Chapter 586: Bait

Chapter 586: Bait

He Twenty-seven would first personally lead a team to subjugate Little Jinshan and that batch of people around him. This included some of Old Jin’s deputies whom he had always relied heavily on. With Old Jin absent, these people formed the core strength of their opponents.

This was their most crucial step. As long as it succeeded, Old Jin’s people in the five mines would be leaderless and scattered. After receiving news of their success, the five squads that He Twenty-seven had assembled would charge in under the cover of night, subjugating those in the five mines.

This might be Binzhou’s largest battle in the past decade.

The media had previously reported on some underworld boss in Binzhou driving Ferraris and Land Rovers and bringing along more than two hundred lackeys to violently steal a mine. A video of this had even been uploaded on the internet, leading to a wave of contentions and startlement. Still, in the eyes of the Binzhou Twenty, all that was actually non-mainstream.

Of course, in He Twenty-seven’s mind, it was the lesser resistance and casualties the better. He believed that if everything went smoothly, the physical disturbance from this large-scale conflict could actually be very low.

Territory would just change hands in the course of a single night. Old Jin and his remaining forces would lose their base of operations, no longer having a chance to return to Binzhou. It would be better if he insisted on coming back, for he could eliminate all future troubles that way.

There was another piece of news about the Binzhou mining district. Apparently, there were two mine bosses whose mines neighboured each other. Digging around, they dug into each both sides threw explosives and blew up the whole place, burying many.

As He Twenty-seven saw it, this was incomparably dumb.

Some of his mines neighboured Old Jin’s. Along with Eleven’s and Eight’s, they virtually surrounded Old Jin’s five most active mines.

In terms of mines, territory division above ground was very straightforward. As for underground, was not so clear cut. Most mine bosses felt that whoever dug there first could profit, with many conflicts having arisen as a result.

Still, He Twenty-seven and the other two had never let such a thing occur. Whenever their mines were about to connect to Old Jin’s, they would take the initiative to stop, giving way.

This was the respect that they showed Jin Twenty-four. Leaving that thin wall intact was actually akin to preserving the face of the Binzhou Thirty, as well as group ‘unity’ and ‘cohesion’.

“Bro Twenty-four, you wouldn’t have thought, right...those five walls will be gone after tonight.”

He Twenty-seven had actually had his eyes on these five walls for very long. He was a smart person. Even if he had the upper hand, he was still unwilling to create a disturbance as all his troops charged in together.

His five squads in charge of the respective five routes were currently waiting in the five mines, waiting to dig out those walls at any time before soundlessly accessing Old Jin’s bases above ground through them…

Let alone resist, the people that Old Jin had left behind would not even have the time to react.


Everything was as well-planned as this, only awaiting He Twenty-seven conquering that villa.

From their previous scouting report, Old Jin had left around thirty people in that villa. Besides that, there were merely a few women, maids and the two deputies he had left behind at most.

He Twenty-seven had brought sixty people. More than half of them were his most loyal, elite troops. The rest were the elites of the elites of the other five. Finally, there were Jiang Three, Eleven, Eight, Twenty and Twenty-nine themselves alongside their most trusted bodyguards, numbering over eighty in total. This was sufficient.

The other five had not wanted to be here initially. The people they had provided were each in charge of a route and mainly located at the five mines. In having suddenly joined personally now, this showed how they were indeed very confident of success as they wanted to make certain already that they did not fall behind in terms of spoils.

“Get people to round the hill and check carefully again,” Reaching the foot of the hill, He Twenty-seven said heavily.

He had always been known for his cautious, calm nature as he would never dare to arrogantly look down on Jin Twenty-four. While virtually everyone felt that victory was virtually assured, He Twenty-seven was still worried about a potential ambush as he needed to verify it again.

He was the one in charge of today’s operations. Also, the substantial shadow of Jin Twenty-four loomed heavily over these people. Thus, no one rebutted him or got ahead of themselves.

The scouting team moved along the base of the hill, heading partway up it, to the top, along its foot...searching every area.

“After tonight, the most famous of Binzhou’s new generation will no longer be Jin Twenty-four. Instead, it’ll be our Twenty-seven. Twenty-seven, you can’t forget us when that happens!” Eleven suddenly said humorously.

He Twenty-seven looked coldly at him before smiling respectfully, “You shouldn’t joke like this, Bro Eleven. You are all seniors. Also, Third Sir is here too...surely this would not fall to me? Or does Bro Eleven think that I will be like Twenty-four, having no bros in my eyes?”

While Eleven’s words from earlier had seemed like an attempt to get on his good side, it was actually equivalent to pushing He Twenty-seven onto a barbeque rack...he parried this easily.

“Haha, that was a joke, a joke,” Eleven laughed and changed the topic, “Still, I wonder what those few will think after tonight…”

He was referring to the most powerful of the remaining Binzhou Thirty. Because they were teaming up, they had to worry about these peoples’ attitudes.

“Relax. The sole rule of the Binzhou Thirty is to best not let others know of our internal conflicts. It isn’t that we aren’t allowed to privately team up,” Jiang Three said, “Also, not only are those people old, their hearts have long aged too...they ignored how Twenty-four was reigning all above their heads before this. So, how could they possibly have that determination to act against Twenty-seven this time?!”

The remaining five were all reassured by this.

Jiang Three was left in a leisurely mood. At a time like this, it was not good for him to make a move on He Twenty-seven who was directing the overall operation. Instead, he fingered He Chunhua who was of the ‘same make’ by the side, hugging her, raising her chin and lightly stroking it and touching her ‘perfectly-made’ chest area.

After a while, the scouts returned.

They confirmed that there was no ambush.

He Twenty-seven surveyed everyone and took a deep breath...he waved a hand.

“Let’s go.”

How many would dare imagine that He Twenty-seven might really act against Jin Twenty-four?! Binzhou’s Jin Twenty-four was resourceful and ruthless, never having made any miscalculations before…

They met with no obstruction at all on their way...

They did not even see a single person.

He Twenty-seven knew that they had been discovered. Then, everyone had retreated to the villa.

Borrowing the villa to put up a stubborn resistance? Still, what could that change?

Having the absolute upper hand, He Twenty-seven did not hesitate in the slightest. First, he dispatched a group of people to surround the villa lest Little Jinshan be whisked away amidst the chaos. Next, he concentrated his remaining forces and prepared to charge the gate directly.

Little Jinshan appeared on the second floor balcony.

“Uncle Twenty-seven, you’re here? Oh, and Eleven and Eight too...forget it, not counting. Are you all looking for me?” The eight-year-old was tiptoeing over the banister, cheerily shouting downstairs.

To be honest, it really felt like he was asking for a could a kid like this be so cocky?!

“What guts. The brat indeed doesn’t disappoint,” He Twenty-seven did not respond, but Jiang Three cheerily did.

Little Jinshan turned his gaze towards him, saying happily, “Oh, so Gramps Jiang is here too. How dare I disappoint? I still remember Gramps Jiang praised that I’m a genius bastard once. You also said that if these youngsters don’t grasp their chance, there’ll be nothing for them when I’ve grown up…”

He pointed, “Look. They’re frantic.”

Jiang Three laughed, “Little Jinshan, you’re playing the Stratagem of the Empty City with Gramps Jiang? ...There’s an ambush?”

Little Jinshan shook his head, “No, there are really just thirty of them...they’d never be able to hold you people back. Also, if you weren’t sure that that bastard, Jin Twenty-four’s not here, would you have dared to come?!”

“Haha, that’s right,” Jiang Three was indifferent to Little Jinshan’s sarcasm as he laughed, asking, “You intend on being a brave warrior then?” 

Little Jinshan said sincerely, “No! I’m the bait.”

“Bait? Where’s the ambush then?”

“There’s none.”

“What are you being the bait for then?” Eleven yelled impatiently.

Little Jinshan smiled brightly, “Have a guess?”


Now, Twenty-nine approached He Twenty-seven and the rest, saying in a hushed tone, “One of the maids inside is mine. She just sent news and confirmed that the situation inside is exactly as we understand it to be. There’s no horseshit ambush at all...she said that the brat just came up with this on the spur of the moment and sneaked onto that balcony. Those people downstairs are already going out of their minds with panic by now…”

“Maybe he wants to muddle along and buy some time for the people at the mines to react,” Eleven said.

“They’ve probably called them. Still, notifying as well as assembling will still take quite some about we act simultaneously?” Twenty-nine asked, “We simply need to charge in anyway.”

He Twenty-seven hesitated slightly. He nodded, taking out his phone as he prepared to inform the other five squads to embark on their respective routes.

This side, elites. That side, numbers...if they failed to get the element of surprise, that side might fall into chaos even if they had the numerical advantage…

Boom! Boom!

Two muffled booms resounded.

They came from a distant mine.

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