Chapter 60 [Sponsored]

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Chapter 60: Sniffing

It wasn’t Cillin and co’s concern what the others were discussing about the match. They would, as usual, finish a match and continue on with their own thing.

Once the match was over, Lung immediately called Cillin and Knight on their communicators. Judging from his high-pitched voice and the eyebrows that were about to fly off his face, their profits must be pretty sizable.

They weren’t wrong. Lung was so happy that his mouth cramped.

The first few odds weren’t huge, so they didn’t earn too much money. But this time, Lung had betted on Shadow X winning within a minute and without a single shot fired from the opponent. The odds on this bet was very high, and Lung had betted all their money on it. So when he saw the numbers on his card after the match had ended, Lung’s mouth did not clam up even once. This was also why Cillin had chosen to win the way he did.

After the match had ended, the threads relating to this match on the Sector Championship forum filled up the entire screen. The news of Pride’s victory in the dogfight contest and subsequent entry to the quarterfinals was pushed right down to the bottom, not even a trace of it to be found.

There were praises and there were criticisms, but there was one point that everyone agreed on, and that was the match had ended way too quickly. From the moment the system had displayed start to the moment it announced the end lasted less than a minute, and within this minute, the actual time when both sides had actually fought against each other was five seconds. What were five seconds? Some people turned their heads, chatted a little, turned back around and then discovered that the match was over. That was five seconds.

I shouldn’t have done that!

And it was deep. It was the kind of depression where someone closed their eyes, opened them again and discovered that the match was fucking over.

Although it was possible to watch a recording, but the mentality of watching something live and watching something recorded was completely different.The latter was completely void of anxiety and excitement. Therefore, the crowd came to the conclusion post-match that they would not be distracted no matter what when watching Shadow X’s matches. Otherwise, they might miss out on a brilliant kill even they were distracted for even a second.

Following Shadow X’s action-packed match, some of the people who loved analysis began analysing Shadow X’s strength and real life behavior from many angles. However, they continued to come up with nothing because there was just too little data on Shadow X.

It was exactly why some people had begun issuing tremendous rewards for the truth behind Shadow X.

The moment the reward was announced, the people in Seven Lights were riled up.

In fact, before the other people in Seven Lights had officially begun the uproar, before two seconds had even passed after the reward was announced, Cillin’s communicator rang.

“You mustn’t mustn’t ruin our great muture (T/N: money bound future!) just for that teeny weeny bit of money, Cillin!!”

Lung was howling in high decibels the second the line had connected. Cillin pulled the communicator further away and looked at the shining seven figures of the reward on the forum. You call this a teeny weeny bit of money?

Before Cillin could say anything, Lung’s lips began rattling off constantly like fireworks, explaining to Cillin about long term analyses and macro perspectives. In short, he meant that if Cillin was to divulge his identity right now, it would be detrimental to the betting scene.

Cillin dug his ears, “I got it. I’m not ready to stand up now anyway.”

“That’s good then,” Lung let out an obvious sigh of relief, “I’ll go check out the next betting scene right now. You keep doing your work. Beep ——

Cillin looked at his disconnected communicator and felt his mouth twitch. Greedy bastard! He set the communicator aside and began assembling the parts piled on the top of his study desk.

Cillin had modified his study a little into a study and a workshop. Competing in the Sector Championship was a must, but he must also complete the assignments Old Mo had arranged him. Otherwise, with that difficult temper of his the old man would definitely feel as if he was ignored. He would not be able to participate in the Sector Championship if that happened.

While he was assembling, the doorbell of the accommodation rang.

Normally, Cillin and co’s doorbell would never ring because they never had any visitors up till this point. Even if there were, they were led in personally like Sird and Hard. After that mission, Knight had once invited them over to their accommodation for a drink. As for Pride, unless they invited him personally, he wasn’t someone who would not lower himself to visit them.

After the doorbell had rung for a few times, Knight turned on the intercom inside the accommodation from upstairs and said, “Cillin, I’m challenging that snotty brat Pride to a dogfight right now!”

What Knight meant was that he’s busy and he had no intentions of opening the door. The even deeper meaning was that if Cillin was also busy, then he could ignore it as well.

Cillin did not stop his work immediately, and instead had the security system to turn on the display and see who was on the screen. When he saw the person, Cillin let out a small smile. That was fast. Oh well, at least I can save the trouble of you people coming over again and making blind guesses.

The people of Seven Lights had always been extremely curious about Shadow X’s identity. To think that such a master was hidden within their own academy!

The reward aside, Shadow X was the most mysterious and most concerning person on the Sector Championship platform right now. If they could discover Shadow X’s true identity and expose it themselves, then their own fame would rise by leaps and bounds.

And how would they discover Shadow X’s true identity? Hack into the Sector Championship platform’s system? Unlikely, since the Sector Championship platform’s systems were developed hand-in-hand by the specialists of Sector B and Sector C. Their security defense could only be described as impenetrable.

So hacking was out of the question. What about connections? Some people had tried making friends with the Sector Championship platform’s maintenance crew with their fine backgrounds, but they could not obtain an answer from them either. Although the Sector Championship platform’s maintenance personnel could not publicly divulge a student’s information, they could investigate into it themselves. It’s just that they discovered that Shadow X’s information had many layers of additional protection, and those complicated programs were very difficult to resolve.

Since both of these methods didn’t work, then the most direct way was to seek out Knight himself.

Knight was the kind of person who dared flip the table and grab his gun even in front of Seven Lights’ headmaster. Moreover, he had an incredibly deep military background. Everyone knew about this, which was why not many people dared to ask Knight directly even though they were very curious about Shadow X’s identity.

But although they did not dare to provoke Knight, one thing many of them did know was that there were four people in total in the sickest accommodation in Seven Lights. They could at least beat around the bush, couldn’t they?

They did not dare to provoke Knight. Ci Jincheng was not on Planet Seven Lights. Take it to Lung Andrea? Out of the question; they would be played so hard they wouldn’t even be able to differentiate head and toe. In that case, the only choice left was Cillin Douance, and the forerunner of this inquiry was none other than Allen Chev, the guy whose family had set up an electronic magazine.

When Shadow X had logged onto the Sector Championship platform and became the top three followed person in just three days, Alen had already guessed about Shadow X’s identity, but never obtained actual confirmation. After Shadow X and Knight had teamed up and participated in the double combat tournament, Allen’s suspicions that Cillin was Shadow X was renewed once more.

Cillin opened the door to let Allen in. he did not let Allen take up the living room and instead led him to his study.

“Cillin, that BPT growing outside your accommodation looks pretty well. It’s just as the rumors say.” Alen chose a opener.

“It’s just coincidence.” Cillin handed a cup over to Allen, “There is fruit juice, milk, beer, tea and so on in the water dispenser. Don’t hold back; pour yourself anything you want.”

“Got it.” Alen glanced at Cillin’s study while he was taking his fruit juice from the water dispenser. There weren’t many books, and his desk were filled with parts. There were several spaces inside the study were filled with categorised parts as well. He saw Cillin sitting back down beside the study desk assembling parts, and felt slightly embarrassed. He seemed to have disturbed Cillin’s work.

“About that… sorry. I’ve troubled you.”

“No problem, I can speak and assemble simultaneously.” Cillin turned around to speak with Allen, but his hands continued to move just as swift to prove his point.

Allen admired Cillin. He knew who Cillin’s mentor was, and anyone who could learn under Professor Mo most definitely had genuine talent and ability. But when he witnessed Cillin assembling the parts with his own eyes, Alen’s feelings took yet another turn. He seriously felt as if he was watching some kind of elegant art.

Cillin’s hands were very swift and very accurate. One could see that one moment the parts were dancing between his fingers, and in the next it was already assembled onto the machine. While watching, Alen began to zone out as if he was dragged in by Cillin’s swift, blurry hands and the assembling parts. Although he was still staring at Cillin’s work, Allen’s eyes had already turned lax and lost all focus.

Allen could never have imagined that he was hypnotised after just staring at Cillin assembling for a moment!

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