Chapter 196: I’m clearly here

Chapter 196: I’m clearly here

“I didn’t think that the situation would become like this initially. It really was only something minor initially,” Xu Tingsheng explained weakly.

He was already beginning to worry about how he would face his father’s questioning and fury.

“Right, right! It was only something minor initially, something very minor. Also, this matter was not related at all to Brother Xu originally,” His heart beating wildly as he had been encircled yet was only able to listen to them conversing all on their own, the bald Bro Kun found a place to interject with great difficulty.

However, he was still ignored.

Zhong Wusheng called over two people from behind him, introducing, “You haven’t met these two brothers before. They were former friends of mine who are not any weaker than me. They are also helping the Xu Family now.”

The two of them greeted Xu Tingsheng who responded warmly, calling them (elder) bros just as he addressed Zhong Wusheng.

Who asked ‘Uncle’ to still be young, only being twenty.

With just a single glance, Xu Tingsheng knew that they weren’t there to help the Xu Family run its supermarkets. Their function was the same as Zhong Wusheng’s had been. Of course, Zhong Wusheng had now already began participating in Happy Shopper’s business operations.

Xu Tingsheng knew that Mr Xu had recently expanded Happy Shoppers to some rather more complex places where the local culture was rather more difficult. In such places, the likes of stirring up trouble, smashing stores and extortion were not uncommon at all. As a result, such a group of people was inevitably needed.

“It’s also good like this, with our own people here. It will be be better if our own people are the ones to act when things happen later on.”

Xu Tingsheng turned and stared at that person who had touched Xiang Ning earlier, especially at that hand of his. He had touched her shoulder, and she had shrieked in fright. Therefore…

While this squinty-eyed man was tall and robust, his heart palpitated as Xu Tingsheng stared at him. He regretted the fact that three of the five kicks inflicted on Xu Tingsheng had been dealt by him. He didn’t know that what he should truly be regretting now was that final extending of his hand…

Still, that didn’t matter now. It was too late, anyway.

It was another problem Fang Yuqing noticed: Since this matter had originally been unrelated to Xu Tingsheng, who had he come for then? There were only a few hooligans and two girls present at the scene, and it shouldn’t be them…

This wasn’t right! It was impossible for Xu Tingsheng to be so worked up over ordinary people, frantically braving danger himself. It was impossible for Xu Tingsheng to ask him to call people over for the first time over something unimportant, much less for the usually genial, composed him to be so enraged now.

Fang Yuqing had seen that previous, rather terrifying expression on Xu Tingsheng’s face.

Therefore, after eliminating the possibility of those Xu Tingsheng might be concerned about, Fang Yuqing felt that he had guessed it, “It can only be her, that rumoured, legendary Xiang Ning whom we even helped to dance’s definitely her.”

Seeing that Xu Tingsheng was fine, as Fang Yuqing who had regained his usual careless, carefree attitude had this revelation, he almost blurted it out loud for all to hear.

Still, he hesitated for a moment before instead pulling him over to the side and asking, “It’s Xiang Ning, right? It must be Xiang Ning they provoked. It’s definitely her, don’t try to fool me. Where now? Where is she? Let me have a look at her. What kind of a heavenly fairy is she that can have you as concerned as this?”

Fang Yuqing surveyed the area before asking puzzledly, “I can’t see her. Could she have left?”

The nervous Xu Tingsheng naturally answered, “Yeah, she’s left.”

This was equivalent to him admitting it.

Fang Yuqing felt greatly vexed.

“You definitely can’t mention this to your sister, and you can’t mention it to Yuqing as well. As for those present who know your sister, remember to remind them about this,” Xu Tingsheng pulled Fang Yuqing back towards the others as he instructed him.

If Yuqing and Fang Chen were to learn about this incident and Xiang Ning’s name, based on their relationship with Apple, what might happen then?

“Understood. Relax, I get it,” Fang Yuqing patted his chest.

Meanwhile, even Xu Tingsheng himself failed to realise that as Fang Yuqing had pulled him to the side away from the others, they had instead gone closer to Xiang Ning, and she had heard.

She had heard Fang Yuqing asking, ‘It’s Xiang Ning, right?’ and ‘What kind of a heavenly fairy is she that can have you as concerned as this?”

“So Uncle is so concerned about me. Even his friend knows,” Xiang Ning thought.

She had also heard the ending of their conversation. Xu Tingsheng had said that Xiang Ning had already left.

“But I’m clearly here,” Xiang Ning was puzzled.

Su Nannan came over, whispering into her ear, “But you’re clearly here?”

She had heard it as well.

“Shhh,” Xiang Ning shushed her.

“Alright, but Mr Xu is so awesome! Look, all these people, all these cars. Those people don’t even dare to move now. Look at that bad woman, how she’s trembling,” Su Nannan continued.

“Don’t talk about this. If it weren’t for you insisting on calling your boyfriend, with things then…” Xiang Ning said.

“Fine, I was wrong. I’m feeling now that it would be great if I got Mr Xu to be my boyfriend,” Su Nannan said.

Xiang Ning suddenly made a serious face and stopped talking.

“What? Xiang Ning...oh, I know. You’re angry because I said I wanted Mr Xu to be my boyfriend. like Mr Xu as well, right?”

Xiang Ning had actually never considered this matter before, always just having acted from her heart.

Uncle is so old, and Uncle has a Big Xiang Ning in his heart. Uncle is only so good to me because of Big Xiang Ning. This was what Xiang Ning had always believed...thus, she had never consciously realised this problem before.

It was only now that Su Nannan had said it to her that her mind descended into chaos.


Receiving Xu Tingsheng’s call, Chen Jianxing had grabbed his camera and rushed over. Receiving Xu Tingsheng’s signal, he had taken photographs of the scene, next personally witnessing how the situation had reversed, with all those rows of cars, all those people...

Feeling rather shocked, he thought even as he smiled wryly inwardly, “This kid is even scarier than I’d thought. Luckily, I’m on the same side as him.”

With how things currently were, he definitely had to stay behind. Xu Tingsheng would not have called him over to take photographs for no reason at all. However, as Xu Tingsheng had yet to call him over, he couldn’t just walk over there himself as he just smoked a cigarette and waited.

Finally, after Xu Tingsheng had finished talking with his own people, he walked over to where the bald Bro Kun’s group was and said a few words.

Then, Chen Jianxing saw Xu Tingsheng waving towards him, yelling, “Bro Chen!”

Like this, he was loudly called bro by Xu Tingsheng before he traversed a crowd of wealthy people and then a group of well-built, baton-wielding muscular men. Chen Jianxing had met many important people of varying levels before, but never had he experienced a scene quite like this. Therefore, he felt his legs trembling slightly as even walking came a bit unnaturally for him.

Xu Tingsheng came over, telling him what he intended just outside the group of core, relevant personnel before he said, “Firstly, you’ve seen this situation too, Bro Chen. I feel that there’s nothing you have to worry about. Of course, if you do feel worried, I won’t make things difficult for you. Just lending me your camera for a bit would be fine.”

Chen Jianxing thought for a moment. This was a chance for him to deepen his relationship with Xu Tingsheng, causing the latter to owe him one. Chen Jianxing was already very clear on the value of this debt of gratitude as well as the difference in strength between both sides. Thus, he had nothing to hesitate about at all.

“I’ll do as you’ve said. I can’t let you have called me bro for nothing. Also, I’m not someone who’s never seen major scenes before. Rest assured,” Chen Jianxing spoke as calmly as possible, appearing as steady and dependable as he could.

“I’ll be troubling you then, Bro Chen.”

Xu Tingsheng brought Chen Jianxing over, telling the bald Bro Kun, “This is my bro, a reporter at Yanzhou Nightly. He just captured a few things on his camera. Want to have a look, Bro Kun? You can take a look at his reporter pass as well.”

Chen Jianxing handed over his camera and reporter pass.

The bald bro Kun glanced at them, not receiving them. He raised his head and glanced at Xu Tingsheng, “This person is even more terrifying than I’d thought. He’s actually this thorough in his actions, even though...he’s still so young.”

“Since Bro Kun has seen them, you can go back now, Bro Chen. Sorry for troubling you; I’ll treat you to a meal next time.”

Chen Jianxing left.

Xu Tingsheng turned and looked at the bald Bro Kun’s gang, “Therefore, the situation now is like this. This afternoon, an episode of violence occurred in Yanzhou City’s Haibin Park. I and a few youngsters, along with two who are underage, were surrounded by over ten men led by you, Bro Kun, and then beaten up. The newspaper can report this at any time, exposing you as well as proving things for me.”

“I understand,” The bald Bro Kun’s face was deathly ashen as he lowered his head.

“Coincidentally, the reporter has just left. Therefore, no one will see what happens afterwards. People will only know that there is definite proof as reported in the media. This would already be sufficient to nail you dead in the area of mass public opinion. Even if something coincidentally happened to you and your people as well...everyone would only feel that you well deserved it,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“I understand. I won’t be so foolish. This matter will end here right after Brother Xu has finished handling it.”

Bro Kun surrendered to his fate. The other party had been thorough in his methods. Even if they possessed the advantage in terms of strength, they might still end up losing out. Moreover, they were completely at a disadvantage now.

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