Chapter 330: Seeing Wu Yuewei once more

Chapter 330: Seeing Wu Yuewei once more

After Mr Xu had spoken, Xu Tingsheng thought that the ceremony should more or less be over. There would just be a speech by some student representative at most…

In the end, the Vice-Principal presiding over the ceremony said, “Next up, let us welcome our Libei Senior High’s former top scholar…”

“It can’t be, right? Wasn’t it agreed that I don’t have to go up on stage?” Xu Tingsheng felt greatly despondent.

The Vice-Principal continued, “Let us all put our hands together to welcome your senior. Top scholar in the Science stream in Libei County and Jianhai City and second in Jianhai Province, currently studying at Qingbei University, Ms Wu Yuewei.”

The Vice-Principal’s voice was filled with pride as he said this.

Xu Tingsheng felt rather awkward, “I nearly made a fool of myself...compared to her, can I still be considered a top scholar? But fortunately, no one noticed. Phew…”

His gaze fell on the stage.

Wu Yuewei whom he had not seen for over half a year walked over from the side of the stage.

Half a year later, Wu Yuewei’s clothes were still simple, a light coloured blouse, black jeans and booties. Her jet-black long hair was comfortably tied back behind her head. If let down, it should probably reach her waist.

There was no makeup on her face at all. Even without it, she still appeared elegant and pretty as before.

If there were changes to her, it might be that this half year at Qingbei had made her appear much more mature and composed. The shyness and bashfulness were also gone from her expression as there was an additional gracefulness in her smile.

She had grown up.

Also, she was thinner, much thinner.

For some reason, Xu Tingsheng felt a tinge of pain in his chest.

In his previous life, this girl had said during her wedding, “I will have a glass in Senior’s honour.”

Four years ago, this girl had blocked his path in this very school, asking him, “Senior, do you still remember me?”

Half a year ago, she had asked, “Senior, what if I can’t like someone else?”

Half a year ago, it was this girl who had come to Yanzhou full of anticipation. In the end, she had asked Xu Tingsheng for a huge stuffed bear as a present, carrying it as she had departed alone.

She had said, “Senior, if there is a day when no one else wants you, I will.”

She had even requested, “I’ll do fine; don’t worry about me, senior. In the future...will senior please...try your best...not to appear in front of me again. If we meet again, I’m scared that I will still like you.”

She had called him ‘senior’ time and time again, been disappointed by him time and time again.


Wu Yuewei had probably appeared at the ceremony to provide motivation to the juniors. A role model like this was not so easy to find.

That aside, she might also have already realised that the hundred thousand yuan prize money from last year had likely been from the Xu family. An anonymous local entrepreneur-who could this be if not the Xu family? Therefore, it could be said that she too was a beneficiary of the Xu family’s education bursary scheme.

Xu Tingsheng did not know if she knew that he was presently there amongst the audience.

Wu Yuewei appeared very relaxed up on stage. After thanking the school and teachers, she emphasised more on her experiences as she studied in senior high and her specific studying methods, not speaking carelessly in the least as all her words were practical and also sincere.

“I hope that you juniors will treasure this chance and work hard towards your goals,” Wu Yuewei simply concluded her speech.

The Vice-Principal who was still caught up in a feeling of ‘pride' said something which he was destined to regret like crazy.

“Is there anything that you would like to ask your senior, students? You’ll now have a few minutes for interaction. This chance is hard to come by, so don’t waste it, everyone!”

Maybe the original idea was for these students to ask in detail about some exam techniques and the like...right, this was definitely what he must have wanted. Still, he was just too ‘naive’.

This was not what the students were the most concerned about. Also, in a place such as this, how would the actual hardworking students be as enthusiastic as those mischievous, naughty fellas?

“Do you know senior Xu Tingsheng, senior?”

Someone yelled, hiding in some random corner of the crowd.

An uproar resounded…

These weren’t cheers but the ‘manifested high spirits’ of the crowd. This was one of the two great gossips of Libei Senior High!

Xu Tingsheng thought, “GG.”

The Vice Principal said, “Who asked that? You’re done for if I get my hands on you.”

“This question is inappropriate for this location. You can ask about study-relate…” The Vice-Principal took the microphone and firmly declared, wishing to put a stop to this topic.

“Yes, I do. Actually, everyone present should know him too, I believe,” Wu Yuewei answered.

The sounds of discussions could be heard amongst the crowd.

“Are the two of you together now?”

This time, it was a girl who spoke, similarly hiding amongst the audience as she kept hidden.

The higher-ups on the stage all felt so awkward…

Only Mr Xu remained composed as he looked smilingly at Wu Yuewei and listened.

Wu Yuewei was actually clutching the microphone rather too tightly. Still, no one discovered it because there was still a smile on her face as she replied, “No. It’s only that I once liked senior for many years.”

A frenzied uproar resounded.

It was like the world had literally blown up.

Senior Wu Yuewei had just admitted to liking senior Xu Tingsheng in front of everyone, and for many years at that…


The next question consisted merely of a single word.

Wu Yuewei smiled, saying, “We’ve already not kept in contact for a very long time now. Alright, we can’t continue with this topic anymore, or the teachers will be angry. Do study hard, juniors!”

Wu Yuewei waved goodbye, descending the stage.

Xu Tingsheng got up and left the venue as well.

He found a place on the stands before the field and sat down. As the ceremony ended, the students inside began streaming out, carrying their chairs and returning to the classroom buildings…

The din soon subsided, the noises gradually dying down as the students flocked to the cafeteria.

This was always how it was with mass gatherings in junior and senior high school.

At this moment, Xu Tingsheng heard two voices before the stands of the field which had gotten especially quiet.

One belonged to his sister, Xu Qiuyi. The other belonged to...Wu Yuewei. The two were below the stands where Xu Tingsheng was at. He was able to see them just by stretching out his head. As for them, they did not know that he was there.

“I tell you, that bastard Xu Tingsheng was there just earlier...then, he disappeared. He probably ran away out of a guilty conscience.”

Xu Qiuyi’s voice was filled with righteous indignation, her own brother having turned into ‘that bastard Xu Tingsheng’ here. Indeed, water was thicker than blood. Or maybe her brother had really been too much of a bastard.

“Huh?...It’s okay. He knows all of it, anyway. Let’s not talk about your brother anymore,” Wu Yuewei said, “What about you? How were your recent examinations? Were the materials I sorted out for you useful?”

Xu Qiuyi replied, “Yeah, they were useful. Sorry, Sis Yuewei...I apologise to you on behalf of that bastard brother of mine.”

Wu Yuewei said, “Hey, stop talking about that already. It isn’t much, actually. It’s not like I can force him to like me, right?. Maybe...he will end up marrying a beautiful female artiste. He’s so successful now. Or maybe it will be someone who is useful in his career. Whatever the case, it wouldn’t be someone like me...foolish and simple, not knowing anything at all besides studying.”

These words might or might not carry a hint of her resentment towards Xu Tingsheng. This was not exhibited in her tone, nevertheless.

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