Chapter 395: Plastic surgery knows no bounds

Chapter 395: Plastic surgery knows no bounds

19th August.

Possibly the two most outstanding and famous girls to have come out of Libei in recent years, the superstar Cen Xiyu and the top scorer Wu Yuewei travelled from Libei to Yanzhou together. Little Xiang Ning happily packed her red backpack as well.

Because the two were Xu Tingsheng’s friends and ex-classmates, also considering how Wu Yuewei was a top scholar who studied at Qingbei University, Mr and Mrs Xiang showed no intention of stopping her at all. It was as if simply by going to stay at the dorm of a Qingbei study queen for a few days, experiencing the library there, this little study flunkie would also be able to attend Qingbei in the future.

Xu Tingsheng finally confirmed that those two were serious.

After hesitating for a long time, he texted Apple. It wouldn’t be good to say this out explicitly, for surely it would sound awkward then. Thus, his message simply read: Apple…

While this consisted of just her name followed by ellipses, feelings were actually conveyed too, those of troubledness and awkwardness.

A reply soon came: Scared now?

Apple’s feelings were similarly evident as there was a crafty, triumphant vibe therein.

“I’d almost thought that you really weren’t going to say anything to me at all,” Apple added.

“Yanjing, it’s really better if she doesn’t go there…” Xu Tingsheng sidestepped her words.

“Let’s not disappoint Little Xiang Ning. We won’t hurt her, and you as well,” Apple replied.

“I know that, but I just can’t understand why.”

“Just don’t think about it then. It’s always been you overthinking things. This time, let us consider things properly for ourselves.”

Xu Tingsheng was still unable to understand what she meant by this.

“I won’t let her go,” He proclaimed.

“Oh, aren’t you afraid of us letting anything slip then?”


“Such as, how Little Xiang Ning actually watched my last performance before Tianle suppressed me and stopped me from performing, and met you there too. It was in Xihu City, remember? Do you think she knows who the Superman that I spoke of on stage that day is? Also, what did Xu Tingsheng do afterwards on that day…”

“Such as, how someone once forced Libei’s top scholar, his junior from Qingbei, into telling him some dirty stories. We were wondering if we should teach Little Xiang Ning a few, lest a certain beast wants to listen to some again.”


Xu Tingsheng replied with a string of ellipses. This threat really was very potent. Also, it seemed like even Wu Yuewei had been ‘corrupted’ by Apple.

“You can already drive, right?” Send us to the airport tomorrow morning,” Apple requested.

“Okay,” Xu Tingsheng answered.


Xu Tingsheng had never experienced anything quite as excruciating as this trip from Yanzhou to the airport at Xihu City before.

After finally making it to the airport in one piece, he was ordered around like a footman, carrying bags and buying drinks for the girls till he was exhausted and sweating profusely. Wu Yuewei wanted to help, but was stopped by Apple. Little Xiang Ning was feeling so excited that Xu Tingsheng simply wasn’t on her mind at all.

The three girls leisurely stood together and drank their drinks while chatting just like that.

They all wore white T-shirts and sunglasses, with the addition of a surgical mask for Apple.

Next were black, white and pink shorts and three pairs of long legs, coupled with little pink shoes, little white shoes and little red shoes as well as beautiful ankles.

They were also all sporting buns on the top of their heads, revealing bright, clear foreheads along with long, slender necks and pale, pink tenderness behind their ears…

This was a style which was designed by Apple and had been long in the works.

As the men in the airport saw this scene and Xu Tingsheng who was fortunate enough to be accompanying them, they all had envious looks on their faces, not knowing that Uncle had never ever felt so stifled in his life before as he was just completely at the mercy of others…

Finally bearing the torment till the trio were past the security checks, Xu Tingsheng gazed worriedly at Little Xiang Ning.

“I’ll text you when I’m there!” Little Xiang Ning waved the handphone she held, this being that very one which Mrs Xiang had returned to Xu Tingsheng back then as it contained their selfie even now.

As for Dongdong, it was already back with the Xiang family now.

Xu Tingsheng forced a smile, waving goodbye from the distance.


The very day after seeing Little Xiang Ning off, Xu Tingsheng flew off to America.

He was going for plastic surgery.

That huge scar on his back was really pretty frightening, and there were also many other scars and blemishes besides those.

Xu Tingsheng was not really that concerned about them. Intuitively speaking, there was nothing wrong with men having a few scars here and there.

Still, they troubled Little Xiang Ning. Every time she saw these scars of Uncle’s, tears would well up in her eyes as she felt incomparably guilty. Xu Tingsheng thought that it definitely couldn’t go on like this. When the time finally came for their happy first night together and...the clothes went off, and the young girl burst out crying all of a could he ever allow that to happen?

Therefore, the only option was plastic surgery, or the restoration of existing scars to be precise.

The private plastic surgery hospital that Xu Tingsheng was heading to was said to be very high-end. The Black Horse Club had made use of many contacts in order to get in touch with them. Almost half of the members of the Black Horse Club had been abroad for a period of time before.

Most of them had been abroad in America.

A few of these fellas who were accompanying Xu Tingsheng for treatment in name dumped him at the hospital and individually went off to find their old flames after arriving.

After three uncomfortable days at the hospital, Xu Tingsheng began to sincerely admire women. Stuff like carving their bodies, adding and subtracting things from them...while it was said that men had to be a bit crueler to themselves, women were actually the cruelest if they willingly desired to undergo this.

When the nurse told Xu Tingsheng to come again in another two months, at which point in time his scars would be able to disappear completely, Xu Tingsheng shook his head incomparably firmly. This right now was already sufficient. He was never going to suffer this torture again, ever.

The chubby nurse who had auburn-coloured hair was pretty talkative now that she was better acquainted with Xu Tingsheng as she spoke unreservedly and informally with him.

“You’re scared of the pain, right? That’s so not manly at all,” She said with a disdainful look on her face.

“It’s not just about the pain. It’s mainly how just the mere thought of it sends shudders down my spine...thankfully, that scapel didn’t make it anywhere near my face,” Xu Tingsheng said, feeling very relieved indeed.

“So men aren’t as brave as women in the East,” The chubby nurse observed dryly.

“...What do you mean by that?”

“Alright, I’ll tell you a secret, but you mustn’t tell anyone. You know how our hospital is obligated to protect the privacy of our clients,” The chubby nurse said secretively in a hushed tone.

“Well, no need to say it then,” Xu Tingsheng said, not being a gossipy kind of guy.

Yet when someone is in a gossipy mood, there is actually no stopping them whatever one says.

“It’s fine, actually. I don’t know anything specific about her, anyway,” The chubby nurse glanced at the doorway before saying, “Our most important client here is a woman. She comes from the same country as you.”

The nurse’s eyes were virtually shining as she spoke in a mysterious manner. Xu Tingsheng did not feel strongly about this at all, though. Merely an Oriental woman who loved plastic surgery-it was much too common. In a few years’ time, newsworthiness would instead come from how an outlier female celebrity from his country had actually never ever gone for plastic surgery before.

“And?” Xu Tingsheng gave a perfunctory reply.

The chubby nurse gesticulated enthusiastically, “Ten years, it has already been ten years since she’s come here annually for plastic surgery. She’s never once stopped. She’s even sponsored Professor Wayne’s research in plastic surgery for this purpose, you know? The amount that she invests each year surpasses 1 million USD.”

Xu Tingsheng finally showed some interest as he nodded, exclaiming from the very bottom of his heart, “What a rich lady this is.”

“Shh, this isn’t the main point,” The chubby nurse declared with an exaggerated expression, “What’s most shocking is that I feel she isn’t doing this to make herself more beautiful, you know? It feels like she wants to turn herself completely into someone else, you get my drift? Every single area, from head to toe and even some more private portions, a totally different

person is produced.”

“Anyway, the way I see it, she was much better the way she was before. Still, she’s extremely adamant about this, not caring about money, pain, or damage to her body. There’s virtually nothing else she cares about at all...because of this, even Professor Wayne is hesitant in voicing too much of his unwanted opinions.”

The chubby nurse looked too triumphant and excited as she gossiped on. In order to prevent this from going on and on and on, Xu Tingsheng said nothing in reply to this topic. Considering this, he thought that perhaps this was because beauty was subjective, like how the West valued the shape of Chinese people’s eyes the most, whereas the Chinese themselves did not feel that much about this.

Because of that, her judgment that the woman had become uglier after her plastic surgery might merely be because of her subjectivity. A few years later, when many female celebrities had gone through plastic surgery, there would also be a whole lot of people thinking they looked better the way they had been before.

“It’s a pity that you’re leaving. Otherwise, you might have a chance of seeing her in a couple of days,” The chubby nurse sighed regretfully to herself, as though feeling sorry for Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng thought ‘no thank you very much!’. Whole-body plastic surgery addicts were just never-ending phenomenons. It was not like he had never read about them before. There were even those who had suffered hundreds of cuts just to make themselves look like ‘Barbie dolls’.

If one was really to be a perfectionist about this, the realm of plastic surgery knew no bounds.

In his previous life, Xu Tingsheng had even heard about some British singer who would have plastic surgery recurrently to modify the size of her breasts, coordinating with the style of her latest album.

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