Chapter 358: Ordinary employee Lin Yixian

Chapter 358: Ordinary employee Lin Yixian

Lin Yixian was twenty-five this year. She had majored in sales in university and worked at several jobs in Yanjing over the course of half a year following her graduation.

One night, returning home all fatigued, she had suddenly asked herself, “Why must I be here, packed like sardines in the trains, staying like moles in underground chambers?”

It just so happened that Zhicheng Real Estate had been recruiting workers on Hucheng Tongcheng on a large scale back then. Lin Yixian who hailed from a county under Yanzhou had thus returned to her hometown, joining Zhicheng Real Estate and becoming a member of their sales personnel.

A little over two months later, Li Yixian felt very fortunate at having made this decision.

She was very satisfied with the way things were now. In terms of treatment, Zhicheng was treating her quite well by Yanzhou's standards, enough for her to live a life where she could 'treat herself a bit better’ as a woman.

More crucially, the job itself was not physically or mentally exhausting, with the company thriving as they seemed to have a bright future ahead of them.

Speaking of selling flats, Lin Yixian had heard many things about the lengths that agents had to go to in order to successfully do so before. It was not that she had never worried about it. Yet, for Zhicheng, with their sales still yet to commence, there were already people enthusiastically looking for her regarding this.

“At Zhicheng, even selling flats sells us a sense of superiority,” This was what her colleagues had jokingly said.

That being so, in Zhicheng, most employees were happy to tie their career plans and future together with the company.

Also, being a new real estate corporation, Zhicheng’s internal structure was still yet to be fixed. This entailed that there was plenty of room to rise higher...everyone gave it their all, preparing to make use of this chance and do it good.

The problem was that Lin Yixian felt herself to be much too ordinary. She was not especially pretty or exceptionally capable. She did not even say much usually. To sum it up, there was nothing special about her. This was what she was feeling the most despondent and uneasy about as she did not see where her chance might lie.

“Are big breasts considered a special characteristic?” Lin Yixin could only smile wryly while analysing herself when bored.

After some time in Zhicheng, as Lin Yixian came to understand more about it, she felt that this company was really very special. Firstly, their boss, Fang Yuqing, was very young, being only 23 years old as he was still yet to graduate from university. She had also heard that he was an ‘official second gen’ with a prominent background. Because of that, whatever government documents or policies that had to be approved had never been obstructed and impeded before.

As for Ye Qing who spoke the most in meetings for their actual delegation of tasks, one need only ask to find out about her. In this city of Yanzhou, who would not know who she was?

The more ‘foxy’ ones in the company joked around in private, quite a few of them having their eye on their boss, Fang Yuqing. Yet, there was no one who really dared to try that, let alone Lin Yixian who did not believe herself to be very outstanding at all.

Also, Boss Fang had brought his girlfriend over to their company a couple of days ago. Seeing that he already had such a pretty girl with him, quite a few women gave up at once on cozying up with the very qualified Boss Fang.

As for Ye Qing, though they all knew her to be unwed, Zhicheng’s male employees had never even dared to entertain the thought before as even raising their heads and speaking in front of her was quite a scary experience for them. Who could have thought that a domineering woman like this had recently been bullied like crazy by some young dude, though she was crazy blissful too.

There were actually many rumours floating around within Zhicheng too.

For example, the fatty local magnate Hu Shengming who was very popular on Weibo was also one of the company’s shareholders.

For example, the company’s biggest shareholder actually wasn’t Boss Fang, nor was it Ye Qing and definitely not Hu Shengming too. Instead, it was that very famous Xu Tingsheng. Lin Yixian had a Weibo account and had also located this job via Hucheng Tongcheng. How could she possibly not know who Xu Tingsheng was?

The problem was that Xu Tingsheng had never once made an appearance in the company’s meetings or whatnot ever before. As compared to Hu Shengming who had leisurely visited a few times before, this rumour was clearly not very credible.

When the manager came over and found Lin Yixian, telling her that the company’s boss was looking for her, amidst her surprise and puzzlement, Lin Yixian unconsciously started walking towards Fang Yuqing’s office.

In the end, the manager pointed her towards another office on the second storey of their sales building which belonged to neither Fang Yuqing nor Ye Qing.

When Lin Yuxian secretly asked about who this boss who was suddenly looking for her was, the manager answered that she too did not know.

Lin Yixian knocked on the door.

The person who opened the door went straight to introducing himself, “Hi, you must be Lin Yixian, right? I am Xu Tingsheng. I’ve been watching you on the surveillance feed for a few days. I have checked your information too. I’m only impudently looking for you with that.”

“It really is Xu Tingsheng? He’s so young, and much better-looking than in the photos on the web. Right, he said that...he’s been watching me, and checked my information too. What does he mean by that?...”

Lin Yixian grew nervous all at once as she forget even her basic manners, not even greeting him back.

Xu Tingsheng closed and latched the door before turning back and sitting down behind the office table, now saying, “I’ll get straight to the point. I hope that I looking for you can stay a secret. Also, I hope that what I hope that you’ll do, whether you’re willing to do it or not, can remain a secret too. That’s okay, right? I’ve found that you don’t usually speak much. When those colleagues of yours are messing around, you are used to standing by the side, simply watching and listening. You’re more on the quiet side.”

“I...yeah,” Lin Yixian’s throat was rather dry. She had actually always thought this to be a fault of hers. Someone had said that it would not be easy for her to fit in like this.

“Relax, this matter will be in no way detrimental to you. It doesn’t break any rules and isn’t hard too. I only request that this stays a secret between the two of us. Even the other shareholders and bosses of the company don’t know of the specifics. All they know is that I want to handle something, and they’re fine with that.”

At this point, Lin Yixian was actually very panicked as guesses arose in her mind one after another, “ wouldn’t be a hint in that direction, right? But it does really sound like it…”

Lin Yixian’s hands gripped the skirt of her uniform as she felt very nervous indeed. Still, raising her head to look at Xu Tingsheng who was seated before her, she decided to continue listening to what he had to say.

“I, I will keep it a secret,” Lin Yixian said as she looked at Xu Tingsheng.

“That’s good then,” Xu Tingsheng continued from behind the office table, “Well, if you are willing, I will naturally do all I can to help you out in the future as is within my abilities, be it in terms of treatment or chances for promotions. After all, it’ll be a secret between us, right? I won’t treat you badly.”

These words were spoken rather ambiguously.

Still, Lin Yixian thought that they were meant to be ambiguous in the first place. ‘I won’t treat you badly’... As soon as these words were said, Lin Yixian became convinced of her earlier guess, having once heard these same words from her superior when working in Yanjing in the past.

Back then, Lin Yixian had not given in. She had splashed water right on the face of that superior before resigning and leaving. In Lin Yixian’s self-perception, she was still not that kind of person who would sell herself in exchange for such benefits.

Yet, this person in front of her right now was Xu Tingsheng! A legend, young, and good-looking too...however she looked at it, wasn’t she the one getting the better end of the deal? Moreover, there were those benefits he had spoken of too…

“Why is this happening? It doesn’t make sense! There are many more women in the company who are prettier than me! Could it be like he says, that he’s seen that I am rather more quiet and believes that I can keep this a secret? So it’s safe and not troublesome? ...Or could it be that he prefers big-breasted women? ...That should be it. Otherwise, it makes no sense that it’s me.”

Lin Yixian lowered her head and looked down at her chest, not daring to look at Xu Tingsheng any further.

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