Chapter 428: Yes please

Chapter 428: Yes please

Still dressed in white and with that half-mask on his face, Fu Cheng returned to the stage.

Behind him was a girl, similarly wearing a half-mask and looking very much like a student too as she sported a fresh, simple ponytail, T-shirt, white jeans and sports shoes.

Little Xiang Ning was already very familiar with Apple now. Seeing the figure on the stage, she was already vigorously shaking Xu Tingsheng’s arm, yelling happily, “Wow, Big Sis Apple! It’s Big Sis Apple! Did you know about this, Xu Tingsheng? You never told me about it.”

“I had no idea,” Xu Tingsheng replied helplessly.

“Alright then. Hey, why aren’t you singing together with her? What a pity,” Xiang Ning said regretfully.

Xu Tingsheng looked at her earnest expression. She was really looking forward to that.

At this moment, Xu Tingsheng reaffirmed his determination that there were some things he should try his best never to let Xiang Ning find out about. It was just like a white lie. Sometimes, the less one knew, the easier it would be for them to remain pure and happy.

Actually, it was not just Little Xiang Ning who had guessed Apple’s identity as most of the others had too. Some of them were Apple’s fans in the first place as they recognised her just by looking at her. As for the others, relating this to Xu Tingsheng and Rebirth...they could naturally guess who the girl on stage was.

From start to end, there had been five guys who had performed for Rebirth, but only ever a single girl.



People were still more used to calling her by this name despite her going by Cen Xiyu now. Still, there was really nothing Apple could do about this.

Accompanied by a hint of hesitation, cheers next reverberated throughout the entire venue.

However certain they were that the person up on stage was Apple, the audience was still feeling somewhat doubtful within. This was really much too inconceivable. Even Yanzhou University’s higher-ups who had come to watch the event stared incredulously, looking left and right with gaping mouths…..

“Yanzhou University’s freshman welcoming party is going to go viral…”

“Yanzhou University is going to go viral…”

Apple was just crazy popular right now. In terms of her position in showbiz, if five chart-topping songs from a single album was not sufficient to set her as first-tier, she was ultimate first-tier in terms of popularity right now.

The songs were the basis of it all. Apple’s album, <Rebirth>, had been unimaginably popular. At the same time, having newly re-entered showbiz, Apple herself who was finally able to show her true personality was so likeable too. She was a goddess of showbiz and marathons, and even the free-spirited girl next door on Weibo who was friendly, interesting as well as cute.

Coupled together, all these factors created an unstoppable momentum such that the path to the top was all but paved.

Yet, despite such great popularity, Apple virtually never participated in commercial performances as she could basically only be seen participating in marathons or in her daily life on much would it cost to get her to perform?

Some had already offered her the price of a million for a commercial performance.

This value surpassed even that of the queens of showbiz. Still, she had not accepted the offer.

In terms of earning money, the few advertisements that she had been in already made for an incredible sum.

“To actually invite Apple. Xu Tingsheng really is willing to spend,” Someone said emotionally.

“He may not even have had to pay anything, okay? They know each other. They were once classmates and are still friends. When Apple returned to showbiz previously, while his Weibo said that it was a cooperative relationship, it actually spent quite some effort,” A rebuttal came.

“Who cares? It’s just great that we can watch this performance. Speaking of which, the most tragic would still be Xu Sheng. Oh, he’s gone...well, it’s a good thing he left. It would be like absolutely-no-mercy crushing to death otherwise.”


Up on stage, Apple did not prolong the suspense as she pulled off the mask and smiled brightly, saying, “Aw, did you all guess it already? And I still wanted to act mysterious for a bit.”

“We did...ha,” Everyone replied in unison, accompanied by laughter.

“Well, hello, everyone. I’m Cen Xiyu. I’m very happy to be participating in Yanzhou University’s freshman welcoming party tonight,” Apple waved, “Well then, do you all know why I’ve come?”

“Xu Tingsheng?” Someone yelled from amongst the audience.

“Like he’d be able to get me here,” Apple smiled, a prideful look jokingly appearing on her face.

Xu Tingsheng did not just know how Fu Cheng had conveyed his refusal to sing with her. Perhaps he had withheld the truth, for Xu Tingsheng could not see any desolation or unhappiness in Apple’s expression at this moment.

Was it that she was concealing it too well? Or had she truly managed to get over him already?

“Rebirth?” The audience continued to guess.

Apple shook her head again before saying, “Actually, you may not know this, but I have a very good friend in Yanzhou University. He’s just like my little brother...Zhang Ninglang. I am here to celebrate the first anniversary of him and his girlfriend being together...speaking of which, it was not long ago that I met her for the first time.”

A commotion arose.

Everyone was startled and disbelieving. If most people had previously believed Zhang Ninglang to be normal and ordinary, this mindset was corrected right there and then. How crazy low key he was!

They did not know going upward to its source, all this was originally related to Xu Tingsheng, only then having come about.

Therefore, as they saw it, Yanzhou University was really too special and wondrous a place. Besides the legendary Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng, there was the mysterious, inconceivable Rebirth that could bring forth a top artiste with just a few songs. And, and, there was still more.

The freshmen all grew excited as they felt that the university they had chosen was truly much too inconceivable and interesting.

“My little brother sang a song to his junior earlier. My gift will be <I Want To Sing Me To You>. This song is for everyone here too. I hope that everyone will have someone they can pour out their heart to, whom they will listen earnestly to in turn...right now, when our hearts are like buds to bloom…”

Thunderous applause resounded as the opening sequence played.

“I want to sing me to you

Right now when our hearts are like buds to bloom

Let us blossom to our fullest

Fill my sprouts with years of you”

Apple started to sing, her voice naturally clear. This was a song that fit very well with campus life as its theme was youth. I want to sing me to you, right now when our hearts are like buds to bloom. Everyone who walks by in our years of youth, fills up the lifetimes of us all around.

For these young boys and girls present, they were akin to flower buds that had just obtained their freedom and were waiting to bloom. Filled with yearning, they were waiting for that special person.

Fu Cheng raised his microphone, preparing to sing.

At the same moment, Little Xiang Ning pushed Xu Tingsheng, requesting, “You sing too! You sing too!”

Unwilling to get on stage to sing, Xu Tingsheng could only sing softly amongst the audience.

“Who is it who can replace you

Let us love to the fullest in our youth

The person oh closest oh dearest to me

On this long journey please will you join me”

This song was not split between the male and female singers like in Xu Tingsheng’s previous life as his memory of it had not been clear enough. This line which should originally have been sung by the female singer was thus sung by Xu Tingsheng alongside Fu Cheng.

Xu Tingsheng: “On this long journey please will you join me.”

A rather shy yet very sweet voice resounded beside him, “Yes please.”

While it wasn’t loud, it was soft but firm.

So it was because of this that Little Xiang Ning had insisted on Xu Tingsheng singing along as well. It was for this, this very line.

She had said, “Yes please.”

Uncle: The road ahead is long. Shall we go together?

The little girl: Yes please.

“Listen please as I sing me to you

Can your pure, guileless smile stay with me”

Her little face leaning in, Little Xiang Ning smiled brightly, saying, “Yes please.”

“Listen please as I sing me to you

Can this blazing heart of mine move you

The times are worth remembering, thinking back

Your bashful, blushing face

Who is it who can replace you

Let us love to the fullest in our youth

The person oh closest oh dearest to me

On this long journey please will you join me”

One singing on the stage.

One singing softly amongst the audience.

To every question, Little Xiang Ning would reply sweetly, “Yes please!”

The happiness that was within his grasp made Xu Tingsheng overlook many things.

Up on stage.

Fu Cheng pretended to deviate from his position and momentarily blocked Apple from view.

Apple made use of this chance to wipe away the tears that were unconsciously welling up at the corners of her eyes, a bright smile reappearing on her face as she sang, “The person oh closest oh dearest to me, on this long journey please will you join me?”

Those were some of the happiest times within her memories. Back then, she had thought that Xiang Ning would not appear, that all would be good.

This song had originally been sung by the two of them together.

Back then, in the recording studio, she had often been mischievous as every time he sang to lines like these, she would say, “Yes please.”

That song had taken a long time to record. Xu Tingsheng had said that she was deliberately fooling around, to which she had said, “But, really. Yes please.”

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