Chapter 323: Plot No. 4

Chapter 323: Plot No. 4

As news of Fang Yuqing becoming the CEO of Zhicheng Real Estate spread, many people felt uneasy and restless. Word from the Fang family was that this decision had not been made at Fang Yuqing’s own discretion alone.

‘Fang Yuqing joining in the party’ and ‘the collective attitude of the Fang family’ were two totally different concepts altogether.

This entailed that the people of Zhicheng had truly gained the ability to compete with all their opponents. They had not lacked money in the first place. Now, it seemed like they did not lack anything at all.

Some people began to worry that Zhicheng might go back on their word.

These worries and probing persisted till the day of the auction itself when led by Fang Yuqing, Zhicheng abided by their promise and acquired Plot No.4 which encompassed a whole hundred and fifty thousand square metres at a low price.

This time, Xu Tingsheng had it very easy as a tag-along. After Plot No.1 had been acquired by Jinxiong Corporation, he and Huang Yaming went outside the auction hall to smoke a cigarette.

A man who looked around thirty was walking by when he stopped and smiled at Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng had never met Ding Miao before, not knowing who he was as he simply smiled in response. Smiling at someone who is smiling at you is the common sense of being street smart.

While there were some others in the vicinity as well, Ding Sen was very ‘straightforward’ as he walked over and extended a hand, “Xu Tingsheng? Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m Ding Miao.”

Huang Yaming extended his hand before Xu Tingsheng could, shaking hands with Ding Miao before saying loudly, “Hi, I’m Huang Yaming.”

Then, he moved closer to him, whispering, “He doesn’t know.”

Vaguely hearing these words, Xu Tingsheng stared rather dazedly at Huang Yaming’s back, at his shoulders which gradually seemed to have become broader than before.

Regardless of whether this ‘cover-up’ was too childish in itself, whether Ding Miao believed it or not, Xu Tingsheng knew that Huang Yaming was protecting him. He wished for an end to be put to that previous matter as Xu Tingsheng was left free from implication in this matter.

Huang Yaming would not have had any time to hesitate or consider matters upon Ding Miao’s sudden appearance. Therefore, this must be what he had decided previously, the attitude that he had decided on taking. He had already long since decided that he would be the one to bear the responsibility if anything happened.

Somewhere along the way, the people beside Xu Tingsheng had begun attempting to bear some things for him.

After the auction had ended, those of Zhicheng left the auction hall and descended the stairs together.

Another bunch of people stood there, clapping towards them. Some whistled, jeering loudly. If Xu Tingsheng were to call those on his side the ‘non-inheritors’, these people would be called the ‘inheritors’.

“Look, everyone! The new real estate tycoons are here…”

“Isn’t that so? They even got the plot of land with the greatest surface area.”

“Guys, most of us here are either relatives or friends of yours. If the time comes and no one wants to buy the flats, remember to promote it to our families! Maybe we’ll even consider it, building a little thatched hut down by the countryside and using it for barbecuing on outings.”

“It’s just that the price of each unit can’t be more than 2000 yuan!”

Xu Tingsheng could only helplessly walk past the storm of mockery with the others as no one rebutted or responded to their words.

“I just don’t understand. We’re nicely abiding by our agreement, so why’re they still so hostile?” Reaching the carpark, Tan Yao who had come over to join in the commotion wondered aloud.

“Two reasons for that,” Ye Qing said.

“I never asked you,” Tan Yao replied.

Ignoring his childish quibbling, Ye Qing continued, “Firstly, the person who led them in jeering just now is my older brother, Ye Tan. He’s also a shareholder of Jinxiong Corporation. Besides being born earlier than me and as a male, he’s never defeated me in any other aspects before. So, viewing this to be his first ever win, he naturally would be triumphant. Still, this is merely an appetiser. I have more to face when I get back home.”

“Secondly, look at us. Actually, there aren’t that many people who’re willing to see us underdogs working hard to make something of ourselves. If even we are able to do so, where will they get their sense of superiority from in the future? Also, they would have more competition that way.”

Many were silent as they agreed with her words. Hu Shengming who had been continually called ‘trash’ by his two older brothers felt it the most deeply. He who usually loved messing around gave a long, earnest sigh at this.

“Oh,” Tan Yao replied, “Then, if you know that you’ll be bullied if you go back home, why must you still go back anyway?”

Looking at him, Ye Qing asked, “You’re concerned about me? If you are, work hard and make something of yourself so that you’ll be able to take care of me in the future.”

Tan Yao exclaimed, “Who likes to care about you!”

After returning to Starry Splendour from the auction hall, half of those present in the private room directed their gazes at Xu Tingsheng while the other half stared at that safe.

The meaning concealed within their gazes was: Now that we’ve already acquired Plot No.4, what do we do next? ...We should be at the next step of your predictions and corresponding measures, right? It should be time to open the safe then.

They felt just like a party who had just returned from killing a boss monster.

“Things are finally settled. Whatever the case, everything went successfully,” Xu Tingsheng smiled relaxedly, next asking, “There’s nothing else, right? ...If there isn’t, let’s meet again after the new year. I wish you an early Happy New Year, everyone, and many happy returns. I won’t be calling and texting all you guys one by one when the time comes, then.”


After a short silence.

“That’s it? No follow-up arrangements?”

“I more or less have everything planned. As for whatever remains, it can wait till after the New Year. Let’s meet up again then. Right, the procedures. I’ll leave it to you guys to handle all the relevant procedures. I’ll be very busy for the upcoming period of time, after which I should be going home for the New Year.”

“You...what will you be busy with?”

“Finals!” Xu Tingsheng replied earnestly.


Xu Tingsheng made a trip back to his office at Hucheng that afternoon.

Taking out his key, Xu Tingsheng casually pushed at the door. He thought that as he wasn’t there and Lu Zhixin wasn’t there too, there should be no one in the office. He had never imagined that as soon as he pushed at the door, it would open.

Music, white blouse, short skirt, high-heeled shoes, stockings, messy hair…

Tang Yufei was actually dancing in there alone. He saw her in the midst of the most captivating segment of some sexy chair dancing.

“Excuse me.”

Xu Tingsheng closed the door and stepped back out of the room.

After a while, Tang Yufei said, “Alright, come in, Boss.”

As Xu Tingsheng entered his office, Tang Yufei had already packed everything up tidily and did not seem awkward or ill at ease at all.

“Sorry to interrupt you. I came by to get some stuff,” Xu Tingsheng said with a hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth.

Tang Yufei covered her smile with the back of her hand, asking, “You wouldn’t fire me because of this, right?”

Xu Tingsheng said, “I won’t. The company doesn’t seem to have a rule regarding this. When the company holds an annual meet in the future, you’re welcome to perform up on stage. After all, it’s said that as compared to individual enjoyment, collective enjoyment would be preferable.”

Tang Yufei shook her head, “No, I should just do this for individual enjoyment. Otherwise, I may not be able to get married in the future. Still, if Boss wants to watch, as your secretary, I wouldn’t mind throwing a private performance for you. Right here, right now.”

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