Chapter 588: Counterattack

Chapter 588: Counterattack

“Before Jin Twenty-four arrives, you had better not think of reminding your people to retreat. Get them to stay where they are. Any ideas and I’ll blow the place up,” Little Jinshan said, “You can take a gamble if you don’t believe me.”

The sole rule of the Binzhou Thirty was not to let outsiders know of their internal conflicts. They had many internal conflicts in which they swallowed up what they could. If they could not, though, there was still a chance of them sitting down and talking together, even addressing each other as bros as long as they could be sure that they would not have the tables turn and be swallowed instead.

Therefore, Eleven, Eight, Twenty and Twenty-nine all hesitated. It was probable that Twenty-four and Twenty-seven could no longer coexist as blood had to be spilled. Still, it was not that there was no chance for them to turn back.

Moreover, Jiang Three was currently lying in front of them, blood still gushing from his chest.

Therefore, take a gamble that Little Jinshan was bluffing and charge in?

Or wait to sit down and have a discussion with the tiger that was Jin Twenty-four?

“How can we trust that Jin Twenty-four won’t blow up the mines when he returns? How can we know that he won’t swallow the four of us up as well?” The youngest present, Twenty-nine who was a second generation inheritor, asked.

“Jin Twenty-four may be an asshole, but he isn’t a fool or a madman, Uncle Twenty-nine,” Little Jinshan said, “If I didn’t have a way out, I would definitely have dragged you lot down into death together with me tonight. Still, if the situation is pretty good and there are still two thick pieces of meat waiting to be split...would Jin Twenty-four dare to swallow six in one go? He was already too high key over the past two years. Wouldn’t he be afraid of getting surrounded and attacked by everyone else that way? And would he dare to take so many lives in one go? This is a lawful country.”

The four people downstairs exchanged looks and silently nodded.

It was still Twenty-nine who spoke, “What do you need the four of us to do now then?”

“Just maintain the present situation. Don’t touch anything, and help to ensure that Uncle Twenty-seven cannot do anything too. Then, wait for Jin Twenty-four to return and split the meat. Of course, some of these two pieces of meat must be split and given to others too. You guys should understand this.”

The situation had changed now as Little Jinshan was earnestly in negotiations, saying the most practical things.

While the four had yet to come to a decision, their underlings were already beginning to draw away from He Twenty-seven’s people, slowly coming to encircle them as even Jiang Three’s people were released.

This showed how easy it really was to calculate matters of profit here. Even their underlings were very clear on how they should choose.

“Having a discussion with Jin Twenty-four? Aren’t you lot afraid of consorting with a tiger?” He Twenty-seven asked.

“Don’t say that, Bro Twenty-seven,” Twenty-nine smiled, “Speaking of consorting with tigers, isn’t collaborating with you the same? We dare to do it. Also, he’s vicious, while you’re mad.”

“Moreover, there’s more meat to be split and the risk is lower,” Added Eight who rarely spoke.

“Aren’t you afraid of Twenty-four dealing with you after everything is over?” He Twenty-seven asked.

“The four of us will join forces and get through this period. Anything else can really wait for later. Everyone is well aware that amongst us, there’s not much distinction whether there’s enmity or not. It is only about whether there’s a chance, whether we dare to swallow one another up and whether we’ll be able to do so,” Eight had uncharacteristically spoken a lot here.

He Twenty-seven closed his eyes defeatedly before opening them again and smiling bitterly.“You’re right…” He sat down on the ground where he was, next lighting a cigarette and asking, “But my mind’s still in a total mess right now. How exactly did I lose? I prepared so much, but I didn’t even get to use any of it.”

“I guess I’ll wait for Twenty-four with you lot. I’ll ask him about it.”

The situation right now was actually already very clear-cut. He Twenty-seven stood no chance at all. Those who would still risk their lives for him in this sort of situation numbered fewer than ten. Just these people alone could not win against the subordinates of Jiang Three who were angrily eyeing a chance for revenge and were even prepared to pledge their allegiance to Jin Twenty-four, requiring something to prove their loyalty.

He Twenty-seven had lost for no rhyme or reason. Still, he at least had the courage to admit his defeat.

Upstairs, Little Jinshan said, “I’ll go back to take a rest first then. Next, some guys will be coming with chairs and tea for Uncles.”

Right after returning to the house, he went everywhere looking for Fang Ruli.

“I’m back! Does what you say earlier still count?” Little Jinshan asked.

Fang Ruli looked bashfully at him, saying softly, “Come over a bit...and then I’ll tell you.”

She indicated with her gaze at her mother who was standing not far away as if to say that she was afraid of her hearing it.

Little Jinshan’s eyes shone as he hurriedly leaned over to listen.

Fang Ruli came and...wrenched his ear.

“Dream on, little pervert. What are you learning, being a ruffian like this…”

“Ow, it hurts, hurts...softer,” Little Jinshan wanted to cry, “This old man can even suppress six of the Binzhou Thirty, but I actually can’t handle a little lass like you. I...hmm?”


“I feel like besides the age that is inverted, aren’t the two of us like Uncle Xu and Little Aunt Xiang Ning? Uncle Xu’s the same. He can take care of anything else, but he’s just simply useless in front of Little Aunt Xiang Ning.”

“Huh? Is it similar? I want to be like that...with you.”

“How about you wait for me to grow up?”


“Wait for me.”

“I already said no.”

“Wait for me.”

“...Talk about that can wait.”


Little Jinshan had said that Jin Twenty-four would be arriving soon. In fact, Jin Twenty-four had actually only just landed at the Binzhou airport.

Xu Tingsheng had entrusted his father with two things the previous day. One of them was to convey his analysis to Old Jin.

Old Jin had received this message from Mr Xu: Trust Tongtong, withdraw at once. Incident occurring in Binzhou, He Twenty-seven.

Xu Tingsheng was only capable of a primary analysis, simply connecting everything together. As for what exactly He Twenty-seven could do, upon receiving a reminder, Old Jin was much clearer on it than Xu Tingsheng. Still, he could not determine many specifics as well.

Under these circumstances, the easiest, most direct method was for Old Jin to leave that very night and speedily rush back to Binzhou with his people. Meanwhile, he should think of a way to secretly send Little Jinshan away or concentrate his forces to guard that villa, awaiting his return to Binzhou.

The two necessary conditions for He Twenty-seven to act were: Old Jin being delayed in Yanzhou and Little Jinshan being speedily subjugated.

If neither condition was satisfied, He Twenty-seven would not have the courage to act. All the problems would be solved and vanish into formlessness. The situation amongst the Binzhou Thirty had never reached that extent where they truly brought their underlings to steal a few sites of territory. Moreover, that way was useless too.

Still, Old Jin had given up on this choice. A crisis was actually an opportunity in disguise. Having long since been too sharp and conspicuous, such an opportunity was very hard to come by for him.

Between breaking the scheme outright and falling into it and landing a counterattack, Old Jin chose the latter.

The latter entailed a risk.

Old Jin himself had to create the false impression that he was stuck in Yanzhou before secretly returning. Meanwhile, Little Jinshan had to act as bait and be at risk of capture, for the enemy would not come otherwise...thus, there were really only around thirty people with him. Those who were in the know about this, Little Jinshan included, numbered fewer than three.

At the same time, Old Jin could not be so overt or prematurely deploy too many forces and manpower lest he alert others to the situation.

Who amongst the Binzhou Thirty did not have spies in one another’s camps? It was only that most did not reach the level of confidantes.

This entailed that there would not be much time for Old Jin to react. Also, his every step would be behind He Twenty-seven’s.

Even so, father and son were brimming with excitement.

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