Chapter 286: I too need a trusted aide whom I can rely on

Chapter 286: I too need a trusted aide whom I can rely on

On the car, Huang Yaming continued to act all enthusiastically, telling those really lame jokes, instructing Xu Tingsheng that he was not to let Chen Jingqi get bullied in Hucheng. When he said ‘this may be your future Sister-in-law’...

Chen Jingqi said bluntly, “Alright, the show’s over...still, thank you.”

She said this in the normalest of tones.

After saying so, not waiting for Huang Yaming to respond, Chen Jingqi turned to Xu Tingsheng and smiled rather awkwardly, “The vanity of girls-I’ve shown an unseemly side. And, I think I should call you Boss Xu now. Thank you, Boss Xu. I will definitely learn and work diligently when I’m over there. I really treasure this opportunity.”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “I think you should still call me by my name. When you’re there, if there’s anything that you aren’t used to, just tell me about it. There’s only one person in Hucheng that I cannot afford to provoke, and that’s Lu Zhixin. Still, it was actually her who offered to invite you over this time, so there’s no need for you to be afraid of her in this.”

Chen Jingqi was rather taken aback by Xu Tingsheng’s words, unable to get a clear grasp of the situation. Who was this Lu Zhixin? She had never met her before, nor did she know anything about, the only person that even Xu Tingsheng had to be afraid of in Hucheng?

Chen Jingqi did not inquire further into this as she simply responded with an ‘okay’.

She would probably be meeting her soon anyway.

Now, Chen Jingqi swivelled her head and gazed quietly out of the window, smiling towards its surface that faintly reflected an image of herself. She told herself not to worry, that good luck was on its way.

After saying what had to be said, her emotions had eased greatly.

Chen Jingqi was naturally aware that these two cars actually had nothing to do with Huang Yaming at all. It could even be said that Huang Yaming was really still just a university student who was unable to even upkeep himself as he was only able to take advantage of Xu Tingsheng without reservation.

Huang Yaming had told her about this himself previously when he had had nothing else to talk about.

Huang Yaming’s earlier invitation had actually simply been an extension of the offer for her to work at Hucheng. In having said that he would not let her be bullied, he should have been referring to how she would have someone looking out for her when working in Hucheng.

He had intentionally spoken very ambiguously so as to make others misunderstand. Chen Jingqi had just listened and not exposed it.

Just as she herself had said earlier, this was the vanity and pride of a girl.

This was actually only understandable, especially in an environment where she had been bullied, which she hated and was afraid of. She had no way of refusing leaving in a ‘grander’, more ‘enviable’ manner for greener pastures before the eyes of those people who bore her ill will.

Now, she had made things clear:

Firstly, I know that you were acting just now, Huang Yaming. I won’t misunderstand, and I also won’t really forgive you just like this.

Secondly, I will be working at Hucheng. I will be to happy to change my environment, and I will also properly grasp this chance.

Xu Tingsheng felt greatly reassured at Chen Jingqi’s attitude. Regarding this matter, he was actually most afraid that Chen Jingqi’s attitude at work would heavily rest upon the uncertain relationship between her and Huang Yaming.

This was why he had expressly said earlier that that the person who had invited her to Hucheng was actually Lu Zhixin, while he was unable to call the shots with regard to her.

If Chen Jingqi was able to keep work and her private life separate, having the right attitude and taking this job seriously, she would actually just be one of Hucheng’s hired workers. However her relationship with Huang Yaming was in the future, this would not affect anything at all.

She would have a life of her own, maybe better and with better career prospects.

And it could have nothing to do with Huang Yaming at all.

Having gotten used to having children who were still studying around him, Xu Tingsheng actually rather admired Chen Jingqi who already had experience working, also having been tempered by the vicissitudes of life. He especially admired how how honest and down-to-earth she was.

Xu Tingsheng’s earlier judgment of her had been mistaken.

She had been foolish once with Huang Yaming. While she might not be completely over that yet, she had already grown.


Xu Tingsheng did not eat dinner with Huang Yaming and the others that night. When Lu Zhixin came over, Chen Jingqi could be handed over to her.

Huang Yaming? …There was no need to care about him.

It was Hucheng’s Director, Wu Tong, with whom Xu Tingsheng ate dinner that night.

Wu Tong had actually been rather surprised on being invited by to a meal by Xu Tingsheng. On one hand, Xu Tingsheng had virtually never asked out any of Hucheng’s directors for a talk before. On the other, the document regarding Hucheng’s training institute in Shenghai had been sufficiently detailed. It was really not that complex as well as it didn’t seem that there was a need to communicate like this.

At that restaurant where he had met with Chen Jianxing previously, Xu Tingsheng called for plain water and ate very earnestly across from Wu Tong. He asked her to eat more as well.

The ambience of this restaurant was great, the dishes also having a unique flair of their own. However, not being a big eater, Wu Tong had already long since eaten her fill.

After hesitating for a while, she ventured, “Is there something that Boss Xu would like my help with?”

Xu Tingsheng looked up at her, his mouth stuffed full of food in a very unrefined manner as he mumbled indistinctly, “ can tell?”

Wu Tong smiled. This boss…

“Was Sis Tong recommended to your position by Zhixin?”

After a while, Xu Tingsheng asked Wu Tong something which seemed a bit obtrusive and excessive.

“I’m not very clear on this. Still, it was Boss Lu who notified me,” Wu Tong answered.

“Were you acquainted with her before?”

“Before? We didn’t know each other before this.”

“So, you’re not considered someone of hers?”

Hearing Xu Tingsheng say this, Wu Tong was rather bemused, “Is it...a struggle over authority? This isn’t rare in companies, but I’ve never heard of such a thing in Hucheng before...they say that Xu Tingsheng is crazily afraid of Lu Zhixin, and apparently, the two are also said to be...a couple.”

“I am an employee of Hucheng,” Wu Tong smiled as she ultimately gave Xu Tingsheng a standard answer which could be taken both ways.

“Then, if I’d like to ask you to help me with something, Sis Tong, and Lu Zhixin cannot be allowed to learn about this,” Xu Tingsheng hesitated for a bit, “Well, would that be okay?”

Was there really going to be a struggle over authority? A bewildered Wu Tong asked, “What do you mean by this, Boss Xu?”

“I too need a trusted aide whom I can rely on,” Xu Tingsheng said sincerely and bitterly as well, as if hinting at the existence of some major enmity.

Having been working for many years, Wu Tong had experienced quite a number of methods in the past, whether it had been people trying to draw her over or ostracise her. It was even to the extent that while the reason she had left her former company was her child in name, it was actually because of some internal conflicts within the company which she had been unable to remain neutral in. She had been one of those who had backed the wrong team in that struggle over authority.

Yet, whether it had been the course of an internal struggle or an attempt to pull her over to their side, there had definitely never been anything like this before...could this even be considered trying to draw her over?

“What Boss Xu wants me to handle isn’t related to the company?” Wu Tong organised her thoughts before asking.

“Right,” Xu Tingsheng admitted.

“Does this matter have to do with a woman?”

“...How did you know?”

“Because Boss Xu just stressed that I am not to tell Boss Lu about this. Also, you’ve had a conflicted expression on your face ever since the start of the meal. You seem very troubled.”


“How about you tell me about it in brief first, Boss Xu?”

“...It’s okay if I say it?”

“Boss Lu definitely won’t be hearing about it, at least. Of course, I cannot guarantee that I will definitely be able to help.”

“Great! I’m gonna say it then!”


After explaining the matter to Wu Tong, Xu Tingsheng carefully observed her reaction to it.

In truth, Wu Tong was feeling rather hesitant now. Getting involved in the private affairs of one’s boss was a very unwise decision in the corporate arena, especially when Lu Zhixin clearly held the greatest authority in the current Hucheng.

“Help me out, Sis Tong,” Xu Tingsheng begged.

A troubled Wu Tong said, “Something like this...also, Boss Lu actually truly works very hard. She’s very capable, and her contributions towards Hucheng are great as well. I think that…”

Partway through her words, Wu Tong stopped herself from speaking any further. If it weren’t for the fact that Xu Tingsheng was really too not like a boss, she would actually already have overstepped her bounds greatly in saying things to this extent. In reality, this already encroached on Xu Tingsheng’s way of life.

Wu Tong suddenly regretted it, wishing that she had never asked about this incident.

Because of how ‘unreliable’ and ‘unique’ Xu Tingsheng seemed, she had unconsciously fallen overly relaxed earlier, hence having overlooked the corporate principles which she had always abided by.

“That’s why we can’t let her know,” Xu Tingsheng said.

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