Chapter 127: Tan Yao and Huang Yaming

Chapter 127: Tan Yao and Huang Yaming

This night, Xu Tingsheng participated in his first group fight in university which came out of the blue.

Fighting was actually rarer in universities than in junior and senior high schools. Firstly, the students were comparatively more mature. Secondly, when fighting in universities, the consequences would always be very severe should something serious happen to someone.

The punishments of universities weren’t as light and inconsequential as the ones gained in the past. These could really affect one’s future.

This fight was caused by Tan Yao. He had been staying in their dorm room more frequently in recent days due to Li Xingming’s matter. In the end, some guys had come looking for him there.

These people were all second year students from the Economics and Management Institute. Around seven or eight of them intruded directly into the room, asking specifically for Tan Yao.

“Bros, what up?” Tan Yao shook his head towards his roommates who were getting to their feet before going up and smiling towards them.

“You are Tan Yao? Really a pretty boy you know Zhang Li?” Before the one who was clearly the leader of the group could speak, one of those others beside him asked such a thing.

“Yeah, I do. We’re both from the same department of the student union. We interact quite a lot often, and can be considered friends,” Tan Yao was still smiling, his tone genial as he explained.

“Friends? It can’t be just that, right? My bro saw something iffy going on between the two of you...we’re here today to give you a warning. Stay further away from Zhang Li in the future if there’s nothing. If there’s something, stay even further away from her. Don’t you have any designs on her,” Perhaps seeing Tan Yao’s attitude as submissive, the other side grew more and more overbearing.

Tan Yao smiled, “Bro, it’s not to that extent. Please, just because your mind is filled with dirty notions doesn’t mean that there’s definitely something going on between members of the opposite gender if they’re close. That’s being abnormal.”

“I think you mustn't know that there are normal interactions and associations between men and women, aside from breeding. Even if they do admire each other, it doesn’t mean that something will happen between them.”

Having been completely rebuked, the guy was enraged as he wanted to lunge forward, but the one leading the group stopped him, himself asking, “You’d best make things clear...I’m Zhang Li’s boyfriend.”

“I heard Zhang Li say that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, though someone does seem to be pursuing her,” Tan Yao said.

“This...whatever. Anyway, I just want to ask you one thing-have you touched her before?” The other party took a few steps forward.

“What do you mean?”

“Have you done it with her before?”

Tan Yao’s rage finally overtook him as not stepping aside, he looked straight at the other party and lashed out in a severe tone, “Have bugs overtaken your brain, bro? If your brain was not filled entirely with filthy things, you definitely wouldn’t look at others so filthily like that. I, Tan Yao, am a womaniser. However, I’m still not the kind of beast who only thinks of that one thing when I look at a woman. Please don’t think of me as being on the same level as you.”

“I’ve just said that Zhang Li is my friend. I respect her greatly. Please respect her as well.”

“Heh,” The boy chuckled, not speaking.

Tan Yao continued rather emotionally, “I’m now really feeling sad for her that the one who’s pursuing her is actually such a filthy creature. Able to casually say something that insults the girl you like in such a manner...dare you say that you truly like her?”

“Of course, I have to rejoice for her as well, rejoice over the fact that she didn’t accept you. Otherwise, she’d definitely be disgusted to the point of vomiting.”

A fight broke out just like that. While Xu Tingsheng had indeed trained with Zhong Wusheng for a few days, he was still far from the point where he could take on a few opponents on his lonesome. Amidst this chaotic battle, he was basically just punching left and kicking right in a kind of guerilla warfare. Whichever roommate was at a disadvantage, he would go forth and help them. Whoever of their opponents was a little fiercer, he would give it to them…

When their opponents were finally unable to take it anymore, having thrown down the standard vicious words and left, those of Room 602 were also gasping for breath, some of them bleeding.

Those injuries were still rather minor ones. They all joked about it now, especially looking down on Lu Xu who had not picked up a few moves despite having been together with Chick Bao for so long, truly lacking even an ounce of combat power...having made a pose and rushed forward ferociously, he had immediately fallen in combat with a single blow.

“Tan Yao, you actually did do it with that girl, right? Good for you, but we bros had to give it our all for you,” Huang Keshen who had been hiding at the back throughout the entire fight was rather participative now as he commented in a rather strange tone.

Tan Yao and Xu Tingsheng exchanged glances, smiling wryly and shaking their heads in silence.

Huang Keshen was not much different from that type of person Tan Yao had talked about. He had earlier admitted to having broken up with that girlfriend from Jianhai University that he had spoken of. Yet, he would always mention her in their dorm, constantly reiterating how that girl had already given everything of hers to him, even having described it all almost pervertedly. He would even boast to them how roughly he would do it with her when he got her back one day…

This was much more disgusting as well as scarier than Li Xingming whose brain was filled only with ideas of how to lose his virginity. At the very least, Li Xingming would first honestly and foolishly pursue that girl. As for what happened afterwards, it would be of mutual consent between the two, not being something that anyone could complain about.

As for who the singlet Apple had left behind had been taken by, someone had discovered the truth and told Xu Tingsheng about it in private. It was impossible for him to persist on there never ever being anything filthy in his surroundings. Just not letting it affect anything was fine.

“Bro Xu, are you okay? It’s really great that you were here. Otherwise, we’d have suffered a real loss,” Tan Yao thanked Xu Tingsheng rather gratefully.

Xu Tingsheng rubbed his knuckles. He had blocked a hit from a stool for Zhang Ninglang earlier. He felt it, finding that his bones had not been injured.

Xu Tingsheng smiled, saying, “It’s okay. I haven’t fought for a long time. I think it was rather fun.”

Actually, what he wanted to say was: Not having participated in such reckless and spontaneous group fights for so long, it really felt rather if he had returned to those silly hot-blooded youthful days of the past.

As compared to this kind of fighting, the ones that Xu Tingsheng had participated in previously were really all too serious as well as terrifying. Be it that time when he had helped Old Wai in his rescue or their beating up of Zhang Junming, all of them had truly concerned human lives.

“If it still isn't over with this, tell Huang Yaming about it. The two of you can deal with it yourselves,” Xu Tingsheng said before applying some Red Flower Ointment and lying down.

If Huang Yaming and Tan Yao were unable to take care of even a matter such as this, Xu Tingsheng would really no longer have to consider investing in the entertainment industry in the future.

Going by Xu Tingsheng's earlier suggestion, after having returned from Yanzhou, Huang Yaming had intentionally brought Tan Yao along when hanging out with those friends Fang Yuqing had introduced to him.

The two had quickly become great friends, both clicking very well due to their similar paths as ‘flower cannons’.

Still, they were both rather principled despite this, basically only touching those women who were willing parties as well as would not bring them trouble. This consisted mostly of the chicks who hung out in those types of entertainment facilities.

On the same night that he returned from Jiannan City, after having returned to his university, Huang Yaming called Xu Tingsheng who was already about to fall asleep with his dorm phone.

“How’s that Sis Nurse of yours?” Xu Tingsheng asked him.

“It’s a long story. That chick was actually exceptionally pure, and...she seems to have gotten serious, wanting us to settle down together for the long term...I only just managed to flee intact. I haven’t even dared to turn on my phone the entire day,” Huang Yaming said.

“And you ran just like that? Without telling her anything?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

Huang Yaming did not speak.

Understanding his meaning, Xu Tingsheng threw out an exasperated ‘bastard’ and went to bed.

More than ten minutes later, Xu Tingsheng’s handphone vibrated again. He could only exasperatedly pick it up.

“I suddenly recalled that because both of us were drunk that day, we ended up not taking any preventive understand what I mean? I’m just worried-what if it turns out she’s pregnant?” Huang Yaming asked in a low tone.

“Things will really be major then. Either you prepare to be a father, or...get ready to feel guilty for the rest of your life.”

Love affairs could actually never be weighed by principle and right or wrong, just like how it was now. While Xu Tingsheng felt that Huang Yaming had done wrong, it was not like he could put a blade to his neck and forcefully compel him to marry his Sis Nurse just like that.

Xu Tingsheng couldn’t be bothered to talk with Huang Yaming any further. Having finished speaking, he hung up, turned off his phone and went to bed.

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