Chapter 197: Aura still has to be cultivated

Chapter 197: Aura still has to be cultivated

This main group right in the middle was currently surrounded by two other groups of people.

The inner one consisted of those originally standing a distance away who were not in charge of fighting. Fang Yuqing referred to them as the rather more incompetent bunch of second gens in the vicinity of Yanzhou City. They generally had rather more competent siblings who were of the same social circle as Fang Chen, while Fang Yuqing just hung out with these incompetent ones.

Of course, ‘competent’ and ‘incompetent’ here were only in the comparative sense.

As they watched Xu Tingsheng beginning to handle the problem for real, they all gathered closer for a look. Suppressing the atmosphere was of secondary importance. They mainly wanted to make use of this to learn more about Xu Tingsheng whom no one understood.

The outer group consisted of more than forty big men in black T-shirts who had the area solidly surrounded, blocking them off from view.

Now, the bald Bro Kun’s gang was staring at Xu Tingsheng as if they were gazing at the ‘devil’ incarnate. He had yet to act, but his way of handling things left them all quaking in their boots.

The devilishly enchanting woman was trembling by the side as she sobbed. As Xu Tingsheng glanced at her, she hurriedly covered her mouth, no longer daring to utter a sound.

Things today had begun because of her. It was because she had unceasingly pushed things, refusing to let go. If not for her, Xu Tingsheng would have long since compensated them with fifty thousand yuan and left. Also, she had even gone up and personally kicked Xu Tingsheng…

Zhong Wusheng was feeling greatly comforted. He had always known how remarkable Xu Tingsheng was. However, it had previously been from the perspective of how clever and capable he was. Looking from another perspective now, Xu Tingsheng’s way of handling matters was so mature and decisive, thorough as he was prepared for all eventualities...

The current situation was one where their side held the advantage. However, Xu Tingsheng had even already made preparations earlier for if they ended up being at a disadvantage and had to navigate things as the weaker side.

“Tingsheng is really...even more remarkable than I’d thought. The Xu Family is truly fortunate.”

Zhong Wusheng was unwilling to use the terms ‘shrewd’, ‘scheming’ or ‘black-hearted’ on Xu Tingsheng, being very unwilling to admit that he had such a side to him. This was because he was always so warm and magnanimous, thinking for the sake of others.

Having been one of those who had been taken care of by him, Zhong Wusheng knew that he was one of those Xu Tingsheng thought for. To some extent, he, his wife and their child were beneficiaries of this, leading stable, sufficient lives as a result.

However, such thoughts actually did flash through his mind.

Behind him, his two bros who were seeing Xu Tingsheng for the first time reached out and jabbed his back. When he looked back, they secretly flashed a thumbs up at him. The trio exchanged looks, smiling together.

They had witnessed Mr Xu’s magnanimity as well as the current gradual formation of his aura, thus already willingly tying themselves to the Xu Family’s ship. Now that they had seen the Xu Family’s only son, the rumoured Xu Tingsheng, not only were they not disappointed, they were instead feeling more confident.

Anyone would hope that the captain of the ship they rode would be the strongest and the best.

The ‘incompetent’ second gens exchanged glances, tacitly thinking the same thing. Their trip this time had not been a wasted one. Then, they mentally increased their evaluation of Xu Tingsheng’s importance as well as danger level within their hearts.

This person was getting more and more interesting, more and more worthy of them befriending. Thus, this trip had been a very worthwhile one. Not only had they deepened their understanding of him, they had also improved the relationship between them and accrued a debt of gratitude.

Xu Tingsheng could actually also guess what these people were thinking, having already long since put it into consideration. He was happy seeing such a situation.

Afloat amidst this world,

Ship rippling atop water,

Aura, still had to be cultivated.

Aura, made one terrified.

Aura, made one crouch.

Aura, made one heavy.

Aura, made one climb.

Aura, made one afraid to heedlessly extend their hand.

Those who were currently present, whether they were the second gens or those here of the Xu Family, were all people whom he, or Mr Xu, or Huang Yaming, would likely have to interact with in the future, with areas of mutual benefit or conflicts of interest possibly arising between them.

Therefore, Xu Tingsheng had to cultivate such a force of will.

Wanting to develop such a force of will, Xu Tingsheng currently still lacked sufficient money as well as connections. Thus, he could only rely on himself for now. After he had developed such, he would naturally have more money, naturally gain more connections.

From the establishment of Happy Shoppers to the entire development as well as guarding of Hucheng, Xu Tingsheng’s modus operandi had actually always been like this. Aura was the most important. If he was able to exhibit it, he would. Otherwise, he would simply borrow it.


“Let’s start with you first then.”

Xu Tingsheng pointed at the squinty-eyed man.

“Your left hand, must be broken.”

Xu Tingsheng’s words...were a little specific. Why was it him, and why specifically the left hand?

As Zhong Wusheng listened, he suddenly felt that this was not like Xu Tingsheng. Things like breaking hands were not all that uncommon amongst those of the darker side of society. Yet, such words just seemed very unexpected coming from Xu Tingsheng’s mouth.

This even caused Zhong Wusheng to feel slightly uncomfortable inside. He did not think that Xu Tingsheng should be doing things like this. At the very least, he should not stain his own hands.

“This hand must definitely have touched Xiang Ning,” Thinking himself to be the only one here who understood the reason behind this, Fang Yuqing commented rather triumphantly.

Xu Tingsheng did not hear it. If he had, he would definitely strangle him. What he had said just for Fang Yuqing’s ears would, not long after, travel into the ears of Mr and Mrs Xu: Xiang Ning.

He did not know what Mr Xu might say.

Mrs Xu would definitely ask him to take her back home for a look at her.

The squinty-eyed man retreated slightly, exchanging glances with those who were closer to him before they all turned to look at the bald Bro Kun together, waiting for his verdict. They were not as experienced as him, feeling that they just had fewer people present now. They felt that things would still be settled between them in the future. Thus, there should still be room for discussion.

“Get over here,” Xu Tingsheng spoke before asking for and obtaining a baton from someone beside him.

The squinty-eyed man hesitated for a moment, shifting his feet momentarily but then standing still again. He uneasily licked his lips that were feeling rather dry, next unconsciously tightening his grip on the rod that he was holding.

Seeing this, Zhong Wusheng turned back and gestured towards those two people behind him.

The two were greatly excited. Just having met with their young master for the first time, their chance to perform had already come.

As everyone, Xu Tingsheng included, was still caught amidst this temporary stalemate, whoosh. An unexpected happening occurred as just so decisively, two figures suddenly shot murderously out from beside Xu Tingsheng at rapid speed…

A fight broke out just like this.

A moment’s hesitation, a hint of resistance. A fight broke out just like this.

Two against over ten opponents.

In the first exchange, the two virtually performed the exact same movement. Charging, rising upwards, with an elbow straight into an opponent’s face. On the bald Bro Kun’s side, two had already collapsed, the squinty-eyed man included.

The remaining men reflexively retaliated.

However, it was already a little too late to react now. Those two had already gathered their onrushing momentum, also being relentless in their blows. They minded not exchanging their fists, trading blow for blow and wound for wound. They used their full strength for all their blows at an extraordinarily high speed. Punches, kicks, knees, elbows-all their strikes were tough and tyrannical, going straight for their opponents’ vitals as they sought to take them down in a single move.

It really sounded rather noisy, mixed with wails of agony, roars, curses.

However, the two who were truly beating people up emitted no sound at all apart from the occasional groan when emitting force.

Anyone here who had even the least bit experience would be able to tell that these two people were trained in Thai Boxing.

Thai Boxing was a tyrannical art form which possessed great incapacitating power. Known as the fiercest martial art in standing close combat, the knees were like cannons, the elbows like blades. It possessed an immense intimidation effect and brutal, effective takedown force, being swift as well.

In perhaps just over a minute.

When those two figures returned to Xu Tingsheng’s side, almost half of the ten over people on the bald Bro Kun’s side had already collapsed to the ground.

The two of them were a little injured themselves. Still, Thai Boxers had robust bodies. They were just fine.

A sudden assault, a swift battle and a swift retreat.

In just a minute, the two people who had caused the situation before them had killed their way through their enemy, leaving them all wailing in agony.

Everyone present, regardless of their affiliation, could only suck in a breath of cold air. The Xu Family actually still had such people? Also, Zhong Wusheng, Fang Yuqing's rumoured master who was said to be able to battle one against five in a metal cage, had still yet to act.

“Get over here,” Xu Tingsheng said.

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