Chapter 476: Libei's greatest legend

Chapter 476: Libei’s greatest legend

Fang Yunyao had chosen to set aside her grievances of the past and two years of hardship to secure their future, irregardless of where justice lay. She would be fully justified in hating those two, in truth.

Facing Mr and Mrs Fu who had once hurt her and were presently still making things difficult for she and her daughter, she was no longer cowardly, no longer running away.

She was actively trying to get on their good side.

For that purpose, she had even taught Little Niannian to say ‘Grandpa, Grandma’ unbeknownst to all. Such a choice actually required greater courage than unflinching resistance as she would have to suffer and swallow so much injustice.

Niannian was still standing in front of Mr and Mrs Fu with tears flowing down her face.

Fang Yunyao did not go to pick her up and hug her, however.

She had no other choice besides hoping that her daughter’s obedient, adorable manner could cause their hearts to soften.

She was willingly doing so because she and her daughter were unable to part from that person and wished that their family could be together.

However much she had to bow her head and suffer in silence, she would still be willing to do so. 

Mr Fu sighed as he averted his gaze, ultimately refusing to pick Niannian up.

Little Xiang Ning frantically pinched Xu Tingsheng’s arm, gnashing her teeth as she said into his ear, “I can’t do it, Xu Tingsheng. My heart’s breaking. I’ve got to go hug Little Niannian and carry her back. They’re big bullies. If those people on the internet saw this, they would definitely scold them to death.”

Xu Tingsheng could not let her go over. This was Fang Yunyao’s earnest, heartfelt plea. While she had not said anything at all, this plea right here required more courage and determination than when she had got down on her knees and begged Mr and Mrs Fu.

It was humiliating, even.

What Xiang Ning had said was true, though. If this was posted on the internet and viewed by netizens, coupled with a bit of insider information, Mr and Mrs Fu would probably be doomed.

One must know that Little Niannian was actually even more popular than All-citizen Nanny-dad Fu Cheng on Weibo. Two completely identical trending threads had even appeared there these past few days, entitled ‘Nation’s favourite Little Niannian’.

Having been spoiled with too much love over this period of time, Little Niannian felt so wronged as clear, distinct tears trickled down her face.

Fang Yunyao could still bear to watch on with tears in her eyes.

Fu Cheng, however, simply could not stand for it any longer.

“No one’s forcing you!” He growled furiously, his tone low but resolute.

So be it! He was going to hug and carry his daughter, not letting her be bullied like this anymore.


“How impressive, Chief Fu. Able to hold up so well against such a cute one-year-old,” A vibrant, vigorous voice resounded in a joking tone from the doorway.

Fu Cheng had not bothered to close the door earlier.

Mr Xu, Xu Jianliang strode straight into his son’s house, followed by Mrs Xu.

“Mum, Dad, you’re here!” Xu Tingsheng exclaimed happily.

“Hello, Uncle, Auntie,” Little Xiang Ning greeted a bit nervously.

“Hi, Uncle Xu…”

“Hi, Uncle Xu…”

Everyone else, including Fu Cheng, Fang Yunyao and Huang Yaming etcetera, stopped and greeted Mr and Mrs Xu.

“Oh, hi,” Mr Xu smiled and responded in kind.

Mrs Xu ignored this as her eyes were already fixated on Little Niannian. “Wa, this pretty little thing, why are you crying so hard? And no one’s doing a thing? Come, poor thing, Grandma wants you...Grandma will carry you.”

She bent down and picked Little Niannian up, coaxing her gently like there was nothing else worthy of her attention in the room.

Niannian was not afraid of strangers in the first place and was feeling so very wronged too. As soon as she was carried, it was like she had finally found a harbour as she pitifully cuddled in Mrs Xu’s embrace and wept like there was no tomorrow.

“Wah, look at this pitiful child. And you people can actually still stand to watch on?”

While Mrs Xu was chastising everyone on the surface, she was actually implying something underneath. Still, no one could do anything about that, Mr and Mrs Fu included. Accompanied by the Xu family’s domineering momentum these past two years, Mrs Xu had naturally grown to become more imposing along with her increased status.

After crying for some time, Niannian looked up at Mrs Xu, “Eat.” The little girl obediently handed her precious sweet to Mrs Xu, the ‘only’ one here who sympathised with her.

Seeing this, Huang Yaming nudged Song Ni, smiling as he got closer and whispered, “Niannian really is smart, immediately figuring out who’s the one that’s most awesome here. If she follows up and cozies with Uncle Xu later, she’ll really be super blessed.”

Song Ni smiled, “How would a child know about that? Niannian only knows who dotes on her.”

As Niannian passed over her half-eaten sweet which was full of saliva, Mrs Xu was delighted.

She smiled triumphantly at everyone in the room before joyfully exclaiming, “Wa, Niannian is such a good girl! Grandma will eat it...yum, okay, I took a it’s Niannian’s turn."

Mrs Xu really did like children. Moreover, Niannian was so pitiful and cute. As she carried and coaxed her, she was fully immersed in the role of a grandmother as her face was full of doting.

Mrs Xu happily carried Niannian off to the side to sit.

Mr and Mrs Fu who had looked a bit awkward ever since Mr and Mrs Xu had appeared finally found a chance to speak.

“I didn’t think that I would meet Boss Xu here. Boss Xu, you are here for…?” Mr Fu, Fu Qizhi, asked.

The two were actually acquainted, firstly because of work-related matters and secondly as a result of the friendship between Xu Tingsheng and Fu Cheng. The two had also been jointly involved in the incident when Zhang Junming had attacked Fang Yunyao, their relationship hence having improved quite a bit.

As many people in Libei saw it, their two families should be allied. The Xu family had assisted in Fu Qizhu’s promotion from Vice Chief to Chief of the Trade and Bureau Industry. Meanwhile, Fu Qizhi had also continually taken care of the Xu family’s business in Libei.

Yet, this relationship was actually completely one-sided now, because the Xu family and Mr Xu, Xu Jianliang, were already far more influential than before.

The Xu family’s Happy Shoppers was presently involved in mid and large-scale supermarket franchises, hotels, real estate and investments etcetera as it had grown into a massive entity. 

In terms of business assets, the Xu family was the indubitable number one in Libei. Even then, though, they could still rank in the top three in the entire Jiannan City even when not taking into account Xu Tingsheng’s individual portion.

In terms of status, Mr Xu had gone from an honorary member of the county bureaucracy to holding this position in the city, then province...his acquaintances had long since come to surpass the extent of a mere, tiny Libei.

Mr Xu was actually completely different from Xu Tingsheng in that he had personally experienced those passionate but chaotic post-reform, entrepreneurial times. He thus possessed the unique mentality and worldview of an entrepreneur coming from that era.

In other words, Mr Xu was more goal-oriented and realistic than Xu Tingsheng as he was better able to consider the big picture for achieving success in this era. 

His acquaintances included loyal brothers like Zheng Xiangshan of Dingcheng Real Estate and mutually beneficial relationships with some government officials and business partners. He had also worked very hard at cultivating these relationships.

With the Xu family’s constantly increasing financial might, his own capabilities and charm, and those mysterious calls which had come from the provincial government back then which gave him an air of mystery, Mr Xu had actually covertly woven a huge web of influence for their Xu family.

He was altruistic too. From education to disaster relief, the Xu family donated several million annually. Such had also raised Mr Xu’s public reputation, paving his way in the bureaucracy.

In Mr Xu’s own words to Xu Tingsheng, this was like a protective talisman. 

He could also be as vicious and unflinching as when he and a few of his old bros had wielded blades and defended their factory way back in the past. One of Happy Shoppers’ franchises in another province had been wrecked by a local snakehead, their employees all suffering injuries. Mr Xu had personally brought along Zhong Wusheng, Wang Xiao and co in rushing straight over to pacify the employees and give them some compensation before marching straight for the local snakehead. Refusing to mediate, he had duly repaid what had been dealt them tenfold.

That single battle had secured the safety of Happy Shoppers’ branches all around the country.

While Xu Tingsheng might be more well-known than his father on the internet and in the entire country, it was Mr Xu, Xu Jianliang who had more legends in Jiannan and Libei. He was Libei’s greatest legend.

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