Chapter 424: A bit of closure

Chapter 424: A bit of closure

Yanzhou’s freshman welcoming party was actually a very special event. Ever since Rebirth had popped up for the first time in the year 2003 with that ‘borrow this joint for a confession’ phrase and sung that modified version of <Fairy Tale>, it was already destined to be extraordinary.

As Rebirth had surged to crazy levels of popularity online twice and Apple had entered showbiz twice over the past two years, more and more story versions of and speculations regarding that performance and confession that had been the start of it all had been born.

Those who knew the truth were still limited to that original few. Still, more and more people had been moved by the tale.

It seemed people were always better disposed to remembering and giving their well wishes for tragic stories.

No deliberate interpretation was needed for ‘the beauty of tragedy’ to naturally be romanticised.

Therefore, confessing on such a stage...seemed to have attained much more significance in its extent of emotional depth.

The higher-ups of the university already had no way of stopping this and were pretty much just turning a blind eye now.

Xu Tingsheng had not attended the 2004 freshman welcoming party, but it was rumoured that there had been three confessions then. This time, the first confession took place close to the start of the programme. Xu Sheng was not all that popular a person in Yanzhou University. As the confession was from a fourth year to a second year student, it also seemed totally unrelated to the freshman welcoming party itself.

The audience was still filled with excitement, however.

For many of Yanzhou University’s freshmen, in watching these confessions at their freshman welcoming party, they would fantasise about how they would probably walk past their seniors from Rebirth on campus without realising it, how they might personally see them graduating in their fourth year and witness the end of that tale. This was actually something to look forward to in their university lives.

As they saw it, the girl who had been confessed to by a member of Rebirth should be studying in Yanzhou University too. Their seniors should be in their third year now, and it was probably the same for her too?

Their grand finale was fast approaching.

They had no way of knowing that this finale had actually already come to pass. The figure who had been roaming unceasingly in Apple’s <Long Time No See> music video had finally given up on wandering and searching for her, just because that person had said, “I’m doing very well. I’m very happy. Please don’t look for me anymore.”

Just how many devoted men in this world are blocked by words similar to these, able to do nothing besides bear the pain and feign their composure as time passes by excruciatingly.

Fu Cheng had not shown any sign of rejection towards helping Zhang Ninglang out in this performance. Rather than that, he had even told Xu Tingsheng this, “If the most appropriate, most common scenario in stories is that where it began is where it will end...since she chose Libei Senior High, I’ll choose Yanzhou University’s freshman welcoming party.”

After receiving a call from Ms Fang when Xu Tingsheng had been injured and listening to her talking about how she had been doing recently, it was true that Fu Cheng needed a farewell of sorts.

“You aren’t off crying somewhere, right?” Xu Tingsheng sent a text to Fu Cheng who was not sitting with him and the others.

“Nah. I’m not today’s main character. Everything is centred around Lil’ Bro today,” Fu Cheng sent a reply.

Just as he had said, it was not his tale that would be presented today. He simply needed a sense of closure for himself along the way.

Xu Sheng and his band had already finished singing the chorus once up on stage. It seemed best that he stop talking about Ms Fang now. Therefore, Xu Tingsheng changed the topic.

“How’s this band’s quality like? Feeling any pressure?” Xu Tingsheng asked via text.

Fu Cheng had devoted most of his time over the past two years to music, having become increasingly professional and proficient. As for Xu Tingsheng, he had not even touched his guitar in a very long time.

Whatever path one walks in life, however splendid and magnificent it may be, they will still lose some things at the end of the day.

“The music is good, the band is very professional and the equipment is very expensive and very professional too,” Fu Cheng praised.

Since it was him who was saying it, they should really be pretty good then.

Xu Tingsheng sent a reply, “So you must be feeling a bit of pressure then?”

Xu Tingsheng knew that Zhang Ninglang really wasn’t all that great at singing. It would probably be more dangerous if he were to ascend the stage to perform.

“Nope. Even if Lil’ Bro is unable to sing a single line when the time comes and we fall apart completely, we would still be able to totally crush them into smithereens,” Fu Cheng said.

“You have a trump card?”

“Yeah. The trump card really could not be any more terrifying too.”

After turning his attention back to the stage, Fu Cheng sent another text over, “A perfectly good tune, but the lyrics are just so disgusting. And why is the lead singer constantly jumping up and down? This is an emotional song!”

Up on stage, Xu Sheng was really carrying a guitar with one hand while holding the microphone stand with the other, not swaying, but jumping. From time to time, he would even ask, “Where is the excitement? Come on, everybody!”

This was a freaking emotional song!

Could a rock and roll band be so unreasonable?

“Why is he always jumping up and down?” Little Xiang Ning also asked Xu Tingsheng.

“Umm, maybe because he has a very lively and animated personality,” Xu Tingsheng told her.

The lively and animated Xu Sheng continued to jump up and down.

“Unless he’s really being paid well enough, Wang Yu will probably be angered to death,” Xu Tingsheng’s phone vibrated as he received another text from Fu Cheng.

“Who’s Wang Yu?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“The one who wrote the music for this song. The one at the back of the stage, playing the keyboard. With a hat blocking his face,” Fu Cheng sent a reply.

“You know him?”

“Yeah. He’s helped out at the bar before. I’ve seen him twice. He’s an eccentric but pretty talented guy.”

“Why is he together with Xu Sheng’s band then?”

“He isn’t from their band. Xu Sheng probably bought his song for him to be willing to help.”

“He sells songs?”

“Occasionally. Once in a while, he helps some bands out for a sum too. His nickname in the industry is ‘Hardcore moneylover’. Ha, no one really knows what else he does. That’s why he’s known as eccentric. I feel that he should actually leave Yanzhou and go to the capital. Even if he goes to some other tourist city that is a bit more on the artistic side, he would do very well there too. Yanzhou simply lacks such a conducive environment.”

“Why hasn’t he left then?”

“How would I know? Still, for a city to be able to keep someone for no apparent reason, it would surely be because of someone else.”

Xu Tingsheng was not so interested in artistic youths and their circles. He kept his phone after chatting for a bit more.

Coincidentally, Xu Sheng’s performance also ended at this time.

“Ning Xia, I like you,” Xu Sheng picked up a bouquet of roses from the stage and proclaimed grandly.

His friends began cheering madly from amongst the audience as many random people happily joined in as well. After all, in the eyes of most people, such fun commotions were the best. Also, the freshmen, especially, were not aware of the underlying story behind this.

“I like you, Ning Xia,” Xu Sheng picked up another bouquet of roses and held it in his arms.

The nine hundred and ninety-nine roses were divided into over a dozen bouquets. Each time after picking up one, Xu Sheng would repeat his confession. Finally, his arms full of flowers, he said emotionally, “Can you please give me a chance? I’m already in my fourth year now. I don’t want to, just can’t miss out on you.”

One had to admit that this fella was indeed very skilled in playing romantic and picking up girls. An expert, that he was.

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