Chapter 573: I just want you to be okay

Chapter 573: I just want you to be okay

At this point in the ceremony, the best men had nothing specific left to do. Their utility was more like building up the atmosphere with their mere presence alone.

Having finished his cigarette, Bro ‘Groom’ looked left and right, muttering, “It looks like I’m about done here.”

“Right, I heard that that fool’s predicament isn’t that good...forget it, I don’t want to talk to him. Anyway, those of you who’re close, please help look after Yu Qing in the future,” He threw the cigarette away and stood up, saying, “I’m leaving then.”

“How about some wine?” Hu Shengming asked.

“Drink your grandfather!” Comrade Groom exclaimed indignantly, “What would I be drinking too? My own celebratory alcohol or somebody else’s? The heck...this old man can’t tell anymore.”

This guy was not bad. On the contrary, he was pretty good as his disposition was to everyone’s tastes, Xu Tingsheng’s included. It was just that at this point, maybe there was really no other way it could end for him.

“Don’t want Yu Qing to feel troubled on seeing me later. I should leave first. Also, how could I drink with you lot? You’re all together with that fool, a bunch of sluts…” He walked away while muttering resentfully, “My clever Little Qingqing, how could you be so foolish this’s my own fault for not keeping an eye? Forget it, just take it that fools should be rightfully matched with fools.”

While his words all seemed derogatory, everyone could tell that they held no malicious intent whatsoever. On the contrary, much worry and reluctance could be heard within.

He coolly waved towards those gazing at him, just like a convoy that had fulfilled its duty. Having willingly cooperated in acting his part and fulfilling others, he took his bow and left the stage, not carrying untoward emotions of any sort.

He walked straight out of the door. Still, no one saw how this cool figure actually froze for a moment at the entrance, turning back and taking a careful his bride from earlier.

“Oh it Little Qingqing. Damn, I can’t stay on in China any longer. Off to terrorise Western chicks!”


On stage were the overwhelmed Fang Yuqing and Yu Qing who was gently coaxing him.

“Tonight, it’s definitely Fang Yuqing who was wed.”

“Yu Qing looks like she’ll treat him well.”

“Well, it also depends on whether his belly is up to the task?!”

Everyone was cheerily talking nonsense. With that, even if Fang Yuqing had to leave tonight, his return date unknown, even if he might not be able to make it back all of a sudden one day, even if…

Who cared about all that? That could wait. For tonight, now at least, was his wedding with Yu Qing.

His long-distance excursion to see her, his desire to build a Qing Garden for her had not gone to waste.

Her cutting off all her own paths of retreat, reaching out by the cliff’s edge and not letting go had not been wasted.

Xu Tingsheng’s bunch accompanied Fang Yuqing for a while before, having nothing to do, they returned to their seats. After a while, having changed into another set of clothes, Yu Qing came over for the toasting. Pulling Fang Yuqing to stand in front of her parents, she knelt and knelt again.

It would truly have been difficult and painful for Mr and Mrs Yu to support her decision. This was virtually equivalent to seeing their daughter leap into a pit of flames yet not being able to stop her…

Yu Qing’s tears stained her makeup.

“Yu Qing looks especially beautiful today!” Hu Shengming commented.

The remainder collectively nodded.

Actually, Yu Qing was different from any other girl in this social circle. Compared to them, she was more mature and calmer and less easy to be swayed. She had not been swayed in the least by immense wealth and bright prospects, having firmly stayed true to her own stance: working a simple, honest job, living a normalest life.

When a person like this chose to ignore rationality, breaking everything to pursue one relationship...the beauty Yu Qing exuded tonight was something none could match.

“Other people’s brides are great, huh,” Hu Shengming commented.

Xu Tingsheng, Fu Cheng, Tan Yao...nodded again in agreement.

“Ah!” Xu Tingsheng was elbowed by the very indignant Xiang Ning.

Fu Cheng was also elbowed. Miss Fang too was not so magnanimous.

Tan Yao received two elbows. It looked like it was not so easy to share the love of others.

After a while, Miss Xiang’s anger seemed to have dispersed as she leaned over and said into Xu Tingsheng’s ear, “I’m staying with you tonight.”

“What do you mean?” Xu Tingsheng looked at her.

“Right,” Xiang Ning nodded, indicating that she was saying what he thought she was.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“I’m afraid. Just imagining that if one day, you vanish somewhere and I don’t know where you are...I haven’t properly loved you yet,” Xiang Ning said, “Also, haven’t you noticed? The time you spend accompanying me has grown lesser and lesser...I want you to come home more.”

Xu Tingsheng reached out and stroked her forehead, bringing her over to lean on his chest.

Several glasses of alcohol later, Xu Tingsheng ran into Lu Zhixin in the corridor on the way back from the toilet. Being acquainted with Yu Qing, she had come too. It was just that as she was seated at a different table from Xu Tingsheng’s lot, they had not greeted each other earlier.

“What a coincidence,” Xu Tingsheng said after an awkward pause.

“I’ve been waiting for you here,” Lu Zhixin said.

“Oh. Is there something?”


“Pray tell.”

“Could you stop concerning yourself with the Fang family’s affairs? Immediately, at once, withdraw and stay out of it. Just continue to be your Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng. Don’t involve yourself in those things.

Xu Tingsheng had thought that it would be something about Hucheng. Taken by surprise, he raised his head to look at her rather quizzically.

“I already know about what happened to the Fang family’s third generation in America. I don’t think that was an, I won’t allow you to be involved in that matter again,” Looking at Xu Tingsheng, Lu Zhixin’s eyes were filled with worry.

“It’s actually not that serious. Also, look at Yuqing and Fang’re good friends with Fang Chen too. Also, they helped a lot when Hucheng was just starting out…” Xu Tingsheng explained.

“I don’t care about what happens to others,” Looking at Xu Tingsheng, Lu Zhixin declared with unyielding resolve, “I just want you to be okay.”

After a pause, she said with tears in her eyes, “Xu Tingsheng, I’m so afraid that something might happen to you…”

Lu Zhixin had indeed made some mistakes, hence increasing the distance between her and Xu Tingsheng greatly. She was indeed not so soft and feeble too. Still, Xu Tingsheng knew that the concern she was showing at this moment was fully authentic.

“Thank you. I know. But…”

“Actually, I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be able to convince you,” Lu Zhixin suddenly smiled, “I was looking for you just to say this. Whatever happens later, don’t worry. You can blame me, but don’t worry. I won’t harm you again.”

Xu Tingsheng was rather bemused as he questioned, “What? What will happen later? Zhixin…”

By this time, though, Lu Zhixin had already turned and walked off into the distance.

Filled with puzzlement that he could not voice out to anyone, Xu Tingsheng returned to his seat.

When the police officers suddenly appeared at the wedding banquet, virtually everyone present thought at once that they must have come for Fang Yuqing…

Even Xu Tingsheng was thinking, “The Ling and Xiao families reacted so quickly? So viciously?”

“Which of you is Xu Tingsheng?” The policeman’s gaze had actually already zeroed in on Xu Tingsheng as he seemed to be asking just for confirmation.

“I am,” Xu Tingsheng stood up rather blankly.

“Well then, please make a trip back with us,” By this time, two policemen were already standing by either side of Xu Tingsheng.

Everyone, Yu Qing and Fang Yuqing included, congregated around them.

“If you’ve got anything, take it out on me,” Fang Yuqing said.

“Who are you? This has got nothing to do with you,” A policeman said.

“May I ask what this is all about?” Xu Tingsheng inquired.

“The current CEO of Hucheng, Lu Zhixin, has filed a report with the relevant authorities. Hucheng’s previous CEO, Xu Tingsheng, is suspected of misappropriating the company’s funds during his tenure, many sums of money having gone missing to places unknown...the evidence that Miss Lu has taken out is very substantive. We are already officially looking into this matter. Mister Xu, you are suspected of a financial crime. This is the arrest warrant. Please cooperate with us.”

Xu Tingsheng turned to look at Lu Zhixin.

Xiang Ning was already about to cry…

“Lu Zhixin?! Do you have a conscience?”

“Biting the hand that feeds you.”

“Venomous heart of a scorpion.”

“Please get the hell out of here…”

“We can’t let her go.”

“Just you wait, Lu Zhixin. I won’t let you off!”

Curses, rebukes, even threats of violence...all the fury was directed at Lu Zhixin.

She just sat there, not uttering a sound.

Xu Tingsheng basically understood now what Lu Zhixin had meant earlier. Knowing that she would not be able to convince Xu Tingsheng to ignore the Fang family, she had actually thought of such a method.

From both the perspectives of the actual situation and Lu Zhixin’s actual motive, this case would ultimately leave Xu Tingsheng untouched.

Still, it would cause a delay, and it might be a very long delay too. Lu Zhixin wanted Xu Tingsheng to completely break out of the turbulent whirlpool that was the Fang family, also forcing him into doing so in front of Fang Chen, Fang Yuqing and everyone else. With that, he would have wholly no choice in the matter…

When all was said and done, everybody could chastise her, Lu Zhixin, but no one would be able to rebuke Xu Tingsheng in the slightest.

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