Chapter 369: The release of shares

Chapter 369: The release of shares

Little Xiang Ning sent that text over.

Xu Tingsheng had basically entered a frenzied state as he was excited and nervous as if he was to make an appearance at the Oscars.

He who usually didn’t pay much attention to his outer appearance was trying on article after article of clothing like a woman who was going to attend a dinner party, though he did not actually have all that much clothing in total.

His custom-made suit was definitely out of the question, for one. Firstly, it was too formal and would easily scare people off. Secondly, it was the middle of summer right now. He would easily be stifled to death by the atmospheric heat.

Also, the role that he would be playing at the Xiang family was very important. He was not going over to propose or meet with his prospective in-laws this time. He would be appearing in the capacity of a teacher. This was not that major a role.

However, he still had the underlying goal of preparing for that significant occasion for when it did finally arrive one day.

Therefore, it was very difficult.

It was a long, long time before Xu Tingsheng finally decided on what he would be wearing on that day.

Up top, he would wear the half-sleeved collared shirt which Little Xiang Ning had given him back then. It was more on the formal side and better corresponded with the image of a 'teacher’, anyway. Also, this article of clothing could also assist him in secretly winning Little Xiang Ning’s affections by expressing how he had not forgotten her present.

Down below, he would be wearing dark-coloured jeans and white shoes. Even as he would be looking more 'teacher-ish’ up top, this would enable him to appear more sprightly and youthful, proving that Uncle actually wasn't old. And that was the truth, in fact. At twenty-one, Uncle really wasn't old.

After meticulously folding up the articles of clothing he had chosen, placing them neatly in a standalone pile and brushing his shoes clean, Xu Tingsheng changed into a set of clothing that he had already been wearing for a few days and rushed out to buy presents before all the shops had closed for the night.

Buying a book for Xiang Ning would be very much like a teacher, and Mr and Mrs Xiang would definitely be able to accept it. Still, Little Xiang Ning would probably be dissatisfied.

If he were to purchase some expensive item such as wine, tonics or whatnot, that would totally be the poise of a future son-in-law coming to visit. Mr and Mrs Xiang would probably throw him out as soon as opportunity allowed for it.

Xu Tingsheng hesitated for a long time before finally buying a book and a bear. The bear was what Little Xiang Ning had requested that day. The book was <<Full marks compositions for University Entrance Examinations>>.

In terms of how deeply and thoroughly he had analysed this matter, Xu Tingsheng’s efforts this time surpassed even that from when he had decided to create Weibo previously.

The preparations finally seemed complete after much fuss and hassle.

Xu Tingsheng clutched his phone in his hand, rehearsing the possible conversations that he could think of and preparing everything that he would be saying. Yet, he still felt uneasy.

He was still in such a state even during Hucheng’s important meeting the next day.

Fortunately, the meeting itself was basically handled by Lu Zhixin. Xu Tingsheng’s presence was not much different from the portrait of the president hanging from the wall of the meeting room as he was more like a figurehead.

Hucheng was the organisation with the greatest scale amongst Xu Tingsheng’s current businesses. Still, it was also the one with the most unorthodox internal system in reality. Knowing nothing about it at all in the first place, Xu Tingsheng had basically been going haphazardly about this all along.

The current Hucheng was already at the point where it required a long-term scheme to motivate and encourage its employees as well as refine its organisational structure further.

After seeking the opinions of some specialists and analysts, Lu Zhixin and the others decided to use what was also the most common method.

“To adapt to the company’s developmental schemes, with building and consolidating our core team as the starting point, to allow Hucheng’s creators and core team to enjoy the fruits of our labour together, to boost the tolerance of the company’s shares structure, better motivating our core team to work for the enterprise while also making for greater cohesion and efficiency…”

Lu Zhixin went on and on before finally announcing the decision that the company had actually already been discussing internally and enthusiastically looking forward to for a long time.

“Hucheng’s share-motivated scheme has officially commenced.”

There was applause, whistling, cheers, pounding on the table, howling towards the skies...all decorum was lost at this moment as the entire meeting room erupted completely in madness.

This entailed that Hucheng was beginning its preparations for becoming a listed company.

This entailed that apart from the original shareholders, there were to be another forty of Hucheng’s higher and middle echelon employees as well as those ordinary employees who possessed more outstanding contributions who would be obtaining the initial shares, becoming the company’s new shareholders.

When the company had developed smoothly to the point of getting listed, these people were likely to become millionaires with the initial shares that they possessed. Also, their futures and fates would officially become tied tightly together with Hucheng’s.

Also, this was a long-term motivational scheme. It also entailed that more people would have a chance of obtaining the company’s initial shares in the future, becoming Hucheng’s shareholders as battle buddies of the same trench.

This would be an immense motivational force for Hucheng’s unity and development as well as a greater draw for talents from outside.

Of course, this also entailed that the shares possessed by the original shareholders would be reduced.

Xu Tingsheng was naturally standing at the forefront here, bearing the brunt of the impact.

Following the whimsical distribution, gifting and sale of shares in the initial stages, the exchange of shares with Tianyi afterwards after a certain level of development as well as this time with the necessity of their motivational scheme, Xu Tingsheng currently already possessed less than 35 percent of Hucheng’s shares.

From a numerical standpoint alone, if someone managed to acquire all the shares that were not his or a greater percentage of shares than him, Hucheng might no longer belong to him then.

This sort of possibility indeed existed. Still, Xu Tingsheng was not so concerned about this.

Firstly, this was virtually a necessary thing for modern enterprises. For the bigwigs and leading figures of those internet companies, their shares percentages were merely in the single digits. On the contrary, Hucheng had never executed any such schemes before. This was why Xu Tingsheng still could possess so many shares even today.

This share percentage was actually already very shocking for a single individual.

Secondly. Xu Tingsheng did not believe that this possibility did exist. He did not believe that anyone might be able to acquire sufficient shares from the others to be able to surpass him.

Acquiring shares from Hucheng’s employees would already not be easy. After all, everyone could basically see Hucheng’s speed of development and bright prospects. Whether it was out of economic considerations or because of their loyalty towards the company, an acquisition like this would be very difficult to actualise.

Moreover, even if this problem really occurred, Xu Tingsheng still possessed the firmest allies in Old Wai and Li Linlin, Fang Yuqing and Fang Chen as well as Lu Zhixin. If these people truly all sold him out one day, perhaps what remained for him from Hucheng would truly only be money and memories.

Another consideration was that Xu Tingsheng himself knew that the baskets in which he put his eggs were increasing. Hucheng had gradually already become less of a priority for him. The effort he spent on it would definitely be decreasing alongside his ‘perks of foreknowledge’.

Hucheng would be relying more on its own development from now on.

Under such circumstances, allowing those who could actually contribute to obtain more benefits was not only reasonable but also necessary. Otherwise, the company would just become a pool of stagnant water.

Considering Old Wai and Li Linlin who were participating less in the company, the Fang brother and sister who basically did not participate in it at all and Tianyi, if even Xu Tingsheng were to devote less and less time to Hucheng would the others be motivated to work hard?

Therefore, the shares motivational scheme was already absolutely necessary. When Lu Zhixin and the others had proposed it, Xu Tingsheng as well as Fang Yuqing, Old Wai and the others had not objected to this in the least.

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