Chapter 169: A great uproar

Chapter 169: A great uproar

Fu Cheng was taken aback: Was Xu Tingsheng admitting to him that he had already changed?

Xu Tingsheng clapped his shoulder, continuing:

“If there’s anything you want to voice out in the future, however dissatisfied you are with me, just say it to me. Still, I hope that you won’t think anything of Huang Yaming because of this. From a certain perspective, he might indeed be the most profit-oriented of us three. He might not even seem like a very good person in some matters…”

“Of course, you might feel that I am the one with the more serious problem.”

“Speaking of Huang Yaming, I hope that you understand that good people may not definitely be your good bros. However, Huang Yaming will forever be our bro. He also treats us as his best bros. This will not change no matter what.”

“Also, as we grow, all of us will be faced with choices of our own. We all have our own methods of struggling and surviving within this society and those paths that we’re most suited to walk on. No one else has the right to interfere in this.”

“The sole thing I can tell you very definitively is that if one day, the both of us are in a pathetic, downtrodden state, he would then be the sole person who would go all out in trying to help us.”

The pathetic, downtrodden state of him and Fu Cheng that Xu Tingsheng had just mentioned had actually been experienced personally by him nearing the end of his previous life. It was wholly and unquestionably true.

While the Huang Yaming of that time had been painstakingly navigating modern society, trying to climb upwards with all his might in order to live a little better, on the other hand, he had also been going all out for his two incomparably pitiful bros amidst all their sufferings.

Had he been wrong in doing so?

Now, Xu Tingsheng had changed his life’s trajectory. Correspondingly, this had prematurely exposed some problems that should only have surfaced amongst the trio some years later.

This did not mean much to Xu Tingsheng himself. However, Huang Yaming and Fu Cheng would inevitably have to face it at a less mature age, with a still underdeveloped mentality.

This was why Xu Tingsheng was saying all this to Fu Cheng.

As for Huang Yaming, Xu Tingsheng would be watching him even more carefully from the back.

“It’s like what you say is always right. I’ll think about it when I get back.”

Fu Cheng left. Xu Tingsheng stood there for a while before returning to the living room on the second floor. Huang Yaming was just exiting his room, a new cigar in his mouth. He smoked it with poise, already seeming like a professional.

“Hey, where’s Fu Cheng?” Looking all around yet not seeing Fu Cheng, Huang Yaming asked Xu Tingsheng.

“He’s returned to his dorm,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

“Heck, what’s this? I was just going to teach him how to smoke a cigar. Also, I wanted to ask him if he wants to go to Tianyi with me during the summer holidays. Anyway, he also doesn’t have anything else to do now. He might as well just come into entertainment along with me. He likes playing music, so he should be a little more professional than me,” Huang Yaming was still in an excited mood.

“Navigating the entertainment industry and playing music are two different things altogether. One is business, while the other is art...he wouldn’t be suited for this,” Xu Tingsheng explained.

Huang Yaming seemed to catch something from his words as the excitement faded from his face before he asked Xu Tingsheng somewhat troubledly, “Fu Cheng wouldn’t be thinking something about us, right? I feel like he might not agree with what we’ve done here.”

“It’s fine. We shouldn’t think like this. As soon as we do, barriers will start forming between us,” Xu Tingsheng said, “If you’re not watching football, you should sleep first. Have fun dreaming your tycoon dreams.”

“What about you? Aren’t you tired? You’re still watching?”

“...I’ve got no choice. They’re watching it in my house, so I’ve got to accompany them.”

This Euro Cup was unquestionably one of the worst football viewing experiences of Xu Tingsheng’s life. While he clearly already knew the results, he had to watch all of it yet again, also having to accompany them in being nervous and excited, feigning cries of astonishment. Here, he dared not share his views at all for fear that he might accidentally let slip the results.


The next day, in a move that took countless people both within and outside of the industry by surprise, Tianyi Media suddenly announced that they had already successfully purchased Rebirth’s new song, <You Are My Flower>, as well as the complete copyright to another of their new songs that had still yet to be released.

Also, these two songs would be released together in the album of a singer that Tianyi would be fully promoting in the near future.

As for the exchanging of shares, as Tianyi and Hucheng were both still not listed companies, not being obligated to announce it publicly, there were only a few higher echelon employees even in Tianyi Media itself who knew of the matter.

As Xu Tingsheng had predicted earlier, because Rebirth had been playing mysterious for too long, also having displayed the poise of artistic youths who were disdainful of the mainstream too greatly before the subjectivity of their fans and the media, also having continually rejected offers through the ringtone company, they had given those of the industry the impression that they were adamant on not selling their songs…

As soon as the matter was announced, an uproar instantly arose on the forums.

Amongst them, some said that Rebirth had indeed still succumbed to the temptation of money in the end, changing their minds and entering showbiz in a descent into the depravity of modernity.

There were also those who said that not only had they forsaken Apple, this was also equivalent to them supporting another newcomer in standing against Apple, being heartless and diabolical.

The small Rebirth webpage and the various music forums had originally contained fans of Apple and fans of Rebirth who were happily united as one. Yet, they now completely separated into two opposing forces, tearing and cursing at each other as it devolved into a hot-headed dispute.

Of course, the Rebirth fans clearly did not stand on the side of reason. Also, they were fewer in number, most people naturally choosing to stand on Apple’s side in this matter.

Amidst the uproar, the one who ultimately benefited the most was undoubtedly that newcomer of Tianyi’s who was shrouded in a veil of mystery.

After having finished scolding and cursing, finally having calmed down, everyone realised that he or she had already soundlessly attained the recent surging popularity of Rebirth. Still having yet to officially enter showbiz, that person was already receiving incomparably great attention.

“Who is he (she)? Male or female? Of what standard? They’d better not wreck the song.”

“Rebirth’s unreleased new song? I thought that I wouldn’t have a chance to hear another. What style might it take? I’m really eagerly anticipating it.”

“I wonder when in the near future is? Give a specific time, man! We’re all waiting.”

“Having stolen Apple’s song, still having the gall to enter showbiz? We’re not buying your album regardless.”


Due to the current difference in Rebirth’s popularity, the controversial nature of this incident and the power of Tianyi Media, this newcomer whose identity was still unknown was even more eagerly anticipated than Apple who had benefited purely from the mystery surrounding Rebirth.

Huang Yaming found a bunch of articles and posts on the internet and showed them to Xu Tingsheng.

<Mysterious Newcomer of Tianyi, Unknown Yet Already Popular>

<A Failure In Love Leads To Hatred, The Truth Behind Rebirth’s Eventual Split>

<When Money Defeats Friendship, Is It Understandable or Inevitable?>

<How Far Can Apple Go Without Rebirth’s Support?>

<Let’s Guess Which of These Five Is the Trashy Male Who ‘Destroys The Unattainable’>

<A Rational Analysis-Rebirth Isn’t Actually Obligated to Always Serve Apple>

<Please Do Not Be Enslaved By Morality, Rebirth Has The Authority To Make Its Own Choice>

<Who Exactly Is The Mysterious Newcomer? Don’t Forget That Rebirth Still Has Two People>

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