Chapter 473: All-citizen Nanny-dad (1)

Chapter 473: All-citizen Nanny-dad (1)

In speaking of a ‘forceful, direct route’, Xu Tingsheng was most certainly not advising Fu Cheng to actually force himself on Fang Yunyao, thus resolving the matter. He lacked the qualifications to advise anyone in this aspect in this life.

The forceful aspect of his method lay with ignoring resistance, preventing resistance, making it such that resistance was simply impossible.

Firstly, they would have to render Mr and Mrs Fu unable to resist. You’re planning for your son to marry the Deputy Mayor’s daughter to pave the way for you in the bureaucracy? In the end, your son already has a daughter himself, and all the citizens of this entire nation have seen it and voiced their resounding approval.

Do you take the Deputy Mayor and his daughter to be fools?

It was as devastatingly guileful as that.

Fang Yunyao too would not be able to escape.

Don’t you like to run off? Once, twice...well, when you see your husband and darling daughter living happily and lovingly together, captivating the hearts of tens of millions who also bemoan their tragic, pitiable state...

Let’s see how you can still bear to let them go then.


Now that Fang Yunyao was not by her side, it was actually not easy to take care of Little Niannian. Every time she woke up, was tired, had urinated or was hungry, Niannian’s first instinct was to look for her mother. Unable to find her, she would then burst into tears.

They all took turns to carry and calm her down, just feeling incomparably pained.

Yet, Xu Tingsheng knew that times like this were most effective as he would always ruthlessly say, “Quick, carry Niannian to the balcony when she’s still crying. Let Niannian cry for Ms Fang to see. Ravage her heart, make her regret it to death.”

And so, the day after the gang had returned to Yanzhou with Little Niannian, the person Xu Tingsheng had sent to keep an eye on Fang Yunyao reported that as expected, she had followed them to Yanzhou.

Perhaps she would never have thought that Fu Cheng would simply leave so quickly along with Niannian without even looking for her. Even though she had already made her choice, it would surely still sting somewhat. However, the primary reason was that she was worried and could not set her mind at ease.

Every time she saw Niannian crying on the balcony, it was very difficult for her to resist the urge to rush over at once and cuddle her daughter in her embrace.

Xu Tingsheng’s home in Yanzhou was in a small district with restricted access. Unable to enter, Fang Yunyao could only stay in a small motel outside the district.

While she was still very close, she was unable to see or hear anything this time. Xu Tingsheng had also deliberately asked them not to go out of the district with Niannian. Soon, the mother’s heart was all but empty.

In that case, it was time to give her a platform, for her to see and to listen.

The ‘All-citizen Nanny-Dad’ scheme officially commenced with Xingchen Technologies the basis. If Niannian had been a little older, Xu Tingsheng would definitely have given her a <<Where’s Dad Gone>> or <<Mum is Missing>> no matter what.

That night, a good number of VIPs, led by Apple, simultaneously shared a video.

In the video, Little Niannian was wearing a small yellow hat and slightly oversized cartoon pyjamas as she rested on a cushion inside her cot. Fu Cheng was wearing pyjamas too, though only his back and side profile were revealed within.

He sat by the cot, gently singing to his daughter as he strummed the guitar:

“My precious precious

Give you a little sweetness

Let you fall asleep happy tonight

My little imp, my little imp

Stroking your little lashes

Let you love this whole world

Hualalalala, my precious


He did not show his face, but neither did he wear that half-mask. Fu Cheng’s voice emanated warmth rather than the usual deep and heartfelt pain and emotions as it was just like a lullaby.

Little Niannian was already very close with Fu Cheng now. She also seemed to love his singing voice as she smiled happily, her large eyes shining. She would join in with a few yells from time to time, also extending a hand towards Fu Cheng non-stop. It was both amusing and adorable.

The simple scene was suffused with warmth.

If this was an MV, it would basically be a contender for the number one such MV of the year.

In truth, many people were inevitably wondering if this was a marketing strategy for some new singer who was about to enter showbiz. Still, the video’s description was: Young father singing to his one-year-old daughter, Little Niannian.

Within the span of a single night, this video went viral throughout Xingchen Weibo as hundreds of thousands of people shared it on their accounts.

While Apple and the other VIPs should be credited for helping it to gain widespread popularity, the MV itself had many focal points as well.

Firstly, Niannian was very pretty and adorable. Even though only Fu Cheng’s back figure and side profile were visible, his image as he carried his guitar was still very sellable as the scene was a sight to behold.

As a result, it was easier for that doting warmth to be sensed and liked, tugging on the heartstrings of many women especially.

That aside, this father’s voice...why did it sound a bit familiar?

Heated discussion ensued regarding the MV.

“The daughter’s so pretty and cute, that really her Dad? He looks quite young.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t look very old.”

“By the way, is this song an original? I’ve never heard it before, but it’s nice! I’d like to sing it to my child too.”

“You can also sing it to your girlfriend. There literally can’t be anything more suitable than this.”

“Why did so many VIPs help to share it? Is he entering showbiz? This wouldn’t be some new singer putting on a show for the sake of entering showbiz, right? If so, it’d really be too much, cheating our feelings like that.”


“You bunch of fools, all that isn’t important, you know? More importantly, pay close attention to this voice. Isn’t it familiar? If not, hurry up and go listen to <<Fairy Tale>> and <<The Brightest Star In The Night Sky>>...”

“The heck, I just listened...Rebirth’s lead singer?”

“It’s definitely him!”

“He wouldn’t need this to enter showbiz right? If he wants to, he only need say it!”

“Is it only a resemblance? Someone imitating him?” Many people had always been imitating Rebirth on the internet. Their songs had long since been sung by countless others. Thus, it seemed like this was a very real possibility too. With that, more people were left befuddled.

“It probably isn’t him. Don’t the members of Rebirth wear masks?”


Rebirth’s fans who had already been waiting for so long a time blazed with enthusiasm at once, their firepower revving to the max as they began analysing from various professional angles or  plain joining in for the fun of it. The topic was soon hotly debated throughout the entire internet.  

Apple’s fans joined in enthusiastically as well.

“Apple, is the person in the video really Rebirth’s lead singer?”

“Is that Little Niannian your goddaughter whom you mentioned a few days ago?”


As Apple’s Weibo account was filled with upward of a hundred pages of comments by netizens and fans, Fu Cheng’s verified Weibo account, 'Little Daddy’, miraculously gained upward of a million views in a single night. This could be considered the quickest ever record of a normal citizen becoming an internet celebrity.

Fu Cheng did not answer any of those questions, especially those concerning Rebirth. When consulting Xu Tingsheng earlier, they had already agreed that he would remain silent on this. They could guess all they want, and he would simply retain his silence, neither affirming nor denying anything. 

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