Chapter 156: A stiff dance

Chapter 156: A stiff dance

Regarding participating in Xinyan Junior High’s anniversary performance and even Xiang Ning’s matter, Xu Tingsheng had only said a single ‘you can’t meet her right now’. Afterwards, an explanation had inexplicably been found to the matter, having been accepted across the board as an answer which really couldn’t have been any more logical.

Huang Yaming and Tan Yao were virtually high-fiving at their great genius.

“Then, let’s just have it like this for now,” Xu Tingsheng automatically overlooked the idea of ‘a woman with a husband’, not intending to rebut them or explain himself.

If a fifteen-year-old girl was identified by someone as his future wife, with that person seemingly indeed possessing the ability to be that domineering and shameless, could she be considered ‘a woman with a husband’ then?

“Sadly, while I am able to grasp so many things regarding the future, the sole thing that I am unable to grasp is that matter of the heart.”

Facing Fang Yuqing’s solemnity, Huang Yaming’s and Tan Yao’s excitement and Fu Cheng’s bemusement, Xu Tingsheng discarded his disorderly thoughts and smiled helplessly, “Well then, can we begun discussing the matter of the performance now?”

With that, he took two pieces of paper from his bag, passing them to Fu Cheng before beginning to casually hum a tune.

As he hummed the first tune, the other four people were all smiling. This was a very interesting song.

Yet, they gradually fell silent when he began humming the second song. This was especially so for Fu Cheng, who seemed as if something which evoked pain within his heart had been caught, wrenching his very soul.

“New songs?” Fu Cheng who had been comparatively silent thus far was the first to inquire as the second song ended.

How long had it been since Rebirth had last released a new song? Many people felt that it already seemed like they had no further intention of doing so.

Those present had thought that Xu Tingsheng had already grown tired of this. Perhaps because Hucheng Education was developing too well, he had not the time to care about this any longer.

Word on the internet was the Rebirth’s talent had run dry. Even Apple who had already officially entered showbiz had only been singing new versions of Rebirth’s old songs thus far. This was the best proof that Rebirth lacked the strength to carry on.

This was actually the biggest problem that Apple was facing right now. The common consensus was that if Apple wanted to gain greater recognition, she couldn’t solely be relying on old songs.

Xu Tingsheng had actually thought about this problem for Apple before. Still, he needed to see the agency take out some sincerity first. Otherwise, however many good songs he took out to help Apple with, it would actually only be filling a bottomless hole, rearing a bunch of parasites.

The agency and even Apple herself didn’t know that if they really began preparing for her album, gathering songs for it, Xu Tingsheng would definitely come to provide his assistance.

What, exactly, was up with Rebirth?

On Rebirth’s webpage and on the forum for Apple’s fans, there were countless people standing on opposing sides wrangling over this problem every day.

Now, Rebirth was going to release new songs, and there would be two of them at once. From the looks of it, their quality would also not be any inferior to those past ones at all. This was especially so for the second song, which was perhaps the deepest song of Rebirth’s thus far.

At least, Fu Cheng had already been enraptured by this song.

Thus, exactly how important was this tenth anniversary performance of Xinyan Junior High?

Or, exactly how important was that rumoured Xiang Ning to Xu Tingsheng?

She was worth Xu Tingsheng going all out like this?! One must know that even for Hucheng Education, Xu Tingsheng spent three days fishing and two days drying his nets, throwing everything else aside for his subordinates to do.

This resulted in the collective bewilderment and astonishment of the other four people present.

“Right, new songs. Both these songs will be released simultaneously at Xinyan Junior High’s tenth anniversary performance. We won’t be doing ringtones this time,” Xu Tingsheng said, “Now, we still have around eight days of preparation time.”

“First, Fu Cheng, we don’t have the complete band equipment. Thus, I’ll accompany you to the music studio you originally cooperated with. First, get the complete melody done. Then, you get them to help with the accompaniment.”

“At that time, we’ll play on our guitars and sing along with their recorded accompaniment.”

Fu Cheng nodded.

“She’ll hear it,” Xu Tingsheng suddenly patted Fu Cheng, saying in a heavy tone, “The school has already spread the news that we’ll be participating in the anniversary celebration. At that time, there’ll definitely be a lot of media at the scene. If you want to say anything after singing, just do it. She’ll hear it.”

“Yeah,” Fu Cheng nodded even harder.

After finishing things with Fu Cheng, Xu Tingsheng turned towards the trio of Fang Yuqing, Huang Yaming and Tan Yao, directing a long, meaningful smile at them.

“It’s the two of you who’ll be singing. It shouldn’t have anything to do with us, right?” Fang Yuqing asked.

“Right, like it has anything to do with us,” Huang Yaming said.

“What’s he called us for then?” Tan Yao asked Huang Yaming and Fang Yuqing, being the only one present to have received personal confirmation from Xu Tingsheng for the first time today that he was from Rebirth.

“First, I’m afraid that the media will really be coming that day. Even though it might not mean much , we still have to continue keeping our information secret. So, the three of you have to help with thinking about the routes of retreat and how to get in and out,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Leave that to me. I’ll take care of it,” Fang Yuqing patted his chest.

“Also, prepare five coordinated sets of costumes and five masks,” Xu Tingsheng continued.

“That’ll also be easy. Still, why five sets?” Fang Yuqing asked rather uneasily.

“Right, one, two, three, four, five. Heck, how come you’ve counted the three of us as well?” Tan Yao dumbly counted their number out loud, seemingly only discovering with much difficulty that there were exactly five people here.

“You know how my voice is!” Huang Yaming said in a threatening tone with an expression that said: A dead pig isn’t afraid of boiling water. If you dare ask me sing, I’ll dare wreck your brand.

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “You guys won’t have to sing. You’ll just have to dance.”


Everyone present, Fu Cheng included, was shocked. There would actually be dancing as well. What in blazes was this?

“We’re leaving, we’re leaving,” Fang Yuqing stood up and said.

The other three got up as well, abandoning Xu Tingsheng as they prepared to leave. Was this a joke? How would these bros know how to dance?

“Wait, wait!” Xu Tingsheng hurriedly rushed before them, closing the door and blocking their way, “Don’t be so hasty! Hear me out first. This dance is actually very easy. Really, super easy.”

“It won’t be okay even if it’s easy. This bro’s limbs are stiff,” Huang Yaming said.

“This dance’s specifically tailor-made for people with stiff limbs,” Xu Tingsheng told him.

“You’re joking, right? Is there even such a dance?”

‘Let me put it this way,” Xu Tingsheng hesitated for a moment, “Even Wu Bai would be able to dance this.”

After hearing that even Wu Bai would be able to dance this, the four of them finally no longer insisted on fleeing the room. Yet, their gazes that were directed at Xu Tingsheng were still filled with doubt. They clearly didn’t really believe Xu Tingsheng’s words. Taike Dance aside, when had Wu Bai ever danced before?

“How about this. You’ll know after I’ve demonstrated it once.”

Now, Xu Tingsheng hummed a tune as he began dancing incomparably stiffly.

In truth, this was also the sole dance that Xu Tingsheng knew how to dance in his two lifetimes. In his previous life, Xu Tingsheng had once been roped in as a young teacher to perform in a welcoming party for the new students. There, he had helplessly been forced to learn this dance.

The other four gaped speechlessly at his so-called ‘dance’.

They were silent for a while.

“What’s up with this dance? Most people really wouldn’t be able to dance it if their limbs weren’t stiff’s also not that they wouldn’t be able to, just that they wouldn’t be able to dance out that feel and favour,” Fang Yuqing finally concluded.

What sort of feel was this? He didn’t express it.

Actually, it was the feel of a man who didn’t know how to dance at all tolerating his embarrassment and drawing on his courage to extend his stiff limbs for the one he loved, working hard, working even harder as he determinedly tried his best to perform a dance for her.

Behind the stiff limbs and the somewhat clumsy movements was the sincerest, most heartfelt expression of his feelings.

“Let’s begin practising then.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll be wearing masks then anyway.”

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