Chapter 170: Half a sentence

Chapter 170: Half a sentence

The entire screen was filled with the opinions of the media and the discussions of the fans.

With just a few glances at it, Xu Tingsheng was rendered dazed. This contained the feelings, morality, ethics, human nature and mystery of an entire society...a well-rounded drama indeed.

The other key person of this incident, Apple, received a call from her boss that very afternoon, Jin Datang of Tianle Media Agency.

“Can you tell me what this is? How could Rebirth have given their songs to someone else?” Jin Dataing asked in an antagonistic tone over the phone.

“I’m also not very clear on this. Still, I want to say that, Boss Jin, you only signed me. You didn’t sign the entire Rebirth. So, they actually do have the authority to do this,” Apple calmly replied.

“What’s the use of having you then?” An enraged Jin Datang exclaimed sarcastically.

Whilst already having long since known that such was his mindset, truly hearing him say those words now, Apple still inevitably felt hurt, holding back her tears as she grit her teeth in silence.

“After the performance tonight has ended, the agency will immediately arrange a press conference for you. There, you should cry and make a scene as much as you like, appearing as wronged as is possible, understand? At the very least, we can make use of the attention to win over more fans,” Jin Datang told her in detail, not concealing his intentions in the least.

“Boss Jin, I don’t think there’ll be a need for that. Actually, even if you hold a press conference, Boss Jin, I still wouldn’t do as you’ve just said. I think I would say that I understand as well as support Rebirth,” Apple said in refusal.

“You don’t have a choice. If you don’t help, I’ll...” Realising that their opponent this time was Tianyi, Jin Datang paused and thought for a moment, ultimately not daring to act personally as he instead threatened, “Since that’s so, after you’ve finished singing in those last few shows, don’t even think about singing again.”

“Fine, I’m willing to end the contract,” As she said these words, Apple suddenly felt like a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

“End the contract? Do you think that it’s possible? I can tell you right now that if you really don’t do as I say, you won’t be able to sing and won’t be able to leave. Understand? It’s your choice.”

After his final threat, Jin Datang disconnected the call.

Apple stared dazedly at her handphone for a while. Looking at the number that was saved as ‘my dearest one’ on her phone records, she hesitated for a while, finally still not daring to dial it. Instead, she thought for a moment before sending over a text message:

“Xu Tingsheng, I suddenly feel so relaxed now.”

These words were exactly the same as that which Xu Tingsheng had previously said to Fu Cheng. Actually, the pressure on Apple stemmed to a very great extent from Xu Tingsheng. His decision this time actually seemed instead to be a form of ‘liberation’.

It was just that was she feeling greatly hurt and just pretending to be strong, not wanting to make things difficult for Xu Tingsheng, or had she truly been liberated from her burden?

After reading the text message, Xu Tingsheng had still yet to send a reply when he received a call from Song Ni.

“Xu Tingsheng...are those articles true?” Song Ni asked.

“You mean about me selling the songs? That’s true,” Xu Tingsheng replied.


“Someone just happened to be interested, and the agreement we arrived at is an opportunity for me. Then, Apple’s agency also didn’t try to compete. So, I sold them,” Xu Tingsheng explained.

“What about Apple then?”

“Apple says that she’s fine with it.”

“...” Could she have said anything else? Xu Tingsheng, can’t you think for Apple a little? Even if you don’t give her the songs, you also shouldn’t sell them to someone else. If you were in need of money, we would be able to understand, but you clearly aren’t in need of money right now.”

“You hear me out. I understand Apple. She actually isn’t all that concerned with these things, also not thinking for you to give her so much. I dare assure you that she definitely didn’t have any intention of asking you for those two songs at all. I know her assistant. She told me a few days back that Apple’s boss previously asked her to ask you for those songs, but she refused.”

“So, it’s you and your attitude towards her that she’s truly concerned about, Xu Tingsheng. In having done this, she’ll definitely feel that you hate her, have given up on her. I’m afraid that she might not be able to take it.”

Song Ni got emotional again, rambling a whole incoherent bunch of stuff, saying it in a very weighty manner as well which was a seriousness ‘Uncle’ just found very hard to understand. Why were these young girls always so easily exaggerating their emotions and the problem at hand? ...Was it because they’d watched too many Korean dramas? Watching those in their original language, one would indeed be prone to getting emotional more easily.

Xu Tingsheng continued explaining rather helplessly, “It’s not as serious as you say. It’s just two songs.”

“Then, have you prepared any new songs for her? You actually have, right?”


“...Xu Tingsheng, I know that there’s no reason for you to do as we ask. Still, I’m really feeling helpless. I just can’t understand! I still remember those words you said at the end of last year.”

“Back then, you said that Apple entering showbiz as a member of Rebirth, all those songs were her foundation. However many good songs she has in the future, she wouldn’t be able to go on with this brand if she didn’t have those songs. Thus, unless the situation made it utterly and truly wouldn’t sell.”

“Back then, you were willing to sell even Hucheng in order to help the money they’re giving you now more than the entire Hucheng’s worth? Are you still not wealthy enough now?”

“Song Ni, don’t be emotional,” There was no way for Xu Tingsheng to say at this time that he indeed couldn’t be considered wealthy now, because due to his mentality and experiences that were ten years ahead of their time, as compared to Fu Cheng, Song Ni and the rest, his concept as well benchmark of ‘wealth’ were really completely different.

“I’m not being emotional. I just want to know-how is it that you’ve changed in just a few months? Xu Tingsheng...have you changed? Forget it,” Song Ni seemed not to require an answer from Xu Tingsheng as she directly hung up after having asked that question.

Xu Tingsheng dared not call her back immediately, Smiling bitterly, he sent Apple a reply:

“Whether or not you’re really feeling relaxed, since you chose to tread this path, I think that some things, setbacks included, really have to be personally experienced by you yourself. I hope that you will grow from these experiences.”

“At the same time, I hope that you can make use of this chance to properly consider whether you want to continue down this path. Do you really like it? Or is it that in a moment of impulse, you’re just trying to prove something...if it’s like that, I want to tell you that in order to prove all this, you may already have become less and less like Apple.”

“Finally, Superman and his big umbrella still stand behind you.”

Xu Tingsheng repeatedly deleted and retyped that final sentence. After having done so for a few times, he accidentally pressed ‘send’, eventually only sending over the first half of the sentence, ‘Superman and his big umbrella’.

Apple replied with a ‘yeah’.

Therefore, Xu Tingsheng didn’t know how she had understood that final half-sentence of his. This was like the story of ‘a thirsty person seeing a half-glass of water’. An optimistic person would say, “Woah, how lucky, there’s still half a glass!”, whereas a pessimistic person would say, “I’m almost dying of thirst, but there’s actually only half a glass!”

If it was the original Apple, Xu Tingsheng knew that she would definitely have seen things in a good light, understanding what Xu Tingsheng intended to express, because while that Apple had stood solitarily amidst the cold, she had always been willing to feel happiness and bliss.

However, Xu Tingsheng didn’t know what the current her might think.

Having been admonished by Song Ni, Fu Cheng’s attitude also being rather indeterminate, the rather troubled Xu Tingsheng hoped to find some consolation from Xiang Ning during the home tutoring session at her house that weekend.

In the end, Little Xiang Ning put on a grumpy face and rolled her eyes, even snorting.

“What? Have I offended you in some way?” Xu Tingsheng asked cautiously.

“Why did you bully Big Sis Apple?” Xiang Ning asked.

Xu Tingsheng sighed. He really had no place to explain it to this time.

Up to the current moment, Xu Tingsheng hadn’t provided much explanation when faced with misunderstandings or doubt regarding this incident. On one hand, this was to give Apple an environment to calmly consider her life, growing from the process.

On the other hand, Xu Tingsheng hoped to attain an image of trustworthiness amongst those who were close to him. Many a times, trust was actually better than doubt in correcting someone heading towards a wrong path...especially when they were completely unaware of it.

Perhaps Xu Tingsheng might find himself nearing such a byroad one day.

As it appeared now, Xu Tingsheng had failed terribly.

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