Chapter 44: Before The Curtain Falls

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Chapter 44: Before The Curtain Falls

It would take at least three hours and five people working in unison to analyse and determine the correct antibody. But how long had it been since Cillin walked through the door?

Not even thirty minutes!

This fellow had spent less than 30 minutes to achieve seven times the result that the 50 plus people inside the lab have produced in half a day

What kind of concept was this?

How many things could a human brain process at the same time? What was its limits?

The researchers didn’t know, because the answers they did know were completely overruled by the young man before them. The images flashing swiftly across the screen alone were enough to make their eyes spin.

One man—one pair of hands—controlled over thirty instruments inside the laboratory. In less than thirty minutes, he had used parameter calculation and statistical analysis to interpret and verify the data to come up with a hundred antibodies.

Cillin ignored the dumbfounded researchers and transferred his results to the synthesizer at the side, inputting the parameter settings. He then aliquoted the antibodies acquired from the synthesizer and labeled the categories and dosages.

The researchers who ran outside previously and the soldiers who were called over quietly stood at the entrance to watch Cillin work in front of the synthesizer.

Cillin turned around and glanced at them, “Why are you still standing there and doing nothing?! Take these synthesized antibodies and use them for now. Test them one by one, and if one doesn’t work then try another. One of them will work, and the antibodies can be stacked.”

The soldiers who came over reacted faster, since the injured people who needed the antibodies were their comrades after all. They packaged the synthesized antibodies into boxes according to their labels, saluted once at Cillin before swiftly leaving the area.

Cillin let out a sigh of relief after all the antibodies had been synthesized completely. He had spent quite a lot of energy within the hour. Not only did he have to manage the data from thirty plus instruments simultaneously, he also had to include the parameters he acquired back at the underground tunnel. It definitely added to the amount of computation he had to perform. To be safe, Cillin also added the antibodies related to the big black mouse’s toxin and, at the same time, improved a dozen or so antibodies so that their side effects would be lessened.

Listening to the report from the communicator, Huo Neil, who was commanding the troops outside to fight against the black mice smiled and shouted at Knight who was holding two guns and firing at the black mice, “That friend of yours is a fucking genius! He finished fifty researcher’s work by himself! Synthesized more than a hundred kinds of antibodies!”

“Well Duh! He's my friend after all!”

Both of them felt a lot more at ease. Half an hour ago, Pride had suffered a blow and was sent to the intensive care unit. At first, they were worried that there might not be a corresponding antibody, but with more than a hundred antibodies in hand now, Pride’s health was without a doubt more secure.

Cillin walked out of the lab and returned to his ward. The medical staff treated his injuries again.

“Sleep well. You’ll recover faster that way.”

“Yes, I will certainly sleep well today.” Cillin smiled, but the medical staff did not notice the deep meaning hidden within his eyes.

Cillin’s communicator rang just as the medical staff had left the room. Huo Neil had specifically set this up for him after Cillin got ‘hurt’ and arrived on the aircraft. After the line was connected, Knight’s face appeared on it.

“Yo, looking pretty good there I see. You don’t appear to be severely injured.”

“I wasn’t hurt badly in the first place, it just looks bad.” Cillin said. Knight’s side was still pretty noisy. The sounds of gunfire and cannon shots were endless.

“Hehe, I haven’t told you that the big black mouse is dead, have I? You could never have guessed how it was killed.” Knight’s face was so cheerful that there were wrinkles on it. After hearing the news that the mouse toxin on Pride’s body was removed, Knight had been feeling pretty relaxed. Otherwise, he would not have taken the opportunity to share some funny stuff on the battlefield. At first, Knight was planning to call Pride’s communicator as well, but that brat had fallen asleep after taking an injection.

“Oh? Do tell.” Cillin also wanted to know how that big black mouse was sent to the afterlife.

“God knows what the big guy was so mad about, but it didn’t even look at what’s in front of him before running right into a warehouse at the station filled with more than two hundred square meters of liquid nitrogen. Hahahaha…”

Cillin didn’t need Knight’s help to imagine what happened after that. The cold damage caused by more than two hundred square meters wide liquid nitrogen warehouse was absolutely deadly, and considering the big black mouse’s running speed, the power of the cold explosion was not something the big black mouse could endure at its current state.

If the big black mouse still had the white ball, then these liquid nitrogen wouldn’t have damaged it too much. It would be hurt for one second, then be healed during the next. This supported further the uniqueness of the white ball. It was impossible to guess what Cillin was thinking as he rubbed the green pattern on his finger.

It was easy to imagine the big black mouse’s ending when it was attacked again by the operation team after suffering the cold damage from the liquid nitrogen warehouse.

Knight gave Cillin a vivid description of that moment. Right now, they were sweeping for the final leftovers on the battlefield. There wasn’t much left to do.

“I even took the opportunity to grab some souvenirs of my own - the big black mouse’s claws and front teeth. Hehe, the late bird gets no worms alright.” Knight was very proud right now.

“Yeah, yeah. Oh, right, don’t cut off the communicator yet. Let me show you a hot nurse.” Cillin looked at the monitor by his side and said.

The monitor was displaying the image outside the door. A graceful and voluptuous hot nurse holding a medicine tray stood in front of the door and pressed the doorbell. Previously, Cillin had changed the lock on the door to ‘don’t disturb’ mode when he was receiving the call, so anyone who wanted to enter must be let in by the people inside.

Cillin put the communicator at the corner of a bedside cabinet. On the surface it looked like the connection was cut off, but in truth, the people on Cillin’s side would be blind and deaf to what was happening on the other side. However, the people on the other side could clearly see and hear what was going on here. Add another book on top of the communicator as cover, and no one would find out his little trick.

Staring at the image of the hot nurse holding a medicine tray and walking into the room on his communicator, Knight let out a most sly and perverted smile. The girl had a good figure alright. It would seem that fortune was looking up with such a beautiful nurse looking after him.

The female nurse gave him a very friendly smile and said gently, “It’s time to change your medicine.”

“I am in your care.”

The female nurse simply pursed her lips and smiled at Cillin’s gaze on her full buxom. She swapped in a new infusion bag with practiced hands and pressed a white and soft finger at Cillin’s forehead, “Little flirt.”

Cillin was not embarrassed either as he chuckled, “Only for a beautiful lady.”

After the hot nurse left, Cillin opened the communicator once more.

“How is it? Not bad, eh?”

“Verification complete. Conclusion: Hot babe.” Knight winked.

“You wanna try mutilate yourself and enjoy some hot babe service yourself in the sick ward?”

“Ceh, enjoy it yourself. Alright, I’m hanging up. I’ll clean up the battlefield and sweep the last of the black mice before coming back later to talk to you guys about today’s ‘great decisive battle’. I heard that you gave those researchers, who have their noses high up in the air, a good smack in the face. Good job.”

“Alright, alright. Get out and get working already. Go grab some more mice claws to sell at a high price once we get back to Seven Lights.”

“Good point. I’ll go grab a big bag then.”

Cillin cut off the connection and dropped his smile. His eyes were icy cold as he stared upwards at the new infusion bag that was just switched in.

A killer could not hide its icy blood stench even if they had taken an entirely new skin. Still, this time, he would not need to make a move personally. Someone else would pursue this matter naturally.

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