Chapter 540: Attacking the weak point

Chapter 540: Attacking the weak point

Ling Xiao had become Ling Xiaoqing. While this name was originally a joke, Xu Tingsheng clearly observed a slight trembling of her shoulders and change in her eyes as she herself vocalised it.

Ling Xiao’s arms were across her chest as she looked over, as though giving a hug to Ling Xiaoqing whom she was meeting for the first time.

As Xu Tingsheng gradually got used to driving a Maserati, his speed rose. The sensation of driving a high-end race car somewhat moved even him who did not have much expectations regarding cars and usually drove a decrepit Volkswagen.

The subtle equilibrium between the two enemies changed very quickly too. After calming her emotions, Ling Xiaoqing began talking about her experience in Lazard. This might be the most appropriate, least awkward topic possible between the two now.

After listening for a while, Xu Tingsheng commented rather emotionally, “At twenty, I just started attending university, yet you were already at Lazard.”

The gulf in talent really left him shaking his head somewhat. Some people were true geniuses, whereas he merely had a cheating device.

“Well, not really. Actually, in order to obtain this chance, I wrote a thesis and sent it to Lazard. The primary content of the thesis concerned the operational characteristics and model of the national investment council in China. I also slightly revealed some insider information that I knew of, being a descendant of high-ranking families,” Ling Xiaoqing explained very frankly.

“Selling your country for your own benefit? You!” Xu Tingsheng joked.

Ling Xiaoqing did not mind this as she smiled and replied, “Nah. Do you believe me if I say that the country itself actually wishes for them to understand all this? We’re actually hoping very much for an influential investment firm like Lazard to participate. They’ll offer money and experience, while we offer them chances.”

“More importantly, for our capital on hand to be internationalised, we’ll need them to provide a bridge for us. RMB will definitely be internationalised in the future, and we’ll surely need their approval and support then. The factors involved are very complex. If you continue with your current pace, you will understand it in the future.”

“Moreover, you may not know, but the words and actions of descendants of high-ranking families like us overseas are always monitored to some extent. Things that will really be detrimental to the country cannot be leaked easily at all.”

Xu Tingsheng nodded thoughtfully. He virtually knew nothing at all about things at the level Ling Xiaoqing was currently speaking of.

“I should remind you,” Ling Xiaoqing smiled, “My path after Lazard was carved out with my own abilities. My analysis and reports regarding the prospects of enterprises in China are looked upon highly in Lazard right now. If you’re willing, I can help you out independent of the other matter now, to forge a connection or get a better deal. Don’t be quick to say you don’t need it. For instance, somebody sold news on Wall Street before, saying that you were obstructed in an attempt to invest in Facebook. Actually, if you had given this overseas investment venture to a professional investment firm like Lazard from the start, there would have been a much higher chance of succeeding.”

Xu Tingsheng had no way of explaining to Ling Xiaoqing that his failure to invest in Facebook was not really a straightforward business affair because of the role Apple’s father had played. He was really more concerned right now about what she had just mentioned, that somebody had sold information about him on Wall Street.

“The person that you’re talking about is Wayne Yang?”


“That bastard!” Xu Tingsheng cursed.

Not mentioning how he had already been swindled out of a sum when buying information, he had even been used as information to be traded. Wayne Yang truly lived up to his reputation of being shameless.

“Is information about me worth any money anyway?” He asked.

“Let me put it this way,” Ling Xiaoqing thought about it, “Because of your favour, Facebook is soaring atop the waves now. It’s being pursued by many entities with roots in China. In other words, many people are actually secretly paying attention to your direction in pursuing your footsteps. At the same time, you yourself are also rapidly becoming more attractive to Wall Street enterprises. All the reports and analyses on you by the Wall Street investment and analyst firms might be enough to fill a shipping container. Accurate every step, leading with every step. Too many people have been astonished by and thereby came to focus on you.”

Xu Tingsheng’s heart tensed at this.

“How about I make a loss and misdirect them for a few goes, getting them to stop paying attention to me?” He wondered.

“What’s with you?”

“Nothing,” Xu Tingsheng composed himself a little and smiled, “I was just thinking that Comrade Wayne Yang will definitely try to get closer to me after this. I’ve got to think of a way to dig some pits for him. He swindled me of a sum before, then even sold me.”

Xu Tingsheng’s tone was rather resentful and furious at that final sentence. The pettiness that he expressed was found to be very interesting by Ling Xiaoqing who laughed for some time.

Then, she casually mentioned, “Actually, he’s really a talent. From what I know, of the few investment firms under the national investment council, one actually tried inviting him as a consultant before. They were rejected, though. His way of making a living has been set. He cannot have a stance.”

Xu Tingsheng nodded, unable to dispute this. Indeed, Wayne Yang did not have the strength or background to reign over Wall Street. It was precisely because of this, though, that he could become a channel everyone could use. It was just like how famed prostitutes were always booked by major figures and it would only be those who were slightly enchanting but still moderate in level who could truly have customers from all walks of life patronising them numerous times.

“He even pursued me in America two years ago. Of course, it was definitely not to marry me as his wife,” Ling Xiaoqing smiled.

“He failed?”

“I’ve never been in a relationship before. It wasn’t allowed. I liked a boy back in senior high before. I think that he liked me too. Then, he suddenly changed schools one day, because his parents were transferred in their jobs.”


“Right, Wayne Yang. In truth, if he wasn’t of mixed blood, he should have a chance to get on my bed and become the father of one of my children. Uncle Xiao met him once before. He admires him greatly.”


Xu Tingsheng was stunned silly. The father of one of my children? What the hell does one of mean? Isn’t the script simply getting married to one person, and then giving birth to a couple?

“I’ll say it, but don’t you feel sorry for me,” Ling Xiaoqing hesitated for a while before clenching her teeth, her expression a little abnormal as she explained, “Like if someone catches the Xiao family’s eye and they approve of and want him as their son-in-law, I will go and give birth to one with that person, giving the child to the Xiao family. Then, if someone else catches the eye of our Ling family, I will give birth to another with that person, giving the child to the Ling family. Perhaps it will be more than one person that catches the Xiao family’s eye. Same for the Ling family.”

Occupying the speeding lane, the Maserati Xu Tingsheng was driving let out intense revving noises. The car up ahead became a bit panicked and hurriedly gave way. Still, Xu Tingsheng had actually only been venting the rage that had piled up in his chest in that instant.

“I heard that the Xiao family already has one ready, a kid who isn’t even twenty yet. Sometimes, I wonder how many exactly I will have to give birth to, and till what age. Maybe forty? Forty-five? How many times will I have to be the older preying on the tender in this lifetime?” Ling Xiaoqing tried very hard and forced out a laugh after saying this.

“There’s no reason for you to be sacrificed,” A mad Xu Tingsheng exclaimed indignantly before remembering his own stance and saying, “Sorry, it’s just because I don’t know about investing and Hu Chen and He Yutan over at Xingchen are not specialised in it too. So, I’m actually still thinking about poaching you over to Xingchen. How about you come to Xingchen when this is all over? You can decide on the salary, as long as it is not any higher than Hu Chen and He Yutan. I’ll promise you options as well. Xingchen doesn’t have an investment section right now. I can set up one just for you...”

Xu Tingsheng could tell from Ling Xiaoqing’s expression and body language that she was greatly moved by the offer. This was truly the life that she loved and wished for. She was devastatingly talented and longed for a stage to display her talent...overflowing ambition.

Still, what she said was, “When my three elder brothers died that year, it was already destined that I would be sacrificed.”

This was a woman who was bound by fate.

“Looks like we’re nearly there,” Ling Xiaoqing said rather desolately.

Xu Tingsheng nodded as the car left the expressway.

Soon, the tall outline of Xihu City’s First Hospital appeared before their eyes. 

“Can I say one final thing to you as Ling Xiaoqing? Ling Xiaoqing wishes to say that if I could choose, I’d wish for you to be the father of my first child.’s only Ling Xiaoqing who is able to say this. Ling Xiaoqing lived for less than half an hour.”

The car parked. Xu Tingsheng got off. Ling Xiaoqing did too. The two exchanged glances over the roof of the car.

“From now on, I am Ling Xiao.”

“I know. Let’s talk again when this is all over...Ling Xiaoqing.”

Ling Xiao or Ling Xiaoqing...she stiffened, but did not rebut him.

The two maintained a distance between them as they walked to the high-status sick ward together.

Xu Tingsheng tried not to look at her as much as possible. He felt rather triumphant, and rather guilty too. He admired and sympathised with Ling Xiao and was very happy to have met Ling Xiaoqing, being very grateful for her two reminders as well...yet, in terms of psychology and personality, he had actually just done something else too-attacking via the weak point.

She was the first person from the opponent’s camp whom Xu Tingsheng, through his most fundamental strategy, believed that he already had an initial grasp of.

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