Chapter 638: Fortunately, I only read web novels

Chapter 638: Fortunately, I only read web novels

No one did a countdown for Xiao Yanxu...

Still, he stubbornly stood back up-even though the ‘match’ was already over.

“I always used to hear that Boss Xu’s entrepreneur legend started with establishing Hucheng in your first year on fifty thousand yuan...I even believed that it was true for some time. Only afterwards did I learn that you’re actually a rich second gen with a substantial background...indeed, it’s great if your father has money and power.”

His sudden words left everybody feeling awkward.

What was the purpose of these sullen words? To express his unhappiness and dissatisfaction, decrying the unfairness of the world? Or to make himself look better, or to mock Wu Yuewei in front of everyone?

That was really too ungentlemanly.

“Thank you for praising my father. Indeed, my father has always been my pride and reliance.”

Xu Tingsheng was already no longer at the stage where a single sentence and the slightest conflict could spark a confrontation with others, pride and vengeance being so important. A single neutral sentence was sufficient to bring an end to the matter.

Wu Yuewei nodded gratefully to him, not saying anything as she directly got in the car with her classmates.

Another two guys called Xiao Yanxu away.

In truth, Xiao Yanxu had regretted his words as soon as he had said them. It was just that he was used to everything being smooth-sailing for him, was used to being recognised, chosen and praised. Raised aloft to the stars, even at a place like Qingbei with so many hidden dragons and crouching tigers, he had still been able to become head of this university reporter squad, still being one of the most outstanding ones…

The sudden overwhelming sense of defeat that had descended upon him had caused him to overreact. 

Having rashly said something that was so beneath his status, Xiao Yanxu regretted it greatly. Also, Xu Tingsheng’s response and Wu Yuewei’s silence caused his shame to virtually grow, converting into anger.

That night, Xiao Yanxu called Wu Yuewei to explain and apologise, expressing that he had really had no intention of mocking her.

Wu Yuewei’s attitude was still composed as she just said, “It’s fine. I understand senior brother’s character. Senior brother wouldn’t do that.”

It was just that amidst her composure, Xiao Yanxu sensed a sort of estrangement and guardedness.

Feeling unwilling to give up just like that, he clenched his teeth and directly said, “Junior Yuewei, well, I think you should know that I, towards you…”

“Right, it’s late. I should go to bed. Senior brother should sleep early too,” Wu Yuewei said and immediately hung up.

In truth, she was naturally unable to fall asleep so easily. After all, whenever she met with Xu Tingsheng, however calm she might appear on the surface, she would surely still be affected inwardly somewhat.

“Will this matter end up troubling senior? Or do I need to explain it to Xiang Ning?”

Wu Yuewei readied a text message and hesitated the entire night but ultimately did not send it out.

Previously, she had heard that Xu Tingsheng and Xiang Ning were preparing to get engaged.

If that was the case, she should try hard to put it behind her too. If she could not do so, she would have to bury it. This was what Wu Yuewei had advised herself, had decided to do...she was not a girl who was used to snatching things. She also had her moral bottom line.

Afterwards, hearing that the engagement had suddenly been delayed, Wu Yuewei had not tried to learn more about it. She was afraid that if she did, she might feel hopeful again. Sometimes, hope could also beget fear-for those who had tasted much disappointment and was afraid of hurting again.

Then, one day, her roommates had been in front of the computer discussing something in their doom room. Apparently, a designer had given a Chinese girl a custom-made wedding gown at the end of her event during the Paris Fashion Week.

There was a picture in the article.  While others might not be able to recognise who that was, Wu Yuewei identified that it was Xiang Ning even through the veil at first glance.

Not knowing about Li Wan’er, Wu Yuewei naturally thought that Xu Tingsheng had arranged for this.

As for this time’s archaeological excavation, she had actually not known that he would personally participate in it. She had made the proposal simply with the mindset of helping however she could, even if it was just a little bit. Wu Yuewei had not even intended to let him know about it.

In the end, he had come. That was fine. In that case, she could maintain a proper identity and have some simple interactions with him as their farewell. Wu Yuewei felt that the happiest times they had spent together were actually the fourteen days of quarantine for SARS, after all.

They had not been able to meet during that time, only having been able to communicate via phone. Ninety percent of the time, it had been Wu Yuewei helping Xu Tingsheng to revise mathematics...still, she found precisely those simple, pure times warm and happy.


After two days of preparations.

The experts who were gathered in Yanjing, the research students assisting them and the team dispatched by Qingbei University’s student reporter squad took a plane to their destination.

He Yutan went along as well.The benefit of him coming was that everyone’s meals, lodging and transport were enhanced greatly.

Followed by an empty vehicle the local authorities had dispatched to pick them up, everybody was in a luxurious bus that had been obtained by He Yutan. They were also followed by two housecars, which He Yutan said were prepared for the experts in case they needed to rest.

He was already imagining the scene wherein he strolled around Panjiayuan accompanied by dozens of experts. How domineering...fulfilling...his mother, who would still dare to call him the number one blind man of Panjiayuan? When he gazed at an item, dozens of experts would flick their sleeves and mobilise. It could literally shock one to death! 

Xu Tingsheng sat beside Yan Zhengyu, conversing with him a little from time to time. He spent most of the time resting with his eyes closed.

Stephen Chow’s version of The Deer and the Cauldron was being broadcast on the bus. The constant laughter was unceasing.

As the ending scene played on the screen, one of the research assistants brought by an expert said loudly, “Wei Xiaobao is a scumbag. It’s no wonder that he started out in a brothel...even with a wife, he was still chasing this one, chasing that one, his means not upright too. It is disgusting indeed…”

From what Xu Tingsheng remembered, he had clearly been laughing very happily earlier.

From his current expression, it was like he was waiting for the girls on the bus to go over with eyes full of stars, saying, “Wa, you’re really a good guy. How noble. I really look up to you.”

Then, he would probably say, “Anyway, my heart will only be taken once in my life, and once it is, it’s for a lifetime.”

After that, he would probably begin asking the girls for their phone numbers.

“Actually, Wei Xiaobao cannot be considered a scumbug, right?” Another guy suddenly said, “I feel that Yang Guo’s still the greatest scumbag in Jin Yong’s novels. In his youth, he was like a hooligan in his behaviour. Guo Fu, Cheng Ying, Lu Wushuang...flirting with all of them and not taking responsibility. Afterwards, claiming that he was head over heels for Xiaolongnü but still provoking other girls in the meantime. Let’s not mention Gongsun Lü'e. Even Guo Xiang who was so much younger than him wasn’t’s really freaking disgusting.”

“For a few of them, they went through tough times together and helped each other out. That’s why they got close, right?”

“Who asked him to help them? Huh, if he doesn’t love them, he shouldn’t provoke them,” This research student said righteously, basically meaning that in order to stop the girl from falling in love with you, you should just let them die.

“But towards Guo Xiang, it was only out of his goodwill as someone of the elder generation!” A girl helped to defend Yang Guo.

It was said that somebody had done a survey before and found that Yang Guo was the most well-received male lead among girls in Jin Yong’s novels-probably because those who had acted as him were mostly very handsome.

“Since he already had someone he loved, he shouldn’t be good towards other women. During Guo Xiang’s birthday, he went to such lengths. Which young girl would be able to withstand it? So, he’s a scumbag by nature,” The research student exclaimed emotionally.

“If you say that, Duan Yu is quite a scumbag too,” Someone else said.

“Not as much of a scumbag as his father, Duan Zhengchun!” Someone smiled and replied.

“Actually, I feel that Zhang Wuji is worse. Weak-willed and indecisive, unable to decide between Zhou Zhiruo and Zhao Min, harming them quite a bit. Irresponsible towards Xiao Zhao too...”

“Chen Jialuo is the true scumbag. Liking Huo Qingtong because of her beauty, but when she liked him, switching his affections to Princess Fragrance...but later on, this bastard actually wanted to give Princess Fragrance to someone else. He persuaded her to be Qianlong’s concubine...I really want to hack him to death.”

“Ha, Ouyang Feng ate a dumpling.”

“He’s a villain in the first place.”

“Don’t say that. The old toad’s actually pretty adorable.”

“Zhuo Yihang is a scumbag too. Not taking responsibility like a man at all.”

“Li Xunhuan even acted deep, scheming craftily to give his woman to his bro.”

“Li Xunhuan is Gu Long’s, right…”

“Oh, my mistake.”

“If you say that, Guo Jing is quite the scumbag too,” Someone said out of the blue.

Now this was shocking. How was the great, honest, lovable hero Guo Jing a scumbag? Objections immediately arose…

“He and Hua Zheng grew up together as childhood friends. She took care of him and his mother so well...the two of them even got engaged. Engaged!”

“He didn’t seem too willing.”

“If you’re unwilling, don’t get engaged...don’t accept others treating you well. He got engaged! So, speaking of the level of hurt, there’s actually no one who surpasses him.”

“There actually is one.”


“Qiao Feng.”


Was this taking out all the best men in Jin Yong’s novels one by one to flame?

A girl furiously exclaimed, “What’s wrong with Qiao Feng? He’s so handsome, so devoted...”

“He killed Ah Zhu.”

“He didn’t do it on purpose!”

“While he didn’t do it on purpose, he killed his lover with his own hands! He actually didn’t die to repent for his sins...Jin Yong found him an excuse. He drank wine and made merry with his venomous sister-in-law who clearly liked him...he really couldn’t be more of a scumbag.”


Xu Tingsheng was smiling as he listened as a bystander, never interrupting.

Still, the flames of war eventually blazed to his area.

One of the members of the reporter squad who was very close with Xiao Yanxu deliberately asked, “Boss Xu, you haven’t said anything at all. What do you think?”

The rumors between Xu Tingsheng and Apple were very easy to look up on the internet. Almost everyone present knew that his relationship with Wu Yuewei was not simple. And apparently, he seemed to have a girlfriend too…

Therefore, while those guys from earlier had actually been joking about the earlier topic, this person who was deliberately asking Xu Tingsheng this was actually attacking him, hidden mockery beneath the surface. This was probably to help Xiao Yanxu take out his anger.

“I don’t know about that...I’ve never researched or watched them,” Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Still, having listened to your discussion, I feel very fortunate...fortunately, I only read web novels.”

“Web novels?”

“Male leads in web novels definitely won’t have any of those problems you’ve spoken of at all,” Xu Tingsheng smiled and said, “Just like this good brother here.”

He indicated towards the research student who had first initiated the topic.

What Xu Tingsheng should really feel most fortunate about was that he had died in 2015 in his previous he had luckily avoided a guy named Xiang, with the same given name as him, who had written a web novel called <<Still, Wait For Me>>.

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