Chapter 253: Reinforcements

Chapter 253: Reinforcements

Xu Tingsheng woke up early the next morning, intending to ask those female seniors to return Dongdong when going out for breakfast.

In the end, though he was just standing in front of the door and looking upwards, the management auntie kept on coming out and appraising him with wary eyes.

“What’re you doing, coming all the way here to stand so early in the morning?” She asked, a dark expression on her face.

The management aunties for the female dormitories were generally used to the guys trying to get on their good side, being arrogant and hard to speak with as a result.

Xu Tingsheng could only carefully maneuver himself out of this situation and go to the nearby grassy field to wait.

After a while, a female senior who wore a small singlet and shorts blearily came outside, looking at Xu Tingsheng who was smoking a cigarette downstairs.

Being very free, fourth year female seniors were prone to going wild. This senior who had just been worrying about having nothing to do that day was immediately alleviated of her boredom. She turned, excitedly shouting for her roommates, also wearing singlets, to come out from the room, only then calling out to Xu Tingsheng.

“Morning, junior!” The female seniors yelled from upstairs.

Gazing up, Xu Tingsheng saw a group of lightly dressed fourth year female seniors leaning over the railing as they looked down at him. Next appeared more and more female seniors in various styles of flimsy pyjamas...there were even quite a few of them in loose skirts…

With just this raising of a head alone, there were already many colours that entered his vision.

Xu Tingsheng dared not continue looking as he tilted his head away, saying carefully, “Morning, seniors. So, my dog…”

A female senior said, “The dog’s fine, but we seniors haven’t bathed and changed yet. We also haven’t eaten.”

Another female senior continued, “How about you help us buy breakfast, junior? We can bathe and change during this time, and then send Dongdong down to you later.”

Thinking that Dongdong had probably eaten quite a bit of the seniors’ food already, seeing how there seemed to be nothing else he could do, Xu Tingsheng acquiesced, “Alright. What do you like to eat, seniors?”

Soon, the female seniors from this dorm room all told him what they would like for breakfast.

As for the seniors from the other dorm rooms, they might already be scheming their future kidnapping of Dongdong.

Xu Tingsheng hurriedly left for the dining hall.

A short while later, he returned with a large bag that contained breakfast.

He shouted for them at the top of his lungs. In the end, the female seniors from Room 408 conveyed that those two who were coming downstairs...were currently putting on makeup.

Xu Tingsheng’s arms that were carrying that large bag of breakfast ached miserably till the two female seniors who had dolled themselves up finally exited the female dormitory in high spirits.

“Thanks for the trouble, junior.”

“Thank you.”

The two female seniors received the breakfast.

“You’re welcome,” Xu Tingsheng said, “Um, where’s my dog?”

“Dog? Oh, right away,” The female seniors who had spent so much time painstakingly putting on makeup explained, heading back upstairs after just that brief exchange.

After a while, they had already reappeared on the upstairs corridor, Dongdong still having yet to come down.

Xu Tingsheng could only ask again, “Seniors,…”

A female senior showed an innocent expression, saying earnestly, “We already talked to it and asked it to come down. But in the end, it just isn’t willing to go.”

Xu Tingsheng felt thoroughly dispirited.

The female seniors were still brimming with enthusiasm as one of them asked him, “Hey, junior, is your company still hiring? Do those of us from the same university have higher priority here?”

Xu Tingsheng answered, “We’ve been hiring all along. Still, I’m not that clear on the specific openings and professional requirements as well as the recruitment policies and whatnot. My colleagues are in charge of that.”

The female senior said, “Nah, other openings are fine. What I want to ask you is-are you still hiring a Lady Boss?”

Laughter erupted throughout the entire building.

If it were any one female senior interacting alone with Xu Tingsheng, they might not be brave enough to joke as unreservedly as this. Still, with the whole bunch of them currently gathered together, that was a whole different story altogether.

With the whole lot of them messing around like this, there was no need to hold back on saying anything crazy. Moreover, these seniors were already in their fourth year. They would have to look for jobs in a while. Therefore, they possessed a mindset of going a little wild at the end.

As Xu Tingsheng was feeling helpless due to how he probably wouldn’t be getting Dongdong back this time, his phone rang. It was the one with his old number from Libei.

“I’m in the phone booth at the bus station at the entrance of your academy city. Where’re you?” Little Xiang Ning asked over the phone, “No, where’s Dongdong? I’m here to see Dongdong.”

She tried her best to sound firm and earnest, emphasising that she had come here just to see Dongdong, this being wholly unrelated to Xu Tingsheng.

She had said yesterday that she would come, but Xu Tingsheng had not thought that it would be so soon. The problem was that...Dongdong was currently…

There was really no way that he could hide it.

“Wait for me. I’ll be right there.”

Seeing Xu Tingsheng answer a call before running off, the female seniors gazed bemusedly at one another, unable to make heads or tails of the situation for a time.

Still, there was one thing they could be certain of, and that was that this junior did not seem like someone who got angry easily. From what they had heard about Xu Tingsheng and seen of him in the university over this period of time, his behaviour was rather good.

Therefore, he was not a bad guy, and that meant that he could be bullied.

Therefore, there was no way they would be returning him the dog so easily.

It was more than a twenty minutes walk from the entrance of the academy city to Yanzhou University’s C District.

Still, Xu Tingsheng never drove his G500 in the university, with the car usually being kept with Huang Yaming. Not having a car, he ran to the fourth year male dormitories and yelled a few times before Fang Yuqing who was still sleeping got someone to bring down the keys of his decrepit Volkswagen.

This being a Sunday, Fang Yuqing, Fu Cheng as well as his own roommates were all still in bed.

This was very important to Xu Tingsheng. It was because of this that he knew for sure that they would not see Xiang Ning.

This was especially so when Fang Yuqing knew of Xiang Ning’s name as well as had seen her before, just not having connected her name to her face.

Soon, as the fourth year female seniors were about to go back to sleep or were in the midst of happily eating breakfast like those of Room 408, a car pulled up in front of the building.

“Hey, junior’s back again!” Someone yelled.

A short while later, the onlookers had all surged back out again, all filled with curiosity as to what sort of plan Xu Tingsheng who had just suffered a tragic defeat might have in mind this time.

On the car, Little Xiang Ning was still unaware of the situation. Xu Tingsheng had hurriedly come and picked her up, after which she had tried her best to maintain an indifferent, uninterested look towards Uncle, just asking, “Where’s Dongdong? Dongdong?”

Uncle just smiled awkwardly, not replying her as he simply drove her over to a female dormitory.

Through the window, Little Xiang Ning spotted a full eight floors of corridors of female university students rapidly congregating. In the neighbouring buildings, there were also some others, both male and female, who had woken up early and were slowly coming out to look in their direction.

“What’s this? Why are there so many people?” Little Xiang Ning asked somewhat nervously.

“Dongdong’s been kidnapped, right here in this building. I called for it, but it wouldn’t come down,” Xu Tingsheng said.

Xiang Ning said, “Oh?”

Xu Tingsheng proposed, “How about you try calling it down in a bit?”

Xiang Ning considered this for a moment before nodding, “Okay.”

The female seniors saw Xu Tingsheng going around the car and opening the passenger seat’s door, even carefully using his hand to block the top of the doorframe as he was the very image of a professional chauffeur.

“So, what major figure has come?”

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