Chapter 211: Welcome to the reputability madhouse

Chapter 211: Welcome to the reputability madhouse

Apple had once been greatly skilled in the area of relationships. Actually, it could be said that this still held true now.

For example, Xu Tingsheng had earlier asked, “How about we pretend that we never stopped just now?” This was a question that would have left the both of them feeling awkward had Apple responded either seriously or in jest. However, Apple had given the most appropriate response.

Then Xu Tingsheng had said, “The precondition for being willing is that I love you too.”

The ‘too’ here did not necessarily connote it being mutual. It could also imply the meaning of ‘as well’ or even ‘as an accompaniment’. Pessimistic people might even think this mere consolation.

Apple knew of Xiang Ning’s existence. Yet, she did not make a fuss about this, not even going to consider it. She just seamlessly overlooked this in her own conception and her replying of his words, removing that final ‘too’ from amongst them.

This was EQ. Apple had once been greatly outstanding in this area. Now, she was steadily in the midst of regaining it.

Most people were usually too shy to discuss the topic of love. Over lunch that day, however, Fang Chen brought up this topic on her own accord, her goal perhaps being the discussion of ‘love can surpass gender boundaries’.

However, the other three clearly wouldn’t move along in this intended direction of hers.

“I think that love can be divided into three categories. One, like sharks love blood. Two, like plants love sunlight. Three, like dogs love cats.”

After Xu Tingsheng had finished saying this, Fang Chen replied, “There’s still another type. It’s the love between Opisthobranchs.”

Apple was very puzzled upon hearing this as she asked Xu Tingsheng what Fang Chen meant.

Xu Tingsheng said, “I also can’t understand it. This is too profound; us normal people don’t need to know what it means. Let’s just ignore her.”

Actually, all Opisthobranchs were hermaphrodites, possessing the reproductive organs of both sexes.

Lu Zhixin clapped her hands after finishing the meal, “I’m full. I’ll head up to the office first.”

She clearly didn’t intend to participate in the discussion of this topic.

Apple was the most enthusiastic participant. She concentrated and thought for a while.

“I should be the ‘second’. Like plants love sunlight, warm, powerful, dazzling, the one and only… Then, I’m also the ‘first’. I’m a shark, right, Xu Tingsheng?”

After saying so, she shot Xu Tingsheng a seductive glance, baring her teeth and licking her lips.

Ever since Uncle had personally admitted that he was a virgin, Apple had begun liking to tease him this way.

Actually, for the second category, plants love sunlight, the greatest problem with it was that it could be reversed. If this really happened, the entire concept would have changed. As for the third category that she had not touched on, the love between dogs and cats, it was another kind of affection. It was more powerful and loyal as well as sensitive, fleeing at a moment’s notice...


Xu Tingsheng received a call from Huang Yaming. At first, he thought that it should be about him returning to Yanzhou. After all, it was not long before the new semester began. In the end, it turned out that he was inviting him to Shenghai on Shi Zhongjun’s behalf.

Huang Yaming said excitedly, “Tianyi will be holding a rather large cocktail party in a few days. Boss Shi hopes that you will be able to come.”

Xu Tingsheng was not interested in this proposition, “Me? Hasn’t the exchange of shares between Hucheng and Tianyi still yet to be publicised? Why would I attend his company’s cocktail party?”

Huang Yaming explained, “It isn’t an internal party. Many others from the industry will also be there...including Tianle’s boss, Jin Datang. What Boss Shi’s thinking is this-could you make use of this chance to settle what you asked him for help with back then? Right, how’s Apple doing?”

“Pretty good, she’s slowly recovering. Still, we haven’t mentioned this matter at all recently,” Xu Tingsheng thought about it, “Anyway, settling this matter first definitely wouldn’t be wrong. Tell Boss Shi that I’ll be there.”

Xu Tingsheng prepared to hang up the phone, but Huang Yaming called out, “Wait, wait! There’s still something I want to ask you about.”


“In the exchange of shares with Tianyi this time round, exchanging for less with more, did you actually make a big loss?”

“Why do you say that?”

“I coincidentally heard Boss Shi chatting with some friends over wine. He said that this piece of business was the greatest deal he struck this year.”

Xu Tingsheng suppressed his tone, “He did earn big. Still, we didn’t make a loss. At the very least, we managed to expand into another domain, extending a hand into it. You’d best learn well from him and get properly familiarised with things. I predict that there should be a golden age in entertainment in the near future. At the time, I hope that you’d have matured sufficiently.”

Huang Yaming just chortled, “Tingsheng, aren’t you just speaking like some wise, experienced person in order to try to hide things?”

Xu Tingsheng rebutted, “What do I have to hide?”

“You actually made a big loss. Also, you’re very clear on this yourself. Still, it’s for Apple, and so you’re willing, right? You’re really willing to sacrifice quite a bit for her.”

“...It was also for you.”

“You’re giving me goosebumps! I haven’t any breasts.”

Xu Tingsheng yelled at him to scram before continuing, “Take it like it’s for our dreams then. For your dreams of authority. Possessing authority in a particular profession is actually sometimes freer and more satisfying than possessing authority in officialdom. And for Apple’s dreams as well, if they still exist.”

“Helping me to actualise my dream of fame and power, it’s really been hard on you.”

“Isn’t it okay? At the very least, we can have a bit more motivation in doing things now. We can also account for things better to ourselves this way.”

“That makes sense. Actually, I’ve helped to prepare things for Apple as well.”

“Prepare what?”

“I’ll tell you after you’ve arrived.”

“That’s...fine, I guess.”

“I’ll be waiting then. Hurry up! Right, if it’s convenient, bring Tan Yao along as well. He’s been badgering me recently about wanting to have a taste of things here. In the meantime, he wants to try to pick up some hot movie stars as well, seeing if the bodily structures of actresses are the same as that of normal women.”

“I’ve discovered that he actually has the greatest aspirations amongst us, and an entrepreneurial spirit as well. He treats women as his profession.”

“That’s true.”

Afterwards, Shi Zhongjun still did call Xu Tingsheng personally, bringing up the matter of the cocktail party. Xu Tingsheng agreed to it very straightforwardly.

Knowing that Xu Tingsheng was going to go to Shenghai, Apple very meticulously helped him to pack his luggage, neatly placing it by a side of the sofa. Every time Xu Tingsheng went out on a work trip, she would always do this. Once in a while, she would go together with him. While Xu Tingsheng handled his business-related matters, she would simply be a tourist.

However, she didn’t ask Xu Tingsheng if he could bring her along this time.

Xu Tingsheng didn’t bring it up as well. It clearly wouldn’t be appropriate to bring Apple along to Tianyi’s cocktail party. He was afraid that it might be too much of a blow to her.

Xu Tingsheng didn’t even want to tell her now that he was preparing to help her to terminate her contract with Tianyi. He wanted to wait for her to make her own decision first, wait for her to naturally consider whether she still wanted to continue with it, and with what mentality.

She had once taken it as a path through which she might be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Xu Tingsheng one day, never having considered if she truly liked it.

Xu Tingsheng was waiting for her to think about it, also preparing a completely different mindset for her beforehand, one of independence and ease.

If she gave up, Xu Tingsheng could take it like he hadn’t done anything at all before, even if he had actually paid a big price for it. If she decided to go for it, though, Xu Tingsheng would open that door, pointing out the bright, radiant path that lay ahead of her.


Xu Tingsheng and Tan Yao drove Fang Yuqing’s decrepit Volkswagen, arriving via the highway.

Huang Yaming stuck his head out from the front passenger seat of a Bentley, waving, “Welcome to the reputability madhouse.”

Xu Tingsheng scolded, laughing, “It’s not like your bro’s never been to Shenghai before.”

“It isn’t the same. Even if you’re here in Shenghai, you won’t always get to enter. Actually, most people who’ve lived here their entire lives haven’t even entered it before. So, again, welcome to the reputability madhouse.”

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