Chapter 324: Wrong place, right time

Chapter 324: Wrong place, right time

Looking at Tang Yufei, Xu Tingsheng automatically dismissed her joke, asking earnestly, “To be honest...what was that just now?”

“Woman, twenty-five, used to have a boyfriend but no longer...lonely, entertaining myself. While also telling myself look, how charming I am,” Tang Yufei earnestly replied.

“Aren’t you afraid that someone might suddenly come in?”

“I am! But things always happen where they shouldn’t happen. Still doing it even though you’re wary of being found out is even more interesting, even more stimulating. For example, if I do it in my bedroom with my door locked-how boring is that?! Actually, besides you, everyone else here would have to knock before entering. Zhixin said that you two have to properly prep for finals and handed this place to me. How could I have known that you’d come?”

“Well, true.”

“Still, when you saw me just now, I actually felt very heart was beating like crazy, so chaotically, so nervously. This sort of feeling is actually very good, you know? Life as a single woman is just too dull, like a stagnant pool of water. So, I’m actually fantasising now that earlier, you rushed in and pressed me down on the office table…”

Xu Tingsheng suffered a defeat. He would tease chicks in high spirits, yet end up totally helpless as he was teased back by them. Apple had bullied him just like this in the past.

He had a nervous expression on his face now.

Tang Yufei laughed, saying, “I know that you don’t dare. What a pity though! Actually, I don’t mind going to bed with a boss like you, next getting a sum of money or some other benefits.”

Xu Tingsheng asked, “Oh? Aren’t you and Zhixin the best of friends?”

Tang Yufei replied, “That’s right, but these are unrelated. You should know that I worked at a foreign company before this and even dated a foreigner. My sense of values were influenced greatly as a result. It’s fine. I daren’t fall in love with you, anyway. Women who like you all end up very tragic, very pitiful.”

“Such a terrible evaluation, and so direct too?” Xu Tingsheng forced a smile.

“I’m just a little bit more intelligent and rational,” Tang Yufei replied.

Xu Tingsheng opened a drawer, searching for something.

“Should I go outside?” Tang Yufei asked.

“No, I’m leaving. You can continue…”

Xu Tingsheng stuffed a few items in his bag.

“Right. You’re welcome to suddenly push open the door and barge in again next time,” Tang Yufei said.

“Relax, I shouldn’t be coming over for a while,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

“Now where’s the fun in that? The caution and the tension’s gone. It’s gonna be boring,” Tang Yufei complained.

Xu Tingsheng closed the door, “Goodbye.”

From behind the closed door, Tang Yufei called, “Hey, you should treat Zhixin better. She used to be intelligent and rational too.”


Yanzhou University’s library was in the form of a clock tower. Xu Tingsheng had never taken notice of whether the clock on top accurately told the time or not.

The library had five storeys.

The first storey was a self-study room that was very, very huge. Still, with finals right around the corner, grabbing one’s seats beforehand was still necessary. The upper storeys contained some browsing rooms for books of different categories. Still, they could actually be used as self-study rooms too.

Half the room was filled with bookshelves and books while the other half was filled with tables and chairs.

In the browsing room of the social sciences section, Xu Tingsheng wore a black sweater as he sat opposite Lu Zhixin who was wearing a red down jacket.

“Look, I specially wore a black sweater to match with you today. Still, it turned out you changed your clothes,” Xu Tingsheng said.

Lu Zhixin shot him a look, “Have you ever seen a girl wear the same garment for four days in a row?”

Xu Tingsheng said, “I just thought of something. Say, are people who seldom change their underwear or people who seldom change their jackets more dirty?”

“Huh? Why don’t they change them frequently? I…” Lu Zhixin paused for a moment before saying, “Don’t mention underwear. Stop making a ruckus, stop making a ruckus. Didn’t you come here to revise? If you continue making a ruckus, I really am going to flunk. I’ve some super difficult modules this semester.”

Xu Tingsheng could only quieten down and begin memorising the important points that Zhang Ninglang had copied down which he had photocopied.

After a while, looking at him, Lu Zhixin asked, “Xu Tingsheng, don’t you have to read things out when memorising them? How come your lips aren’t moving at all?”

Xu Tingsheng asked, “You’ve just noticed? I memorise things differently from other people. I just look through something once before immediately closing my eyes and trying to remember, trying my best to recall whatever I can. Then, I’ll look through it a second time before closing my eyes and trying to recall it again. It’s actually easier for me to focus this way. The efficiency is higher.”

Lu Zhixin said, “Let’s see...I’ll give it a go.”

Xu Tingsheng said, “Don’t bother. It won’t work for you. This memorisation method of mine, I call ‘hardcore memorisation’. I tried teaching it to other people before, but it failed for all of them. This is because the vast majority of people don’t like the feeling of forcing themselves.”

“You taught it to others?”

“...My former students.”

Due to this matter, Xu Tingsheng suddenly recalled those students of his previous life. They should all be very young now, the bad apples still having yet to become bad apples, the living treasures still having yet to become living treasures. Those students who had once said to him, ‘Teacher, you changed my life’-who would their lives be changed by this time?

“Oh. I’ll try anyway,” Lu Zhixin said.

Lu Zhixin attempted using Xu Tingsheng’s memorisation method, looking through the contents once before forcing herself to recall them. She closed her eyes, raising her head slightly, biting her lips, furrowing her brows…

She looked really adorable.

Xu Tingsheng took her Hello Kitty mug and poured water for her, casually retrieving a magazine to read while he was at at it.

As she was concentrating hard, Lu Zhixin suddenly reached out and tugged at Xu Tingsheng’s sleeve. Then, when he looked up, she indicated with her gaze for him to look at two people off to the side, a couple who was seated side by side at a table along the wall.

Xu Tingsheng stole some glances at them before glancing back at Lu Zhixin and spreading his hands apart, indicating that he had not noticed anything abnormal going on there. The two had not kissed or hugged.

Lu Zhixin thought for a moment before throwing a pen on the ground and indicating for him to pick it up.

Bending down to pick up the pen, Xu Tingsheng glanced in the direction of that couple once more. Apparently, the two of them each only had one hand on the table, with the other being under the table as they felt up each other’s bodies.

Leaning horizontally down over the table and secretly observing them, Xu Tingsheng saw that the girl’s face was flushed red while the boy was breathing heavily.

Why did they have to do this in the library? Weren’t there fields and mini-forests outside? There were many small motels in the town seemed to match with Tang Yufei’s words that things always happened where they should not, that still doing it despite one’s wariness of being found out was even more interesting, even more stimulating.

“Also...what does Lu Zhixin mean by this?”

Xu Tingsheng considered this for a moment before asking, “Student Lu, do you find this fun and want to share it with me or do you want to make use of this chance to play ruffian towards me or hint at something to me? ...Do you want me to come and move over to sit beside you then?”

Lu Zhixin vehemently shook her head, looking very nervous indeed.

Xu Tingsheng would generally accompany her in revising at the library these days. Not only did she change her clothes, the way she acted had changed too as she seemed like any normal girl from university who was in a relationship.

Only Tang Yufei was clearly aware of how when Lu Zhixin had left Xu Tingsheng’s side, she was still the same Lu Zhixin.

The first round of that lawsuit of ‘defamation’ against ‘Youxin’ soon ended, going not too well for them.

Lu Zhixin did not mind this as she said casually, “Send someone to negotiate with the parents of those two students. We could give them free tutoring or even cash. Then, we’ll arrange the lawyers and get them to sue ‘Youxin’. I want trouble to come endlessly for that ‘Youxin’.

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