Chapter 285: I won’t let you suffer anymore

Chapter 285: I won’t let you suffer anymore

Huang Yaming actually had an ‘entourage’ of women.

When he had been staying in the hospital, not a single one of them had asked if they could come over to take care of him. This was especially so when they found out that he had been injured after being ambushed by someone. Most of them could not have been more averse to the idea of visiting him as they had dared not even show their faces.


The Mercedes-Benz G500 directly drew to a halt in front of the inpatient building of the hospital.

Following that, a red Ferrari stopped behind it.

“What’ve you come over for?” Huang Yaming asked Tan Yao.

Tan Yao got off the car, coming over to help the ‘disabled’ Huang Yaming open his car door, “To pick you up. When I called Bro Xu just now, he said that you’re going to be discharged, and so I came over.”

“...The problem is, how did you end up driving Ye Qing’s car over?”

“I just happened to be at some weirdass concert with her. I nearly ended up crying just listening to it. And wasn’t I afraid that I might miss you? And so I got her to take a taxi back herself. Also, a red Ferrari! Picking you up from the hospital in a Ferrari-grand enough for the occasion, huh?”

“But,” Huang Yaming asked, “Why weren’t you two in bed together, but at a concert?”

“Actually, I don’t really understand it myself,” Tan Yao said rather uncomprehendingly.

Having originally said ‘This old man won’t go to see her next time’, Tan Yao had nevertheless still gone again in the end. Perhaps this was because Ye Qing possessed more charm than those girls of Tan Yao’s, also being able to provide him with a sense of triumph at having ‘conquered’ such a lofty, powerful women.

Initially, they had merely had relationships of the flesh over the course of the night. After they woke up in the morning, she would give him money before telling him ‘see you again’.

Afterwards, Tan Yao had really been unable to stand this kind of feeling anymore. Waking up one morning, he had thrown all the money that Ye Qing had given him thus far onto the table and told her, “Don’t look for me again.”

Two days later, Ye Qing had called Tan Yao.

Tan Yao asked, “What?”

Ye Qing said, “Let’s have dinner together, your treat.”

Afterwards, the two had eaten together, shopped together, gone mountain climbing together, attended a concert together…

“She’s probably feeling very empty inside,” Tan Yao said, “Actually, she isn’t such a cold person. She’s pretty fun sometimes. Even when wearing flat shoes, she can still walk in the night market for the entire night.”

“This isn’t right. You even dared to ask her to take a taxi back on her own,” Huang Yaming said.

“The heck, you’re right! I didn’t even realise it myself. How did I come to act so overbearing?” Tan Yao was shocked by his own audacity.

“The two of you aren’t dating, right?”

“That can’t be, right? She isn’t crazy.”

“Maybe she’s just never met your type before. She’s felt the novelty of love from you and finds it to be fun. You’d better not take it too seriously! She can have whatever fun she wants, but you can’t. You can’t afford to.”

“I know that. It’s impossible between us.”

As the two continued chatting, Xu Tingsheng pushed Huang Yaming, “Don’t you care about other people’s affairs now, and don’t you try to make use of this to soothe your nervousness. Stop hesitating. Either you get on the car or you go upstairs. Hurry up and decide.”

Huang Yaming took two steps forward before looking back at them, “Why aren’t you guys going up with me?”

“Call us only when you need help carrying things,” Fu Cheng said.


Two colleagues and the Head Nurse surrounded Chen Jingqi, jostling around the window as they watched Huang Yaming’s trio round the bend and vanish.

The Head Nurse had still yet to cease her mockery. Once in a while, she would also feign deep concern and talk about Dr Liu’s good points, such as his flat in the city district, his car, his salary and his prospects.

Then, she would go on ridiculing Chen Jingqi.

“Wow, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari!” A young nurse shouted.

The other young nurse scooted over for a look, “Where, where? Let me see.”

The allure of luxurious cars was ever present. Even men were unable to keep from giving them a few extra looks sometimes.

The yearning of young nurses was much greater than that. Having watched too many television dramas in their free time, especially Korean dramas, they would occasionally fantasise that some patient of theirs whom they had been taking care of was really a rich, handsome, domineering CEO or the scion of some major family.

Then, as they cared meticulously for him, the seeds of love would secretly sprout in his heart...a perfect drama scenario would unfold.

Tan Yao opened the car door. Huang Yaming got off the car.

These nurses who interacted more with Chen Jingqi had all secretly gone to take a look at Huang Yaming before.

“408’s back,” One of them told Chen Jingqi.

Chen Jingqi turned to face away from the window, her mind thrown somewhat into disarray.

“Is he back to say thank you? Or could it be…” The young nurse mused.

“Maybe he just forgot to take something,” Chen Jingqi tried her best not to get her hopes up.

When Huang Yaming finally arrived at the entrance of the shift rotation room, the entire space was already half-filled by female nurses who had hurried over to watch the commotion.

Huang Yaming stood by the door.

Chen Jingqi did not look at him. The other nurses were all watching on excitedly.

The ‘old hand’ Huang Yaming was actually feeling panicked as well.

“So...Qiqi,” Huang Yaming said softly, “I’ve been discharged.”

Chen Jingqi said, “Yeah, I know.”

“Thank you for taking care of me these past few days.”

“It’s nothing. This is only expected from me as a nurse.”

Faced with Chen Jingqi’s cold, indifferent tone, Huang Yaming did not really know how he should continue. As the room fell rather silent, he unconsciously retreated two steps back, hesitating over whether or not he should go on.

Because of these two steps, smatterings of conversation could now be heard throughout the room.

“Just a thank you? I thought she really managed it.”

“Yeah. Look at Chen Jingqi, she’s feeling so upset.”

“Isn’t that right? I say, no wonder she was feigning so much in front of Dr Liu!”

“Who would have thought that her scheming actually ran so deep? Did she tell anyone that 408 is a tycoon? And one so young at that. I say, no wonder she was so enthusiastic about it, taking care of him day unto night, feeding him, pouring water for him...everything.”

“She herself was secretly aiming for him; how would she be willing to tell you?!”

“Don’t say that! They already knew each other before.”

“Huh, and you even believe this?”

“Wasn’t it still totally pointless anyway?!”

Chen Jingqi was able to hear all of this. Huang Yaming was actually able to as well.

Huang Yaming inhaled deeply before he asked, “So, Qiqi, how’s that thing I asked you to think about last time? ...If you’ll agree to it, how about you leave together with me today.”

Leave together with me today.

As soon as this was said, all sounds of discussion were instantly quelled completely.

Chen Jingqi still did not speak.

Huang Yaming could only continue, “Rest assured, if you are bullied even a little over there, I’ll kneel down and carry you back. Come with me. Things over here are really too taxing on you.”

A scenario from the fantasies of countless people present played out in reality just like that.

Being a nurse, an angel in white, sounded fresh and all, but in truth, it was a taxing, pressuring job that did not pay well. Most of them wished that they did not have to live such a life…but for want of a better option.

Chen Jingqi was finally somewhat unable to control her expression which had remained cold throughout as she sniffed.

A colleague who was on good terms with her touched her back, saying softly, “Go on! Don’t be silly, he’s already gone to this extent. If he were to ask someone else like that, who here wouldn’t charge right over? If it were me, even I would want to charge right over.”

Her colleague’s stance was only natural. There were two luxurious cars parked downstairs, and Huang Yaming’s appearance was indeed not bad. As for attitude? There was really no fault that could be found with that.

Under such circumstances, what was there still left to hesitate about?

Seeing that someone was helping to speak up for him, Huang Yaming struck while the iron was hot, going up to her, “If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it that you agree. Which are your things? I’ll help you to pack them up.”

With that, not waiting for Chen Jingqi to respond, he dragged along a ‘crippled arm’, going straight over to help her pack up her belongings.

In the end…

He picked something up, but Chen Jingqi took it away from him with a cold look on her face.

Huang Yaming saw no other solution here as he used that ‘crippled arm’ to carefully grip a cup, saying shamelessly, “Snatch this if you can bear to...if you exert force, it’s five parts that this arm will be breaking into!”

Chen Jingqi was finally unable to keep from smiling as she laughed even as she cried, “Who’s snatching it? That isn’t even mine! It’s our...Head Nurse’s.”

Huang Yaming drew back his hand in an incomparably disdainful manner.

“...Stop it right there. You arm’s already like that! I’ll pack up myself,” After saying so, Chen Jingqi lowered her head and began packing on her own, sniffing, “You just know how to be shameless.”

Huang Yaming smiled sheepishly, “I can’t help it!”

And after saying so, he still went over to help her.

Chen Jingqi did not have many things in the shift rotation room. She kept them inside a plastic bag which Huang Yaming promptly took enthusiastically from her as he asked, “So, can we go now?”

“I still have things in the dormitory.”

“Right. I’ll go with you to pack up now.”

Chen Jingqi bid those colleagues that she was familiar with farewell, the Head Nurse included.

Then, she changed out of her nurse uniform and went downstairs with Huang Yaming.

Soon, a few people helped her to move her belongings out of her dormitory room, loading it onto a car.

The people upstairs continued watching as the ‘handicapped’ Huang Yaming helped to open the car door very obsequiously. Chen Jingqi got on the car. Then, the Mercedes-Benz and the Ferrari as well as their formerly most bullied colleague all left together just like that.

The Head Nurse curled her lips and walked away. The enthusiasm of the young nurses, though, was at an all-time high.

“So lucky! How come we didn’t manage to get one?”

“Looks like I should also treat my patients a little better in the future.”

“No...that 408 was originally allocated to me...I disdained that he was injured so bad, his arm broken into three whole would really be troublesome to care for...and so I pushed it over to Chen Jingqi...sob, sob…”

“Who asked you to bully the newcomer.”

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