Chapter 215 [Part 1]

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Chapter 215: Destination Reached, Operation Begin [Part 1]

Neither Czedow nor the gray cat had touched the control panels, but the entire spaceplane moved on its own anyway as every key and every command behind those keys were executed orderly.

It was the result of the gray cat’s control.

Just now, the gray cat was suddenly assaulted by a huge, sudden wave of oppression and panic. It had nothing to do with itself, for the factor that triggered that emotion wasn’t at where it was right now. It knew then that Cillin was in trouble.

The gray cat didn’t like to think, but it immediately recalled how unusual Cillin had been acting as of late the moment it started. After connecting the dots and remembering its previous dialogue with Cillin, the gray cat strongly regretted not accompanying Cillin on his trip back then. Who cares about something stupid battery!

Czedow realized the reason behind the gray cat’s abnormal behavior after noticing the signs and communicating with it through the unique interaction method between robots. Therefore, he resolutely decided to act together with the gray cat.

Although the gray cat wanted very much to destroy the invading starship, it was in a hurry to locate Cillin right now. I’ll destroy them later.

And so the gray cat and Czedow left the planet under the watchful gaze of both the Sixth B Squadron and the invading starship. They departed at top speed and without paying any attention to the invading starship at all.

“Something might have happened with Cillin. Those two share a connection with each other,” Dias said worriedly.

“Then let us send someone over to reinforce him already. The rest of our men should be a match for the enemy starship,” Shawton turned around to mobilize his men.

At the rank B planet.

Cillin’s situation was bad. Really bad.

After being thrown twice by Oskulos, every bone in Cillin’s body felt like they were going to fall apart at any moment. Some of his joints were crushed too, so he couldn’t even stand up right now.

There were knife wounds around Cillin’s arms near the arteries. Blood wouldn’t stop pouring out of his body.

Cillin didn’t bother asking Oskulos if he could him live if he gave up his Aurelio starmap pieces. It was already highly debatable if someone like Oskulos would show his enemies mercy, not to mention that the man himself never planned to ask Cillin about the Aurelio starmap pieces to begin with. The starmap pieces would reveal themselves once Cillin dies, so Oskulos was simply enjoying the pleasing process of torturing someone right now.

Oskulos was a crazy man. He had killed innumerable people, and most of them shared no grudges with the man at all. Almost everyone who perished in his hands died horribly, for they were all tortured to death.

In the past, Cillin couldn’t understand why no one - be it the other five Star Rank Hunters, the Heavenly Edict Generals, or GAL’s political organizations - had tried to deal with people like Oskulos. After all, a person like him was simply too dangerous. It didn’t matter if someone was from the military or the great four; anyone who ran into him was going to have a field day. Bad luck was something that could happen to anyone, and this guy was a ticking time bomb.

Therefore, Cillin and Czedow had worked together to hack into some databases to find an answer. They had hacked into many essential databases of major organizations except the military and the great four’s most essential databases. Although they hadn’t found any information that directly answered his question, Cillin still managed to come to a conclusion from the scattered tidbits of information he found here and there.

There were some violent groups behind Oskulos’ backs. Of course, these organizations were nothing but dispensable tools to Oskulos that sometimes could be used to even the odds. Their existence didn’t change the fact that he was still an egoistic and extremely solitary person. He had neither friends nor allies, and the only people behind his back were a bunch of violent groups that couldn’t even be considered loyal to him.

However, it was these violent groups that comprised a huge threat and hidden danger to the entire GAL. After all, there were only too many such violent groups in GAL, and not every region in GAL was in a state of peace. There were a lot of war torn planets out there such as the ones in Sector V. This was where Oskulos came into play. The military and the politicians would often negotiate with Oskulos to quell the unrest of these violent groups. This was also a kind of balance.

Just like what Jiada had said earlier, Star Rank Hunter didn’t only possess great strength, but great influence as well. Every Star Rank Hunter was extremely influential, even for someone who was called the most solitary of all Star Rank Hunters, Oskulos.

Oskulos licked his blade even though there was no blood on it. His blade was made so that blood wouldn’t cling onto the weapon’s body. Not a single blood stain could be seen on the blade.

“I heard that you’re the one who took out that little skull.”

Little skull?

Cillin’s pupils abruptly shrank.

Did he mean the Skull King Carranio?!!

“You recalled?” Oskulos drew yet another bleeding wound on Cillin’s legs with his blade.

“I was hoping that that little skull would cause some trouble, but he was killed by you before he managed to start anything,” Oskulos sounded like he was reminiscing about a pet he used to raise.

Cillin couldn’t see any hatred or rancour from Oskulos’ eyes. He only saw a bit of regret; the kind that regretted the fact that Cillin had taken out Carranio too soon, and a pig that was cooked before it was properly fattened.

“Are you - cough - trying to take revenge for him?” Cillin spat out a bit of blood and asked.

“Revenge?” Oskulos careless flicked his long blade around and cut a new wound deep enough to see the bones on Cillin’s leg.

Right now, Cillin would scream every time Oskulos cut a wound on Cillin’s legs. His pained wails satisfied Oskulos greatly.

“Did you think someone like him is worthy of my revenge? That useless trash.”

When Carranio and Oskulos met each other, Carranio wasn’t yet the Skull King, and ‘Poison Fang’ didn’t yet exist in the world. Carranio had ran into Oskulos while he was committing brigandry when Sector V didn’t yet belong to any particular violence organizations.

Since Oskulos was feeling pretty good that day, and he saw that Carranio’s bloodline was a little special, he didn’t take Carranio’s life. In fact, he even strengthened Carranio’s constitution and told him that he would punish him if he failed to take control of that region in a year’s time.

After that, Oskulos went away to someplace else to search for more fun. He wasn’t a person who would stop for any power or organization to begin with. A year later, ‘Poison Fang’ ruled that entire region and integrated all surrounding violent groups into one body. He killed off all dissenters and emerged as a new power.

That was how the Skull King Carranio was born.

Cillin had noticed that Carranio’s body was artificially ‘sculpted’ into what it was since back then, but he never realized until today that it was Oskulos’ handiwork.

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