Chapter 413: Typical fighting in school

Chapter 413: Typical fighting in school

Many roommates in university would have had innumerable meals together, having even been dead drunk in randomly walking the streets together before. They would even have collectively skipped classes in playing overnight at internet cafes, but very seldom indeed would they have breakfast together.

Some people basically never ate breakfast, some liked to sleep in and cared nothing about missing lessons while some would often stay outside for the night and not return to sleep.

This was an exceptionally difficult thing for those of Room 602. Not long after their first year of university had begun, Tan Yao had already started not returning at night while Xu Tingsheng had been busy and gotten ‘addicted’ to skipping lessons. After that, someone had gotten a girlfriend….and then another, and another…

On Monday, following Xu Tingsheng’s forceful planning, the six guys from Room 602 very spontaneously woke up and went for breakfast together before going off for lessons with required lesson materials in hand.

If they all entered the classroom together, what a grand and lofty occasion it would be.

Xu Tingsheng had not expected that the first to separate from the group would be Zhang Ninglang. The junior with the long plait needed only to glance over from the entrance of C district and start walking off with an indifferent look on her face for Lil’ Bro to just decisively forsake his bros and leave.

The rest of them followed from a distance away, watching and commenting: So out of all of us, Lil’ Bro is actually the one who prioritises girls over friends most! How did we not see it before?

Whatever they might outwardly say, however, they all envied those two people up ahead from the bottom of their hearts, giving this ‘model couple’ from university their sincerest well wishes.

This was not just because one of the two was their simple, kind-hearted little bro. It was also because they could see much happiness that should be looked forward to in life from him.

“What the heck, junior’s plait is almost reaching her butt,” Li Xingming now commented.

The others took turns to send a few pretend kicks his way, rebuking even as they laughed, “Who gave you permission to look at little sister-in-law’s butt?”

“It’s the plait I’m looking at!” Li Xingming evaded the incoming kicks while saying defensively, “We’re following after them, so how could I possibly look at their faces? It’s normal, alright?”


A white BMW glided past the five of them who were about twenty metres behind. Then, it slowly decelerated while nearing Zhang Ninglang and his junior. Finally, the car turned and intercepted the two in the area between the road and the shrubbery.

The car window was wound down as someone stuck his head out, waving at the girl.

The girl with the long plait ignored it, while Zhang Ninglang went and stood in front of his girlfriend.

A relatively short distance behind them, the five guys stopped. This was Xu Tingsheng’s first time seeing that rumoured BMW that would intercept Zhang Ninglang and his girlfriend by the roadside. The person in question seemed to be a senior too.

“If he’s in his fourth year, shouldn’t he be out on an internship, looking for a job? Xu Tingsheng wondered aloud.

“I asked around and learnt about it. This fella’s name is Xu Sheng. His family is pretty rich and he’s pretty uninhibited in playing around. He brings around his faction of people in gallivanting about and having fun all day in school. It doesn’t look like he has to worry about something of this kind,” Tan Yao replied, having previously done his research with dealing with him in mind.

“Well of course! Someone who can drive a BMW and randomly muck around in university-how would they even have to worry about this?!” Lu Xu exclaimed rather resentfully.

University students who owned cars were rare existences indeed in the year 2005. Besides that Mercedes-Benz G500 which would infrequently appear on Yanzhou University’s campus, this BMW could definitely already be considered high-end. Even Fang Yuqing had just driven a decrepit Volkswagen on campus previously.

“BMW? That still depends on who he’s competing with,” Looking at the arrogant Xu Sheng and that car in the distance, Li Xingming commented rather triumphantly, gloating at the impending misfortune that would soon befall him.

He knew that since Xu Tingsheng and Tan Yao were both here today, things were never going to end with just mere spectating.

“There’s no competition. I’m driving the Volkswagen,” Xu Tingsheng smiled, saying.

Ever since Fang Yuqing had graduated, his decrepit Volkswagen had been given to Xu Tingsheng. As for the G500, Huang Yaming had been using it ever since getting his license.

To be honest, this decrepit Volkswagen was actually pretty sturdy and dependable. The famed Santana was the greatest car brand in Xu Tingsheng’s memories of his youth. At one point in time, it had even been synonymous with cars themselves.

In truth, Xu Tingsheng seldom drove to school unless it was utterly necessary. He had even bought a secondhand bicycle for this very purpose.

Following his example, Lu Zhixin basically never drove to the university as well.

Therefore, this BMW seemed to be the most famous car on campus as most would choose to take a detour when seeing what was going on up ahead.

“There’re so many pretty girls in our school and he’s rich. He shouldn’t lack women, right? Why has he set his eyes on junior? Hey, it’s been more than half a year already, right? His patience-where is it coming from? Sincere love?” Old Wai asked uncomprehendingly.

“Sincere love my foot. Those who play around more in school basically all know what this is really about. The guy said it himself. He’s already gotten tired of playing with those easy-to-get women in his first three years of university. He is set on playing a pure one before graduating, and a purest one at that. That, and how that junior with the long plait is very well-known and attractive...he chose her as his target. The harder it is to get her, the more fired up he gets.”

Tan Yao had managed to learn quite a bit about this person’s motivations. Hearing his words, his roommates were all rather infuriated.

As they were talking, four people, Xu Sheng included, got off from the car up ahead. They did nothing physical, just hemming the two in. Zhang Ninglang grabbed his girlfriend’s hand, trying to lead her away, but they repeatedly moved to block his path.

“Junior, I heard that you’ll be performing in the upcoming freshman welcoming party?” Xu Sheng asked.

Ning Xia said nothing.

“Our band will also be perfoming. I’ll devote a song to you then...I only have one year remaining. I hope that us two will not let it go to waste,” Xu Sheng continued before turning towards Zhang Ninglang and pointing at him, “You should come along too. Take a good look at whether or not you are qualified or it’s all just wishful thinking on your part…ugly toad!”

Zhang Ninglang’s face visibly stiffened at the insult. Having a stronger temper than him, Ning Xia took the book in her hand and mightily swatted at Xu Sheng’s finger that was pointing at him.

“Woah...what’s she doing?”

“Wow, fiery…”

Xu Sheng himself said nothing, but his three lackeys were already clamouring behind them.

Zhang Ninglang got in front of Ning Xia, saying, “I’m used to living peacefully and don’t like causing a commotion. Still, if you guys continue to do this…”

He was interrupted mid-sentence as the person beside Xu Sheng shoved him, exclaiming arrogantly as he was sent stumbling backwards, “Woah, you threatening us? Haven’t you always been very useless?”

“If you’re useless, just admit it! Don’t try to do the impossible,” Another lackey chimed in.

The remaining one reached out and continued pushing Zhang Ninglang, advancing as he unceasingly asked, “So, we’re continuing. What’re you going to do now? What can you do? Well, come on…”

Not far away, Zhang Ninglang’s five roommates saw this.

“It’s showtime…” Xu Tingsheng exclaimed rather cheerfully.

“Aren’t we going to call anyone?” Tan Yao asked.

“Six versus four, we’ve enough!” Xu Tingsheng said.

“But you don’t have to do it personally, right? You don’t even have to get anyone else. You can just get Bro Yao to call a couple of security guards over from their bar, right?” Li Xingming said.

“You’re an esteemed person now…” Old Wai mused aloud.

“Want to ask my wife to join in?” Lu Xu pulled out his phone, asking.

This here was an aspiring dude indeed. Before getting into a fight, he actually even remembered to call his Chick Bao, a Taekwondo black belt, to come help him.

“Pffft! Aren’t schoolyard fights all like this? Let’s us bros all charge forward together, and think it over again afterwards only if we can’t beat them...onward!”

With that, Xu Tingsheng simply dumped his school stuff by the roadside and charged headlong into the fray ahead of the others...

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