Chapter 331: Ning Garden

Chapter 331: Ning Garden

Xu Tingsheng’s mood was complicated as he was drawn in by the conversation.

The disloyal Xu Quiyi continued scolding bastard Xu Tingsheng, saying that she just couldn’t understand him.

Wu Yuewei did not venture a reply to this.

The two circled out from before the stands. Xu Tingsheng had no way of avoiding them now.

Just like that, they looked on at each other in silence.

Xu Qiuyi looked first at her own ‘bastard brother’, then at Wu Yuewei.

“Hello, senior,” Wu Yuewei said.

“...” Xu Tingsheng stood up.

As he stood, Wu Yuewei took a half-step back. While they were clearly still very far apart, she still did retreat as if springing away.

This half-step caused Xu Tingsheng to understand that...she was afraid...she had hurt this past half year, so much so that she was afraid. Only just having been able to ease her emotions and come over with much difficulty, she dared not get close to him again now.

From those initial times, to a year’s waiting in ninth grade, and yet another year in twelfth grade. This girl had thought and thought about it, unconsciously recalled it over and over...that summer holiday in twelfth grade, waiting out every day of those three months…

Suddenly, it had all shattered.

She had left Yanzhou alone. The time that had elapsed since had she gotten through it?

She still clutched the phone that Xu Tingsheng had given to her. She had only accepted it back then because he had said that it would make it convenient for them to keep in touch...yet, they had no longer kept in touch at all afterwards.

While they had agreed not to see each other, they had still met…

Xu Tingsheng had still said nothing at all when Wu Yuewei had already turned and left.


It was the 18th of the first lunar month when Xu Tingsheng left Libei.

On the long-distance coach, his phone rang incessantly. Many calls were coming in for him from Yanzhou. Also, what they wanted to ask him about was something he had no way of explaining.

Therefore, Xu Tingsheng simply utilised that same old method, turning off his phone.


Yanzhou, a private room at Starry Splendour Nightclub.

All the other members of the Black Horse Club besides Xu Tingsheng were present. Actually, they had all been there since the previous night, having just slept on the sofa when they got tired. They had been loathe to even go out to the lounge lest they miss out on some news.

No one had been able to get through to Xu Tingsheng in the night. Huang Yaming had sent a few texts to Xu Tingsheng’s old Libei number but had not received a reply too.

When morning came and they discovered that Xu Tingsheng had finally turned on his phone, they all surged into action. In the end, though…

“The heck, he’s turned it off again.”

“Did you manage to ask anything?”


They all exchanged exasperated looks.

“Such a major matter...and he’s dropped us here and hidden himself up again? Can’t he be reliable for once?! How many people currently have their eyes on us? Enthusiastic, familiar, suddenly caring, those clenching their teeth or staring with fierce gazes and those who look greedy, can’t make up their minds or are trying to sound us out…”

“...It seems, though, like no one is more reliable than him? If I hadn’t met him in person, I’d think that he’s half a deity!”

All this was actually regarding some news which had been spreading around like crazy recently.

The news had actually been revealed on the 5th. Still, few people had truly paid attention to it. Those of the Black Horse Club had not wanted to get their hopes up, while everyone else believed that it was fake news by Zhicheng Real Estate to stir up the property market…

Quite a few people had even been hoping to see them make a fool of themselves.

Yet, the news had gradually proven increasingly legitimate. Last night, it had virtually been confirmed.

It was like a bolt from the blue.

Gree Electric had chosen Yanzhou as the location of their new research centre.

A certain renowned company with Chinese and German investors had selected Yanzhou.

Also, the only place in Yanzhou that could house the vast infrastructure and personnel of these two companies was its eastern riverbank. Across the bridge is a village...that eastern riverbank.

This did not just entail population growth. As workers flocked into Yanzhou as new consumers, this entailed the coming of a great many white-collar and gold-collar workers who had a higher income and spending power. They would start working and living in Yanzhou for the long term.

More importantly, these two projects were not part of Yanzhou’s own plans to seek investment, instead being under an overarching masterplan Jianhai Province had decided on.

No one knew why they had ultimately selected Yanzhou of all places, as opposed to Xihu City. Logically speaking, even a total idiot would have selected Xihu City.

Perhaps it was because of the harbour there? Or was it because of the newly appointed mayor of the city who had suddenly come from the province to accumulate experience?

Whatever the case, with such a huge project having been given to them from the province, the city would definitely provide their full support, giving them due face.

Moreover, the new mayor would also be arriving very soon.

The roads were to be broadened. The third widest bridge within the province was to be built, connecting the eastern and western riverbanks. A large central park was to be constructed by the eastern riverbank...all the facilities had to be of the highest standard.

Yanzhou did not lack funds. This was almost like they were paving the way for a brand new city.

The above had gradually been confirmed whether overtly or tacitly.

“The villagers at the eastern riverbank have struck gold,” Many locals felt emotional at this, with the sense of superiority of those from the western part of Yanzhou having been wholly lost as they envied their relatives from the village at the eastern riverbank whom they had once not thought much of.

Others were more perceptive, with those who were more directly related to this matter suddenly realising: That Plot No.4 that was a whole one hundred and fifty metres large...was gonna blow.

As for who had successfully acquired it, it was none other than Zhicheng Real a low price.

“A pie literally dropped from the skies?!”

About the news which could already more or less be confirmed, the rumours grew increasingly, growing more and more beyond belief.

“I heard that the new site for Yanzhou’s first-tier senior high will now be by the eastern riverbank instead. It’s already been decided, and will begin construction this year. The goal is for it to be completed within two years.”

“I heard that they want to create a technological hub...the number of companies and factories there will only rise...also, they’ll all be low-pollution, without even a single plastic factory.”

“If that’s the case, won’t the eastern riverbank be better than the western riverbank in the future?”

“Exactly! I heard that maybe even City Hall’s going to be moved over. The bureaucracy is already looking for a fengshui master to scout out the surroundings there.”

“Yanzhou’s first central business district is coming, and also by the eastern riverbank. I heard that it’s the Wanda Group or the Wandi group, definitely either one of them, perhaps even both.”

“There is this possibility. There is a lack of commercial facilities by the eastern riverbank. Such a great chance, and how acute are the senses of businessmen.”

“Will a new district be built there? Is there any chance of buying a storefront?”

“When...that Plot No.4...houses, will be one of a kind for the first wave, at least!”


Those of the Black Horse Club were stunned by this great ‘blessing’ that had suddenly emerged from nowhere. When they regained some clarity of mind, the first thing they unanimously agreed upon was that they had to capture Xu Tingsheng over, tie him up good and interrogate him well.

Still, they would be kneeling as they asked him, truly kneeling in acceptance...was that fella so lucky his fortune knew no bounds, or was it really that...he had already long since known about this? In which case, his background…?

Xu Tingsheng sat on the rather cramped seat of the long-distance coach, stretching rather uncomfortably. Actually, there wasn't much that he knew. Still, he knew for a fact that Xiang Ning’s favourite park would be by the eastern riverbank, that Yanzhou’s first-tier senior high would also be by the eastern riverbank…

The houses there would be just across from Yanzhou’s Central Park, also neighbouring a large central business district with a great many middle and high income families gathered there as it would be the most valuable stretch of land within Yanzhou over the next ten years and more.

“I once said that I would buy you a flat there, that I would accompany you for a stroll at the park everyday. I failed to fulfil my promise. Now, I will personally build the most beautiful homes there for you along a hundred and fifty thousand square metres of land. Choose whichever one you like.”

“It will be called...Ning Garden. ‘Ning’ as in Xiang Ning.”

“Also, just like in our previous life, your Mum and Dad have got to come…to view the flats! Such good houses, also sharing the same name as their beloved daughter. Also, the boss isn't Xu Tingsheng. Could they still possibly not come even then?”

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