Chapter 333: Godly Swindler Xu

Chapter 333: Godly Swindler Xu

“I knew that you guys would peek,” Chu Lianyi read out the first sentence.

A stunned silence ensued.

“...Was he always this inhuman?” Someone asked Huang Yaming.

Huang Yaming forced a smile, replying, “It seemed like he was still human for a period of time.”

Chu Lianyi read out the second line, “Finally, I just want to remind you brothers and sisters not to eternally lose your initiative just for the sake of a moment’s ingratiation, those smiling faces.”

“That’s all,” She said.

“What...what does that mean?” Hu Shengming asked.

Gao Yupo considered this for a while before he said, “Fatty, if your Dad suddenly begins treating you especially well, giving you many benefits and promises, with your other family members, those two older brothers included, also beginning to get close to you, lifting you up on a pedestal, would you or would you not be happy then?”

“Well, I would surely be happy then, I guess?” Hu Shengming trailed off uneasily.

“Then, if they treat you so well, next asking you to transfer your shares in Zhicheng over to the family, you wouldn’t be able to easily reject them, right? If you did so, what if your father raged like there was no tomorrow?...”

With Gao Yupo’s explanation, everyone understood the meaning of Xu Tingsheng’s words. Those who were used to not being treated well were often more easily bewitched by concern and promises, even if it was only just a tiny bit of it.

Therefore, Xu Tingsheng had said, “Don’t eternally lose your initiative just for the sake of a moment’s ingratiation, those smiling faces.”

“If one of us hands it over to our family, and then a second, and a third...ten of them, and Zhicheng would be done for,” Gao Yupo said.

“Also, we would all end up becoming trash again. While resisting external pressure is very difficult, it isn’t unusual. Resisting pressure and emotional schemes in our families is what’s really difficult.”

“If we really want to stand up, continue standing and seize the initiative...we need to have these things solidly in our grasp. It’s a plot of land now, and it will be much more in the future. When the day comes when what we possess is truly sufficient, we won’t need the charity of those smiling faces and benefits to acquire what we want.”

Jiang Jin curled his lips after saying so, smiling disdainfully. He had actually had a similar experience before. He had developed a company, only for it to have been given to his elder brother for no good reason at all.

His thoughts from having learnt this painful lesson were acknowledged by everyone. They were all not fools, being well aware of the fact that what he and Xu Tingsheng said was right indeed.

Thus did the ‘bedazzling’ performance of ‘Godly Swindler Xu’ finally end for the time being.

“Should we go back home to catch up on sleep or should we first celebrate for a while?”

“Celebrating for a while is also’s rare that we’re all in such great spirits.”

“With Godly Swindler Xu standing behind us, the future feels bright.”

“This name is good.”


In the end, the lot of them truly celebrated for a good few hours till they were finally unable to stay awake for much longer. Just as they reached home and were about to catch up on sleep, Godly Swindler Xu’s text arrived: Starry Splendour, we should meet up. Such a big matter, we really should discuss it for a bit.

So exhausted it felt strenuous even to keep their eyes open, the lot of them felt like they could even kill Xu Tingsheng.

“This old man’s gonna kill you dead…”

“Where were you earlier?”

“Weren’t we looking for you to discuss things all this time? But your phone was turned off, turned off…”

“You just wait. This dame’s gonna bed you.”


The texts came in one by one. Xu Tingsheng just looked at them, not replying to them as he instead smilingly chatted with Tongtong, asking her about how she had been doing recently. Tongtong looked very happy as she had become more positive and cheerful in her daily life.

Just like Wu Kun had said, while her brother had been forced into cold turkey, that might not actually be a bad thing.

The two chatted for a while. Finally, one by one, those of the Black Horse Club staggered into the room like zombies, dragging their feet with pronounced difficulty as they slowly trickled in.

Still, some of these ten plus people lived close by, while others lived far away. There were also differences in how long it took for them to muster, especially for those women who had just removed their makeup and could they leave the house without putting on makeup? How could they leave the house without dressing up decently? Especially with their current fatigue which showed very visibly on their faces.

Therefore, over an hour had passed when everyone finally congregated at Starry Splendour.

“So? Applause, cheers anyone? Or are you guys about to prostrate yourselves before me?” Xu Tingsheng smiled triumphantly.

Perhaps there might really have been some of this originally.

Still, what remained now...was only ‘hatred’.

“Get lost! If you have something to say, say it. I haven’t slept in two days. I could even fall asleep on my feet now,” Exclaimed Gao Yupo who seldom made a fuss as he leapt about, looking really like he might fall asleep at any time as he could only exercise non-stop now.

“Agreed. Hurry it up!”

Drinking some of the strongest green tea or coffee or sports drinks to raise their conditions, everyone else was similarly rushing him.

“Really...I’ve led you guys for nothing,” Xu Tingsheng said, “Alright, actually, there isn’t much that I have to say. You’re all very clear on the general situation. You’ve read the notes, right?”

“Right. The problem is what we should do next. Do we let that plot of land rest for a while or do we start construction as soon as we can? You’ve got to plan and arrange for all these specifics,” Chu Lianyi said.

“Hey, you people aren’t serious, right? Can’t you think on your own at all?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Scram! Can you stop messing around?” Ye Qing had an elbow rested against the armrest of the sofa with her hand propping up her chin as she yawned incessantly.

“Alright, fine. I’ll make it quick,” Xu Tingsheng said, “We’ll get to work as soon as possible. Get all the relevant procedures settled, and take care of what we have to take care of. Then, we’ve got to try for establishing the foundation and setting up a showroom as soon as possible as the first to start selling.”

“Why the rush? What many developers do now is leave the land lying there for a few years, which ultimately nets them more money. We aren’t lacking in liquid assets, and we could even mortgage the land to the bank. We aren’t in a rush to get our funds back! This also wouldn’t stop us from acquiring other plots of land and making even more preparations in the meantime.”

Xu Tingsheng sorted out his thoughts, or more like readied his excuses, and gave his reply.

“Firstly, while we’re currently one of a kind by the eastern riverbank, there is actually quite a lot of land around there. So, we’ve first got to make use of our advantage of virtually not having any competition at all in the short term. We’ve got to hurry.”

“Secondly, this is the first set of buildings to be built by our Zhicheng. I am very confident that the earlier it is revealed, the greater our reputation will be. At the same time, we can also make use of this chance to accrue more experience and qualifications. This will be beneficial for us as we compete to acquire and develop more land in the future. As such, we’ve got to make it fast.”

“Thirdly, isn’t it also sell first and build later anyway? In this era, the earlier we eat the cake into our stomachs, the earlier we’ll have our peace of mind.”

Xu Tingsheng would certainly not tell them that those three reasons were actually all bullshit. It would still make sense even if their logic was reversed.

The real reason, the only reason was that Little Xiang Ning was about to enter senior high soon. Also, the first-tier senior high would really be constructed by the eastern riverbank as work was set to be started on it very soon. This was a long distance away from Xiang Ning’s home off in the suburbs of the city. He did not believe that Mr and Mrs Xiang would not be moved by this.

He would definitely make sure they got a flat even if he had to forcibly stuff one into their hands. Then, Little Xiang Ning would be able to go for strolls in the park on the way to and from school.

Therefore, not only was Xu Tingsheng in a rush to sell, he was actually in a rush to build as well, being very anxious at least for the sale of the first batch of flats.

Whatever the case, Godly Swindler Xu made use of the lofty trust which he had temporarily established and an utterly confident attitude as he thus successfully convinced everyone.

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