Chapter 208: Uncle Black Bear

Chapter 208: Uncle Black Bear

“Just didn’t hurt. It was just a little numb.”

After a long silence, the red flush having faded from her face, Little Xiang Ning raised her head and looked at Xu Tingsheng, saying so softly and hesitantly. Actually, she still didn’t understand the situation. This was just an instinctual shyness that stemmed from nature.

In the end, Xu Tingsheng asked, “Just a little numb? Nothing else?”

Little Xiang Ning shook her head, “Nothing.”

Xu Tingsheng rolled his eyes, “Then, how did you become all...drunk-like?”

Little Xiang Ning couldn’t understand this as she softly rebutted, “What? There wasn’t anything.”

This little wifey look, even visually appearing like a weak, pitiful little daughter-in-law candidate who was being reared from young, left Xu Tingsheng not knowing whether he should laugh or cry as he could only force a smile, “Just now, you almost made me think that…”

“Think that what?”

“Was it really just a little numb? Nothing else? Like...Might you be feeling like you need to change your, your pants or whatnot?”

Xu Tingsheng having suddenly said so, Little Xiang Ning felt even more uncomprehending as she opened her eyes wide, asking in puzzlement, “There really wasn’t anything! Why would I have to change my clothes or my pants?”

Dirty and impure thoughts might still be fine usually, but they would be exposed so glaringly as soon as they met with purity and goodness.

“Nah, it’s nothing,” Uncle said bitterly.

“But it was really strange. Also, it felt very comfortable. How about...I tell you about it?” At first, it was like this. My heart tensed a little. But it didn’t hurt! Then, it began to go all itchy, and itchy…”

There were clearly just the two of them in the vast classroom. Yet, Xiang Ning spoke secretively as she leaned over, whispering into Xu Tingsheng’s ear.

But there was no one who would speak of such affairs in such a pure manner. The impure Uncle was unable to continue listening any longer. He scooted back, saying, “Don’t! I’m not listening.”

“What’s up with you?”

Her excitement still yet to fade, Little Xiang Ning leaned forward a little more. In the end, she leaned too far forward…


She toppled right off the tall stool.

Xu Tingsheng hurriedly reached out and grabbed her.

With this, he grabbed onto the wide collar of her taekwondo uniform. This wasn’t actually anything much. More crucially was that he accidentally caught the collar of the shirt that she was wearing as well.

Xu Tingsheng grabbed onto two layers of collars, while Little Xiang Ning half-dangled there as she was caught.

“ this? Just a piece of cloth? But it’s very clear. The development is just like this; there’s no improvement at all. It looks like there’s nothing more I should be expecting for this in this life.”

Little Xiang Ning was rendered dazed for a while.

“Hey, you’re still looking? Dirty ruffian!” She reactively rebuked.

“It’s not like there’s anything to be seen,” Xu Tingsheng smiled relaxedly as he replied.

Just two years later, one would easily see women wearing clothes that revealed as much as that out on the streets. It really wasn’t serious at all. Moreover, there indeed wasn’t much to be seen.

Little Xiang Ning forcefully wrenched off Uncle’s ‘demonic claw’, pulling her clothes back into proper position as she hugged her chest protectively.

“But you still Uncle was actually this type of person.”

Due to Xu Tingsheng’s relaxed attitude, for an incident that should have actually been extremely major, Little Xiang Ning didn’t see the problem as being too serious as she just felt like she had suffered a loss...whilst also feeling a little unresigned.

“I was just reminiscing,” Xu Tingsheng murmured softly before saying, “Actually, there’s really nothing much at all to be seen there.

“Really? Why?” Little Xiang Ning felt rather despondent.

She was still asking why? Uncle wondered about how he could explain it to Little Xiang Ning in a more tactful manner.

He pondered for a while before asking, “Have you studied <The Ballad of Mulan>? ‘The sound of one sigh after another, as Mulan weaves at the doorway’…”

“Yep,” Little Xiang Ning nodded.

“Have you ever wondered about this before then? Why was it that although Mulan was a girl and pretended to be a man in the army for so long, no one ever discovered that she was really female?”

Little Xiang Ning shook her head.

“The answer is actually in the verses.”

“In the verses? The teacher never taught us about that before.”

“The teacher was keeping the good things to himself! Being truly competent yet unwilling to teach everyone-how is he as good as me? Let’s have it this way. You recite all of <The Ballad of Mulan> that you can remember, and I’ll tell you where the answer lies,” Xu Tingsheng eloquently explained.

“Alright. The sound of one sigh after another, as Mulan weaves at the doorway...A dozen volume of battle rolls...Mulan has no elder brother...”

“Stop! It’s in this line.”

“Which line?”

“The one you just recited.”

“Mulan elder brother(zhang xiong)?”

“Right! Mulan breasts grown(zhang xiong), and that’s why no one was able to tell. Your situations...are the same.”

Little Xiang Ning thought focusedly for a while before finally realising what he meant, “Hey, you…”

Then, she stomped right on Xu Tingsheng’s foot, “Xu Tingsheng, you bully! You already looked, and you’re still bullying me. You still said that you didn’t…”

Xu Tingsheng explained, “It’s the truth! Actually, to be honest, the best-looking parts of your body are actually your legs, as well as your waist."

At the present time, Xu Tingsheng definitely understood more regarding this than Xiang Ning herself did. She definitely wouldn’t gain a crazy hot figure, that was absolutely certain. However, this did not prevent every part of her from being just perfect, especially her legs, as well as her waist which was supple and slim, drawing a perfect arc.

“So it was like this,” Having managed to regain a bit of dignity with quite some difficulty, Little Xiang Ning looked down at her legs before trying to look at her waist. Unable to see it, she extended her hand towards her back and then felt it.

“Are they exceptionally pretty?” She asked Xu Tingsheng smilingly, her eyes slightly narrowed.

“Yeah,” Xu Tingsheng nodded, expressing truthfully from the bottom of his heart.

“Ha, you’re exposed!” Xiang Ning said excitedly.

“What’s exposed?” Xu Tingsheng was bemused.

“You ruffian, if it’s my legs, you saw it when I was wearing a skirt. But that my waist is could you know that? Dirty ruffian, say it! How could you know?” Little Xiang Ning raised her head, saying in a triumphant tone.

“How have I just seen it before? The first time I cuddled it, I said that it felt good, and even got hit by you. After that…” Xu Tingsheng murmured softly.

“What’s that?”

“I said that I guessed it.”

“Oh, then…” Little Xiang Ning stopped midway through her words, looking down as if conflicted about something.

“Then what?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“How about, how about I let you touch my...waist a bit.”

The way Little Xiang Ning had looked as she shyly said this, the momentum of her going all out at the end, as well as the way she had said it...Xu Tingsheng felt as though he had been struck by lightning and smote to ashes.

“Hey, Miss Xiang Ning, who taught you all this? Who told you that you needn’t cherish yourself, that you can do things like this?” An infuriated Xu Tingsheng panickedly questioned.

“That’s not it,” Little Xiang Ning said aggrievedly, “No one taught me that. It’s even vomited blood protecting me a few days back, suffering so much. I thought that I should be a little better to you. I’ve found that you look like a black bear who’s seen honey when you look at my waist. Also, I won’t get pregnant just being touched a classmate taught me this.”

“A black bear...who’s seen honey? Is it that obvious?”

The matter of Uncle Black Bear and little loli honey could be set aside for now. Xu Tingsheng felt that he should be a little sterner regarding the young girl’s worldview.

He reached out and grabbed Little Xiang Ning’s shoulders, saying sternly, “Who told you you could do this? Which bastard taught it to you? Let me tell it to you, the most foolish thing you can do in this world is marrying a person just because he did a little something for you, okay? That way, if you marry every random person who helps you, saves you, would you be able to marry all of them? Or would you be good to all of them, letting them touch your...waist a bit?”

“Hey, you’re hurting me.”

Xiang Ning struggled mightily, pushing away Xu Tingsheng’s hands that were on her shoulder before looking up and glancing at him aggrievedly as she rolled her eyes, “I wouldn’t for others, I’m not that stupid. I’ve also never let anyone touch my waist a bit before. You’re just too much.”

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “You’re the only one, Xu Tingsheng, you know?”

“So it was like this. I’m sorry,” Xu Tingsheng said awkwardly.

“ you want to touch? Black bear.”

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