Chapter 235: Want to terminate the contract? Dream on

Chapter 235: Want to terminate the contract? Dream on

More than ten minutes later, a Tianle VP knocked on the door, sending over their termination agreement with Apple that came without any conditions whatsoever. Jin Datang had already signed it. After Apple had signed it, the agreement would officially come into effect.

“Our Boss Jin asks-the matter will have ended with this?” The Tianle VP asked.

“It will have with me. As for within your industry, I'm not too clear on that,” Xu Tingsheng answered in a sly manner.

“We are aware of that. Apart from that, Boss Jin wants to ask-are you really a member of Rebirth?”

“I am.”

“Boss Jin says that Apple's matter isn't actually that major. There was no need to go to this extent. He was speaking a bit rashly just now. He also wishes Apple every success in her future endeavours.”

“I'm very sorry then. Thank you.”

“Is there still a possibility of holding back on Dingcheng’s matter?”

“You people can discuss this amongst yourselves. I don't know about all this.”

“Goodbye then. I hope that things will be amiable between us in the future.”

“Yeah, goodbye.”

The Tianle VP left. Xu Tingsheng leaned back against the sofa, his head upraised with his eyes closed.

Despite having vented his anger and also obtained the termination agreement, Xu Tingsheng did not feel as happy as he should actually have been, because Apple was currently sitting in the hall downstairs. She had lied to him. What had she come here for?

Now, Xu Tingsheng simply had to stand up and open the door to be able to see her, to be able to appear before her and tell her the good news.

Yet, he did not feel like going out now.


Apple was sitting uneasily in a corner of the hall. There were quite a few people sitting near her. The entire hall was filled with people, with people from Tianle as well as from other companies. This included even people from some modelling companies. The atmosphere was even more lively than it had been before.

Yet, she was all alone.

At this moment, she began to rather regret not having told Xu Tingsheng the truth. Reliance was actually a type of habit. Over these two months, she had long since grown used to it. Only when Xu Tingsheng was by her side could she feel so reassured.

To many people, the night had only just begun.

The dining table had already long since been replenished, the bands continuing to perform their music. It was as if the party had only just begun. Next, people began successively exiting those private rooms, coming downstairs. The newcomers began wandering about the area, hitting on people, being hit on.

In this grand setting, various socialisation methods were employed. While some of them might be enjoyable, more of them were ugly.

In life, right and wrong are actually very difficult to define sometimes. Those things that exist behind the successful are often easily overshadowed by the radiance of their achievements.

Apple still sat there. Her former assistant, Sis Juan, had insisted on coming over with her. Apple knew that she was worried about her. Still, she was someone else’s assistant now, and currently also being loudly ordered around. They could only interact via some subtle eye contact at most.

A person whom Apple really did not feel like seeing appeared in her field of vision.

A tipsy Zhou Yonghen was currently walking in her direction. Those of Tianle who were present enthusiastically greeted him. However much they hated and were dissatisfied with him, before this number one male artiste of their company, they could only feign a smile when seeing him.

Apple was the sole exception.

Yet it was precisely Apple whom Zhou Yonghen went up to as he feigned a concerned tone, “Apple, you’ve finally returned after resting for so long? Your Bro Yong was so worried about you! So, have you been doing well recently?”

Here, he reached out to pat Apple’s shoulder.

Apple hurriedly shifted to the side to evade it.

A dissatisfied look flashed through Zhou Yonghen’s eyes, but was gone in a flash as only that smile remained, “It's good that you've thought things through. Since you've decided to return, I'll help to put in a good word for you with Boss Jin. I can even sing another song with you in my next album...that is, if you've really learnt to be sensible.”

“No need. I’m here to look for Boss Jin to terminate my contract,” Apple bluntly refused.

She had already long since come to be aware of what this person had tried to do to her.

A mouthful of red wine spurted out of Zhou Youghen’s mouth as he broke out laughing, “Terminate the contract? Are you dreaming?”

He turned towards the others and continued laughing, “Did you hear? She says that she’s here to terminate her contract. Is that such an easy thing? Just you, sitting here like this, is enough?”

They all laughed as well in order to show Zhou Yonghen moral support in his mockery of Apple.

This was something that Zhou Yonghen would probably really regret later. He had actually only been focused on the women earlier, not having paid the slightest bit of attention to Jin Datang’s private room. In truth, Jin Datang too did not really like his artistes appearing in his private room.

As for the rest of those present, it was naturally even more impossible for them to be cognisant of the situation at hand.

Zhou Yongheng finally finished laughing. He sat down beside Apple.

“Stop dreaming, Apple. In truth, if you don’t want to perform in bars, you need only tell me. It’s impossible that I’d help you in getting your contract terminated, but this would still be possible…”

While Zhou Yonghen sounded concerned, his words brimming with emotion, Apple only felt

disgusted as she instinctively inched backwards, rising to her feet as she prepared to leave.

A girl behind her who had still yet to enter showbiz grabbed her, “Sis Apple, don’t be like this! It would be very troublesome for you otherwise. Also, Boss Jin hasn’t come down yet. Where are you going?”

“I’m here to discuss terminating my contract. I’m not interested in talking about anything else. Please refrain from disturbing me; I’ll just be sitting here to wait for Boss Jin,” Apple reiterated.

Then, she sat down again. Since she had already come, she decided that she should give it a go at the very least.


Sitting in his private room upstairs, Xu Tingsheng received a text from Huang Yaming:

“I’ve asked someone to help inquire for you. Apple says that she’s here to discuss terminating the contract. Also, she’s wearing a T-shirt, jeans and sports shoes without any makeup. Relax.”

Smiling in relief at the screen, Xu Tingsheng sent back, “I was never uneasy in the first place.”

Huang Yaming replied, “Get lost! What was your face like just now!”

Xu Tingsheng replied, “I just think that she’s too silly, too naive. How would she be able to take care of such a thing alone? Also, she didn’t even tell me about it.”

Huang Yaming replied, “Can we concentrate on hooking up with some movie stars now then?”

Xu Tingsheng replied, “Go on! Ask two people from Tianyi to move in closer. Don’t let Apple be taken advantage of.”

Huang Yaming replied, “Got it.”

Xu Tingsheng hung up, feeling a little exasperated whilst also amused.

The reason for his exasperation was Apple’s naivety as well as what he had only just reminded her about that very afternoon. Despite having met with a problem, she had actually not told him about it. Had he not been here today, she was likely to have suffered a loss, a humiliation at the very least.

As for the source of his amusement, first was none other than again, Apple’s naivety. Other than that, he also felt that he had already handled something correctly at the very least, a thing which Apple wanted done.

“I’ll take care of you when I get back,” Xu Tingsheng muttered to himself.

Then, he pressed the service bell, calling in the waiter who was constantly stationed outside.


Facing Apple who was seated rigidly upright, Zhou Yonghen adjusted his mood, continuing, “Alright, I’ll talk seriously here then. Apple, how much do you understand about Boss Jin? I definitely understand him better than you do, right? You’re really just dreaming if you believe that you can get your contract terminated with just this. I advise you to think about how not to make Boss Jin so mad later on, such that he won’t then arrange for you to go perform at bars.”

“Yeah, Apple!” The girl who had tried to persuade her earlier chimed in, “You should really apologise to Boss Jin later. Otherwise, if you really have to perform at bars, you definitely wouldn’t be able to take it with how your personality is.”

“Maybe she’ll be performing in a village next time,” Someone interjected, rousing many jeers.

Apple did not speak.

“Hey, Apple, you wouldn’t have found another company, right? Why aren’t they negotiating for you in person then?” Someone suddenly asked.

With this, everyone’s attention now focused on Apple. That Apple had managed to find a new company was the only logical explanation. Otherwise, having come to discuss terminating her contract just like this, it could only be interpreted as naive as well as foolish.

Actually, Apple too had already realised that her idealism had really just been a moment’s folly. Having known Jin Datang for quite a while already, she knew that he was definitely not the kind of person who would be moved and act benevolently just because of some mere words of hers.

It was true that the company had not spent much money on her, instead having profited greatly off her. Still, businessmen, Jin Datang especially, definitely wouldn’t make calculations this way.

In having directly sealed Apple into oblivion regardless of the costs this time, even as he had striven for greater benefits, Jin Datang had also done so in order to stamp down his authority, letting the company’s other artistes know the consequences of being disobedient.

Therefore, it would instead come as a real surprise if he did let Apple off so simply.

A rather despondent Apple answered, “I did not. If Boss Jin doesn’t agree, I’ll leave.”

“What about those performances you’re scheduled for later? Compensation?” Someone asked.

Apple was overwhelmed by doubt and uncertainty once more.

Seeing thus, Zhou Yonghen said triumphantly, “Boss Jin is probably still busy right now. You just sit here and continue to dream on. I’ll be off to have some fun. Tell me after you’ve thought things through. I can only guarantee that you won’t have to go and perform at bars.”

Zhou Yonghen stood up, all feigning good cheer as he raised his wineglass, preparing to leave.

A waiter walked over towards them.

“May I ask, which of you is Sis Apple?” He asked.

“Could she have caught someone’s eye? It looks like acting ‘holy’ does have its uses,” A few girls mocked, though some envy and jealousy could indistinctly be sensed from them as well.

“That’s me,” Apple said rather uneasily.

“Hello, Sis Apple. This is your termination contract. Look over it, and if there’s no problem, you can sign it. After you’ve done so, your contract with Tianle will officially have been terminated.”

The waiter respectfully placed a pen and the relevant document in front of Apple.

Everyone was shocked silly at this.

Zhou Yonghen who had been mocking Apple as dreaming and those others of Tianle were no exception.

Apple too was no exception.

“Is, is this real?”

A termination agreement without any conditions attached whatsoever naturally could not be any simpler. Apple carefully looked through it twice, also examining Jin Datang’s signature earnestly as she was still unable to believe it. She wanted to make sure that this was not a prank that was intended to humiliate her.

“It shouldn’t be real? I just called Boss Jin’s phone, and no one answered at all. How could he have signed the agreement for you? Also, you also didn’t talk with Boss Jin before this, right?”

After saying such to Apple, Zhou Yonghen turned, asking the waiter, “Who asked you to send over this agreement?”

“The gentleman from the private room upstairs,” The waiter pointed at Xu Tingsheng’s private room before he turned and left.

Apple included, everyone’s gazes fell on that ever quiet room upstairs, that room whose door was shut tight despite its very good location.

Who could it be inside?

Only Zhou Yonghen was aware that that it was definitely not Jin Datang there, nor was it Shi Zhongjun.

Yet, he too did not know who it was inside. He had not had the chance to participate in the discussion between bosses during the first segment of the party at all. Instead, he had been boasting about girls with some other men, after which he had tried to hit on some top-tier female artiste. He was even unaware of the fact that the person curently sitting in that private room was a new face, an unfamiliar young man.

“Could it be Boss Jin? Impossible! Then, could it really be that Apple has caught the eye of some boss who’s helped her to get her contract terminated?” This was what everyone else was thinking.

Apple herself was feeling even more on tenterhooks. She was the clearest on her own situation. She had not made any preparations at all in having come here today, also not having told a single soul about it, not even Xu Tingsheng.

Of course that she would guess that it might be Xu Tingsheng. Still, that was just impossible! He didn't know about this; he was currently in the midst of a business discussion; it was impossible for him to appear at this kind of cocktail party of the entertainment industry...

After having eliminated the possibility of it being Xu Tingsheng, Apple was even more bewildered.

She had come here purely in the heat of the moment. How was it that there was suddenly someone helping her with terminating her contract?

Also, it had been less than ten minutes since her arrival here. Even if someone, deciding to help her, had gone to look for Jin Datang to talk with him and pay the compensation fee for breaking the contract, it really shouldn't have been this quick?

Due to her unease, Apple hesitated on signing the termination agreement for a long time.

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