Chapter 585: Coldness

Chapter 585: Coldness

After much effort, Xu Tingsheng who had been isolated from the outside world for so many days finally got to see his father.

For the first part of their conversation, the guard from when Xu Tingsheng had met Ling Xiao previously was standing nearby. Father and son were speaking about those typical matters.

They consoled each other. Then, Mr Xu hid what had happened to Tan Yao as he revealed how Mrs Xu still did not know of his situation even now. Everyone was working together to hide it from her as she believed that he was making use of the holidays to go overseas and relax.

Besides that, apparently, the results of Xu Qiuyi’s university entrance examinations had already been released too. It was rather unbelievable how she had performed above her usual standard. Just a year later, Libei had actually produced another Qingbei student.

“Everyone’s over the moon in the county. Your Mum too,” Mr Xu said.

This should have been a major cause for celebration as everyone rejoiced and cheered. Yet, due to Xu Tingsheng’s current predicament, it felt as if there was a dark cloud hovering over it.

“Qiuyi must be worried. And she still has to coax Mum over there, acting’s too hard on her,” Xu Tingsheng said guiltily.

“You do realise that?!” Mr Xu sounded a bit exasperated, “I assume you know your limits. Tingsheng, actually...nothing’s really more important than letting your family have peace of mind...forget it, I won’t scold you. Anyway, your sister may be worried now, but when you are really out, don’t even think she will let you go so easily.”

As they spoke of Xu Qiuyi, father and son exchanged looks and smiled wryly at each other. This princess of the Xu family was doted on beyond principles by the two most famous men in Libei, her father and her brother. With how they had spoilt her, it was really not easy to deal with her now.

“One more thing,” Mr Xu said, “Your Mum received a call a few days ago. It was from Xiang Ning’s mother. From what your Mum said, the Xiang family...appears to want to let you and Xiang Ning get engaged once you’re out.”

“Huh? Engagement? Now?” Xu Tingsheng was rather taken aback.

Mr Xu nodded, saying, “Anyway, your Mum is over the know, right. Your Mum has long been full of wily schemes, just wishing to get a grandchild sooner. The Xiang family has walked themselves into the net now. Anyway, we can discuss it when you’re out. Dad won’t intervene.”

“Got it.”

In the latter half of their conversation, the guard changed. Mr Xu indicated to Xu Tingsheng that they were now safe to freely speak.

After briefly talking about what had happened to Zhicheng’s land, Mr Xu went to the important matters. His eyes were full of worry as he spoke of that rumour concerning the Ding family in Yanzhou.

This matter was out of Xu Tingsheng’s expectations. While he had thought that someone might make use of this chance to target him, he had not thought that it would be Ding Miao. 

“Why is it Ding Miao? It just doesn’t make any sense,” Xu Tingsheng just couldn’t wrap his head around it…

“Right, Huang Yaming gave me a call before this, saying that your friend in Binzhou, Old Jin...he has already brought people to Yanzhou because of this matter. He probably intends on resorting to wayward means to resolve the matter. You should think deeply on this…”

As Mr Xu said this, Xu Tingsheng’s originally messy, disorganised thoughts suddenly became clear and connected all at once.

After smoking a cigarette and sorting out his thoughts once more, Xu Tingsheng entrusted his father with two matters to help carry out.



There is a sentence in the geography textbooks saying that China’s temperature is high across the entire nation in summer.

Located in the north, Binzhou was no exception to this sweltering summer. Also, especially in the mining districts where the earth was bare, black dust would swirl alongside the hot, irritable winds as it was unbearable indeed.

Every year, there were people who got heatstroke and collapsed in the mines where the oxygen levels were low. Some of them never woke up again.

Human lives actually had little worth here. Some black-hearted miners even schemed to kill. They would work to cheat some distant relatives or some from the same hometown over, and after working for some time, they would kill them, take their wealth and cheat the compensation sum.

These people could kill for a mere ten, twenty thousand yuan.

Therefore, this place was actually full of fugitives. As long as their bosses gave them money and an opportunity...there were countless who would risk their lives for profit and prospects anytime.

He Twenty-seven did not use these random people.

First was because he was afraid of the news leaking. Second, he had elites of six members of the Binzhou Thirty all under his command.

To deal with a mere empty shell, its elite troops absent…

He did not lack manpower. The respective groups in charge of the various routes were already in place.

Today, having schemed for many years, sensing an unparalleled opportunity, He Twenty-seven made his move.

He had already received confirmation on the situation in Yanzhou, and even by Ding Miao himself too. He had called early that morning, sounding furious and panicked as he was dissatisfied as to why He Twenty-seven had done nothing at all in Binzhou to help stop Old Jin.

Still, right now, He Twenty-seven could hardly be bothered with Ding Miao anymore. Everything was fully under control as his scheme had already reached the final phase of ‘dragon slaying’.

According to Ding Miao, after coming to Yanzhou, Old Jin had failed to find the three witnesses whom he had already hidden. Then, just as he had expected, he had walked the perilous route of directly looking for the Ding family. Old Jin had sent people to sneak into the Ding family last night and had made his first round of probing and threats.

Still, Ding Miao’s father was very determined to take revenge for his son this time as his stance was incomparably firm. He had even seized the preemptive as since early that morning, he had been using both governmental and underworld forces to search the city and seize Old Jin’s men 

In retaliation.

To He Twenty-seven, whether things succeeded or failed in Yanzhou was already no longer important at all. He just needed to be sure that Old Jin and his batch of elite troops were currently trapped in Yanzhou and would not be able to extricate themselves anytime soon.

He Chenhua drew the curtains, saying excitedly, “Sir, news just came in that our people are already all in position. At your signal, we can take control of the five mines where Jin Twenty-four’s people are currently most concentrated.”

While it was true that Old Jin had brought close to forty elites with him, there were still people guarding the mines, maintaining order and watching over its operations...while their quality wasn’t enough, their quantity was not low. It would be trouble if they were left unchecked, serving as a foundation for Old Jin to kill his way back to Binzhou.

 He Twenty-seven wanted assurance of taking them down in one fell swoop, taking control of the entire situation.

“What about that little brat? Is his position confirmed?” He Twenty-seven still asked cautiously.

“It’s confirmed. He’s in that villa of Twenty-four’s at the back of the hill,” He Chunhua answered.

“How many people are guarding it?”

“Over thirty.”

“Oh...Twenty-four has not been careless...still! It isn’t enough! Twenty-four, you underestimate me.”

He Twenty-seven got up, “We leave when it’s dark.”

Glancing at him, knowing that he was in a good mood, He Chunhua asked carefully, “Sir, can I go with you?”

He Twenty-seven turned, “You? Why?”

“I want to see Sir win. I want to see everyone in Binzhou know that the well-reputed Twenty-four is actually inferior to Sir.”

“Hahaha…” He Twenty-seven laughed, “Well said. Well, you can come then. Stay beside me.”

“Yes. Thank you, Sir.”


The sky turned dark.

They set off.

The summer night was unexpectedly rather chilly.

He Twenty-seven rubbed his chest hard, calming himself, rousing himself…

He saw no possibility of himself losing whatsoever.

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