Chapter 149: You seem very scared

Chapter 149: You seem very scared

As they walked out to eat, Fang Yuqing and the others chatted with Zhong Wusheng.

Xu Tingsheng remained a ways behind them, explaining his understanding of Zhong Wusheng’s family to Mr Xu, how Zhong Wusheng had once helped him before as well as their current situation.

Finally, “Dad, how about this? Let Bro Zhong and Sis Jia go over to our side. We can temporarily let Sis Jia stay in our house and accompany Mum. Anyway, Mum’s often alone at home now. She’s bored out of her wits. And when her child’s grown up a little, we can arrange for her to enter Happy Shoppers…”

“As for Bro Zhong, he can accompany you. You are often outside. Even if it’s driving or something, you should need someone else on hand to switch with. He’s learnt how to drive in the army before, and is also good at fighting. We can give him higher wages.”

While Xu Tingsheng had not known Zhong Wusheng and Tao Jiaxiu for very long, the two of them were both very easy to grasp. Xu Tingsheng did not doubt their characters and values in the least. Still, his current suggestion was equivalent to directly letting them home, leaving them by the side of his parents…

Thus, Mr Xu who wasn't familiar with Zhong Wusheng could not immediately agree as he considered, “I’ll take a look at this one surnamed Zhong when we're eating later. I'll give you an answer after.”

Xu Tingsheng understood that his father feared that he might be unable to make accurate judgments of people due to his inexperience whilst also being able to understand his considerations. Thus, he nodded in agreement.

A few men sitting down for dinner together, it was only inevitable that wine would be consumed. While Zhong Wusheng's alcohol capacity could not be considered great, he had a straightforward personality and downed the wine readily. Over this period of time, Mr Xu constantly chatted with him, asking him a few questions as well. From the looks of it, the two were getting close pretty quickly...

Fang Yuqing and the others asked curiously about the fighting in the iron cages. Xu Tingsheng listened to Zhong Wusheng's narration and calculated his basic income. Because he didn't get to fight every day, with a fight usually only being lined up for him once every three to four days, the income was actually not as high as he had thought. Adding on the medical expenses, adding on Sis Jia’s attitude...

In comparison, it was evident that the conditions they offered were still much better.

Partway through their meal, an intoxicated customer from the next table who was unstable in his gait staggered over, nearly falling as his elbow slammed down onto Zhong Wusheng's shoulder before his entire weight crushed down on him. The injured Zhong Wusheng grimaced, glancing over and smiling before supporting him up.

Yet the drunken man was arrogant as he howled indistinctly, “What're you looking at? Not happy? You wanna die?”

Zhong Wusheng smiled, not replying. Fang Yuqing and the others wanted to stand up, but he shot a look at them to stop.

Seeing all this, Mr Xu told Xu Tingsheng, “Someone who is so good at fighting is still able to tolerate matters. This is true competence. From hearing about him and his attitude towards his family from you earlier, I had already understood his personality somewhat…”

“My greatest worry was that due to his young age and considering his fighting prowess, he might be a rash, reckless person who is full of himself...had he been like this, I wouldn't dare to bring him around with me.”

At this point, Xu Tingsheng knew that his father's test had already come to an end.

The meal took two hours. At the end of it all, rather than letting Xu Tingsheng bring up the matter, Mr Xu personally conveyed their intentions to Zhong Wusheng, also offering rather substantial wages before asking for Zhong Wusheng's opinion on the matter.

“This is a good thing, Bro Zhong! The air is fresh, the mountains beautiful and the water clear where we come from. It'll definitely be great for Sis Jia to give birth there,” Huang Yaming chimed in.

The three of them already knew about Tao Jiaxiu’s pregnancy now. All of them were happy for Zhong Wusheng whilst also feeling worried for him...Mr Xu having made this proposal now, they all felt that it really couldn’t be any better.

Yet, Zhong Wusheng hesitated, falling silent.

Afraid that they would pester and make things difficult for him, Xu Tingsheng indicated for the rest of them to stop talking, waiting for Mr Xu to speak.

“If brother feels that I am taking care of and extending charity towards you out of nowhere, that really isn’t so. In truth, speaking of helping, you would be still be helping me out more. Often being out of town, I would like to have someone like you who is trustworthy as well as competent helping me out, and people like that are hard to come by,” Mr Xu said.

Mr Xu was clearly spot on in his analysis of Zhong Wusheng’s inner turmoil. Zhong Wusheng was concerned that he was merely feeling sympathetic towards and therefore taking care of him. With his personality, such a thing would be very difficult for him to accept.

Thus, at Mr Xu’s words, Zhong Wusheng’s expression immediately relaxed.

“Also, I feel that with Sis Jia’s capabilities, after learning for some time in the future, she might even become a manager next time. As for you, Bro Zhong, while accompanying my father, you can also come into contact with some business-related affairs. If you want to venture out by yourself in the future, we definitely won’t stop you from doing so,” Xu Tingsheng substantiated.

“How would I be able to run a business?” Zhong Wusheng laughed, “Anyway, I can agree, just that I’ve got to go back and ask for your Sis’s opinion first...thanks.”

“You know how to listen to my Sis Jia now? Weren’t you bold enough to even throw a tantrum and argue with my Sis just now? Wasn’t it that even a nine-headed bull wouldn’t be able to convince you anymore?” Huang Yaming teased Zhong Wusheng.

“I’ll take care of you later,” Zhong Wusheng smiled as he shot Huang Yaming a look, deep embarrassment that could not be concealed still evident within his expression.

“A toast, a toast! In respect of Uncle Xu,” Zhong Wusheng quickly diverted the topic.

After the meal, they returned to the riverside residence. Xu Tingsheng followed Zhong Wusheng into his house. More accurately, afraid that Tao Jiaxiu might still be angry with him, it was Zhong Wusheng who forcibly dragged Xu Tingsheng along with him. After Tao Jiaxiu had finished hearing what they had agreed upon earlier, a smile finally appeared on her face.

Still, the smile was meant only for Xu Tingsheng. As Zhong Wusheng came over, Sis Jia continued ignoring him in a huff. Zhong Wusheng could only ceaselessly explain, plead, beg for mercy in shame.

The next morning, the busy Mr Xu departed from Yanzhou first. Zhong Wusheng and Tao Jiaxiu still had to pack up their belongings and would only be going over in another two days.

As Xu Tingsheng returned to the riverside residence after having sent his father off, Zhong Wusheng stopped him, “How come Uncle Xu’s left his car behind?”

“My dad said that you have many belongings, and Sis Jia is also pregnant. If you take travel on your own to Libei, it will inevitably be very inconvenient for you. Thus, he left the car behind for you to use. Later, I’ll tell you about the route to Libei. Also, you haven’t driven for a long time. Before you leave, you can first spend these two days driving around the surrounding area a little. Also remember to be careful on the way to Libei,” Xu Tingsheng replied, relaying Mr Xu’s words in their entirety.

Zhong Wusheng and Tao Jiaxiu could not reply to that.


On Saturday, Xu Tingsheng knocked on the door of the Xiang family home with unprecedented, immense uncertainty within his heart.

He felt that such a disturbance having been stirred up by him, there was no way Mr and Mrs Xiang could still be unaware of his actual state of affairs. Since that was so, they would definitely be feeling worried and doubtful.

“How will they deal with it?”

The door to the Xiang family home opened. Seeing that it was Xu Tingsheng, Mrs Xiang smiled as she bade him enter. With there still being some time before the lesson began, Xu Tingsheng sat uneasily on the sofa in the living room, waiting for the questioning to begin.

Unexpectedly, however, Mr and Mrs Xiang only asked Xu Tingsheng about the competition that he had participated in. Mr Xiang who sometimes watched football even discussed strategies for a weaker team battling against a stronger from a ‘professional’ perspective with him for a while.

And those were all the contents of their conversation, being no different from usual at all.

“What’s this situation?” Xu Tingsheng’s doubts had still not been dispelled when the time for lessons arrived.

Entering the study room, Xiang Ning who had basically had no speaking authority in the living room at all said, “Uncle, you seem very scared.”

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