Chapter 455: Upcoming trip to Xinan

Chapter 455: Upcoming trip to Xinan

This was Song Ni’s graduation trip. All her three bigwig big brothers who would be travelling with her had to do were show up and foot the expenses. The itinerary and such would be decided and planned solely by she herself.

Song Ni decided on Xinan. They would first go to Chengdu, then the surrounding regions.

The ancients said that the youth doth not go downriver to the backwater. The Chengdu region was acclaimed for its relatively slow and leisurely pace of life, and this was said to easily cause one’s willpower and drive to diminish, hence the saying.

Still, for Xu Tingsheng’s trio, it was precisely a break that they needed right now. If this meant that they could truly extricate themselves from life and sit down for some afternoon tea at a teahouse, watching the unhurried footsteps of passers-by and listening to the clattering of mahjong tiles for the better part of the day, this actually did seem like a pretty good choice.

Moreover, that particular region was also famed for its cuisine. 

Having decided on the destination, next were the participants. Song Ni said that it would of course be best if it could consist of the six of them who had taken the train back to Libei that year. Sadly, this wish was already destined to be unfulfillable. It was only certain that Ms Fang would not be going, at least.

Song Ni called and asked Apple about her schedule.

Apple really wanted to go but just couldn’t. She divulged that she had received an invitation to perform in the annual New Year’s Gala just a few days ago. She would soon have to rush over to Yanjing to participate in rehearsals.

As she grew increasingly popular, it was inevitable that she would correspondingly be bound by more obligations however transcendent her contract was. Still, things could definitely not be any better for her. However much time passed, the New Year’s Gala always remained the most influential stage which countless people envied and yearned for. Just based on a single appearance on this annual show alone, some performers were basically set for life.

If Apple performed dazzlingly on this night of the eve of the Lunar New Year, her momentum in the entertainment industry that already seemed nigh unstoppable would definitely be bolstered considerably, her place in showbiz likely henceforth being solidified.

Xu Tingsheng now took over the phone call and initiated a conversation with Apple on his own, a rarely seen thing indeed.

“What song do you plan on singing at the New Year’s Gala?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

Rather taken aback on suddenly hearing Xu Tingsheng’s voice, Apple stuttered “Ah, Xu, you…” before falling silent.

Xu Tingsheng could only repeat his question, clarifying himself as calmly as he could, “Did the production team give you permission to sing your own song?”

“I applied for it on my side, but I think they won’t,” Finally regaining her wits, Apple smiled wryly, “Perhaps it’s because my songs don’t fit the theme. They’re all about love, feelings and whatnot. They also said that most of my songs are in too sad keys that don’t fit the festive atmosphere of ushering in spring.”

Xu Tingsheng considered it for a bit before saying, “That does makes sense. Well, what do they have arranged then?”

“Don’t they have some ‘imperial’ songwriters for use over there? Maybe they’ll write one for me last minute,” Apple said rather helplessly.

“No way! You might as well not go in that case. It’s not like you don’t know the quality of those songs. How many of them have any real substance and actually become the least bit popular?” 

Apple was definitely not going to the New Year’s Gala for the sake of becoming recognisable alone. She was already long past the stage of being a lesser known figure. 

Xu Tingsheng said decisively, “Alright, I’ll tell you a song, and you go to the production team. After applying for this, if it really can’t go through, get Tianyi to negotiate for it on your behalf.”

Apple sounded rather excited at that, “Are you going to write a new song for me?”

Xu Tingsheng laughed, replying, “No, it’s somebody else’s song. It’s a singer called Li Jian. A song from his 2003 album <<Flowing Years Like Water>>, named <<Legend>>. You can look for and listen to it first.”

“I know that song. I’ve heard it before...he’s a singer that I really like too. I also really like this song,” Apple replied at once, the excitement audible in her voice.

“That’s good then. Hurry up and think of a way to contact the original singer and his company then. If the other side agrees, we can utilise everything within our means to get the production team to accept it. There shouldn’t be a problem for this song to feature at the New Year’s Gala.”

“Right,” Apple said, “Thank you, Xu Tingsheng.”

To her, knowing that Xu Tingsheng still cared about her was perhaps more important than the New Year’s Gala itself.

Not dragging on the conversation further with meaningless chatter, Xu Tingsheng soon ended the call. What he had just proposed to Apple was really a spur of the moment thing on his part too, having come in a sudden burst of inspiration.

It seemed to be in the year 2010 that <<Legend>> had attained widespread popularity in his previous life, after the famous artiste Wang Fei had sung it at the New Year’s Gala. The song also seemed to have become one of her works that people were most familiar with afterwards, being representative of her in that sense.

In truth, though, <<Legend>> had already been released way back in the year 2003, having been written and performed by Li Jian. It was just that it had not become super popular back then as it had later.

Xu Tingsheng rather liked this singer, and really liked this song too.


“A casual glance at you in the crowd

Never again able to forget your features


I’d believe we’re fated from our last lifetime

That our present romance won’t change again


I will willingly wait a lifetime for you to discover

I’ve always been by your side, never gone far

While the lyrics of <<Legend>> were very short, the feelings within just resonated so much with everyone.

From Xu Tingsheng’s previous life, ‘fated from our last lifetime, (in the) present (it) won’t change again’. From that love at first sight on first entering senior high for the young Fu Cheng, with the  glance in the classroom corridor that he had henceforth never been able to forget. ‘As I dream, that one day we can happen to meet each other again’...

And perhaps there was also Apple’s present state of mind ‘wait a lifetime for you to discover, (I’d) never gone far’.

If Apple could sing this song at the New Year’s Gala and it could go viral prematurely, that should be a good thing whether it was for her or for the song’s original singer.


Ultimately, only four still remained from their original six-man team.

Song Ni called along a good friend of hers from university. Still, after all of them had met, it was not difficult for everyone to sense how shy and nervous that girl was feeling at all. It was such that things would inadvertently become awkward and stiff much of the time as everyone fell silent.

Having no other way about it, Song Ni could only change her mind and open up their group, allowing for more people to come.

She decided to bring along three of her best friends from university.

Xu Tingsheng too released the news on his side.

Old Wai and Li Linlin wanted to go, after which Old Wai planned to follow Li Linlin back to her hometown to meet her parents and celebrate the Lunar New Year. It looked like he wished to hereby make things official.

The two had already clicked very well in all the time that had passed, having long since become inseparable too. Also taking into account their common career routes as there were no barriers obstructing them, physical or otherwise, Xu Tingsheng would almost definitely be able to bear witness to their wedding soon after their graduation.

Rather unexpectedly, Zhang Ninglang and the long-plaited girl wanted to go too.

Next was Fang Yuqing. Having painstakingly acquired Yuqing’s consent, he wanted to join in and partake in their plans. The two were currently in a long distance relationship whilst busy with their own affairs as it really was not easy for them to meet up at all.

Yuqing had originally planned on breaking up with Fang Yuqing after graduation, in truth. She had literally been unable to withstand his romantic pursuits, however, that had moved the heavens and shaken the earth. That had won Fang Yuqing three years. A year had already passed since then. Perhaps fearful of being too deeply ensnared in their relationship, Yuqing had been maintaining a rather distant attitude towards him as he literally needed legitimate reasons to ask her out. 

His excuse this time was accompanying Xu Tingsheng and co in making up for their own graduation trip that had not come to fruition. Yuqing agreed. 

Then, as Fang Yuqing’s elder sister and Yuqing’s bosom friend, the shameless Fang Chen wanted in too.

The tour group expanded to a party of twelve, the twelfth member being Little Xiang Ning. Since they were already adding people anyway, it was the winter holidays and Mr and Mrs Xiang were busy, it was naturally well within reason for Xu Tingsheng to bring the fun-loving her along.

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