Chapter 259: Chick Bao overwhelms everyone in mere seconds

Chapter 259: Chick Bao overwhelms everyone in mere seconds

Xu Tingsheng soon forget about Chen Jianxing’s matter, or rather tried hard to get himself to forget about it. The allure of power and authority were eternal. These enticing things easily caused people to lose themselves, next falling into precarious situations wholly unaware.

Attending lessons, going back after lessons.

Xu Tingsheng immersed himself in the life of a normal university student.

Zhang Yan had previously mentioned that they would be throwing a joint party for the first and second year students in the Chinese course. It was thus held in the lecture hall of their faculty.

Basically all the two hundred odd people from year one and two attended the event. Even Zhang Yan who was still limping badly came.

Of Room 602, there were only Xu Tingsheng and Li Xingming who were wholly uninvolved in the programmes and games. The two of them sat together at a corner in the second row from the back.

The preparations for this party had been done up hastily. It was not an official event, basically just being filled with performances as well as little games with everyone just happily gathering together and interacting with one another. The event’s main purpose was really for the juniors and seniors to get to know one another better.

As for individual goals, with a platform already having been provided, such was really up to everyone themselves.

Up on stage, the MCs, Tan Yao and some first year girl, had not prepared any script at all apart from the schedule of events. They basically just said whatever they felt like saying. Whenever they could not continue, they would simply start whispering into each other’s ear on the spot, discussing their lines.

Everyone would laugh as they waited for them to reach a conclusion.

In the end, the MC-ing had turned into Tan Yao picking up chicks live.

Not long after the party began, the female junior’s eyes that were on Tan Yao were already radiating light, filled with the glow of love as she blushed repeatedly, turned, pouted prettily.

Li Xingming was filled with righteous indignation at this.

“The heck, this Tan Yao’s really too shameless! The heck, I’d have gone if I’d known. I’d already discarded my face long ago anyway.”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “You find a chance later then. So many fresh young chicks out there, and none of them know about your dark history yet. What a great opportunity this is!”

Just considering Xu Tingsheng’s words, Li Xingming’s eyes instantly lit up as he shot up ramrod straight. So excited he was, he was sitting even straighter than a primary school student on their first ever day in school.


Magic show.

Next came the skit prepared by the second year students. The cross-dressing guy appeared tragic to the point of being unfit for human eyes. Ninety percent of the audience did not pay attention to the witty lines from the script at all, yet the entire hall was drowned in laughter. Having ‘narrowly escaped the tragic fate of death’, Xu Tingsheng heaved a sigh or relief.


Game. The first game which was rather in vogue now was about guessing vocabulary, one side miming and the other side guessing. A team from Room 602 appeared in this game, consisting of Old Wai and Lu Xu. In the end, they got disastrously wrecked by a group of first year juniors.

Next was singing again.

Most students in this era got on through the education system with hardcore rote memorisation. There were basically few who were talented in the arts. As for singing, anyone could try their hand at it. Therefore, the greater portion of the performances consisted simply of singing.

Xu Tingsheng smiled as he heard someone singing Apple’s songs, Rebirth’s songs, as he heard a first year female junior saying as soon as she got on stage, “The song I will be singing today is my favourite song from my favourite band, <The Brightest Star In The Night Sky>.

After the performance, the MC Tan Yao blinked, ‘joking’, “While Rebirth is mysterious, everyone knows that they hail from our Yanzhou University. Therefore, Little Sis, do you believe that your favourites may be sitting in this very room right now?”

Everyone laughed, though no one actually took it seriously.

Amidst the neverending singing, a first year female junior played the violin, this probably being one of the most special things there were to be seen here.

Then, what truly heated things up was the Indian dance of a petite female junior. No one was actually really concerned with how well she was dancing. The most important thing was how that costume she was wearing perfectly revealed her small waist.

And what a good waist it was.

Still, Xu Tingsheng had seen the highest-grade ‘waist’ on Xiang Ning before, therefore not reacting very much to this.

Still, the remaining guys in the room, especially Li Xingming, were all going crazy.

Following these two performances, if one were to say that a competition was secretly ongoing between the first and second years, it seemed as if the second years were doomed to defeat.

“Next up, household of second year’s Lu Xu. Watch the performance for yourself,” Tan Yao said before leading the female MC off the stage by the arm.

More than ten people entered the room. Five guys stood close together in a straight line. The remaining eight people each held one to three wooden boards in their hands as they stood at the ready at various positions and raised them.

Beneath many curious and expectant gazes, with a delicate ‘ha!’, a figure flew into the was that of a girl…

The first year students seeing Chick Bao for the first time collectively gasped, releasing shocked exclamations.

Without any prior warning, the five guys who were lined up in a row lowered their heads.

Chick Bao continued the momentum of her run before leaping straight upwards, soaring over the heads of the five guys as she stretched her body in mid-air. She extended her leg forward. Crack! The wooden boards located right behind the five guys were instantly split right into two.

Crack! Crack!

Before the applause had finished, Chick Bao landed, spun backwards and did a spinning kick, turned and performed a roundhouse kick, kicked backwards, did a smash kick, performed two consecutive kicks with both her legs...

In just a mere few seconds, the wooden boards at all eight locations had been smashed to bits.

Those hands could come together in applause no longer. Some even had their mouths opened wide.

“The performance is over. Thank you, everyone.”

Two guys stepped forward, unfurling a banner: Hucheng Education Taekwondo Training. All are welcome.

Then, Chick Bao walked off with that same cold, aloof expression on her face, not saying a word as she domineeringly led the remaining guys behind her out of the room.

There would be a similar performance for advertising purposes after military training had ended, during the university’s large scale freshmen welcoming party. Still, the scale then would be even greater, more content being put on display. Even Chick Bao’s senior brother who was rumoured to be able to break through walls would be making an appearance.

With this, everyone present regardless of gender fell into a heated frenzy. Chick Bao who had performed here as ‘family’ had completely won back the face of the year two Chinese students.

“That female senior’s so cool, so handsome! I think I’m falling in love with her.”

There were actually more girls than guys who said this.

As for the male juniors, with the male MC having said that Chick Bao had entered as ‘family’, already being taken, all enthusiastic thoughts of theirs could only be concealed amidst their passionate gazes and their heated applause, not being something they could say out loud.

Tan Yao who was always flirting with chicks every few minutes had suffered a complete defeat.

Chick Bao had overwhelmed and won the hearts of everyone, regardless of gender, in mere seconds.

Lu Xu who had come over after that previous game and was currently sitting behind Xu Tingsheng and Li Xingming, his face full of arrogance and triumph, said “That girl whom everyone is so overwhelmed by in admiration of, is mine.”

Which guy would not feel full of bliss at such a statement?

Li Xingning turned, saying to him in a rare serious tone, “Lu Xu, look, such a dazzling girl, and she treats you like a real treasure. You should be feeling contented! Don’t go causing problems once every few days. Can’t you just talk it out properly? Don’t blame me for sticking my nose into things. I really want to see things ultimately working out between the two of you.”

Old Wai added, “I’m waiting to give the two of you a red packet at your wedding.”

Xu Tingsheng believed that Li Xingming’s and Old Wai’s words were heartfelt. In the relationship between Chick Bao and Lu Xu, the former played the role of a guardian with much magnanimity and tolerance, having given so, so much such that things between them continued working out.

As for Lu Xu, he was always like a temperamental, unstable little kid.

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