Chapter 365: Student-teacher relationship your sister

Chapter 365: Student-teacher relationship your sister

Mr and Mrs Xiang were confirming the winning lucky draw ticket with Zhicheng’s employees and the officiators.

Hiding at the back, Little Xiang Ning secretly sent Xu Tingsheng a text, “It’s all your fault that the bear’s gone. You owe me a bear now.”

“What bear?”

“The first-tier prize is a bear.”

Understanding what she meant, Xu Tingsheng smiled wryly before sending a reply, “Alright, but that’s got to wait for next time, when it’s convenient. If you also go back with the bear now, your Mum and Dad will suspect something.”

Some time passed before Xiang Ning sighed, replying, “Sigh, student-teacher relationships really are pitiful.”

This was already the second time that Little Xiang Ning had mentioned student-teacher relationships. Just how did she define those? Xu Tingsheng was already bearing the disreputable name of a beast who picked up young lolis. Was ‘student-teacher relationship’ going to be added to the list too?

“Ours shouldn’t be considered a student-teacher relationship, right?” He refuted rather weakly.

Then, Little Xiang Ning sent back a reply, “Forget it, Sir, Mr Xu.”

Xu Tingsheng was tearing out his hair in the office. Student-teacher relationship your sister?!


The personnel and officiators verified the lucky draw ticket as well as the inclination survey.

Mr and Mrs Xiang’s tense nerves had relaxed completely by now, to be replaced completely by overwhelming joy. It was still better for Mr Xiang. After all, he was a guy. Mrs Xiang’s eyes were already rather moist by now.

Their hardship, stifledness and yearning over this period of time had ultimately concluded with a happy ending. Also, things were even better than what they had hoped for.

Lin Yixian immediately went over, smiling, “Mr Xiang, Mrs Xiang, congratulations! Look, just how coincidental it really was! I’m really happy for you two.”

Mr and Mrs Xiang treated Lin Yixian extremely warmly as they felt deeply grateful to her.

Lin Yixian had never once looked down on them that day as she had been enthusiastic and attentive. Also, it was precisely because of her advice that Mr Xiang had changed 120 square metres to 180 square metres on the inclination survey, one on the top storey that had a loft too.

The special-grade prize was such that the winner could buy the flat that they had filled up in the inclination survey earlier at half the original price.

This was equivalent to saying that Lin Yixian’s earlier advice had caused this prize of the Xiang family’s to rise several hundred thousand yuan in terms of value.

“Well, how about we go together to handle the procedures now?” Lin Yixian asked.

“Okay,” Mrs Xiang naturally agreed to this.

As they walked, Mr and Mrs Xiang thanked Lin Yixian repeatedly. The two discussed secretly and decided that when they came to sign the official purchase contract next time, they should give Lin Yixian a red packet as thanks.

“Right, have you brought your identity cards with you?” Lin Yixian asked, not having to wonder conflictedly about whether or not she should take the red packet for now.

“Yeah, we have,” Mr and Mrs Xiang replied.

“Whose information will be recorded on the form?” Lin Yixian asked before she explained, “This actually isn’t anything much. It’s just a simple document and will not affect the actual sale of the flat later on where all the documents will be filled in and both your names will be on the housing deed.”

Mr and Mrs Xiang exchanged looks.

“Well, how about we fill in Mrs Xiang’s information? I think Mrs Xiang was the one who drew the prize…” Lin Yixian smiled.

“Right, we’ll fill in her information then,” Mr Xiang said.

Unlike some future couples who would machinate madly over flats, Mr and Mrs Xiang naturally did not possess such reservations, even though in truth, if Mrs Xiang were to dump Mr Xiang after the document had gone into the records, that half price perk would belong only to her.

“When you decide to kick me away and live in a big house next time, remember to bring Little Ning along…” Mr Xiang joked and was met by a fake slap by Mrs Xiang, laughter thus arising.

The form in question was, to be precise, more like a ‘power of attorney’.

It specified that Mrs Xiang, Shi Youmei, had the right to buy a 180 square metres penthouse flat of Ning Garden’s at half price. The Xiang family could choose to give up on it, while Zhicheng could not make any excuse to refuse them this privilege. No extra conditions were attached.

The procedures were handled very quickly and smoothly. After the signing and stamping had all been done, Mrs Xiang put the power of attorney carefully in her bag. Next, she adjusted her bag such that instead of hanging from one shoulder, it was slung sideways with her gripping the top with one hand. At a time like this, she could not be much concerned about how she might look.

Lin Yixian escorted them out of the room.

“Hey, Miss Lin, I would like to ask. When the time comes, which penthouse flat of which building will be available for us? Will we be able to pick? Or will you choose and specify one for us?” Mrs Xiang lowered her voice and asked.

This was actually a very important question. Even if both flats were of the same size and on the same floor, being in different buildings, how comfortable and valuable they were could actually be very much different indeed.

Lin Yixian was still unclear on this as she told Mrs Xiang to wait a moment before walking a distance away and giving Xu Tingsheng a call.

After having received confirmation, Lin Yixian returned to the Xiang family of three, smiling, “I’ve asked, Mrs Xiang. You will be able to pick whichever one you want. Still, I personally advise you to come and pick as soon as the sales of the flats officially begins. Otherwise, it would be a real pity if others had already picked the best flats. Even we wouldn’t be able to do anything then…”

Mr and Mrs Xiang both agreed very much with what Lin Yixian had just said.

“Right, I forgot to mention this earlier. We will also be gifting you a free garage. This is for free, not at half price,” Lin Yixian said.

“There’s a free garage too?...”

Even Mr and Mrs Xiang themselves had not considered this, never even having enquired about it earlier. Instead, it was actually the black-hearted corporation that was bringing it up themselves...with that, the total expense would really amount to quite a bit.

It looked like this Zhicheng was not that black-hearted after all…

“Yes, our Boss himself expressly said it on the phone earlier. He said that this flat comes with a garage,” Lin Yixian said.

Mr and Mrs Xiang’s impression of this boss rose again by quite a bit.

Actually, Xu Tingsheng had only just thought of the matter of the garage. Since he had thought of it, he would definitely be giving them one.

Lin Yixian gave Mr and Mrs Xiang her handphone number and saved theirs before saying, “Relax, I’ll make sure to notify you one or two days in advance when the time comes.”

Mr and Mrs Xiang’s impression of Lin Yixian really could not be any better at this point.

“I would also like to request something of Mr and Mrs Xiang,” Lin Yixian said, “See, when you come to make the payment and sign the contract, can you just look for me and not any other sales employees? It’s like this. While this flat is discounted, I just asked my manager and he said that if I manage to sell it, it will still be counted towards my sales.”

Actually, she was just abiding by Xu Tingsheng’s arrangements and preventing others from interfering in the relevant procedures as much as possible.

Such a tiny request was, of course, no problem at all for Mr and Mrs Xiang who were currently filled with gratitude towards her. They repeatedly promised that they would do so without any hesitation whatsoever. Next, they thanked her one final time before finally taking their leave.

Lin Yixian stood in the great hall just like that, gazing at the departing figures of the trio. She frowned as she thought and thought, yet was just totally unable to get her head around it all...

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