Chapter 275: You really deserve to be scolded

Chapter 275: You really deserve to be scolded

Ding Sen felt rather awkward at how everyone was ignoring him despite him having domineeringly stalked over like this.

Wu Kun and Ye Qing had both yet to speak. Hu Shengming and the others did not seem remotely inclined to bring an end to this conversation of theirs.

Gao Yupo finished speaking.

Chen Yan suddenly said seriously, “Did you guys notice something just now? I kinda envy Xu Tingsheng a little because of that.”

“You’re talking about Lu Zhixin?”

Hu Shengming said, his face filled with envy, “That chick’s pretty, cold and capable. Her fame’s been there for quite some time already. If not for her being a little young and never ever coming out to play, there’d probably would be many trying to win her over. Who would have thought that she’d be acquired so easily, even acting like such a little woman. Brother Xu’s awesome alright.”

As compared to the 24-year-old Hu Shengming, the 27-year-old Chen Yan already had some experience working in the bureaucracy and was also engaged with the daughter of a Bureau Chief. Playing along as the situation demanded was normal, but he indeed paid much less attention to women usually.

Therefore, Chen Yan had really never paid any attention to Lu Zhixin before as he was momentarily speechless before he smiled, “That does seem to the case. That’s indeed something. Still, I was talking about something else just now. Did you notice that when Xu Tingsheng leapt up and charged out just now, Fang Yuqing and his other two friends also rushed out immediately after him without even asking anything at all when they realised?”

“I saw it. That’s brotherhood alright. Still, it isn’t like facing difficulties together is something that we’ve never done before,” Hu Shengming said.

“It’s different,” Gao Yupo who was of a similar age to Chen Yan said.

“How’s it any different? I even blocked a rod for you last year,” Pointing at his shoulder on which the scar had long since faded, the shirtless Hu Shengming told Gao Yupo, “Rod slammed down right here.”

“Yupo’s right. It is different,” Chen Yan said, “The key is how they asked nothing at all, knowing nothing at all about what the matter was and who they were up against. This means that it was simply a reflex action to them. Their reaction then was the most real, without any consideration and without any hesitation at all.”

Due to the rather abstract nature of Chen Yan’s explanation, Hu Shengming still seemed rather uncomprehending.

Gao Yupo sighed before continuing, “We’ve long since developed the bad habit of weighing the benefits and detriments carefully in whatever we do. Hu Shengming, honestly speaking, even if you’ve blocked a rod for me before, if something really happened to you one day, I’d definitely first look at who the opponent is and consider whether it’s worth it. The same applies to you as well; there’s no need to fool ourselves here.”

With Gao Yupo having directly brought this out into the light, Hu Shengming smiled awkwardly, nodding in agreement.

They had run into a mere bunch of insignificant hooligans, this being a significant factor in why Hu Shengming had been so courageous back then. Additionally, he had also more or less blocked that rod for Gao Yupo with improving the relationship between them in mind.

Both sides saw completely through this, yet neither minded it. They had not mentioned it prior to this because neither of them had ever felt as moved as they were by what they had seen today.

The three continued on this topic for a while, with Chen Yan eventually concluding, “Therefore, it’s probably impossible for such friendship and brotherhood to exist between us. Look at Fang Yuqing. We’ve hung out for a few years now; he can be considered to have brotherhood, right? But when has he ever acted like he has today? He isn’t a fool.”

Hu Shengming pondered for a while before saying in a rare earnest tone, “Since Fang Yuqing is still Fang Yuqing, it must be that Xu Tingsheng who’s different. Maybe he’s another kind of person. Say, what if we were the ones following him? Would we be such friends too?”

At Hu Shengming’s words, Chen Yan and Gao Yupo exchanged looks, falling into deep thought.

This question that Hu Shengming had inadvertently mentioned was actually very important. It concerned the attitude that Chen Yan and Gao Yupo would have towards both Xu Tingsheng and the Black Horse Club in the future.

And there was still this current incident.

Wu Kun still sat there, frowning. Those addicted to gambling who are also generally always able to win mostly aren’t actually as crazy as the impression which others have of them. They are, on the contrary, very calm people.

Truly considering their familial background, quite a few of those present surpassed Wu Kun who had started alone from scratch. He had only been able to attain his current status and influence primarily because his power base was comparatively broad, encompassing both the darker and aboveboard segments of society. Everyone had also been won over by his experience, methods and character.

People like Wu Kun who always consolidated an advantageous position with their every step did not like making too hasty a decision upon encountering matters. Just like Gao Yupo had said, such people would generally first ‘weigh’ the benefits and detriments in whatever they did.

Xu Tingsheng similarly knew this full well. Therefore, he held himself back as he simply waited.

On the contrary, Lu Zhixin who was usually the calmest was all flustered now, her mind thrown into chaos.

“This is my problem. I’ll handle it,” Lu Zhixin now clambered out of Xu Tingsheng’s embrace.

“What are you doing? Just sit here. I’ll handle things,” Xu Tingsheng pulled her back over.

Lu Zhixin looked at Xu Tingsheng. She had always thought that she understood him very well. This might have be true half a year ago, but over the past half year, there had been more and more things which she did not understand regarding him. This was especially so for what had occurred over the past few hours which was something she had no way of knowing at all. Xu Tingsheng had never intended to let Lu Zhixin participate in the real estate venture in the first place, never even having mentioned it to her.

Therefore, she judged that Xu Tingsheng was going to lose out against Ding Sen, especially with the latter having come here prepared.

Due to this, Lu Zhixin even rather regretted her actions somewhat. She believed that she should have left directly earlier and given Xu Tingsheng a call upon reaching home, only explaining things to him upon his return. That way, she would not have brought him such trouble.

With all that in mind, Lu Zhixin said, “I don’t need you to care about me.”

“What did you say?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Stop caring about me, Xu Tingsheng.”

“I don’t care. I’m still gonna care.”

Lu Zhixin did not speak as she tried to get up again.

Xu Tingsheng pulled her back and held her in place, saying, “Zhixin, I really can handle it. Be good and stop kicking up a fuss. You’ve already failed badly enough tonight. It’s time to let me step it and deal with things.”

If this had occurred a few hours ago, Xu Tingsheng might really have had no way of facing Ding Sen in such a situation. He might really have suffered a loss at his hands. Yet, a mere few hours later, Ding Sen was already sorely insufficient.

In that discussion, Xu Tingsheng had talked everyone present into boarding his deviant vessel.

It would not have been proper of Xu Tingsheng to immediately request of these people to find trouble with Ding Sen together. Still, with him having sent himself to their doorstep, that was a whole different matter altogether.

Xu Tingsheng knew that quite a few of those present were still hesitating, weighing what this might mean for them. However, he felt confident that the final decision would be in his favour.

The only thing that Xu Tingsheng still felt a little worried about now was that contract of the Lu Family’s. He was not very clear regarding this, but knew that it could spell quite a bit of trouble.

“Does that contract definitely have to be signed?” Xu Tingsheng asked softly.

Lu Zhixin hesitated for a moment. She was actually well aware that there was really no further possibility remaining of the contract easily being signed. Ding Sen was bent on making things difficult for the Lu Family using it, hence exerting pressure on her.

The problem at hand was instead much more serious.

Clenching her teeth, Lu Zhixin said, “Forget about that. My Dad can go take care of it himself. I’m really feeling tired.”

Xu Tingsheng nodded.

Gazing at his eyes, Lu Zhixin said, “Xu Tingsheng, let’s run Hucheng properly together. If my Dad really can’t go on any longer one day and falls, we can help him in his retirement, okay?”

Xu Tingsheng did not notice the hidden meaning underlying her words as he just thought that she was feeling worried, hence nodding, “You can rest assured on that.”

“Now, I…” Lu Zhixin said.

“Now, you just sit still and watch,” Xu Tingsheng directly interrupted her.

The pleasant click of a lighter being used could be heard in the background as Ye Qing lit up a cigarette rather boredly in the far corner of the room, continuing to watch the show.

Only now did Ding Sen discover that Ye Qing was present as well. Still, he did not believe that she was on close terms with Xu Tingsheng. He was also familiar with most of the other people currently in the room.

These people had always been the kind who loved mucking around wantonly and gathering together where things were livelier. It was not surprising at all that they were currently sitting together with Xu Tingsheng.

Those women present caused Ding Sen to feel even more certain of this. In this social circle, there were many who could have fun together, yet those you could depend on to help you in facing your problems were few and far between. Moreover, did Xu Tingsheng even possess such qualifications?

Ding Sen discarded all his reservations, his courage mounting.

“You needn’t feel so troubled, right, Bro Kun? All you have to do is raise a hand.”

Ding Sen took the silence in the room as something in his favour as he hastened Wu Kun rather overbearingly.

Ever since having returned from abroad and gained the upper hand in the competition over his family’s succession along with much high-spirited confidence, Ding Sen actually rather looked down on Wu Kun. He was merely a successful thug, not being on the same level as him at all.

It was just that he had gone along with the flow and been polite to him just like everyone else. Also, he was currently indeed on the other party’s territory at the end of the day. He believed that he had already given him quite a bit of face.

Wu Kun and Xu Tingsheng exchanged looks.

Xu Tingsheng smiled and nodded.

“Ding Sen, you should take your people and leave. I can pretend that nothing ever happened.”

Wu Kun had been feeling conflicted not over whether he should protect Xu Tingsheng but over whether he should make a move on Ding Sen with this as a precondition. He had just asked for Xu Tingsheng’s opinion on this. After all, with Xu Tingsheng not actually having eaten any major setback, if he agreed to let it go and resolve the matter now, Wu Kun would naturally not have to feel troubled over how to resolve things.

Sadly, though, Ding Sen did not realise this. He was currently at the height of his arrogance.

“You’re joking, Bro Kun?” Ding Sen asked, “I’ll put it this way. I won’t be leaving today if that bastard couple doesn’t come out, if that little bastard doesn’t have his arms and legs broken.”

“Ding Sen, you…”

Xu Tingsheng had only just stood up when he discovered that Lu Zhixin was speaking again, and was about to stand up as well.

An exasperated Xu Tingsheng said, “Lu Zhixin, you shut up.”

Then, he turned to Wu Kun, asking, “Bro Kun, do you have a room here where she can rest?”

“Yes, upstairs,” Wu Kun said.

“Right,” Xu Tingsheng turned, pointing at Lu Zhixin as he told Tongtong, “Tongtong, I’ll trouble you to bring her upstairs to rest. Please help to look after her. I’ll head up to find you later on.”

Tongtong nodded as she extended a hand to support Lu Zhixin.

Lu Zhxin struggled, “Xu Tingsheng…”

Having already been somewhat tipsy in the first place, her mood not being all that good either, Tongtong directly broke out rebuking, “Stop being so troublesome, you stupid bitch! Stop being such a nuisance when the men are talking, get it? He’s said it so many times already but you’re still making a fuss! This dame’s never seen a woman as stupid and troublesome as you before!”

The chastised Lu Zhixin was rendered dazed and speechless.

Xu Tingsheng turned to look at Tongtong.

Tongtong was immediately flustered as she looked rather nervously at Xu Tingsheng, stuttering, “Sor, sorry, I…”

“Well done, well scolded,” Xu Tingsheng said, “Now bring this stupid bitch up.”

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