Xu Tingsheng could only remain silent in acknowledgement.

“Did the two of you really write that song yourselves?” Fang Chen asked in a low tone.

Xu Tingsheng nodded.

“Why not go public?”

“We’re afraid of the hassle.”

“But I feel that the two of you will be popular if you go public.”

“We’re afraid of popularity.”

“Then, you must be afraid of me, afraid that I’ll make you public.”

“Senior has no proof.”

“That isn’t necessary. In Yanzhou University, whatever I say will be believed, and is also guaranteed to spread very quickly.”

Xu Tingsheng believed that. Therefore, he had now become meat on the chopping board.

“What are senior’s conditions?”

Fang Chen cocked her head in thought, then jubilantly declared, “I haven’t thought of them yet. I’ll contact you again after I have. Yeah, I’ve finally managed to vent it out, this rocks...You’d do well to remember, okay. I’ve got a hold on you.”

I’ve got a hold on you?...Xu Tingsheng puffed his cheeks in suppressing his laughter as he teased, “Senior, you’re such a ruffian.”

“Oh?” Fang Chen thought for a moment before reaching under the table and pinching Xu Tingsheng on the thigh as she said through grinded teeth, “Damnable ruffian.”

It hurt so much that Xu Tingsheng’s features distorted greatly in pain. Still, he forcibly endured it, not daring to utter a sound.

The others were unable to hear the contents of the two’s conversation. However, judging by their expressions and actions, it definitely appeared somewhat like flirtatious banter. Tan Yao subtly gave his other roommates a meaningful look: Old Xu...his mother, he’s really too goddamn freaking awesome.

All of Xu Tingsheng’s roommates deeply felt this to be the case as well.

Of course, this scene was rather upsetting in the eyes of some as Cao Qing broke away from the group surrounding him and walked over to Xu Tingsheng, asking, “I talked a little with Keshen just now. Junior, I hear that you’re from Libei County of Jiannan City?”

“Oh yes, I am,” Xu Tingsheng seized the opportunity to extricate himself from Fang Chen’s evil clutches, answering calmly.

“I’ve heard it said that the poorest within Jianhai Province is Jiannan City, while the poorest within Jiannan City is Libei County. Is that true?”

Xu Tingsheng thought about it, “That seems to be the case.”

“What does junior’s family do?”

“Farming, running a small store.”

“Oh, you should study hard then. Remember to be filial to your parents; don’t squander away your scholarship money after getting it.”

“Right. Thanks, senior.”

It had not occurred to Cao Qing that Xu Tingsheng might submit to his slights so easily.

His enthusiasm deflated, he turned around and announced to the rest, “After the meal, let’s all go for KTV together. My treat!”

Amidst the cheers, Cao Qing invited Fang Chen in a very gentlemanly manner, “Fang Chen, let’s go together. It’s been a long time since I last heard you sing.”

While he did not directly invite Xu Tingsheng, before Fang Chen replied, she first swivelled her head towards Xu Tingsheng and mouthed over at him, “Do you dare to go?”

“Knock, knock, knock.”

Multiple knocks on the door resounded.

There were still people arriving?

Amidst Xu Tingsheng’s puzzlement, Zhang Ninglang walked over, holding up his phone, “It’s Sister-in-law who’s come.”

Looking at the SMS records on the screen, Xu Tingsheng discovered that Zhang Ninglang had just sent Apple the number of their private dining room. Scrolling upwards, he found an entire page’s worth of chat logs wherein all of his doings, regardless of their importance, had been meticulously recorded.

“Bro, so you’re actually a spy? .... Since when did you have her number?”

“Right on the first day. I agreed to help Sister-in-law keep an eye on you.”

“Knock, knock, knock.”

The knocking on the door resounded once more. Before the drunk Tao Yao had managed to stagger his way over, the door to the private room was flung open with a screech.

Apple wore a small flowery blouse and a short skirt along with a pair of white canvas shoes. As she stood daintily at the doorway, it was apparent that her manner of dressing was different from how it had been in the past. Although her long legs were still displayed, there was less of the enticing charm now and more of the elegant beauty.

Setting aside Fang Chen’s celebrity status at Yanzhou University, based just on looks alone, Apple was definitely not any inferior to her.

“Hubby,” Apple primly and delicately called out.

Xu Tingsheng had yet to reply when the entire group of guys from Room 602 rose as one and exclaimed in unison, “Greetings, Sister-in-law!”

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