Chapter 179: This youth really can’t take it

Chapter 179: This youth really can’t take it

Zhang Xingke had appeared with a different 'face’, looking completely unlike how he had been in the past on the surface. However, his way of living and philosophy of life had not changed at all.

He saw society as a dog-eat-dog world where the law of the jungle reigned, being unscrupulous in his methods.

For example, he would help to do some things in Dexin that would hasten its collapse. Also, he had implied that he was confident of helping Hucheng to succeed in its acquisition, not letting Dexin fall into someone else's hands. While Xu Tingsheng didn't know the specifics of this, he could be certain that he would definitely be able to achieve it.

This could be seen from how he could lower himself to get close to Dexin's higher echelons like this, could accurately know Dexin's liquid assets and situation with his current position, could convince Dexin's people to stake it all on Hucheng, could accurately grasp their mentalities and bottom line.

Therefore, he would definitely be able to do it.

His growth was much greater than Xu Tingsheng had thought, and the same went for his capabilities and adaptability as well. If it was in his previous life, while Xu Tingsheng didn't know how Zhang Xingke had wound up eventually, it was indubitable that he would have been a person whom he would have had to look up to.

“Weak-willed as a woman, laughable to the extreme. That is my evaluation of you over this period of time.”

Zhang Xingke suddenly said, “You stopped when you could have continued crushing me. I can take it that you don't give two hoots about it. Still, you should be clear that you could definitely have acquired the Modernity Training Institute at a much lower price than you actually did. If you had just done a few things, even just waited for a while, you would have been able to do it, but you didn't…”

“Therefore, Xishan Tower’s...Xu Tingsheng, in truth, the more I look at you, the more I try to understand you, the more I just can’t get it. You clearly possess that kind of personality that is doomed to failure, living a life that is generally stable yet mediocre...Yet, up till now, you have mightily broken through all obstacles that stand in your path…”

He was right.

Xu Tingsheng actually understood all this better than most other people did. Having experienced many things before, he knew what was weak and laughable about him. If not for the advantage of his rebirth, he would be the most ordinary, mediocre person, perhaps even as much of a failure as he had been in his previous life.

Why then was Xu Tingsheng unwilling to change himself completely?

Firstly, with the advantage from his rebirth already sufficiently great, Xu Tingsheng hoped that he could make use of this to avoid the law of the jungle, not acting against his principles. This was despite the fact that harsh reality was continuously dealing him heavy blows in this area.

Second and also of the utmost importance was that Xu Tingsheng feared a change in his mentality and personality.

Firstly, he was afraid that he might end up becoming a kind of person that Xiang Ning didn’t like. He could become wealthy and also capable. If it was so possible, he would even be willing to become a little more handsome, such as growing two centimetres taller to hit the 1.8m mark.

However, Xiang Ning had liked his former personality. Their worldviews and values had both been compatible beyond compare...thus, he was afraid, afraid that if he did ever change, she would no longer be able to find the feel of liking him, or maybe that compatibility might be gone.

Next, he was afraid that he might no longer love Xiang Ning, might be willing to give up on and hurt her. This was a problem of self-control. Through ceaseless successes, non-stop growth and unceasing changes, he might eventually end up as a Xu Tingsheng who was not passionate about Xiang Ning, could give up on her...would that be good or bad?

Right, Xu Tingsheng couldn’t even be very certain of whether some things were good or bad. His current love for Xiang Ning in this life had been carried over with him from his previous life. Whenever this matter came to mind, thinking seriously about it, was it right or was it wrong?

“If there hadn’t been all that entanglement in my previous life, that happiness, those feelings, that guilt as well as the final confirmation that it was her...while I had changed greatly. Having met Xiang Ning in this life, would I still have fallen in love with her?”


Zhang Xingke was silent for a while as he looked at Xu Tingsheng who was in deep thought before he finally said, “Also, the conditions are already greatly matured. Why don’t you dare to charge the students fees? ...In order to fake out a reputation? If you really are so hypocritical in cheating their trust first, I would really still admire you. Still, you don’t seem like you’d do that.”

Xu Tingsheng did not speak. This problem had actually already been discussed within Hucheng innumerable times. It had also been examined by specialists and mentioned by professionals countless times. Yet, Xu Tingsheng would unreasonably reject this proposal every single time.

There was no way for him to tell anyone, “I experienced that kind of life before, and that’s why I can’t do it. Even if the majority of people don’t actually have it that hard, even if it is just a small minority of people who have it as difficult as it was for me previously, I am still unable to do it. Also, there is no need for me to do things in this life to such an extent. Since it is unnecessary, why shouldn’t I just abide by my core, essential principles?!”

Zhang Xingke continued, “Actually, whether it is home tutor intermediaries or other labour intermediaries, it is a totally natural thing for them to charge fees from students. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about it at all. You can just let them scold you however they want.”

“You have a greater monopoly over things than I had previously. You can completely ignore whatever they want to think. After they’re finished scolding, they’d still only be able to continue staying obediently there handing money over to you. You’ve got to understand that as compared to parents and other employers, these people are really the best to exploit. They are the ones with the least choice, the ones who are the most helpless to resist.”

“Being as candid as this, aren’t you worried that I might become more afraid of you, Senior?” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

Zhang Xingke smiled as well, albeit in a rather helpless manner, “But this is where I can be of value to you. Therefore, I can only try to convince you in this aspect first.”

“Does Senior have any other suggestions regarding Hucheng? Those might be of more value to me.”

“Breaking free from the self-defined home tutor intermediary role, breaking free of your reliance on student populations, increasing the scale and scope of your services to cover more aspects, such as being a labour intermediary. Even renting flats, selling flats, secondhand exchanges…”

Zhang Xingke seemed to have long been prepared for this conversation with Xu Tingsheng. His words caused two things to arise within Xu Tingsheng’s mind:, He knew that after they had merged to form 58, their market value had surpassed ten billion USD.

And now, they hadn’t even appeared yet.

“How about we put in marriage and dating services as well?” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

“We can do that,” Zhang Xingke replied earnestly.

“This suggestion of Senior’s is very good. Actually, we’re currently making some changes as well. For example, my female partner whom you’ve seen before has recently been expanding on a labour intermediary aspect for Hucheng that is unrelated to education. It includes hiring as well as job-seeking. This is one of our future directions.”

“That’s good then. I think that this is the reason why you have been succeeding despite clearly being unsuitable. You are indeed proficient in thinking about the big picture and setting up the overall situation.”

“Thank you.”

“That’s why you definitely can’t miss out on Shenghai. Shenghai City is special, and Dexin is a great opportunity. It can help to bring you fully into the field of education, your platform aside.”

According to Zhang Xingke’s plan, what Xu Tingsheng should do tomorrow was first diminish Dexin’s remaining liquid assets with a contract, letting them pile all their hopes on Hucheng.

After that, he would tamper with the recruitment a little, boiling a frog in warm water as Dexin saw its hope slowly turn into despair, slowly but surely till it lacked even the strength to extricate itself. With Zhang Xingke’s assistance, he would be able to complete an acquisition of it then.

“Let me consider it a bit more,” Xu Tingsheng hesitated.


Zhang Xingke had just been about to continue when knocking now resounded on the door.

Xu Tingsheng looked through the peephole before mouthing to Zhang Xingke, “Your female Chairman.”

Zhang Xingke was momentarily taken aback before he smiled strangely, arose and...hid into the wardrobe. Hiding a man in a wardrobe-if this was found out, wouldn’t it be even more terrifying than if there had been a woman hidden inside?! Xu Tingsheng shook his head in anguish before opening the door to receive the visitor.

The female Chairman had already changed out from the clothes she had worn during dinner.

Red...a dress that emphasised her cleavage...tight-fitting as it clung to the curves of her body...a pair of high-heeled shoes that revealed her shiny toenails, with her already super hot body thus even more incomparably alluring; her long, abundant legs that were different from the slender, cute ones of young girls being tightly covered by black stockings…

As their eyes met, the female Chairman directed a heated gaze at him.

“Hello, um…” Xu Tingsheng couldn’t remember her surname.

“I’m surnamed Xu, Xu Xinlan. You can call me Xinlan, Boss Xu,” Xu Xinlan didn’t seem offended by Xu Tingsheng’s hesitation in the least as she smiled, her phoenix eyes still gazing heatedly at him.

“Oh...Chairman Xu is looking for me?” Xu Tingsheng really couldn’t just call her Xinlan.

“Is it convenient? If so, I’d like to sit in Boss Xu’s room for a while.”

Xu Tingsheng thought: The heck? Of course it’s inconvenient! You…

This Uncle is currently at the height of my hot-blooded, youthful days. My wife is still young. I usually try hard to prevent such thoughts from appearing, trying not to come into contact with anything that can stimulate my desires as much as possible...and you come here with this. I’m about to implode with just a single glance, almost not even daring to speak while sitting upright. Can’t you see that? Why are you even coming in here?

Moreover...I’m still hiding a man inside...hiding, a, man...just what’s up with tonight?

His right arm propped against the doorframe, Xu Tingsheng had still yet to find an excuse to refuse Yu Xinlan when she was already entering the room with her chest held high, naturally right about to collide with his arm...

Xu Tingsheng hurriedly pulled back his arm, barely managing to avoid the collision. Looking at the flustered Xu Tingsheng, Yu Xinlan covered her mouth, leaned backwards and laughed. Alongside her laughter, some certain parts of her body shook in a rather spine-chilling manner.

“I remember from the information we prepared that Boss Xu is only twenty now?” She asked.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Xu Tingsheng had wanted to leave the door open, but Yu Xinlan casually reached out and closed it.

“Then, you’d definitely have a girlfriend? Boss Xu is young and rich and is so handsome as well. Even I almost feel moved. The girls would definitely be even more crazed.”

Yu Xinlan’s words were kind of overly direct. Still, this having been said in a suggestive tone that was half-serious whilst half-joking, Xu Tingsheng was just left not knowing how to respond at all.

This was a woman who was greatly skilled in navigating society, being very good at grasping the initiative as well as controlling men.

“Please sit inside, Chairman Xu,” Xu Tingsheng moved aside.

Dexin had booked a room for Xu Tingsheng in a mid-tier motel. In this single room, apart from a television shelf and a wardrobe by the bed, there were simply a table placed near the window as well as two single-seater sofas located along the wall by both sides of the table.

Currently, one of the sofas contained Xu Tingsheng’s bag as well as clothes. Thus, Yu Xinlan sat on the sofa which Zhang Xingke had originally been sitting on.

Xu Tingsheng could only sit on the bed.

Just having sat down, Xu Tingsheng already regretted it. Seated like this, the two of them were currently face-to-face. Just raising his head, Xu Tingsheng would be faced with her twin mounds as well as her legs that were covered in stockings...

Amidst Xu Tingsheng’s thoughts, Yu Xinlan softly called, “Boss Xu.”

Xu Tingsheng raised his head.

At the same time, Yu Xinlan changed the position of her legs in a very natural manner, her left leg hooking over her right as they formed a semicircle right before Xu Tingsheng’s eyes.

White. Xu Tingsheng saw it even though he didn’t want to. The sudden nature of this revelation as well as the impure nature of this affair instead caused too great an impact, the blood instantly rushing to his head for a time.

“I’m really about to’ll kill me, going on like this…”

Xu Tingsheng really felt scared, scared that he wouldn’t be able to take it.

Just from Yu Xinlan’s face alone, she definitely couldn’t be considered extremely beautiful, only being upper average at most. Also, Xu Tingsheng didn’t have any particular fetish for mature woman. However, there was just one sort of woman in this world, that sort that could perform seduction so easily, causing men to go crazy.

Currently, Yu Xinlan’s eyes were full of passion and desire, her coquettish voice and her lascivious movements, coupled with her hot, mature body, that incomparably alluring appearance and those hints both overt and concealed…

The 20-year-old Xu Tingsheng felt that it was virtually a human aphrodisiac that sat before him...this youth really couldn’t take it.

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