Chapter 297: He’s weak against women

Chapter 297: He’s weak against women

China, Yanzhou, second floor of the riverside residence.

When Xu Tingsheng had been in Yanzhou, even though he did not actually live in the riverside residence, Tang Yufei had adamantly refused Lu Zhixin even when she had invited her to stay there with her.

In her own words, “What if he suddenly comes back one day and wants to do something to you? If I’m there, am I supposed to help or would I end up spoiling things? Now, I know you wouldn’t bear to let me have him, right?”

Now that Xu Tingsheng was out of the country, Tang Yufei finally went over there to stay for a time.

There was quite a lot that the two girls for whom there was only a five year difference could talk about. Their alcohol capacities were also very good. They watched soap operas and talked just like that. Some time later, they had already unknowingly reached their second bottle of red wine.

“Right, did he count you in in going into real estate, asking you to participate?” Tang Yufei asked in a seemingly nonchalant manner while watching television.

Lu Zhixin shook her head, revealing no emotional fluctuations.

“I asked about it. He borrowed that project team to work on a now project. It also sounds like he won’t be putting it under Hucheng. He will be registering it under a new technological company.”

While Tang Yufei spoke in a very casual manner, she carefully observed Lu Zhixin’s expression after she had finished speaking, wanting to see how she reacted to the news.

Lu Zhixin said expressionlessly, “Oh.”

Tang Yufei put down her wineglass, raising her voice, “You’re just going ‘oh’?”

Lu Zhixin smiled, “It’s not just me other than him who owns Hucheng’s shares. Do you think that he should take everything out to share because of me? I think this is quite reasonable, anyway.”

Tang Yufei said, “Alright, alright. As long as you’re sure that the person he’s guarding against isn’t you.”

Hearing this, Lu Zhixin frowned. It did indeed seem that Xu Tingsheng had already realised more and more about her over this period of time. So he had started guarding against her?

She was silent for a time before she ended this topic of her own accord, saying, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. No more about work-related affairs tonight.”

Tang Yufei smiled craftily, “Who’s talking about work-related affairs with you? I’m talking to you about your man! Hey, how about, we talk about...that again. Have you two...done that already?”

She scooted over with a perverted look on her face, reaching out to stroke Lu Zhixin’s face before running a hand down her leg, “This figure, body. Even I, as a woman, would want to touch it more. I really don’t believe that he’d be able to resist...”

Lu Zhixin pretended to angrily push her away, “What nonsense is that...what do you mean? Nothing happened in the first place!”

Tang Yufei carefully examined her from head to toe a few times over.

Lu Zhixin unconsciously shrunk back, voicing emphatically, “Really.”

“Well, if you say so,” Tang Yufei smiled, asking, “The question is, has nothing of that kind really happened at all?”

Lu Zhixin hesitated for a moment, remembering his shamelessness that night and how she had let him have his way...but that couldn’t be said.

Feeling the heat rush to her face, Lu Zhixin shook her head firmly, declaring, “Nothing.”

Tang Yufei sighed, “Well, alright. I could have guessed it anyway.”

“What do you mean...guessed it?”

“I’ve been associating with him for quite a while already. From my understanding of men, your man is very weak and timid in terms of women. He’s the type that fantasises a great bunch but is really too afraid to actually do anything no matter what. Like when he looks at me, his female secretary sometimes. He only dares look over for a moment before looking away again. What’s on his mind at the time definitely wouldn’t be normal.”

“Still, I can tell that if I really tried to seduce him, he’d definitely panic and retreat without me having to do anything much at all. He’s very interesting. I’m feeling more and more intrigued.”

Tang Yufei mused with relish.

In this area, ten intelligent, competent Lu Zhixins would really still be incomparable to a single Tang Yufei who actually had a great deal of experience in this area. She continued listening on.

“Intrigue aside, relax, I wouldn’t be able to snag him. His situation is one of great wealth at a young age coupled with good looks. If he really wanted to fool around, the women willing to go to bed with him would would form an entire line. My turn wouldn’t come,” Tang Yufei elaborated.

Lu Zhixin asked rather sheepishly, as if embarassed, “Then, he...why?”

“He’s afraid of responsibility, afraid of trouble.”

“What do you mean?”

“If he meets one he would need to take responsibility for, he wouldn’t dare to touch her. If he meets a troublesome one, he wouldn’t dare to touch her too. He’d only ever think about it.”

“Well, but doesn’t this also mean that he’s always thinking about taking responsibility?”

“You could say that.”


“Hmm your head! I’m being serious here. Since you know this weak point of his, why haven’t you done anything at all? You clearly took the first step so resolutely that even I had to admire you. How is that you’ve been becoming more and more good-for-nothing now? It’s really...silly.”

“Also, I must remind you that you’re too fierce. You’ve got to change how you are in front of him. Otherwise, you’d only ever stand less and less of a chance in his mind.”

“You’re talking nonsense again.”

“What nonsense? Now, having come over to help you, my work is of secondary importance here. Helping you to fight the battles of women is the most important thing. These are what women truly have to win. Otherwise, you’d have been helping him just for the sake of some other woman in the end. It’d have been a complete waste.”

Lu Zhixin opened her mouth but instead hesitated for a bit.

Tang Yufei rolled her eyes, saying exasperatedly, “Oh, say what you will. I’m also not petty. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have told you about those matters. I know what you want to say. I’ve wasted two years of my life, wasted it completely being played.”

Tang Yufei let loose a vulgarity without a hint of awkwardness before she continued, “The heck to those who say that foreigners think differently. I’ve discovered that there are different kinds of men-at least two types so far, actually-such as like cats and dogs.”

“Cats and dogs?” Lu Zhixin asked.

“If they’re dogs, if you treat them well, feed them and raise them, giving them treats, they will think that this person is so good, she’s definitely a goddess. Then they will be loyal and reliant on you, guarding you and being good to you, feeling that it would be impossible for them to be without you.”

“Cats are different. However much you dote on a cat, it will only think that this person is so good to me, I’m definitely a god. Then it will become more and more arrogant and full of itself, treating you like nothing at all. Also, cats are just wired to be self-absorbed, considering things simply for themselves. They can completely do without you.”

Lu Zhixin found this theory a very novel and interesting one.

She asked, “Then he…”

Tang Yufei said, “He’s a dog.”

The two of them were delighted saying bad things about Xu Tingsheng behind his back as they ended up giggling happily together.

Lu Zhixin felt that Tang Yufei might really be able to teach her some things. Being too lacking in this area yet really feeling rather embarrassed, her face was red as she asked, “Anything else? You, you might as well continue teaching me.”

Tang Yufei glanced at her before smiling teasingly, “You want to listen now? The problem is-how am I supposed to teach you if you don’t tell me anything at all?”

Lu Zhixin hesitated for a long while before a hand against her chest, she finally spoke, "I’ll say it then. Don’t you laugh at me.”

“There really is something?” Tang Yufei’s excitement surged, her eyes virtually glowing as she looked at Lu Zhixin.

Lu Zhixin thought for a moment and was too embarrassed to mention the incident from that night as she first mentioned Apple, narrating about when she had been living in the riverside residence. After listening to all of that, Tang Yufei asked, “Are you sure he never touched her? He would stay by her side waiting till she fell asleep and then return to the sofa?”

Lu Zhixin nodded, “Right, I could tell.”

Tang Yufei nodded, “That proves that I judged him correctly. Also...he may really not have had any desires towards that female celebrity at all, because he’s so afraid of responsibility that he can’t think about anything else.”

After saying so, she herself broke out into laughter for a time, continually muttering ‘this lil’ man is really too interesting...classic.’.

It was a good while later that she finally pressed, “On to you now. You can’t hide anything at all, or don’t even think about asking me anything again after this.”

Lu Zhixin bit her lip, bashfully beginning to narrate the events of that night…

“You...gave it to him?” Tang Yufei asked.

Lu Zhixin’s face felt as though it was boiling as she clenched her teeth and nodded, “Yeah, I felt rather moved that day. Also, it may be because I was feverish and in a daze that...I thought that I should be a little better to him, dote on him a little...and so I gave it to him.”

“And after that?”

“After that, after that, some time passed, and he was finished,” Lu Zhixin said, “The next day, I took it and soaked it in a pail, and then he washed it. I don’t dare to wear it even now.”

“No, who cares if you dare to wear it,” Tang Yufei said, “What matters is that you gave it to him, and then he took care of it himself. You really didn’ anything at all there?”

A distressed Lu Zhixin shook her head in denial.

“I can’t believe you! At a little? And really, were all bare, and he didn’t even know to continue doing a little something…”

“I, I was still wearing pyjama pants.”

“And that’s even more alluring for men. I don’t get it. He’s actually this honest.”

“Then, I, how would I know why. Is it because I’m too fierce?”

“Nope, I’ve changed my mind now. You should continue being fierce. I can tell now. The fiercer and colder you are, the more intense his sense of conquest and desire to bully you will instead be. The feeling of conquest...all men need it.”

“They like fantasising about female secretaries who are wearing stiff, dull-coloured professional suits, yet are completely obedient to them in all aspects. What is that if not conquest? And this is especially intense in your man.”

“How do you know?”

“I know it from when you said that he refused to draw the curtains. He wanted to see you, a female powerhouse, looking all shy and distressed, because he’d acquire a great sense of accomplishment that way. And this is all the proof that is needed.”

Lu Zhixin thought about this for a bit before saying, “I see.”

She was listening earnestly in hopes of learning as in no way did she resemble a strong career woman at this moment. While she might not act on these things for sure, knowing about and understanding them would leave her feeling more reassured...and if such a day truly came…

Tang Yufei concluded the topic, “So, you can be fierce and cold to him however you like usually. Still, at that time, you must dote on him. The more you feel embarrassed to do it the better. And also, it is best really do know how to do a little something.”

Lu Zhixin nervously shook her head, “No, I...I don’t want to, and also won’t be able to. I looked at some text and video resources, but…”

“Those are useless. Let me teach you.”

Tang Yufei got up and checked the lock on the door before drawing the curtains.

“No way,” Lu Zhixin said.

“Never mind then,” Tang Yufei replied.

Lu Zhixin had not thought that she would be so straightforward as she hesitated for a long while, feeling greatly conflicted, “But just describing it a little would also be fine.”

On Tang Yufei’s face appeared an ‘I knew it’ expression as she teased, “Just describing it hasn’t any use. Let me give you a practical session.”

The course of the session was ‘exquisite’ indeed. Lu Zhixin virtually felt even more nervous than she had that night. While the person before her was Tang Yufei, it was that face which appeared in her mind.

“Like this?” Lu Zhixin made an awkward motion as she asked.

“More or less. Still, you’ve got to know how to control the pace then. Next, I’ll teach you how to use someplace else.”

Tang Yufei pointed…

Lu Zhixin said, “Not that.”

Tang Yufei replied, “If you’re willing to do this, he’d definitely be so happy he’d go raving mad.”

Lu Zhixin said, “Then, well…”

The second floor of the riverside residence was overwhelmed by untold glory as the two women were both panting delicately at the end. This was so for Lu Zhixin because that person, that face was continually on her mind. As for Tang Yufei…

“You?” Lu Zhixin asked.

“I’m thinking about your man too. Can’t I?” Tang Yufei was totally not modest at all, “Hah, it’s no good, my reaction’s so great. Do you have any clean underwear that you haven’t used before? I’ll need to change one after taking a bath.”

Lu Zhixin said without thinking, “Yeah, I’ll go grab…” to be replaced by a shocked exclamation, “Huh? You, what’re you thinking?!”

Tang Yufei smiled cheerfully, “I’m considering wearing a bare-threaded one inside next time, a beautiful one, and directly go without once just for him to see...your man’s just too fun, and so charming too. Also, he’s very likely to be a virgin...nooo, I’m nearly drooling, I can’t, I just can’t take it anymore.”

“...You dare?!”

“Hah! You regret calling me over already, don’t you?”

Lu Zhixin directly made a move on her. The two giggled as they got all tangled up in a bunch.

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