Chapter 414: Let’s play something cultured

Chapter 414: Let’s play something cultured

Xu Tingsheng charged headlong into the fray.

The remaining four could only dump their school stuff by the roadside as well, charging in...

“For some reason, it seems to me like Bro Xu is a bit excited?” Old Wai asked as they ran.

“It does...seem that way,” Tan Yao admitted helplessly.

“What sickness is that? Violent mania?” Li Xingming added.

Xu Tingsheng was indeed feeling rather excited, in truth. Such too could be considered a part of reliving his university life! Entering a fight for a bro-even if he took a few hits, it would invigorate him with a youthful, hot-blooded romanticism whenever he thought back on it many years later.

What a total killjoy it would be, getting some random outsiders to suppress these prospective opponents.

Whenever he thought of how he had to be mature in the outside world and at home too...he would be graduating from university very soon, yet could not be granted even that final bit of immaturity...merely two years remained, and deducting the internship period and whatnot, he really did not have much time left. He wished to live in a rather more free, uninhibited manner.

The three lackeys menacingly stood in front of the frantic Ning Xia, blocking her view of Zhang Ninglang and preventing her from rushing in. Xu Sheng smiled sinisterly like some typical rich young master from television dramas, posing a little before he raised his hand and pointed at Zhang Ninglang again, “What an ignorant fool. If not for…”

He raised his other hand as if to hit Zhang Ninglang’s face.

“If not for what?”


Xu Tingsheng arrived as did his voice, making use of the momentum from his run-up as well as the swinging of his arm to land a solid punch on Xu Sheng’s cheek as the latter was knocked straight to the ground. The overall force of their collision terminated his forward momentum.

“The heck? Who’re you?”

Those remaining three foes immediately charged over.

Afraid that Xu Tingsheng would be ganged up on and left at a disadvantage, Zhang Ninglang flung out his arms and grabbed one about the waist.

Tan Yao made use of his forward momentum and tackled one down, sending them both into the shrubbery.

The short and stout Li Xingming raised his knee and slammed it towards the back of the final person.

Old Wai and Lu Xu shot towards their foe who was was currently flinging an elbow towards Zhang Ninglang who was hugging and locking him down from behind.

Six versus four, and it was a sneak attack too. Those of Room 602 grasped the initial upper hand. Still, the other side was clearly composed of experienced fighters. While Xu Sheng ate another blow of Xu Tingsheng’s immediately after getting up and was knocked down again, aside from the greatly experienced Tan Yao who got into a mounted position and cleanly suppressed his foe, the remaining two groups did not have it easy at all…

Li Xingming’s strike did not connect effectively as his opponent just stumbled a little before regaining his balance and punching him in retaliation. Luckily, the sturdy Li Xingming did not fall...his opponent capitalised on this and launched a kick at him…

Xu Tingsheng charged over and launched a kick of his own, intercepting and solidly contacting the guy’s leg that was kicking towards Li Xingming…

That person groaned painfully, forcibly toppled as he collapsed to the ground…

Li Xingming leapt right up and threw himself on him, pressing down on his back with a knee and hooking his neck with his sturdy elbow even as he raised his other hand and struck down with an unforgiving flurry of blows…

“Don’t hit the back of his head!” Xu Tingsheng reminded even as he turned and charged off towards the 3v1.

Logically speaking, three versus one should be a huge advantage. Still, this trio did not know how to fight. Their goal actually seemed to be...keeping him locked in a bear hug with all their might so as to render him immobile. In the end, trying their best to secure him in their clutches, they all ended up getting bashed by his elbows instead.

The person who was fighting one versus three realised that the other side was composed purely of rookies. Feeling rather excited after managing to break free, he was just about to put his true strength on display when...Xu Tingsheng rushed in, leapt and kneed him right in the abdomen.

Poor ‘Mr Expert’ clutched his stomach as he doubled over in agony…

Their spectators stayed a comfortable distance away, watching on in their individual groups.

“The heck...that’s crazy awesome! Who’s that?” Some guy asked his classmates beside him.

“You only have to look at the car to know. It’s that Xu Sheng’s lot!” A classmate pointed at the white BMW and replied.

“Well, it was long coming then. It’s just…” Someone else seemed about to say that Xu Sheng and his gang were not to be provoked easily, being relatively well-known even in those fights which would occur in university from time to time.

“No, who’s that other guy, I mean? He’s crazy awesome…” That first guy asked once more.

Before he could receive a reply, a female student a distance away was already crying out, “Xu Tingsheng, that’s Xu Tingsheng, right?”

“Wah, senior knows how to fight cool!” Another girl had an infatuated expression on her face as it seemed like him knowing how to fight had added yet more points to her impression of the legendary entrepreneur, Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng.

“Xu Tingsheng is fighting too? That’s not good, right? The principal’s even spoken of him as a role model…”

Those more rational girls were rather more politically correct in their areas of consideration.

The spirited voices of discussion grew increasingly louder along the road connecting the C district and the teaching buildings.

Standing together with a few of her roommates, Lu Zhixin’s heart twinged slightly. She could not help but smile wryly at this. Just which version of Xu Tingsheng was the real one, exactly? The many sides that he had already shown previously-were they not enough? How was it that that he was even involved in fights now…

“This is how you’re supposed to fight, get it?”

Xu Tingsheng was currently in high spirits as he gave the trio who were unschooled in the art of fighting some pointers. Immediately afterwards, he found himself locked in a bear grip from behind as even his arms were caught...crawling up for the second time, Xu Sheng had immediately gone for him from the back…

That person whom Xu Tingsheng had just mightily bashed with his knee followed up at once as he got up and punched Xu Tingsheng right in the face.

Blood leaked out from the corner of Xu Tingsheng’s mouth.

Startled cries could be heard from the crowd.

Some people winced in empathy.

Xu Tingsheng kicked that guy in front of him away before sucking in his stomach and wrenching his right hand back, trying to strike Xu Sheng behind him with his elbow. Still, clearly also being experienced in fights, his opponent wisely kept his head lowered below shoulder level, leaving him securely locked down and rendering that retaliation meaningless.

As his elbow skimmed over his opponent’s head and struck nothing but air, Xu Tingsheng’s heart tensed in apprehension.

Fortunately, the guy in front of him was suppressed by Zhang Ninglang’s trio once more.

“What! Damn!” Xu Sheng who had been concentrating solely on exerting strength with his arms suddenly yelled tragically.

Damn, really? Xu Tingsheng mightily stomped on the sandal-clad Xu Sheng behind him without so much as a backward glance...this was the footpower of the mainstay of Yanzhou University’s football team.

As Xu Sheng reeled in pain, Xu Tingsheng made use of the chance to break free of his clutches.

The two of them were left face to face once more. Xu Tingsheng prepared to charge in once again…

“Wait!” Xu Sheng raised his hands defensively before his face, saying, “Stop, timeout! ...You, you’re Xu Tingsheng?”

Having had his name called, with the other party ceasing his resistance, Xu Tingsheng could only grudgingly stop as well as he rubbed his face and nodded, replying, “Yes, I am. Still, this has nothing to do with anything, right?”

“No, how is this matter related to you? You just suddenly charged in and attacked,” Xu Sheng asked uncomprehendingly, feeling rather wronged.

“Zhang Ninglang is my roommate and bro. What you did before, and what you just did. Need I say more?” Xu Tingsheng pointed at Zhang Ninglang and said.

Only then did realisation dawn upon Xu Sheng as a chill overwhelmed him. If the other party had been anyone else of Room 602, he would probably not have overlooked it. Still, Zhang Ninglang was usually too low key and lacked a sense of presence such that no one on Xu Sheng’s side had even stopped to consider if he might have anyone standing behind him…

Xu Tingsheng was obviously not so easy to deal with…

Thoughts flashed through Xu Sheng’s mind before he composed himself and said, “I know how great you are. Still, I’m not afraid...if you really want to fight, we can. Still, I’m just chasing a girl here. Is chasing girls illegal?”

He worded this in an intelligent manner, wanting to preserve his image even as he expressed his desire to stop the fight so as to not look like a wuss.

Xu Tingsheng earnestly thought for a moment before replying, “I wouldn’t know if it’s illegal. It isn’t like I’m a policeman, anyway.”

Xu Sheng was rendered speechless by this. Still, being an intelligent person, he was adept at switching his strategy as he pondered for a moment before thinking up a way to get out of the fight.

Deftly avoiding the topic, he instead said, “Fine. Let’s neither of us let the school interfere over what’s happened today. Even if they investigate, I have my ways, and I believe that you’re surely more than capable of that too...I’ve long heard of Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng. Considering how it’s talent that you’re famous for, how about we play something more cultured?”

Xu Tingsheng was taken aback by his proposal, “From martial arts to the refined arts?”

“I started a band last year,” Xu Sheng said, sounding full of himself, “And my band can be considered rather famous in our university. So, anyway. I will be performing in the freshman welcoming party in a few days. I’ll be singing an original to confess to junior over there...that’s well within my rights, isn’t it? It’s not like you can charge up on stage to beat me up.”

Ever since Rebirth had appeared from Yanzhou University, bands and music had been really pretty popular within the school.

Xu Sheng was wealthy and loved the limelight. The band which he had formed was really relatively well-known, even though he and his guitar were a bit more like an adornment.

“Let’s compete in this then. With so many audience members there at the time, they’ll naturally know who’s best. Right, if you yourself can’t do it, it doesn’t matter even if you pay money and hire Rebirth,” Xu Sheng said as he looked at Xu Tingsheng.

As Xu Sheng saw it, however rich Xu Tingsheng might be, Rebirth was famous for not caring about money.

In spending most of his time gallivanting, Xu Sheng had truly overlooked quite a few things...Xu Tingsheng had previously admitted to some of his classmates and friends that he was acquainted with Rebirth. Still, Xu Sheng was clearly blissfully oblivious of this.

“Ah...whatever, fine,” Robbed of his fun, Xu Tingsheng rather reluctantly agreed.

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