Chapter 121: Long time no see

Chapter 121: Long time no see

Medical personnel constantly hurried across the corridor, their footsteps urgent… every time they passed, everyone would raise their heads and gaze hopefully at them, but to no avail.

Fang Yunyao had already been in a coma for two weeks, having shown no signs of waking up at all. Just this afternoon, the heart monitor had displayed that her vital signs of life were currently in the midst of deteriorating unceasingly. As a result, the hospital had sent out a notification of condition.

Huang Yaming told everyone about what had happened over at Libei. Zhang Junming would soon be dealt with justly by the law. However, there was no one here at all who could feel joy over this. If Fang Yunyao didn't awaken and recover despite all this, all of it would be completely meaningless whatsoever.

Old Mrs Fang's hair was white and her face frail. She just sat there quietly, silently dabbing away at her tears. Fu Cheng sat dazedly down beside her and called 'Auntie’, then ceased to speak.

Xu Tingsheng called Song Ni out into the corridor and asked about the situation of the past few days. Then, he looked for the doctor in charge of Fang Yunyao and asked him whether there was the possibility of switching hospitals for treatment. At a time like this, money was really of secondary importance.

“With the patient's current condition, there already isn't a possibility of moving her to another hospital. We are currently in the midst of contacting a few specialists from abroad. About that...regarding the costs…” The doctor said.

“You don't have to worry about the costs. We mind not the necessary cost, just wishing for the specialists to get here as soon as possible,” Xu Tingsheng said.

That night, four specialists who had rushed over from abroad successively arrived. Not caring about rest, they had a short meeting before successively entering the hospital ward with their assistants.

Xu Tingsheng walked over to Fu Cheng's side, pressing his shoulder, “She'll be fine.”

Then, he came before Fang Yunyao's mother, saying softly, “Auntie, you can rest easy. We’re here.”

A portion of the students were successfully convinced to go back and rest. The rest of them all stayed on till day broke.

Daylight slowly streamed over the dim, distant horizon. The weather would be good today, the sunlight bright and warm.

This winter would be ending amidst the warm sun.

In the morning, the specialists streamed successively out of the ward, coming before they who were still awaiting and hoping and saying genially, “The situation’s temporarily stabilised. Still, she hasn't awoken yet. Go get some rest; we'll be remaining here for a few more days.”

They all sighed in relief.

Fu Cheng swayed unsteadily to his feet, smiling, “Tingsheng, look! I knew she would be alright. I knew it all along.”

Xu Tingsheng gave him a bear hug.

After arranging for shifts, Xu Tingsheng left the corridor along with the others, preparing to have breakfast before going back to the motel to rest. It might be that many days of this still lay ahead. Xu Tingsheng felt that they had to be prepared for a long struggle.

Apple came beside Xu Tingsheng, saying softly in a somewhat uncertain manner, “Xu Tingsheng, long time no see.”

Before Xu Tingsheng, she was still that same vulnerable Apple.

“Long time no see,” Xu Tingsheng smiled and replied.

This was the first exchange between the two since Xu Tingsheng's trio had arrived at the hospital. It was also the first time they were talking since back when they had distributed flyers in the snow together the previous year.

The final exchange between the two had been Apple’s text message: I'm leaving, Xu Tingsheng, my dearest one.

Afterwards, Apple had been very busy, and Xu Tingsheng had been very busy as well...well, not actually busy to the point that they hadn't even had the time for a phone call. It was just that perhaps they just hadn't known what they should say to each other at all.

Apple had put on a mask when she had gone out. Her popularity was already such that it might be troublesome for her otherwise.

Ever since her first song had been released during the Spring Festival, Apple had released songs at a very frequent rate. In recent weeks, she had successively released new versions of Rebirth's old songs, <> and <>.

This two songs, having already been destined to become huge hits, quickly entered the handphones and MP3 players of millions of people, filling the commercial districts of cities big and small and also topping the charts of most music websites. Apple swiftly became the most popular and sought after new artiste jn the music industry.

She began frequently appearing on the music programmes of various major television channels, beginning to travel amongst the various cities without rest to participate in commercial performances.

Xu Tingsheng was actually aware of all of this. Song Ni always loved telling him about all that was going on with Apple. Everyone around Xu Tingsheng who had met Apple before, including his university roommates, including Fang Chen and Fang Yuqing...also all loved bringing up Apple, having now become a star all of a sudden, in front of him.

Xu Tingsheng and Fu Cheng were also sometimes speculated to be members of Rebirth. However, whenever someone asked about it, the two would just unreasonably deny everything across the board, not saying anything other than denying it. There was nothing that could be done with that.

Xu Tingsheng was a little worried for Apple. Her management company's mode of operations just seemed like they were fishing the pre-existing lake dry.

The rate of Apple's song releases as well as the number of commercial performances she participated in were just too high. Additionally, the management company seemed not to have made any further preparation for Apple's development apart from Rebirth's songs. Even now, she had still yet to release a complete album of her own.

It felt as if the management company was simply milking Rebirth's value off Apple, not having created any new value and room for growth for her at all.

Xu Tingsheng wanted to give voice to these worries of his, but with the current relationship between the two of them, it felt as though it wasn't his place to say it.

After breakfast, the others either returned to the hospital or the motel. Whether intentionally or not, there were only Apple and Xu Tingsheng who were left behind, walking side by side along the streets of Jiannan City together amidst the clear sunlight.

“You’ve been rather busy lately, right? Song Ni mentioned it to me before. How did you manage to come?” Xu Tingsheng was the first to speak.

Apple did not answer his question, instead saying, “I only just arrived yesterday, to see Ms Fang. Song Ni told me about it, those things that happened to your family and also those words you said to Huang Yaming and Fu Cheng right at the end of last year.”

When the Xu Family had previously fallen into a crisis and Xu Tingsheng had been in urgent need of money, Fu Cheng had proposed selling the copyrights of Rebirth's songs. However, because of Apple, even if he would have had to sell Hucheng instead, Xu Tingsheng had still been unwilling to sell those songs lest Apple's path be affected as a result.

Because Xu Tingsheng had specifically instructed her not to at the time, Song Ni had not told Apple about it. Now, when Apple had come to see Fang Yunyao, she had told her.

Xu Tingsheng did not say anything.

Looking at Xu Tingsheng, Apple continued, “Why? Xu Tingsheng. Why is it that you couldn't tell me that you were in such a tough spot, not even allowing others to tell me about it as well? Why is it that you aren't even willing to let me know how good you are towards me?”

Xu Tingsheng was rather flustered, “I thought that you might be very busy at the time. You can rest assured, everything’s fine now.”

“You're clearly so good towards me,” Apple suddenly switched to a spoiled, childish tone as she stomped her foot, saying, “Xu Tingsheng, I know you like me. I just know you do.”

Not having seen her this way for a long time, Xu Tingsheng laughed, “Big star, pay attention to your image. Be careful that you don't get caught on screen. I'm a little afraid even walking together with you right now, afraid that we might accidentally get caught in a scandal.”

Apple laughed slyly before taking off her mask, lunging over to hug Xu Tingsheng and shouting out loud, “Are there any paparazzi? Hurry up and come take some photos...he's my man, he's called Xu Tingsheng.”

“Stop it,” Xu Tingsheng covered her mouth with one hand, trying to forcefully push her away with the other.

“I won't,” Apple forced out indistinctly before hugging Xu Tingsheng even more tightly.

Xu Tingsheng could only stand there just like that as Apple leaned her chin on his shoulder, murmuring, “Xu Tingsheng, looking at Ms Fang and Fu Cheng, I suddenly feel that life is so fragile. I'm afraid that there might not be time. Xu Tingsheng, I'm so tired, I'm so lonely. You’d definitely be even more tired.”

“Xu Tingsheng, I won't sing anymore. You take me back, and I'll do your laundry and cook your meals for you, okay?”

Xu Tingsheng was silent for a while before he finally said, “In the future, I'll go attend your concert.”

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