Chapter 481: On women

Chapter 481: On women

Xu Tingsheng did not have any intention of living outside the country for a period of time, much less ask Xiang Ning to do so. He had already experienced too much of that solitary, homeless feel from those three years drifting about in his previous life. He did not wish to experience it again in this one.

As for his mother, Xu Tingsheng was not going to tell her the truth for the time being. He would delay it for as long as he could until there was really no other choice but to discuss the matter.

After chatting with Xiang Ning for some time, he returned to the living room. That conniving old dame sat triumphantly beside him, glancing at him with a meaningful look as if to ask how things had gone.

Afraid to ruin his mother’s good mood, Xu Tingsheng smiled, saying, “Her family has helped to keep it.”

Mrs Xu’s smile widened.

As fireworks began resounding outside the house, the emcee on screen announced Cen Xiyu, with <<Legend>>. Apple was dressed very Gala-like this time with red dress and makeup and her long hair coiled up…

“Oh, she…” Mrs Xu suddenly exclaimed as she pointed at the television.

Even Mr Xu was rather surprised as he turned to look at Xu Tingsheng and smiled.

Back when they had met this girl, she had been at the darkest point of her life. That day, she had been filled with panic and unease, constantly afraid that she had done something wrong…

Yet now, she was this dazzling and radiant.

“She’s performing in the New Years’ Gala?” Mrs Xu asked blankly, this being a relatively big accomplishment in the eyes of the older generation.

Xu Tingsheng nodded.

On the sofa, Fang Yunyao lifted up the roving Little Niannian and set her on her knee as she pointed, “Look, Niannian, it’s godmother. Godmother’s singing in the New Years’ Gala!”

Xu Tingsheng and Apple-one of them was Niannian’s godfather and the other her godmother…

It was still fine when they were not together. If they were together, it would inevitably feel a little strange and awkward.

After the opening sequence, Apple competently sang:

“A casual glance at you in the crowd, never again able to forget your features. Dreaming of…”

The current Apple was already able to easily exert control over the song and stage calmly, gracefully, reliably. This rendition of <<Legend>> was virtually destined to take the nation by storm after tonight’s New Years’ Gala, its popularity encompassing the various age categories.

After the first verse, fans were already beginning to chime on Weibo:

After today, a queen of showbiz?

Of course, there were many more who were unconcerned about this status. Most of the time, whenever anyone slandered or insulted Apple, they simply threw out a ‘look at her popularity levels’ and the matter would be easily resolved just like that.

“This one was actually not bad too,” Mrs Xu muttered aloud.

Realising what she meant, Xu Tingsheng asked rather astonishedly, “Really? You didn’t treat her very kindly at all back then.”

“It’s nothing to do with her, I was angry at you,” Mrs Xu explained, “Actually, I felt that she was still okay. Do you know why?”


“One look and I know she’s good for children.”

“...” Xu Tingsheng was rendered speechless.

Indeed, it was still about all this at the end of the day. Fortunately, his mother was not uncouth enough to go on about other people’s breasts and butt. Otherwise, her motive in acquiring her daughter-in-law would really be too freaking blatant.

“Still, I wouldn’t agree now even if you wanted that,” Mrs Xu announced leisurely after a while.

“And why’s that again?”

“When I, your Mum, was young, I sang the opera well. One day, I was chosen to join the county cultural team. A few days later, your grandma came and dragged me back,” Mrs Xu reminisced, “She said that for girls to act and have older people kneeling to them, their longevity will lessen.”

Xu Tingsheng felt like rolling his eyes.

“Yours is all superstition. Besides, Apple sings. She doesn’t act,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Still, no way. If the daughter-in-law is too well-known outside, she’ll always be talked about and have her characteristics debated. It’s no good.”


At this moment, Apple had already left the stage amidst thunderous applause from the audience as heated discussion on that song was also underway on the internet. Apple aside, the netizens were also enthusiastically discussing the lyrics of the song as well as its original singer.

Soon, Fang Yunyao’s handphone rang.

It was Apple who was calling.

“Did you see godmother, Niannian?” Apple continuously asked over the phone.

Even a casual ‘ah’ from Niannian was enough to leave her jumping for joy.

Finally, the phone was passed to Xu Tingsheng.

“Did I sing well?” Apple asked.

“You did great,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.”


That banquet of the Xu family was held on the fifth day of the new lunar year. Although there weren’t many who came, aside from old acquaintances like Vice-Principal Lou and Old Zhou, most of the attendees weren’t your average person.

Mr Fu, Fu Qizhi, was allocated a seat in the VIP room. His complexion was all ruddy when he emerged.

It was before the banquet began that Mr and Mrs Xu had announced that they had taken in a goddaughter. When Fu Cheng and Fang Yunyao appeared together with Niannian at the end, there was actually no longer any need for words.

With Mr Xu and all these other people present, there was nothing that could not be suppressed.

On the sixth day of the new lunar year, Fang Yunyao and Niannian went to eat at the Fu family home. After dinner, Fu Cheng sent them back to the Xu family home and picked Xu Tingsheng up. Then, the two went to find Huang Yaming and the three went to drink at the little restaurant called Looking Back that they had visited that year.

The first glass was to Fu Cheng who had finally found happiness after so many trials and tribulations.

The second glass was to one of them having suddenly become a father in the days of their youth, when there was still so much to look forward to.

The third glass went to <<Crazy Stone>> that had eventually acquired 140 million at the box office in a miraculous, black horse feat that once again propelled Huang Yaming to prominence.

The fourth glass went to Xingchen Games, having officially announced the open beta date for the game <<Crazyracing Kartrider>>. Xu Tingsheng’s money-printing machine was soon to begin its operations.

The fifth glass.

The sixth.

They gradually ran out of reasons.

When Xu Tingsheng had gone to the toilet, Huang Yaming asked Fu Cheng, “How do you do it?”

“Do what?” Fu Cheng asked.

“Truly deciding on a single person for the whole of your life? It’s impossible to understand for me.”

Fu Cheng laughed, “We were never the same kind of person. While we may choose differently, there actually isn’t any true right or wrong.”

“What about Tingsheng then? Is he the same as you, the same as me, or the same as neither?”

“I don’t know.”

“Fickle-hearted or solely devoted?”

“I don’t know.”

“Alright then. Do you think he has really decided on that little girl?”

“So it would seem.”

“How can that be?”

“You can ask him yourself later.”

“I wouldn’t dare to. But if I were him, though, Apple, junior, Lu...I’d take them all.”

“Take them all? Do you think this is a webnovel? Take this one, take that one. Loved to death by many girls who are willing to share a man with other women, happily and harmoniously?”

“It happens in real life too! Some bosses and officials-they do just that, don’t they?!”

“If the women love your for your money or your power, it’s true that it can happen...because their mentality is different, and they see it only as a trade. But if they love you for who you are, that’s absolutely impossible. The love of women should actually be the most selfish, least accepting impurities kind of thing in this world. Even you probably wouldn’t guess, but Ms Fang even privately asked Song Ni a few days ago if I was in any relationship in the past two years…”

The two drunken guys had gone more and more off-topic till it had become like a philosophical enquiry of sorts. On women.

Huang Yaming was silent for a while before he asked, “So you think that Apple wouldn’t accept it too? Look at how well she’s treated that little girl after Xu Tingsheng had her. And outside the music hall that day...treating herself so cruelly. I think these are probably her intentions?”

“I don’t think so. Even she herself may not know why she’s acting like this, but I think it’s just that she likes Tingsheng too much and doesn’t want to give up. She’s waiting, not fighting or stealing...after all, that girl’s still little. She still thinks Xu Tingsheng may change his mind one day. As for your question, if he does, it’s probably that little girl whom Apple will be wariest of.”

“What about Lu Zhixin? She can be considered the type that loves money, right?”

“It’s even more impossible for her. She’s the type that’s like: Since you aren’t mine, I’d rather you be homeless on the streets, unwanted by anyone.”

“Junior seems pretty obedient.”

“This sort of obedience is established upon her trust towards Xu Tingsheng, based on her knowledge of him. In other words, if Xu Tingsheng really asked for her to accept a would go against what she knows of him. She’d definitely leave quietly however much she can’t bear to lose him.”


“It’s actually pretty cruel.”

“Right, what a pity. Is there really no hope then?”

“If everything is normal, there shouldn’t be any.”

“And what if things aren’t normal?”

“How in the world would I know?!”

Leaning against the door, Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Done already, you two? Exactly how many women do you want me to marry? ...Also, you both didn’t consider Xiang Ning. What would become of Xiang Ning?”

“Who cares about you? Me, I want to marry a whole bunch, anyway,” Huang Yaming said.

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