Chapter 231: What qualifications have you to speak with me

Chapter 231: What qualifications have you to speak with me

The location of the cocktail party was a luxurious villa that had been modified into a clubhouse. Outside the house stood powerful black-clothed security guards. As the car stopped, someone had already stepped forward to open the door for them before taking the car key and helping to park the car.

Seeing the red carpet lined between two rows of trees, the three exchanged looks, then smiled wryly. Here, it could be seen how they were a bit unused to this, resembling a fish out of water.

Then, they raised their heads and stuck out their chests, not exhibiting any fear.

As they walked, they saw that there were already quite a few people present in the courtyard. They were currently in the midst of exchanging pleasantries with raised wineglasses in small groups of twos and threes.

As the three basically did not recognise anyone at all, they were naturally not going to converse with them. Moreover, it was not this that they had come for. Xu Tingsheng had come for Apple’s matter, while Tan Yao and Huang Yaming had come for the young female artistes.

Passing through the courtyard, they saw Shi Zhongjun standing close to the door with two of his VPs. Seeing Xu Tingsheng, Shi Zhongjun went forward and shook hands with him, greeting him. He did not act overly enthusiastic here, treating him no differently from the other guests present.

Next, a VP went forward, covertly handing Xu Tingsheng a handphone as they exchanged some simple greetings.

Opening it, Xu Tingsheng saw that there was just a single number saved inside. This should be the ‘artilleryman’ that Shi Zhongjun had prepared for him. In order to alleviate Xu Tingsheng’s dissatisfaction, Tianyi had spent quite a bit of effort in their preparations this time round.

A violin and a piano were currently being played in the hall, well-dressed men and sexily-dressed woman walking around within.

“The heck, where are all the young female artistes?” Tan Yao muttered softly.

Half an hour passed as the three casually walked around and partook in some food and drink. They discovered that at this entertainment industry gathering, some well-known directors and famous stars aside, most of those here were actually people who seldom appeared in front of the media.

The men here were generally above a certain age category, also possessing bulging stomachs. There were merely a bit over a dozen youngsters who were around the same age as them here.

As for the women, most of them emanated a refined, elegant air.

There was probably no one who would have brought their mistress or the like here. The older women here were generally someone’s wife or themselves an important figure of the industry. As for the young ones, they should mostly just be someone’s daughter.

“Why don’t you aim higher then?” Xu Tingsheng pointed at two top-tier female movie stars who were currently conversing in high spirits with several men, asking Tan Yao and Huang Yaming.

The two looked over and conversed with each other in hushed tones before concluding, “Not within our capabilities, boss.”

“Just go flirt with two rich young ladies then,” Xu Tingsheng suggested.

The two looked rather moved by his words.

Now, a Tianyi VP who had returned to the hall came over, raising his wineglass in greeting as he said, “It’s fine so long as you remember to be polite.”

This was directed at Tan Yao and Huang Yaming as he continued after downing a glass, “The way they’re looking at you is actually the same as well. They’re wondering which family you’re from, and what would be a good way to strike up a conversation with you. So, it’s totally fine. Still, you’ve got to remember that you’re not to touch them. If you do, there could be trouble.”

“Don’t be hasty, my two young brothers. Just take it like you’re improving your relationships with people of the industry, getting acquainted with them. Those you can lay your hands on won’t be appearing so soon.”

Hearing his words, Huang Yaming and Tan Yao understood that there would definitely be a chance afterwards. As for right now, they should get to work and try to get better acquainted with those of the entertainment industry. Therefore, they chatted just a bit more before quickly raising their wineglasses and leaving.

Their relatively good looks aside, the duo was presentably dressed right now, their appearance being very convincing overall.

Actually, just having been able to enter alone was itself already the greatest indication of their importance. No one would dare look down on them. At times like this, the more the other party appeared unfamiliar, the more curious people would feel, raising their expectations and trying to get close to them.

Watching together from afar, Xu Tingsheng and the Tianyi VP saw that at their approach, the ladies indeed mostly welcomed them enthusiastically.

The two of them were both old hands at this, elites at picking up chicks. After getting over their initial nervousness and unease at such a situation, they quickly hit it off with those young girls.

“What about Boss Xu? Not interested?” The Tianyi VP turned and smiled at Xu Tingsheng, “There were a few over there just now who were even asking me about you, the old choosing their son-in-law and the young picking their boyfriend. Boss Xu possesses great charm indeed!”

“I’m timid,” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

The VP smiled back at him, “When they asked me earlier, I just laughed it off, saying that Mr Xu is a friend of Tianyi and ending it at that. Still, some of their families are really rather powerful. How about it, Boss Xu? Want me to accompany you there to get to know some of them?”

He had not mentioned the good looks of the ladies, simply having mentioned the strength of their families as he clearly felt that with Xu Tingsheng’s current situation, what he had to consider now was already no longer the matter of whether the girl was beautiful.

Generally speaking, most people definitely wouldn’t lack beautiful women after having attained such heights. Therefore, in looking for women, a greater factor for consideration would always be the compatibility of their background with their own, how much assistance they could give.

This was how the Tianyi VP viewed this matter. As he saw it, however much Xu Tingsheng doted on Apple whom he had hidden away, she still definitely wouldn’t be his actual choice.

Xu Tingsheng did not linger on this topic as he cut to the chase, “I don’t seem to have seen those of Tianle and Jin Datang.”

The Tianyi VP pointed upstairs, saying, “They should be in one of the private rooms upstairs. These people are generally always arranged private rooms. They’ll only be coming out when Boss Shi speaks and offers his toasts later.”

Xu Tingsheng nodded.

The VP said, “Boss Shi has arranged you a private room too. How about I take you upstairs?”

“I’ll be troubling you then.”

Xu Tingsheng really didn’t know what he should be doing amidst a crowd of random strangers. Hearing that there was a private room for him, it felt like he had been absolved of a great crime as he immediately made a ‘please’ gesture, following the Tianyi VP upstairs to the second floor.

The private room that Shi Zhongjun had arranged for Xu Tingsheng was located at an ideal spot as it would overlook the entire hall as one opened the door and exited.

Various dishes and beverages were already laid out inside the room. The VP sat down and helped to pour wine for Xu Tingsheng. Then, he asked the waiter to leave before taking the initiative to tell Xu Tingsheng some things regarding the entertainment industry.

From this VP’s words, there were some things that he would have to get used to sooner or later.

Xu Tingsheng had never associated with this industry in both his previous life and this one. Currently, he was listening with great relish to all this. For example, there were the unspoken rules. The so-called unspoken rules of the entertainment industry were actually far from what was discussed by those of the outside world.

The actual unspoken rules of the entertainment industry did not exist between those movie stars and directors. Instead, they existed between all these people who were currently present.

For example, whatever happened in cocktail parties like this would virtually never reach the ears of those of the outside world. Even if someone did something that was extremely unsightly here, even if two bosses began fighting due to some disagreements, the news would not spread at all.

There was no one who would say it, for if anyone did reveal the matter, they would become the target of everyone else, losing all possible routes available to them.

This included entertainment companies secretly exerting various means of all kinds to bait away people and snatch resources. They all relied on their abilities for this; there was no one who would go over crying and complaining to the media after having suffered defeat. A simple example would be when an artiste suddenly joined another company. The heavy storm that existed behind this was generally something that normal citizens would not be able to see at all.

Apart from that, even that kind of thing happening between bosses and artistes or bosses arranging for their artistes to attend to some important clients of theirs were things that these people of the industry were unable to utter a word about, however terribly the speculations were raging on in the outside world.

A while later, a waiter knocked on the door, saying that Boss Shi was ready to begin his speech.

Tianyi’s VP soon took his leave, going downstairs to stand with Shi Zhongjun. Xu Tingsheng too exited the lounge soon afterwards, preparing to head downstairs. Jin Datang was walking just a short distance in front of him.

There wasn’t much that Xu Tingsheng had to consider. He had come just for this sole purpose.

Xu Tingsheng hastened over, catching up with Jin Datang, “May I ask if this is Tianle’s boss?”

“Hello, you are?” Unable to be certain of Xu Tingsheng’s identity, Jin Datang answered politely.

Xu Tingsheng said, “I’m from Rebirth. I want to discuss the matter of Apple’s contract with you.”

Jin Datang was slightly taken aback, not having thought that a member of that elusive Rebirth might suddenly appear before him like this at such an occasion. He carefully appraised Xu Tingsheng who appeared merely twenty, who did indeed look like a university student participating in a band, one whose family might be a little rich at the very least.

Jin Datang smiled, “Then, let me ask you. Which company do you represent? Who invited you to the party and asked you to look for me?”

“It was Boss Shi who invited me. We cooperated a bit before,” Xu Tingsheng said, “As for me, I’m representing myself and Rebirth here. Apple is a member of Rebirth.”

Jin Datang had done quite a bit of research on Rebirth before. He knew that it was comprised of normal students of Yanzhou University. Then, if it was Tianyi who wanted to settle this matter, logically speaking, it definitely wouldn’t be a kid of the band approaching him were Shi Zhongjun really concerned about this matter.

Even artistes themselves were generally unable to get involved in matters of such purport.

Therefore, Jin Datang judged that it was merely perfunctory on Tianyi’s part that Xu Tingsheng had been able to get in here and look for him. Shi Zhongjun had never mentioned this to him in the first place.

Therefore, there was no need for him to give Xu Tingsheng any face, much less hold any reservations regarding him.

“If it’s like this,” Jin Datang said, “There’s nothing for us to talk about.”

After saying so, he resumed his footsteps.

Following after him, Xu Tingsheng said in a similar tone, “I’m afraid that we can’t not talk.”

Feeling rather angered by Xu Tingsheng’s words, Jin Datang said as he continued walking, “Apple is still contracted to our Tianle for the next four years and more. If you can spare five million in compensation, I’ll talk with you. Whether we can come to an agreement is another matter altogether. From how I see it, since she’s insensible, especially with how you’re even more insensible, she’ll just remain like this. If I want her to stay down, she’ll never rise again.”

Jin Datang had said that Xu Tingsheng was even more insensible. Here, he was referring to how Rebirth had refused to cooperate with Tianle’s exploitation, continuing to provide Apple their support.

Xu Tingsheng said calmly, “From what I know, Boss Jin has not invested any money into Apple at all, instead having earned quite a bit. Apple hasn’t even released an album in Tianle, so there shouldn’t be a need to go that far. We should settle the matter just like this, lest things turn ugly.”

Being unhappy with Jin Datang, Xu Tingsheng had never intended to have a proper discussion with him in the first place. The reason that he was talking with Jin Datang now was such that he would be able to account for the matter to Shi Zhongjun, telling him that it was not that he had insisted on the two companies going to blows when there was still the possibility of a settlement.

“I was already very lenient in giving her time to reflect before,” Jin Datang was infuriated by Xu Tingsheng’s ‘rude arrogance’ as he mocked, “Do not forget that she’s still contracted right now. If Tianle arranges a performance for her, she will still have to go no matter what.”

Now, he turned to address his deputy beside him, “Arrange a few performances at alcoholic venues for Apple, whatever kind of location is fine. Understand?”

Xu Tingsheng halted, looking at Jin Datang, “There’s no room for discussion between us then?”

“What qualifications have you to speak with me?” Jin Datang rebutted.

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Fine then. Still, if Boss Jin is looking for me later, remember to come look for me in the middle room.”

Then, Xu Tingsheng departed. Just as he had said earlier, it was actually a good thing that Jin Datang had refused to speak with him.

Jin Datang suddenly felt a bit uneasy as he asked his deputy, “Did he say, the middle room?”

His deputy nodded.

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